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  1. I'm here. Finished my Zumba cert and was pretty tired but I'm doing well. Did a buti workout today and ate well but not much else. Waiting for some energy!
  2. Week Two Devyn walked through the woods, at times wondering why she was doing what she was doing. Was she even heading in the right direction? Was her quest for nothing? Even if these druids existed who said they would let a kender into their fold anyway? Still, she persisted. She hunted small game and fished from the creek. She picked berries and nuts and plants that she had learned in her early days in the wilderness were safe to eat. She meditated in the mornings and nights, slept during the heat of the day, and danced to music she found in her head. Then one day as she danced, she found around her a sort of magic she had never seen before, filled with colors and vibrancy. It called to her. It was hot, it was fire. She was drawn to it. The druids were calling her. They danced with her and they told her through her magic that she had to dance on if she was going to learn from them. She danced on through the day though she was hot and tired and her feet hurt. But when the sun set, the head druid, Shakti, spoke to her and invited her to learn. Devyn was shocked. Who was she to be invited to learn from these secretive druids. "The path to knowledge will not be easy," Shakti told her. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" "I'm ready," Devyn said, without hesitation. I got my Zumba certification on Friday. Sorry about my absence but I've had a lot going on. I spent the week recovering, mostly walking and swimming and doing well. This week I'm ready to go back to kicking some ass. Buti Practice: I will do 4 buti classes this week. I've already done one. One to go. Strength Training: I will do one strength based class and two 5x5 weight lifting sessions this week. Buti Meal Plan: Still going strong with this one. Just gotta keep going.
  3. OMG I love this challenge and the tie in to the new movie!
  4. Wow! That's awesome! You will do great, don't worry. Good luck!
  5. Keep going. You can do this. You may have tripped and fell, but you're still hanging on. Here's a hand, I'll pull you back up...
  6. Day 2: I did more walking to work everything out. Probably a few miles. I want to swim but sadly swimming is not available to me at this time. I still am not able to do the full workouts but I'm moving and eating well. Last night I went off plan because I had surprise work piled on and didn't get home until late so didn't have a proper dinner. Still, I didn't resort to junk so it's a win. Breakfast: Protein shake Lunch: Homemade cobb salad Snack: Almond yogurt with berries Dinner: RX Bar and a spoonful of peanut butter.
  7. Thank you! Yes indeed I am! Took me a while to revive it. I'm getting better each day. Still having some joint issues but it's not too bad. The hardest part is resting.
  8. The Yoga Institute. Taught by Lex Gillan - one of the Old School guys - first to open up a public studio in America. It was an interesting ride and super intensive.
  9. I'm so excited for the reunion! Also day 1 went well for me. I just wish my body would hurry the fuck up and heal already.
  10. Day 1: I did a bit of walking and a bit of cleaning, but I mostly rested. My joints were still hurting so I took a nice epsom salt bath and stayed off my joints as little as possible. I continued with the diet though. Breakfast: Protein shake Lunch: Chicken and bell pepper salad with avocado Snack: Small Orange Dinner: Beef and broccoli stir fry with mung bean noodles and a fried egg. So far so good
  11. Grain free, dairy free, mostly paleo with a bit of legumes allowed (peas, mung beans). It's a low carb/high fat, but not to keto extremes.
  12. Well here I am. Let's see if I can keep it up.
  13. Thanks so much! It's long overdue. *hugs* it's exciting you're back too!
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