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  1. Atomic Justice - Asa Pond

    So I found this today and it's made Thursday so much better.
  2. Raptron Gym Ratron

    Glad you are feeling a little better!
  3. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Now you can use that calculus book as an umbrella! So many uses. Lol Fantastic job losing that 1 inch off your waist!
  4. Rooks: The Search for a Mission

    Hey you should be proud that you are teaching your kid manners. It's fairly rare these days. Got to take the wins where you can.
  5. Jonesy’s as strong as the seas are stormy

    Day 5 - Will update throughout the day Food - Points : 5 per day for good days - 3 per days if I slip Exercise - Points : 20 per 20+ min workout - Bonus points for Archery: 50 Life - Daily Cleaning - Bujo before Bed - Weekly budgets - Already done for the week Donate Plasma - On Hold Points : 1 point per each Mini: Team Daffy Duck! Porky Pig (Misc Training Time) : 0 Pepe Le Pew (Socializing - People Greeted) : 16 Yosemite Sam (Mobility Time) : 0 Tweety (Cooking Meals Prepared) : Weekly Game Goals : Fit for a Queen : Make a special meal for Sunday Night - 20xp Current Experience Points : 82
  6. Jonesy’s as strong as the seas are stormy

    I've discovered when I really want to, I can find the restraint. It's when I stop caring that my willpower runs out the door, jumps on a train and heads east. Lol. Years ago I got my one and only tattoo, the Green Lantern symbol because of that very reason. I need a little reminder when I stop caring. Now I have one on me at all times, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Haha Thank You! #crossesfingers /whispers please pass soon, please pass soon It's amazing how easy it is to forget goals. I'm thinking of adding a something to my phone so that each time I turn it on, I get reminder. Dark chocolate + peppermint + frozen = heaven for me.
  7. Jonesy’s as strong as the seas are stormy

    Uugh I have not even had a chance to donate any. The very nice lady told me the wrong date. I gave blood in August and she miss calculated. Last weekend I was there for 3 hours because they forgot about me. They were short staffed so I thought they were just busy. They did give me $10 for my "time". I'll go back next weekend to see if I can actually give. Right? Except the rolls. Everyone can see why we eat that crap. I actually am very proud of myself today. I said no to 2 separate donut offers, avoided my want for coffee and avoided treats while I was at the store. I bought some strawberries in hopes to fend off my sweet tooth. I also bought some York peppermint patties to freeze for weekends. All while having a sugar headache!
  8. Jonesy’s as strong as the seas are stormy

    Just for that I've decided to go to the grocery store...and be that weird super friendly person who talks to everyone.
  9. Myrik trains with the Monkii Society

    OOOOOOOOH Monkii bars! It sounds like you are liking them!
  10. Red and the Paranormal Monk (Part 2)

    I took an Astronomy class in college and while I don't remember A LOT I do know if was one of my favorite classes.
  11. The Assassin's Den

    You know, I'm liking this mini challenge so far. I'm a receptionist so I talk to A LOT of people but I'm attempting to have better conversations and ask people more about themselves. I've had some really great conversations this week so far, even if some of it is small talk! Also only counting those who I make a point to have an actual conversation with, I greet a lot of people.
  12. UnquietBones (and sidekicks) get SMART

    I think this is smart. You can always take one or two next year if you change your mind, If you miss doing it and it brings you joy. No room for stress for side projects!
  13. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    I feel like this sounds like a confessional. Also you are a great GL!
  14. Jonesy’s as strong as the seas are stormy

    Yes that is very supportive! Goals...must remember goals! I know I can't, well, I don't want to live without sugar and bread but I should at least save those times for actual good treats. Why did I cave for bad chocolate and generic crackers? I did cave for Hawaiian bread but that is my favorite, so I'm not completely mad. Lol