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  1. Hey guys and gals and robots, BlamedCat here! I recently struck up a conversation with a few of you in my challenge thread about veggies. One of my goals this 6 week challenge is to incorporate veggies into at least 4 dinners a week. So that brings me to this thread. Do you have any awesome veggie creations or nerdisims to share for side dishes, etc? I think we could all benefit from all the creative mixes of veggies suggestions. I'm going to toss up the ones that were already suggested to me by other users. From Loden (I'm still waiting for a recipe from them on this one) From Laureleye From Avalonna
  2. @ Laureleye - HA yes! Inertia! OOOHHHH I am falling in love with asparagus. That sounds SO GOOD. I'm gonna have to try that with the family... hmm.. I wonder how that would taste in the oven, roasted, but I like the quick application with the microwave Hey, maybe I should start a veggie thread so we can gather up all sorts of nerdities in that regards... where would I do that on here? @ Avalonna - That sounds so good! Thank you for your recipe too
  3. @ Loden - We'll my mom always made sure we had a balanced meal at the dinner table, but when I got out on my own and then married, veggies fell to the wayside. My wife loves salads and I do too, but there's just something about salad mixes that made me wanna throw up lol. We've been getting those steamer bags. The family favorite right now is a mix of cauliflower, carrots, broccoli and some butter sauce. We've got two bags of steamer broccoli, that's really our go to veggie. Now I've never head of roasted broccoli, please please please, tell me more! I'm eager to find various veggies and combos I haven't considered and MAKE MY FAMILY TRY IT... >_> Except bell pepper... I LOVE IT, but no one else does @ Shoobie - Yesss... stay in a nice warm bed.... continue to play TOR on the computer... or just don't wanna put on my shoes to go walk... but your'e right it needs to start somewhere. I didn't wake up early enough to do my workout this morning, so I'm going to have to make time tonight to do it. LOL yeah, procrastination, in this sense is the fear of being held accountable and fear of failure... but honestly, not trying is truly the worst defeat of all, because breeds 'what could have been's'. Thank you for the encouragement now I got to go see what you're gonna do for your challenge
  4. Updates for 14th & 15th. On the 14th I did my first 20-Minute Hotel Room Workout, as soon as I got up that morning. Warm-Up: Check 15 Min. Each rotation consisted of level 1 requirements: (20 Body Weight Squats, 15 Incline Push-Ups, 10 One-Arm Luggage Rows [each arm] 5lbs, & 10 Reverse Crunches) Rotation 1: Complete Rotation 2: Complete Rotation 3: Complete Rotation 4: Incomplete (I had to stop with 1 minute and 30 seconds on the clock due to queasiness. I did not finish the set with the reverse crunches) Not bad for a first shot, eh? On the 15th I went for a walk tonight. I am using the MapMyWalk App to track my progress. Here's my stats for tonight's walk around the neighborhood after dinner. Workout: Walk Date: Nov 15, 2012 Distance: 1.61 mi Duration: 34:13
  5. I'm excited and nervous about my first challenge EVER! I just joined up yesterday and here I am jumping in on a 6 week challenge LATE! After some encouragement from the awesome rebels out there and agreement from my buddy that we shouldn't procrastinate (that's what got us in the mess in the first place) here I am! November 14 - December 26 (I will not take a free day or two because I arrived late, I will take a 6 week challenge and it WILL BE 6 WEEKS) GOALS Fitness 1. I need to start walking again, so I want to walk at least 3x a week. Low cardio, just need to get moving again on a consistent basis. (+0.5 STA) 2. I also need to start working out, so I'm going to shoot for doing either the Beginner Body Weight Routine or the 20-Minute Hotel Room Workout at least 2x a week. (+0.5 STR) Diet 1. My wife and I are going to commit to having veggies with at least 4 dinners a week. I'm personally hoping to do more with this, like cut out bread, etc, but we need to make small attainable goals and make them habits first. (+0.5 CON) Life Goal 1. To take out 20-60 dollars every paycheck and squirrel it away to prove to myself that I do have the money to add to our grocery funds. This will off-set our current expenses and establish that we CAN afford to eat JERF/Paleo when we get to that stage after our continual micro-changes. (+0.5 WIS) About Me I pretty much summed up everything in my introduction thread, but basically, I'm 33, a father of 2 little-un's and a devoted husband. I'm looking to lose fat and get healthy, so I can be a good steward of what God has entrusted to me and so I can be example for my family.
