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  1. Best of luck. Sometimes we say we hate a certian veggie or food type and haven't touched it in years, maybe try find new ways to cook and eat it and you may fall in love with it
  2. We were having this discussion the other day. I personally feel you should start with doing dips on bars first, to build up the strength do to dips with rings. Rings requires extra balance etc and if you not able or strong enough to do them correctly on bars, you wasting time on rings. As far as technique goes, am sitting here at my desk trying to remember what my hands do... When doing straight dips, I hold the bottom of the ring, lower myself, and then back up again.... the grip shouldnt change. Yes the rings feel like they are getting away at times but thats the extra challenge of doing dips on rings. Good Luck!
  3. I drink BCAA during workout, Creatine pre and post
  4. I always have a mix of almonds and Goji berries in my laptop bag. Try sneak that in. If you going to buy, pop corn (lay off the funny flavoured salts) and a water
  5. You can start with weights from day one, just start LIGHT and get your technique right. Ask for help or use the internet (youtube) to see correct technique
  6. Awesome challenge log! As far as sickness go, I started getting flu-ish type symptons on Monday, go grab some "Echinacea" drops, mix and drink every few hours, have a hot hot bath and crawl into bed early, get a solids night sleep. Was sorted in a day and back up to full speed. Hope the rest of your challenge goes well!
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