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  1. Alright so if you've seen me around at all here on NF you know that I'm the on again off again kind of person. I'll decide I want to be healthy and it will last for a couple of days, maybe even a couple of weeks and then one little thing will throw me off and I'll lose hope and give up. My weakness? Food. I freakin LOVE food! Especially carbs. Sometimes I feel like I wouldn't be able to live without pasta, mashed potatoes, etc. But here's the thing. I've realized that eating close to 3000 calories a day is preventing me from doing the things I love and as long as I keep at it I'll never be fit enough to do parkour or run a 5k without stopping. Exercise is not really an issue for me, for the most part I actually enjoy it. My downfall always seems to be overeating. Which brings me here. The most successful attempt at weight loss I've ever had was when my work did a biggest loser competition. I put in $5 a week and the winner got it all at the end. I lost 40lbs (and have since gained it all back since dieting is a lifestyle choice, not a temporary fix.) Second most successful attempt was when I had my mom as a weight loss buddy.(lost about 17lbs but we both slacked off once I left for college) What do these two things have in common? Accountability. I'm looking for someone to be best buds with. We can check in on each other every day(preferably through either facebook or texting)and keep each other in check. Anyone up for the challenge? (speaking of challenge we'd be doing the next 6 week challenge.) I also forgot to mention that while I'm at school my only source of food is the dining halls which happens to be one of the best in the country. We have four buffet style halls that have both healthy options and some really good not-so-healthy options, BUT on that note we also have a free 4 floor gym on campus. Just a note.
  2. So I slacked off a little this week. Shit happened, i missed some workouts and ate bad at a party. But the good news is it was only 5 days before I got my butt back on NF and was newly inspired to keep going. Tomorrow's a new day.I'll probably re-do week two of CT5K just so I don't hurt myself or anything. Can't wait to start working out again tomorrow. On a side note, I've reached the point where rows are too easy but i do not have a pull up bar/ easy access to one at a playground. Any suggestions for things that could be used for incline pull ups(or whatever we want to call them, I'm still worrying over my french horn that's in the repair shop/my audition in a week and a half. (can't think clearly.)
  3. Just some more stats: Bust: 46 inches Waist 44 inches Bottom:49 inches Thigh:28 inches Arm:17.5 inches (at thickest point), 12 inches after the initial flub section. xP Height:5'6" new updated weight: 232lbs
  4. Also, successfully completed day 2 of couch to 5k and with a little help from Slacker Radios's "Champion's Theme" station. It was actually... FUN! Never thought in my life I'd be able to do 90 second intervals of jogging and want more after finishing! The impossible is starting to look a little more possible.
  5. do you know where ripton falls MA is? I'll be in amherst with no car but this sounds pretty darn fun!
  6. So...running re-take, 5th i started over on day 1 of the original program.(I like it better, I just wish it weren't so glitchy. ) 6th i did about 3 miles of light walking just to stay in the game and today I tried week 1 day two and to my amazement it was actually kindof easy! Sure it didn't feel like that while I was running but as soon as I caught my breath (took about 30 seconds as opposed to the previous 2 minutes a couple of weeks back before I was walking almost every day) I wanted to go back in for more! I was scared that 8 weeks was not enough time to get me running a 5k but maybe this thing really works! Side note, I freaking LOVE working out to slacker radio's "Champion's Theme" station. As a nerd and a band geek it kinda makes me feel like a badass. (hey whatever works right?) Like that hero music from the movies? That s my theme song playing for me. Not really, but well you get the point. >< Strength training's going pretty well too. It's slow progress but it's progress. I just think of people having fun crawling around on things like monkeys and feel bad that I'm unable to do it (well, I get jealous to be exact)and that motivates me to keep going. Eating healthy has basically become a habit. Not concerned about that now. It'll be much more of a problem in the last week of the challenge when I'm back at my college's 5-star buffet. (anything you want for just one swipe. and unfortunately I LOVE food. I'll just have to tell myself that healthy food tastes just as good and that ice cream bar is just not worth it. Keep my eyes on the prize.)
  7. Hey guys! So I'm a newbie too. Sorry it took so long to post here, I was actually keeping up w/my challenge topic for once. xP Anyway, my goals in summary are to build upper body strength, do a CT5K program and eat natural foods only. PS:I am a Humans vs zombies player and i love it! Can't believe college is already half over though. So excited to finally be in an actively participating accountabilibuddies group that also has similar interest to me.
  8. That motivation, I'm tearing up here. Anyway, I love how you're mission is star wars themed, adds more fun to it since whenever you're tempted you can tell yourself you have to use your jedi mind tricks to defeat the dark side. >< Anyway, sometimes the hardest thing to do is to start! I am a firm believer in the 'just do it method.' Can it get you in trouble sometimes? Sure. But more often the case is I was worried about something or didn't feel like doing it but got it done anyway because I didn't give myself time to think about it. Next time you are temped to go to the drive through, head to the local grocery store, pick up a bunch of vegetables and buy them. Now that you have them you have to cook them right? who wants to let $10 of good food rot in the bottom of the fridge! Besides, most healthy food doesnt take longer than an hour to cook. If you really don't have the time there's always frozen veggies. Plus your kids will most likely love helping out with prep time. Even if it's as simple as push the button on the microwave. On a semi-related note, as a believer I personally am not a big fan of 'devotions' as everyone else would do them. Too one way and the questions are usually not relevant to me. Instead I prefer to open up to a random spot, read till I get bored (if it's only a verse or two I'll open to a new spot.) and then sit and think in depth about what I just read. Often if the word really hits me I'll pray about it too. Try it out sometime and see if you like it. Either way works. You do whatever you like best. I'm just throwing out ideas. xP
  9. Update: So I tried out the 2nd day of the couch to 5k program today. Didn't go as well as last time. Lungs felt really restricted until I finally got to the point where I had to stop and gasp for air about 20 minutes in. (And I'm not known to quit either.) Possible contributing factors: -it was significantly hotter than the first run -This time I had just got out of an eight hour, very busy work day(my day starts off with stocking 13 mini kitchens w/muffins,bagels,juice,butter,applesauc,milk,forks,knives,etc. In under an hour.) as opposed to the fresh start last time I tried -I switched to a different app b/c the first one wasn't working right. This one gave 90secs of walking time instead of 120 But the thing that bugs me most was that I felt like my lungs were being squeezed.Although I am not a runner yet, I've run significant distances before(HVZ player here. ) Tried taking deep breaths both while running and walking and it seemed like my lungs just couldn't keep up. So weird. Anyone know what the heck happened? PS: I did continue to walk the rest of the distance and then some. Gonna try again tomorrow morning when it's cooler I guess.
