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  1. i'm still alive! got a PR squat about a month ago. female bodyweight: 68.18kg (150lb) squat: 143.18kg (315lb) also last week i did: bodyweight: 64.55kg (142lb) squat: 136.36kg (300lb) don't know which one has higher wilkes. but im back from my injury!
  2. I used to always train in vibrams until January this year when I bought my first pair of squat shoes. I should take them off after squats but I get lazy. I have deadlift slippers and Ishould really practice in those. But ihate how they feel. Doing deads in heels aren't bad, though. However, the weight shift might get concerning- I see that. I'm at a loss for good deadlift shoes.
  3. Yep is my first. Thinking of zen thoughts and fun factor.. as it helps chase away panic. I joked with my friend that I'll be lifting with her if I don't make weight. She said "come lift with the big girls!" Lol Thanks for your input. =)
  4. I have a2 hour window. I'm on the 2nd platform of morning flight. My lifts are done by 1pm but I'm gonna watch a friend in afternoon flight.
  5. Thanks everyone for the useful information!! so an update at 1 week out (competition 4/29) and then some last minute questions. update since feb: got 12" titan wrist straps, tried them on, threw them off. i no like got reebok legacy lifter shoes and they are amazing got SBD knee sleeves. they are amazing except when putting them on overworked my tailbone and caused aggravated disc.. had to recover for almost a month and couldnt train recovered finally from tailbone early april. but immediately had sciatica and piriformis issues recovery aga
  6. Would appreciate some help and advice. I'm coming back to doing deadlifts after a minor injury to the disc. most likely due to bad technique. So here's me trying to rebuild some good cues. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AtXRwEHIGdcR7wlz1zqpNqzcLDPV thanks.
  7. registered for my first sanctioned meet! ((btw- April 29th is also my birthday!)) Date: April 29/30, 2017 Title: 2017 USA Powerlifting California State Championship Venue: Axiom CrossFit 11846 6th St, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Website: http://usaplca.com/competitions not sure about streaming...
  8. just signed up for my first competition April 29/30 in California! it's sanctioned with USAPL and the location is local to me. And the best part is that it lands right on my birthday!! I'm registered at 57kg, hoping to cut weight to be aggressive. but also aware that cutting 20lb might be a detriment, i will decide that in the coming months. I have a ton of questions mostly about what gear to buy. I have a turquoise BestBelt Athletic and it is simply the best belt ever. I'm ordering a set of SBD knee sleeves. As far as wrist wraps and shoes are concerned, i'm pretty lo
  9. update today and here's the youtube with the 255x3, 255x5, 265x3 included:
  10. today is same as yesterday except no nuts for snack and a lift day. workout log: foam roll squats: warmup no belt: bar 2x5, 95x5, 135x5, 185x5, 225x5 work: 255x3, 265x2, 275x1, 290x1 (this is my PR), 275 2 singles warmdown: 245x1 5 sec pause at ATG, 225x6 ATG with last rep being 5 sec pause, 185x10 ATG amrap, 135x15 ATG amrap OHP: warmup @ barx5 work: 65x3x5 Deadlift: warmup: 135x5, 185x5 work: 225 1x5 & 2x3 bench press: warmup @barx5, 75x5, 95x5
  11. today: got up, put on pants, and went to work. i may or may not have brushed my hair.. did actual work. and even worked with my boss amicably. i thank coffee. ate a ziplock portion of mixed nuts, and lunch was kale salad with sliced chicken and sesame dressing. came home, changed, and went to gym for zumba 1 hour of shakey shakey zumba commenced then an hour of foam rolling and yoga stopped by dollar store for stuff. 1 dolla make me holla. wild pink salmon cans white chicken cans chocolate coconut water came ho
  12. boy do i have an update for you all. Since I have some time on my hands now-- just before the final week stretch in fact. After the last post: Blizzcon happened - Boss said it was okay to work midnight saturday to 8am so I can go all day Saturday.. which means i was successful in talking to them and explaining what i wanted to do. lol. I sacrificed sleep that day. Sunday after Blizzcon was my final training day: Election day. was also my Midterm day. I did pretty good on the Midterm. I also voted for Hillary. I was not happy. In fact I was (a
  13. work @6am - ate a large breakfast of eggs, bacon, and sausage drove to school 1 hr @10:30am and ate a packed lunch of chicken breast had exam in my 12:30 class.. then went to my 2pm class.. after class i went to gym and did my squats: warmup barx5x2, goodmornings w/bar, 95x5, 135x5, 185x5 had trouble with my belt, it wouldn't tighten to the new notch.. so the following was done with a looser notch. 225x5, 255x2x3 then realized i couldn't reach the notch i wanted because of my clothes... they bunched up. after fidgeting, i got it!
  14. tuesday was busy i didn't have a chance to post: 1. work @6am to 10am - eat breakfast @6 and lunch @10 2. drive an hour to school 3. go to classes. eat a protein bar between class 4. gym time in between classes! squats: warmup - barx5x2, 95x5, 135x5, 185x5, 225x5 255x3, 225x5, 255x2, 225x3 pause cooldown: 185x5 pause, 135x10 speed that's the only thing worth mentioning. 5. night class - drank protein shake walking to class and then ate a snack of nuts or protein bar every break. 6. finish class @9:30pm d
  15. Checking in quick: 1- food prep success! Lots of sausage patties, eggs, and bacon for the week. 2- foam roll and some yoga stretches today and 15 min on elliptical.. Mainly to move the joints around since I was sitting in the office all day.. 3- my boss was nice today. I did my job and communicated well. 4- studying for exams. It's a grind much like lifting. Pick a routine and sick with it, change as adaptations are needed. 5- in bed now trying to sleep the past 30 minutes but all I can think about it the gym at school and doing a full workout. If I shut my eyes really hard, I can
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