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  1. This week until hump day: Monday: 2 mile run - no pain Tuesday: 2.5 mile run - no pain Wednesday: 3,900 yds swim - embarrassing how hard this was, but no pain Still technically paleo, but trying to clean up in terms of volume of food and sweets. Fallen off a bit on "unplug." Today: brussells sprouts hash with sunny side up eggs, lots of blueberries and white tea for breakfast. Going to try a light gym session today, and an "unplug" session.
  2. Yay you're back!! Good work!! I love me some rolling. Have you ever rolled out on lacrosse balls? Magical.
  3. I like your posts. They make me :welcoming:
  4. Despite the bruises and twinge, killer workout!
  5. I'm ALIVE! Obviously the unplug goal is going well :-) Seriously, I had no idea how much time I had to read, call friends and family and get things done until I stopped sitting around on the interwebs with the TV on. Life is GOOD! Well, almost. My back is on FIRE. But, working on staying active around it. Really going MDA on the light, natural workouts, lots of moving and good clean eating to get me through it. Yeah...updates. Last two days I've had NO SUGAR! Woo. Super low carb as well. Nice. I don't miss sugar, which is super weird. We'll see how long that lasts. Workouts have been s
  6. I'm adding to my goals!!! No ice cream of any sort, paleo or otherwise, except on weekends when I may have banana, coconut or almond "ice cream." Holy cow, this stuff is like crack to me. Besides that, I did ok today. Ran my mile, walked some, stuck to Paleo.
  7. Good looking plan again. Looking forward to more success!
  8. Glad to see you back! I like the dedication. Amen on this last one :::glares at mountain range of dirty laundry and dishes:::
  9. EmCee! Glad to see you back! I'm all over these. Improvement over stagnation, no almond (or nut) butters for that matter, and drifting away when life presents more exciting/diverting/challenging things. LOVE this.
  10. This is good stuff! We'll have to keep each other motivated on the TV thing. I get so sucked into having it on in the background while I waste time online.
  11. Thanks everyone! Good first day. Got some cycling and a light lift in. Paleo eatin'. Also discovered this: http://headedsomewhere.com/2012/10/12/10-things/comment-page-1/ I really like it. Especially #8. I think its a good option for unplugging.
  12. Seriously! And welcome! great goals.
  13. Hey all, I'm back!! Excited for this, my THIRD challenge. Looking to level up, but also really solidify some better habits. This challenge I will be starting from scratch. I've been laid low for a few days doing NOTHING due to extreme back pain. Sciatica maybe? Anyways it made it blindingly painful in my back and down my leg to walk/sit/stand/breath. Better now, just stiff/sore. So, here are my goals this challenge: Stamina: - Run at least 1 mile 4x per week - Swim at least 1 mile 3x per week Strength (dependent on the state of my back) - Back squat 1.5x BW - Pull up multiple in a
  14. Hi Newbies and veterans! Welcome/welcome back! I'm on my third, and hoping most epic yet challenge! See you around here! Can't wait to see everyone's progress and get motivated by y'all!
  15. Hey everyone. So obviously challenge over, and I didn't finish nearly as strong as expected. Life/work explosion at the end there. Grades: “…I be up in the gym just working on my fitnessâ€Goal: 6 min mileDo a freaking handstand alreadyCore everydayYoga once a weekTabatta swim twice a weekWell, definitely didn't hit 6 min mile. The running was the worst. 100% on swimming, 80% on running goals, 80% on yoga, maybe 75% on abs. Final grade: B- “I want something else, to get me through this, semi charmed kind of lifeâ€Ending food addictions. Once and for all.Drink 10 oz water with each mea
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