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  1. OK update. I had a super interesting set up for a narrative but with my life being as busy as it is right now, I don't have too much time to come up with something. I realized it was keeping me from posting here and I don't want to do that. I have been keeping up with my daily peloton but my 10k steps have not been going as well. My food was going well until this weekend (I used my half marathon walk as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted instead of just eating more (more healthy stuff) than I usually do. Yesterday was my husband's birthday, and I used that as an excuse to eat a bunch of junk as well. Time to get back. I guess Fiercely Kender has stumbled a few times but is making her way through the forest toward the town....
  2. Thanks! I also decided to simplify my health goals. They're still the priority, but that doesn't mean they can't be simpler. So I'm going to change it to just doing a Peloton workout every day. Doesn't matter what kind of workout or how long. As long as it gets done. The idea is habitual movement. I also am going to make sure that I worry less about macros right now and just focus on the calorie intake. I know that macros are important, but honestly, I don't tend to eat a whole lot of "empty calories" food and it's stressful as someone who doesn't eat a whole lot of meat to get that protein count in. So far now, just 1700 cals of food that makes me feel good. The step goal will be easier with my new job requirements because I'm on my feet a lot when I teach, so I'm keeping that at the 10k steps a day. I'll update with the week's progress tomorrow!
  3. "The best laid plans of mice and men..." That moment when you spend days planning your goals and ambitions even after you write a book telling people the perils of doing that, then your life up-ends itself. Bad news: I am now the only vocal instructor at my school and have to pick up the burden of taking on all of my fellow vocal instructor's students. This means I will not have the time nor energy to do a lot of the things I had planned. Good news: I got a raise and a promotion in the midst of it. I am now Vocal Director. My health will be as important as ever, and I plan on keeping my health journey at the top of the priority list. Second priority is writing my novel and that remains as well. I will have to drop my plans for practicing all of the instruments I had planned on practicing (drums, bass, guitar). Those will have to just come naturally as I work. I will maintain my vocal and keyboard practice though I will have to cut the time down. I have not mentioned these goals because they're not fitness related, but they were in my life nonetheless. I will just walk down the path toward health and creativity and hope it lands me somewhere near where I wanted to be.
  4. That would be an apt description. But no, just an easy-going cycling class
  5. Day 1: in the bag
  6. Thank you! It's fun to write. I'll be adding to the narrative each week. Yaaaaayyyy! I know you too! It's good to be back. And thank you.
  7. Devyn aka Fiercely Kender's Story of Trials and Triumph: Week 0 It was cold in the woods. Much colder than it had been in the prison where she had been kept for so long. She wasn't sure if she knew how to survive in winter. What Devyn did know was that she didn't have much food, much clothing, and she had a long way to go before she was safe from her pursuers. She had been in the prison for years. The memories flooded back as if it were only weeks ago. She had been with her companions, working as mercenaries, champions of the people when her party was ambushed by what looked like demons. Her friends fought well, but they were overwhelmed. The last thing she saw as she fell to the ground, wounded, was some of her friends running into the woods. She wasn't sure where they ended up or even if they were alive. Devyn had taken an arrow in the back by a crossbow. When she woke she was in a prison. Her wounds had been cleaned and treated, likely in an attempt to heal her before torturing her for knowledge. The wound would heal, but the pain would stay with her for years. Even now that she had escaped, the pain shot down her leg with each step. She would have to carry that pain, as well as the pain from the last few years with her as she tried to survive the woods and make it to the town she knew was to the south. What Devyn needs to get through the woods: To gain strength: Devyn lost a lot of strength and health while in prison. Each day, she has to get through the trials of the winter without losing energy. She must gain strength to survive. Daily Peloton Classes including (these can 5 mins or 60 mins as long as it gets done) : 3-5 Strength Classes per week 3-5 Run/Cardio Classes per week 1-2 Yoga Classes per week To Ration Food: Devyn managed to find a little bit of food from the prison before she escaped. Now she has to make that last. 1700 calories per day logged in MFP 80% whole foods. She has rations, but she can hunt (cook her own meals) for more if needed. Daily Travel: Devyn has to keep moving so she can keep from getting recaptured and she can make it to the town in time. 10,000 steps per day by: walking dogs daily participating in walker friendly races Parking further away, taking the stairs, taking walking breaks, etc. looking into getting a treadmill While Devyn was in the prison, she dreamed of being outside and reuniting with her friends. Though she has been in there for so long, her body breaking, her spirit never died. Now she was out, as she knew she would be and she wouldn't let a silly little cold forest defeat her. While she was in prison, she had renamed herself Fiercely Kender. To remind her to remain strong and fierce in spirit, but never let her joy and curiosity of her kender side fade. This would be her Year of Vitality. Fiercely Kender will live and flourish again.
  8. BIIIIIIG M!! I KNOW HIM!!!! ****HUGS****
  9. I realized that part of what gets me going is the story. I am a writer and outside of fitness, my other Big Damn Goal is to write and publish a novel by the end of the year. So why am I being dull here? I think as part of week 0 and the countdown to the beginning of the challenge, I will create my hero story and update it here. I used to draw crappy comic book sketches to go along with my story. It's time to start again!
  10. You too!! I haven't changed anything since last time, but I wasn't very active last time. I can't even remember my avatar before. Thaks!
  11. I feel you about starting fresh. I totally forgot to make mine all awesome like yours. I think I need to get back to my nerdliness. I look forward to watching as you level up.
  12. I like this idea! I kinda wish I had seen it before I splurged on Best Self Journals. Still, if I find myself falling off that bronco, I will keep this in mind. Direction is better than specifics. Thanks for sharing. As for your theme, my question would be, what are your values? What do you value most in life?
  13. Hey there! It's been a while. I honestly don't even know what's going on in here, it's like I'm brand new. If you've been here for a while or are active on Facebook, you might know me. If not, hi. I'm Devyn. I decided I needed some accountability for my fitness goals over the next few months, especially since I'm getting ready for Camp Nerd Fitness! I injured my back over a year ago and have been dealing with chronic pain ever since. I let my fitness slide due to disability and I let my nutrition slide in the process. This next few months are going to be focusing on getting back on track, respawning, and hopefully feeing a bit more mobile. Here are my goals: Goal 1: At least one Peloton workout a day. Even if it's a 5 minute class, do something. This is to get into the habit of moving even if I don't feel like it. Goal 2: Track my food on My Fitness Pal I'll start with about 80% "whole foods" at 1700 cals and work my way down in cals if I need to (or up if it calls for that) Goal 3: Walk 10k steps per day By walking my dogs, opting for stairs and parking further. I'm going to try to look for a good treadmill for the not so great days. Maybe I can ask for one for my birthday. I'm here for accountability and getting to know others. If you're active on Peloton, let me know so we can be friends. If you're active on My Fitness Pal, same! If you're active on Garmin Connect, I am tracking my steps there and would love to see you. Happy New Year! Allons-y!
  14. I'm here. Finished my Zumba cert and was pretty tired but I'm doing well. Did a buti workout today and ate well but not much else. Waiting for some energy!
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