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  1. Thanks guys! I've heard the empty stomach cardio theory too. Some say that works wonders, others that's just a waste. I may try the HIIT one of this days and see how it works. Thanks again for the feedback!
  2. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I stopped by. A question popped out in my mind the other day while looking at a bunch of people from my building going out to run in the morning. I talked to one of them on the elevator and told me that it was great for fat loss, that she just grabbed a banana and out for a run! So I was wondering, fellow Nerds , has any of you tried this? If so, have you noticed any good progress on fat loss? I'm kinda dissapointed of my latest stats: current weight is 114 pounds (i'm small - 5,2), but my body fat is still on 21/23%. I do plenty of strenght workout (no
  3. Thanks Avalonna and DirtMama! DM: Liquid milk makes me ill, I can't drink it all all, same with cream. Nonethless, natural greek yogurth seems pretty good and filling, specially since there are days when I'm not sure if I'll be able to go out for lunch at a decent hr. Gotta take a look at primal, looks interesting...Thanks! Avalonna: I'll add more fats to my diet. I wasn't sure about olive oil, so I got some coconut oil. Good thing they have it on the food spot I go for lunch. I may carry a mini bottle for my salad in case I can't find it one day. I'll add more nuts too on breakfast. I don't
  4. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered Paleo thanks to the NF blog thanks to a funny thing: When I was making breakfast, I tossed my oatmeal on a bowl, only to discover a rodiculously big amount of refined sugar. It was all over my "super healthy" cereal. And then it hit me: This is what's holding you down, stuff thats supposed to be healthy but it has to contain something that makes people crave it! So, I've been trying to adopt it ever since, getting rid of some stuff in my fridge/pantry, and make it yummy and easy to follow, cos I don't wanna quit due to unhappiness . My current master menu is
  5. I'm joining the question about sweeteners here: I'm going paleo, but with a slight twist (which I'll talk about in other post). I drink tea and ground coffee (Can't stand the powder one), and I was wondering if Stevia is a good sweetener. For what I know, it comes from a leaf, and the best versions are mostly chemical free. Has anyone tried it? Do you guys recommend it? Thank you!
  6. Thanks TheRedWriter and Cara for the warm welcome! I'm pretty sure we are in different countries, but this sounds EXACTLY like my office! I don't feel bad saying no to candy and pastries, pizza and fries, but every now and then I get a very sad "You used to be cool, girl". But at the end of the day they don't push it on me anymore. I have my weakness moments, but I try to minimize the damage: If I feel like binging on pasta, I go for whole wheat fusilli mixed with veggies and shrimps (not very Paleo, but I'm still building the habit). Absolutely! All the posts I've read so far, everyone is
  7. Hello everyone! I'm a 31 y/o woman, who loves movies, sci-fi, arts and computers. I found the NF blog a couple of days ago, looking for Paleo info and motivation. And so far, I'm loving what I've read. A bit of me: A couple of years ago, I was offered a wonderful job in a security company where I work as a researcher. My dream job, which has given me lots of chances to grow (economically, emotionally, intellectually...), where I met amazing smart people and I've made friends. Valuable since I'm a bit of a loner. The only downside of it is the 200% commitment (workaholics welcome!) you have to
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