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  1. I've seen a few folks post questions about Zombies Run! I just finished the 5K version and really enjoyed it. I saw something about ZombieLink but haven't tried it yet. Can you do teams/challenges or something like that? Also during the last 4 or 5 months work had been really busy and I've been lucky if I run or really do any kind of workout two days a week. Looking to get back into eating healthy and working out reasonably often (4 - 5 times a week).
  2. I did not realize how long it's been since I've been to this site! While I was looking around and trying to decide, woot.com had a special on the Motorola S10-HD's for $20. After reading the reviews, it sounded like a great deal so I bought those.
  3. Obviously I'm doing absolutely horrible at keeping this updated. The good news is I am doing good on most of these goals: Health/Fitness * Sticking with the daily workouts! I've got two days of the Zombie Run 5K in this week, a couple kettlebell workouts and today I ran my first 5K. Final time was 34:15 I think - waiting for final results to be posted. * Food journal - did a day and a half and then kind of went "mehhh. I'm sick of this" and stopped updating it. Any times for sticking with this? * Got down to 198.6 I had been up over 200 at the beginning of the challenge. Leveling up life: * Work on a side project every day - sticking with this even if it is just 5 min drafting a blog post. * Make side project live. Registered my domain name. Three of them actually. Nothing there yet. Social networking: * Go to side project related meet-up - got an idea of two or three that I might want to go to. Columbus Crowdfunding Meetup, CIDUG (Columbus iPhone Developer Users Group) or CRB (Columbus Ruby Brigade) Finances: * Do the wall chart as described in the book "Your Money or Your Life." - sketched out what I hope this looks like in the future. I'll need to go back and figure out the actual numbers of what my income and expenses look like right now.
  4. I think I signed up for a challenge when I first signed up for this site, but really didn't do much with it. I already wrote out a list of goals I want to do for June, so I figure I can drop the ones that really aren't that important to me at this point and do the ones that are for this 6 week challenge. Health/Fitness * Workout every day. I'm currently alternating the Zombies Run 5K program and kettlebell lifting 6 days a week. Day 7 is my "rest" day where I take an hour walk. Oh, and I've signed up for my first 5K which is coming up this Friday! * Keep a food journal and try to eat at least 70% paleo. * Get down to 190 pounds. Leveling up life: * I've got a couple side projects I'm working on. I am going to work on one of them a little bit every day (working on a mobile app when I have a chunk of time, blogging when I've only got a few minutes). * Get one of the side projects publicly available (publish to App Store, make the website live, etc) Social networking: * Go to at least one Meetup related to the side projects I'm working on. Finances: * Do the wall chart as described in the book "Your Money or Your Life."
  5. Anyone have any advice on tracking paleo eating? I had made a goal for myself to eat 80% paleo in April. I think 100% would drive a person mad. I am now realizing I have absolutely no way to track this. I would ideally like something like the app LoseIt, but vastly simplified. I want to be able to type the name of a food, when I ate it, and if it's Paleo. I am actually a developer and thinking of creating such a thing if it doesn't exist yet. Or am I overcomplicating this?
  6. I know this is an older post, but we've found out my daughter has a skin condition that isn't eczema, but is sort of like eczema with a rash. The things that seem to help her most: * sunlight * coconut oil (virgin organic seems to work better than refined) * pineapple juice from fresh pineapples. There's some enzyme in it called bromelain. I recommend reading up on it. There are some fantastic benefits to bromelain but it can also have a couple side effects if you take too much of it.
  7. Seriously dropped the ball on keeping my journal up to date. Luckily I did not do the same with actually keeping up my fitness goals. I'm doing Nike+ for 3 days a week. I've just completed Week 7 (actually finished one 4 week program and am now on week 3 or the second 4 week program). The days I don't do Nike+, I hit the treadmill - 30 minutes if I have time and then if I don't I'll do a 10 - 12 minute workout (pretty much hitting the treadmill until I burn 100 calories and then doing a 1 - 2 minute cooldown). I've lost a total of 4 pounds since I have started this. I'm sure I could have done more if I stuck with the paleo diet.
  8. I really like listening to music while working out but find that the wire just gets in the way. So anyone have some recommendations for good wireless headphones, preferably Bluetooth? I'm looking to stay under the $100 price point, not hugely picky on sound quality as I think the Apple earbuds that came with my iPod Touch sound just find when listening to podcasts which is mostly what I listen to.
