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  1. I know I gotta eat, something like 5-6 meals a day, and load up on protein and carbs. Its a bit tough with the current job and money situation, but I'll find a way to make it work. Haven't checked my bench yet, using these first 2 weeks to get back into the gym and get the kinks out. I just got back from the field and lost something like five pounds. Right now, I'll be happy just to get some regular time into the gym without work getting in the way. Its a bit maddening trying to keep at this, and trying to eat healthy with army food is not exactly ideal.
  2. ALRIGHT! Made my choice, no turning back. My goals are simple: MAX bench 300 lbs. Reach 210 lbs in body weight. Run 2 miles in 13 minutes (gotta have some cardio...) Its not much, but its a start. Just starting hitting the gym this week and finally kinked out a routine, so the baby steps are working. As far as diet goes, I've pretty much eliminated all soda and fast food, don't even have a problem telling my co-workers that I don't want that crap Starting Stats: Height: 6'2'' Weight: 184 lbs Will post pic and progress tomorrow, currently on friends computer
  3. still trying to work what class i am.... and a routine.... pretty indecisive on these things honestly, when i think of an image of a total badass, i think of chris redfield from RE5. that's the image in my head anyway.... i'll start with that. i'm guessing that's a warrior class. now for the routine....
  4. Not too big on introductions, just looking forward to working with everyone in the rebellion and making some changes as well as helping out whenever possible.
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