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  1. Warning: the acting is trash, even by sci-fi standards
  2. Feeling a little better today, after a lot of resting. My head still isn’t in the game, which is always irksome, and tiresome in its own way. I watched the last episode of The Expanse and then thought about dinner. I put a heartfelt amount of butter and oregano in my go-to pan (Cuisinart calls it an everyday pan, but really it should be called the Everything Pan), added a little salt and pepper, and set that on medium low heat to marry while I sliced a chicken breast into strips. I slid the whole thin into the pan and turned the heat up a bit to a hearty medium (just shy of medium high). I covered it and let it do its thing for five minutes while I washed up the cutting board. I turned the strips, stirring to make sure the spices and butter were everywhere they needed to be. I replaced the cover for the second five minutes, and put a pouch of rice and ancient grains in the microwave. I fluffed the grains and the strips were done, so I layered them on top of the rice and poured the remaining butter over the whole batch. It’s delicious.
  3. The Universe never tells us if we did right or wrong. It’s more important to try to help people than to know that you did. More important that someone else’s life gets better than for you to feel good about yourself. You never know the effect you might have on someone, not really. Maybe one core thing you said haunts them forever. Maybe one moment of kindness gives them comfort or courage. Maybe you said the one thing they needed to hear. It doesn’t matter if you ever know. You just have to try. —-Naomi Nagata, The Expanse
  4. Hi, Druids! We’re at the halfway-ish point in the challenge. How’s it going?
  5. Rest helps, and good food helps. I woke up and made a signature sandwich (roast beef, aged white cheddar, horseradish, and Dijon mustard on whole wheat) and had two glasses of milk. I’m slowly coming round to being more human. Thinking is still difficult, so I’m not pushing it — reading the news is definitely out and will have to wait until (likely) tomorrow. I’m considering only reading / watching stories set in 100+ distances from now, either before 1920 or after 2125. Anything closer creates a cascade of current events and relevant history in my brain, and i quickly get buried. The gym is wisely closed today in light of yesterday’s weather, or I would be heading to the sauna to help settle my mind. As it is, I might have enough energy for a bath and then another nap. Still not planning on going anywhere, and I canceled the acupuncture appointment for tomorrow, because doctors should stay home, too.
  6. Friends, yesterday I started a neurological episode and am still in it. Despite this, I managed to finish up the paper and submit it on time and attend a zoom call this morning, and I’m very pleased that all that is behind me. It’s time for tea and a nap. One of the Wisdom pieces from this particular episode is that, even as difficult as an episode is, when there’s no headache to go with it, I can make my way through my world slowly and with care. This is often not the case when anticonvulsants are part of the toolbox, so I’m happy to have this data. The power stayed on through the night, and my task list for the day is complete. All is well. May you have peace this day.
  7. It’s still sleeting. The power is still on, for now. I had a thought during a brief conversation with the director of the pinball league: is there such a thing as a pinball librarian/archivist/historian/thing?
  8. I totally get this. It’s like when people take antibiotics and feel better after three days, so they stop taking them, which lets the last few remaining badass germs get reinforcements, and the whole thing comes back with a vengeance. So let’s not do this. I’m definitely on board for checking your thread and pinging you if i don’t see the retreat information.
  9. Week Two Wrap-up: Sunday, January 16 Strength:Lots of lifting through the week as part of getting ready for the Saturday visit. I can feel it in my arms and legs today, especially after all the activity on Saturday itself. This is low-key strength building, but it still counts. Intelligence: Got some reading done, a video recorded and submitted, and the draft of a paper, which I should be working on finishing just now, but my head isn’t in the game, and my heart is listening to the sleet. Still. A very successful week on the intelligence front, and I’m pleased. The dissertation is currently 32,561 words. The presentation paper hasn’t been sketched out yet (not due until February 11, so there is a little time yet). Wisdom: Inspiration was a superpower during The Flurry of Emails that happened this week, and that was a wisdom straight-up wisdom fight. I feel very centered in this, and am glad of my Jedi Council who help guide me through these eel-infested waters. Constitution: This is a solid win, and I’m glad I’m getting this figured out. Naps, sleeping at night, resting before I’m exhausted, all these things matter. Dexterity: lots of bending, stretching, and centering. Endurance: Saturday activities helped with this, as did Monday night get together to celebrate the end of the Pinball Fall League. Charisma: Still no sauna, because germs are bad, but there was a lot of hot baths, warm socks, and tea. And sleep. If you had asked me how the week went, I would have shrugged, but writing it down I see that it’s a solid win. I was overdue for giving myself credit, and these little reports along the way are helpful reminders that I’m doing what I set out to do, and that little steps in the right direction do indeed add up. Living by my own mantra is hard, friends. Next week looks like a lot of this week, only with an appointment for acupuncture on Tuesday (maybe cancelling that) and a trip out to the family therapist on Wednesday (unless she cancels, I’m going). The apartment continues to evolve into a space that is very much my home, and that is also a win on all fronts.
