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  1. Devyn Gets "Chuck"ed into Spyhood Okay, so there I was, minding my own business, doing - whatever it is I was doing at the time - when it hit me. I don’t know what “it†was, but let me tell you it was a doozie. At first, I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t feel quite right. I dropped out of the challenge, but I still kept going and going and going...a new energy seemed to swallow me whole. But it was more than I could manage. I ended up falling down, right where I stood. Yeah, I fainted. I was in bed for days. Sicker than I had ever been. And that’s when I got visitors. Two people, humans, a man and a woman, came to my bedside and introduced themselves as “agents.†They told me that I had accidentally acquired some information that was Top Secret and Very Important and that because of my “silly kender meddling†this information was somehow lodged into my brain. “Unfortunately,†the man said, “killing you isn’t an option.†The information in my brain was precious and I was to be protected at all costs. But, the information in my brain was vital to solving some great mysteries and so I was to become... A SPY I promise this story is 100% true and I in no way made it up or stole the plot from a popular TV show. I don't even know what a TV is. The Story Okay, so I’m not a spy yet, but I am working for these secret agencies that I can’t tell you about. So, I have a list of responsibilities that I have to keep up with. Here they are in no particular order. 1. Use My Special Secret Brain Knowledge to Help the Special Secret Agents - I have all this special knowledge in my brain and I have to use it to solve problems. Every day. 2. Spy Training - In order to help the agents, I need to possess some of their abilities. Since I’m not a spy, I can only get basic training. But I need to keep up with it every day. 3. Learn to Use Spy Equipment - This goes along with my training. Without the right tools, I cannot help the team. 4. Daily Reports - One thing they don’t tell you about being a spy is the paperwork. Lots of paperwork every single day. Every time I go on a mission, I have to write up a report. Stupid boring rules. And that’s it! That’s my story. I have so much more to say, but I’m not allowed to. If I did, I’d have to kill you. Not you, Gary. The Challenge Keep Up With Classes - I start classes later this month and no matter what happens, I need to keep on top of it. So I’m using up one of my slots so I don’t get overwhelmed. Train for Marathon - I’m 8 weeks away from a full marathon. I have never attempted one before, so dedication is essential. Eat Keto - I have been doing the keto diet (low carb high fat) and it’s been working wonders. I must continue the keto diet throughout this challenge. No backing out! I will track my food and weight in pictures. Write Daily - I must write 1,000 words of fiction every day. I’m starting off slow, 100 words at a time, but once I hit 1,000, I must maintain that amount. Stories here for this challenge count toward my goal as does writing from my Creative Writing courses. My goal this month is to set the foundations to become a writer by trade. Making money from my passions and starting up a pretty easy going blog dedicated to writing. This is my ultimate goal despite everything else this month. CAN’T WAIT TO GET THIS PARTY STARTED!
  2. I want to eat all the things!
  3. Possibly carrot/celery homemade ranch or some almond butter. No hummus for this paleo girl! I did buy some snacking veggies...those raw mini ones that come pre-cut in a bag...so that I can snack on something less damaging.
  4. Week 2 I really have lost count of the days. 14? I don't know. I have been doing well and have noticed a change. My jeans fit a bit looser and I feel stronger. But I have a long way to go. Diet Very well until the end there. I kinda lost control of it partly because I have been so hectic in catching up with my studies due to my leave of absence. Because most of it is sitting and reading, I find myself snacking on foods I shouldn't. I need to get this under control again. But it's not too late to turn away from this. Remember, I am on a deserted island. There are no chocolate covered almonds on deserted islands. Distance Walking - 10mi Rowing - 6mi Exercise Bodyweight exercises plus sprinted rowing. I did a tiny tiny tiny amount of weight lifting, parkour practice and inverted exercises. I may need to step up the game to make up for this weekend.
  5. OHAI BARBARA!!! They really should! I guess they don't want those not on the boards to feel left out. A lot of people were writing usernames on their badges. Awww, you are too sweet! I feel embarrassed now.
  6. I like your challenge and I like how you have levels within the levels! These are good! *cheering for you
  7. I need to read that book. I had it on my Amazon wish list, but wasn't expecting to get it at the camp. I have so much to catch up on, I can't read it right now, but I cannot wait!