  9. Just getting started in the Rebellion... I picked up Nike+ Fitness Trainer for the Kinect. Yesterday did the initial fitness test. Today I did the first workout and found out the fitness test is just a slightly harder version of the warmup exercise. My goal: do the Nike+ program I've picked for 3 days a week for a month. Days I'm not doing that, I'll do at least a 10 min walk or run depending on time and how sore I am from my other workouts. Also working on my achievement list - I want to have the achievements for the first 10 levels listed out by the end of the month. So far I've got up to level 3. Pretty inspired by this: http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/epic-quest/ instead of one big "bucket list" have goals working from smaller easier (workout every day for a month) up to huge goals.
  10. Hopefully this is the right place to post this - but anyone tried the Nike Plus Trainer for Kinect? I've found it easier to work out at home instead of going to the gym... Anything that makes that either easier or more fun is a good thing. I have an Xbox 360 with the Kinect and have found that working out with that can be a pretty good experience. I had EA Active, which was alright. I heard Nike Plus Trainer was a lot better and has a demo available. I haven't worked out in a month or so except a couple days running and a few days I went for a walk at work.... I tried this demo which gives you a 2 min demo workout and 12 min fitness test. It kicked my butt. One-legged squats are absolute torture! I'm thinking of getting the whole thing and alternating between running and doing the workouts on this thing.
  11. I've been on and off reading about Paleo since a friend mentioned it to me a couple years back. Yes, I can be a bit of a tortoise in making life changes... I've read some of Mark's Daily Apple site and the ideas behind Paleo do kind of make sense. Eat natural foods instead of processed garbage. There are two things I can't quite get a handle on. 1. Breakfast. Growing up breakfast was always just a bowl of cold cereal and milk. Just enough to get me going and out the door. I've improved a bit. It's now scrambled eggs, cream cheese, and lunchmeat on an English muffin. If I'm really hungry I'll have a second egg with hot sauce and shredded Cheddar. Pretty sure the eggs are good + healthy. Not sure about the rest. Ideas? 2. Eating out. It feels like 99% of what you get when you eat out is processed carbs with something on it. Either bread, noodles, rice, etc. Anything that is good out there besides just salad without anything on it?
  12. This brings up two questions I have - I've heard great things about Cross Fit and the Paleo diet - either together or individually. Cross Fit sounds like something you'd need to be in pretty good shape to do and Paleo - not sure if I could stick with it long term. Any experience, ideas, advice on these two?
  13. There are two big goals I'm working on right now. I used to have a bunch but I find any more than three and I pretty much get zero progress... First one - I want to be able to get a good nights sleep without the blasted CPAP. The extra weight I'm carrying around plus the sleep apnea just sap any energy I have. Progress on that - I've been able to on and off get through most of the Couch To 5k program. I've been able to get up to about a 10 min run, followed by 2 min walk and then repeat until I've got about 5K in. Some guys at work said that they are going to sign me up for the next 5K or 10K they can find in our area after Thanksgiving. Second - I've been wanting to get into doing some kind of programming work that matters outside my day job. I've currently got two things going there - I participate in an event called GiveCamp whenever I get a chance. It is 3 days of programmers helping charities build programs they need. This usually ends up being setting up some kind of blog or content management system. I'm also helping out a missionary from our church with an app for helping train other missionaries. I figure if I can exercise (mostly find an exercise routine I enjoy and fit into my schedule) and eat right I'll have so much more energy for the other goals in my life.
  14. Hello. I've come to this forum through kind of a side road. I have been following a blog called "Man Vs. Debt" for quite a while and got pretty excited when I found there was a movie called "I'm Fine, Thanks" coming out by the people behind the blog. The movie is all about chasing the dreams you're passionate about instead of the American Dream of acquiring more stuff. This movie pretty prominently featured Steve Kamb, creator of Nerd Fitness. I've been reading the site like crazy for the last couple days and decided I'd hop onboard to see how things go. I'm a 33 year old computer programmer. I've got just enough weight to cause health issues - namely sleep apnea. Sitting in front of a computer and chugging caffeine all day sure doesn't help either. I've got two little girls (a three and one year old) so finding time to work out and cook or eat out is a bit of a challenge. I've been trying to find the best way to fit working out and eating healthy into my life. This looks like a fantastic idea. I especially like the idea I've seen on this site about achievements and leveling up my life. I've been gaming since I was four or five. I know I've played some games faaaaaar longer than I should trying to hit some achievements in the game, so I think that if I was trying to hit achievements in my life, that would make a huge difference. I'm in the Columbus, Ohio area. I live in the South end of town, but work in the North end of town. Anyone in the Columbus, Ohio area that would be up for meeting up?
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