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  1. Makes sense! They give them out every winter at work for free. Luckily I haven't gotten sick off one, and haven't had the flu since getting flu shots.
  2. Wow, it's great that you're pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, OF! Way to go! I've actually been quite surprised that tooth ouchies and headaches I used to get have all but disappeared now that I'm sleeping well and not eating junk food. Something that worked for me to get off soda was switching to carbonated water, like Perrier. It's still fun to drink with a lemon zing but none of the sugar or fake sugar and whatnot Good luck on the budgeting. It'll take some work, but it is so nice not to be in dire financial straights! Go for it!
  3. Tue, Oct 1 (Challenge Day 16) Goal #1 Breakfast at home Made my Lunch for work Brought a Snack for work Supper at home Goal #2 X-Used tech a bit shortly before bed (texting, social media, etc.) Goal #3 X-Skipped Insanity Wed, Oct 2 (Challenge Day 17) Goal #1 Breakfast at home Made my Lunch for work Brought a Snack for work Supper at home Goal #2 Tech off an hour before bed Goal #3 Insanity Week 1 Wednesday
  4. I can totally relate to how good exercise first thing in the morning leads to a great day. For me, a workout really enhances my mental alertness, and I have an office job, so that's a huge plus! Good for you resting your foot.. injuries ain't worth it! Almonds and bacon have taken the place of breaded products for me, and my body likes them much better!
  5. Wonderful news, Stooshie! Huzzah and hurray!!
  6. That's great news about your 10-mile race, Wingfoot! That is quite an accomplishment, especially with all of those emotional ups and downs! Way to go!!
  7. Hi Olivia! Welcome aboard! On the Nerd Fitness Forum, we do 6-week challenges, which you can learn about here. You basically set your goals and track your progress. On the first page of this thread, you can see links for all of our challenges and take a look see. The idea of this thread is to be an accountability group and encourage one another as we do our challenges. You can look through the various parts of the Forum to see topics on eating, exercise, and other stuff. It's a great place to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle and get your questions answered!
  8. Glad to have you along, OF! I've linked to your challenge in the initial post on this thread. What is the cut-off for a challenge counting or not?
  9. Thanks Matt! I feel the same way. So far I'm 3 out 4 days doing Insanity this week. A great, unexpected, side benefit is that my kitchen is wayyyyyyy cleaner. It's like I have all this newfound energy (because of food/exercise/sleep) and time (because of less internet) to do the dishes and tidy up. My ex-wife is in Paris for 8 days so I have my 9-year-old full-time and it's going well, I'm making a different meal each night, nice variety in lunches for us both too! I have him going to bed earlier and waking up earlier too, and we even made it to church for Mass at 7 am this morning.
  10. Mon, Sep 30 (Challenge Day 15) Goal #1 Breakfast at home Made my Lunch for work Brought a Snack for work Supper at home Goal #2 Tech off an hour before bed Goal #3 Insanity Day 1 - Fit Test
  11. Thanks mdv6! I know that my grading scale is tough, but what I learned from doing the Whole30 last challenge is that half-measures avail me nothing. I want to be holistic in my health undertakings and not just be health part-time. I wouldn't feel honest with myself if a 50% achievement of a goal is a C-grade. Because I think a challenge should have some challenge to it I really tried to make my goals achievable, to feel that I earn that A or B grade by the end of the challenge
  12. heh heh - I know! which would make us all wizards of time disappearance! Dreams are free and just about as informative as the internet!
  13. Well at least it's in the past now !
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