  8. Hell yeah! You got this! You are rocking! I love your energy. You have so much of it and I think you're going to do great on this challenge. I do believe this is the 3rd week, but you'll have plenty to do. Plus, I think Camp counts.
  9. Love your goals! They're simple but can have a huge impact. Let me know how the blood type thing goes. I'm still not ready to give up avocado. And I can't wait to see what you come up with on the sharing thing.
  10. Which one? I can't remember the usernames of most people. CNF365!
  11. It's so interesting to see this because I know how focused you were on losing weight and now you've shifted gears. It really puts into perspective what weight really means in terms of health.
  12. I sure did! I wandered all the way to Georgia! Awesome job this past week! Keep it up. I can tell you feel amazing about it.
  13. Days 2-8 Overview I did a fantastic job keeping up with the primal lifestyle. Days 2 & 3, I took long walks and cooked yummy foods. Days 4-7 were so amazing! Camp Nerd Fitness! Freaking. Amazing. Here's a "quick" recap: Thursday, I literally walked through the floods to get to camp. Epic buckets of rain poured down and flooded the streets right when I had to leave for the airport. I walked through the floods to get my suitcase to leave. But I made it. I got on the shuttle and immediately met some incredible nerds. As soon as I can put the names/faces to usernames in these forums, I'll give credit where credit is due. One amazing nerd gave me a lot of great advice and inspired me in a lot of areas in life. And this was before I even got to the camp. ​I ate incredible paleo food that was provided for us. Breakfast lunch and dinner was healthy and delicious every day. Especially amazing after a full day of being super active outside. So what did I do? Well, I wish I could say I did everything, but there was no way I could. There were so many awesome choices for things to do but not enough time to do them all! I had to choose wisely. So, here are some of the things I did over the two days: Ropes course (more on this below) Grip strength workshop Kung Fu Life workshop Informal tricking session (flips, cartwheels, super awesome kicks) Game of Thrones combat training Assassin’s Creed: In Real Life (parkour/sword vs dagger fights) Inversion workshop (headstands and handstands) Parkour Rubik’s Cube theme party I did so much more than that, but I don’t want to have another tl;dr. The ropes course- CONQUERING FEAR! I challenged myself to do the Odyssey Ropes Course. 35ft up the air, solving problems with a team of 7 other amazing people. I am deathly scared of heights (SHOCK! A KENDER SCARED OF HEIGHTS???) I may have cried and laughed hysterically, but I finished the course from beginning to end. All in all, I’ve never felt more healthy, happy, peaceful and inspired. If there are any more Camp NFs in the future, nothing will stop me from going again. Best weekend of my life ever. Diet It was hard not to eat primal/paleo during camp since there was no food there that wasn’t within the diet. With the small exception of rice. But I allowed myself some because I stayed active for so long. I did go off the diet twice, both times in the airport, mostly because it was difficult to find something on such short notice that wasn’t okay. I also had some beer at the camp. All of these were deliberate choices with no regrets. Maybe a bit of a headache the day after the party. Distance Walking - 15mi Rowing - 7mi Exercise A lot. Can't wait to get out there and do some more primal surviving!
  14. I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner, but WOOHOO!!!
  15. I can't think of anything even remotely like that.
  16. I've got so much to tell, I don't even know where to start. Update coming today. Also writing up a blog post about it. Awww, thank you. You are so sweet. It was so great hanging out. I wish I had a parkour buddy too. We'll have to keep up with each other's progress!
  17. Okay, so quick update.. I am at camp Nerd Fitness. I don't have my computer, so updating is difficult. But expect a huge update when I return. I AM SO EXCITE!
  18. Ha! You taunted the planks! Still 2+ minutes is pretty good without build up. As a kender, I can't make it past 2.5 minutes without getting bored. There was a plank challenge a while back that I did where the goal was 5 minutes. My brain gave up long before my muscles. I tried reading, listening to music, watching TV. Nope. I gotta move.
  19. OHAI. GORUCK OTHERLETTERS (i love you)
  20. WOOHOO! We are going to own this challenge. OWN IT!
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