  10. Thanks for the support guys! (And girls!) It took me a while to find an active group of people with similar interests to keep me going but it looks like this is it. Anyway, here's an update. -On week 4 of eating healthy and it's going great! Last week was hell but now it seems like I don't even want junk anymore. Hopefully the habit has been broken and the cravings are over. >< We'll see. -running: did first day of couch to 5k on the 30th, yesterday I did some unplanned walking on the cape cod canal, walked about 3 miles total and snatched my brother's bike(he let mexP) near the end and biked a mile. Didn't get to do the 2nd day of couch to 5k today. I wimped out cuz of the rain. Really disappointed in myself. for that. I plan to do it after work tomorrow rain or shine though. Not giving myself the chance to think about it. - upper body strength: on the 29th I pretty much just played on the playground w/my 11 year old brother. We played around with some parkour stuff (holy crap I can actually do a vault np! Now it's just time for a form check. And to think I was scared of hurting myself. xP) Also realized that I actually have no problem pulling myself up at a certain angle. He dared me to climb up onto a bridge on the playground(we were the only people there, it was dusk.) so I put up a leg, put my hands on a bar right above where my leg was and pulling, putting the weight on the leg until i was up high enough to put the other foot up. Then I just swung myself over the bar. The bridge was very similar to this one. http://www.adventureplaysystems.com/cart/images/products/LG-Bridge_Arch-Bridge.jpg It's interesting because the muscle group I was using was the same ones i use to hold up my 5lbchunk of metal(mellophone) for 2 or 3 hours at a time during marching band. The back side of my arm muscles on the other hand are basically useless. Can't even get one pull up or push up out. When on a rowing bar, that short one --->https://www.naturalplaygroundsstore.com/images/ChinUpBars.jpg I can pull myself up about 3 times and I can currently do about 10 dumbell rows with a french horn in it's case(not sure exactly how much it weighs...probably around 8-10lbs. tonight I did 12 wall push ups, 2 more than last time I tried. (originally I'd go through 4 sets of 20 with little difficulty then move on to incline push ups and wonder why they hurt so bad. They key here was actually doing the wall push ups with perfect form every single time. Another thing, just for fun I decided to test my grip strength out at the playground. It was a good laugh. You know those things that you hold onto a bar and swing yourself across to another platform?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PiI0OgFjcY (showoff) Well I grabbed onto it, swung myself and went flying off of it as soon as my feet left the platform. XD Too much inertia for my grip I guess. We got a loooooooong way to go. Good thing I'm only 20 and have lots of time to work with. (more worried about the show going off air than about getting too old.) So...things to reach for the rest of the challenge: consistency- I did a lot of good stuff but it wasn't a specific workout, didn't go according to plan and was hard to track. I want to try and do the alternating running/strength training like I listed above. Fun stuff can either be extra or worked into but not instead of the plan.
  11. Hello there, this is my 4th challenge. I'm really looking forward to this one. I think the gaming/quests style will really help me to keep with my goals. Anyway, here goes... My main quest: To compete in (not necessarily win, although that would be amazing!) ninja warrior. Obviously this is a long term quest since I have a looooooooong way to go. Physical Stats: Gender: Female Age: 20 Height:5'6" Weight: 240lbs (see sig. for RPG stats) Level 1: 15 skill points until next level 1. Work on the nerd fitness beginners push ups/pull ups routines every other day. (20 reps, 3 sets push ups every 2 minutes, etc.)- +5strength 2. begin and stick with couch to 5k program. do running on off days(non-push ups/pull ups days)+5Dex 3. Continue to make healthy choices meaning mostly whole grains, fruits, veggies and lighter meats(no junk food or soda. ) both at home and after I return to school. +3CON +2WIS Motivation: I'd like to prove everyone who said "yeah right you can't!" horribly wrong.
  12. just had the best workout ever! playing in a playground. monkey bars stepping stones, rope swings. lots of fun. (there were no kiddos this time of night)
  13. Goal update: I've been having major issues with my exercise goals and I really really want to do a full, proper form push up. So I decided to go searching through old NF blogs and sure enough I found one one how to do a proper push up. Like all other NF resources it also provided a good foundation for people who can't do shit and I now have a much better version of a 'modified push up.' So long story short I won't be meeting my push up goal but I will me updating it, starting over and hopefully killing it for the next challenge!
  14. It's also good to know that biceps shouldn't be involved since feeling the strain there could be signs of a form issue which could cause serious injury (especially when I'm trying to force the muscles to work even though they're screaming I can't (shut up there's no such thing as can't!) Thanks again.
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