  10. The first flake fell around 8:30 this morning, and within thirty minutes everything was covered in white. Those itty-bitty flakes really know what the assignment is, and they kept falling until fifteen minutes or so ago, when the sleet started. It’s coming down in earnest, striking the large windows in waves, sounding for all the world like a crackling fireplace, which, when combined with the sound of typing and occasional movements of paper, makes my whole apartment sound like a medieval library, and altogether it’s far more meditative than it probably ought to be, but I love it. The church might be closed, but the bells toll in the distance right on cue, and the groan of the beleaguered snow plow is deeply monastic. Not planning on going anywhere, and wondering if there’s a world where I can kind of live like this forever.
  11. Also, to get an understanding of the sheer number of churches in my area, take a gander at the closing list today (it will probably only be valid for a few hours, but it's extensive, and there are several churches not in the list, die-hard types that flat out never close).
  12. Thanks! I really like it, and it feels good to be slowly rebuilding my camping gear, which also doubles as my emergency kit. The next thing I'm thinking of adding is a gravity water purification system. I'm building back from nothing more than my ultralight down sleeping bag (950 fill) and a pair of SnoPeak chopsticks, so it's slow going. I bought an Osprey day-lite plus within days of moving downtown (to replace the CamelBak that is still buried in storage), and the clerk loved that I pulled everything out of the box and made sure the kit would fit the pack. We nerded out about weight limits for a couple minutes (I don't like to carry more than 20 pounds max on a hike). Recommendations welcomed!
  13. The visit went very well. I'm exhausted, happy, and ready to be snowed in. I picked up a camp stove kit while we were out and about, so at least there will be tea if the power goes out. Vivian, being Vivian, claimed the blue set, and said she can't wait to use it together. She will be at her dad's for this storm, but I dig her enthusiasm. She loves the horse blanket and set about to turn her loft into a blanket fort, which is delightful. When we were at pinball, she picked up a nightlight made of one of the bumpers, and she plugged it in as a reading light near the Reading Chair in the blanket fort when we got back. The pony farm set is only half built and she's looking forward to coming back to finish it up. At the gym, her bathing suit was missing from a locked locker (!!), so we sat and chose two new ones and ordered them right then and there, and she changed the combination on her locker, and declined to say it out loud this time. We scootered to pizza and back. Life is good.
  14. Japanese Garden is great, as is Irish Coast, and there’s one with a real Twin Peaks vibe as well. Don’t laugh, but my favorite one is: https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/customMedievalLibrary.php
  15. The neatening is almost done, and Vivian’s presents are wrapped and ready for her tomorrow. Sodas will be picked up and scooters charged this evening. Winter storms (and email flurries) require sustenance, so I made a quick batch of lamb chops — my absolute favorite. I rubbed them with olive oil, salt, and pepper, then put them on greased baking sheet and topped them with some fresh rosemary and garlic cloves sliced in half. Broil on high for ten minutes (about 8” from the broiler for medium rare or 10” for rare) and serve with potatoes or couscous or a rice medley. For dessert, I had a bowl of yogurt with pomegranate, ginger, and honey.
  16. Status Report: Jenna is totally doing the right thing, and has put in place measures to do the right thing more often and more easily! I am so proud of her! This is a big deal. Growth is never simple or pain free, but it’s always worth it.
  17. In other news, I’m really liking the PBS series Around the World in 80 Days starring David Tennant. The episodes drop on Sundays and I’m looking forward to the next one. Speaking of Sunday, Winter Storm Izzy is supposed to rage through here, bringing ice as well as buckets of snow. I’ve replaced the batteries in my candle lights and am charging devices and doing laundry and other such things as needed to prepare, including picking up the milk and hard boiling some eggs. I expect the power will go out, and I have put some cold packs in the freezer to help the fridge along if needed. Truly, I need some engineering genius to come up with a winter-sun-solar-powered tea kettle, just for me.
  18. Sending good vibes for Little Bit, our darling mascot of the Rebellion, and actually very glad you guys kept her home on The Day. Sending good vibes for you, too. You went to work. You cooked good meals and ate them with your family. You are doing great things, and you are enough. Leveling up can be its own challenge, because once we get to a new level it sometimes feels as though if we’re not involved in heroic effort that we aren’t doing anything, certainly not doing enough. Learning how simply to be is an art.
  19. Exactly. If other people want to say the quiet part out loud, who am I to stand in their way?
  20. I have a novel inside me, one that woke me up to write about it all through 2019 into 2020, and then somewhere around September of 2020 just seemed to hibernate. Nothing much got written, and I have been okay with that, but missing it, hoping it is resting well. Yesterday I had a thought for the novel and wrote it down, and it feels nice to revisit this. It will get written eventually, I hope, but this piece seems to have its own rhythm. For now, I’m letting the new tendrils percolate as they will, and making notes. Writing what I have is probably the focus of my upcoming summer. The dishwasher is fixed! It is washing dishes! These are happy sounds as I go about the last of the neatening today for tomorrow’s visit. The email carousel leading up to the visit is in full swing. This is a not-me problem. There is no fight; I have no enemies.
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