  6. Hey, he DID get here! Glad you could join us, BBP!
  7. Thanks for the support and advice! I'll see how I feel tomorrow to give it a shot again. I'll grab my daughter and go for a walk this afternoon after work. That way I don't take my shoes off when I get home. You know it's all downhill from there once ya take yer shoes off. Thanks again!
  8. Hi Laureleye! I'm actually linked to California, my Dad grew up in the Inglewood area and I've got family in the Thousand Oaks area. Wait, what? a Challenge? *looks up at the top of the screen* What in the... how did I miss that? Guess I better go check it out. Thanks for the heads up
  9. Thanks, Tanktimus! Woot we have our own chapter! Btw, love yer quote in your tag, so true!
  10. I wasn't sure a good way to put this or breach this topic, but in High School, I knew the coaches pushed all the football players to work out till they puked. Thankfully I was a band nerd, so I never had to deal with this issue. However, here's what I'm getting at. I started working out yesterday. I've been timid about doing it because even the basic warmup in the 20-Minute Hotel Room Workout, was winding me lol. But yesterday I maned up and attempted the workout, watching my form and everything. I almost made it through the entire 15 minutes (almost 4 rotations), when at the last 1:30, I felt very queasy and knew if I did that last set of reverse crunches I was going to hurl. I figured that discretion was the better part of valor, so I stopped my workout there. Should I have pressed on and puked or did I do the right thing in listening to my body and stopping? Now on more of a follow up question, in regards to listening to our bodies, I've been taught in the past that you should wait a day before working out a particular muscle group again (aka switch lower and upper workouts). However, I've also heard it said that you should wait one day AFTER the aching stops, that way it gives time for the muscles to build up even more before you tear them down again. I'm so confused on what to do next... I know I need to do something, but I don't want to defeat the purpose of working out, by doing the same routine all too soon and tearing down muscle that is trying to build up and hasn't even restored itself to where it was previously, etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, BlamedCat
  11. What I've done in the past is flip my meals. I'll have leftovers from dinner for breakfast and cook breakfast for dinner, that way I'm front-loading my carbs, etc. Though if you are in a pinch and are craving some eggs, you can do scrambled eggs in the microwave and they come out decent. Just scramble up three eggs in a microwave safe bowl, put it in the micro for 30 seconds, stir, then 20 seconds, stir, 20 more seconds, stir, and then 20 final seconds. That last 20 seconds can vary, usually I have sliced jalapenos in my eggs, so they're more moist and won't result in a dried out glob. Wesb1898 has a great idea that I've done before and I can attest that it freezes well too, so you can make a big batch and then portion them out in freezer bags ahead of time. That way you can grab the bag on the go and heat it up at work. Let us know what ends up working for you
  12. Hi Hiraedd! Thanks for the warm welcome! I read your post on Hiraedd's Second Gateway: Quiet the Noise and I have to say that I am amazed at how well thought out and detailed you've orchestrated everything. You definitely took to heart making S.M.A.R.T. goals. I really look forward to getting out there and get going!
  13. Hello everyone!! This is BlamedCat reporting in, otherwise known as Chris. I'm an avid gamer, video games and roleplaying (tabletop/online), have dominated my life and creativity. I've never really cared about weight growing up, just eating good tasting food (not always the healthiest) and enjoying the life that God has given me. I was born in '79 as a 3lbs 3oz premmie. So as you can imagine, I had to make up for lost ground with such a rough start. Hehe. I had gained weight in high school, up to about 255 lbs. and together with my awesome mom, we got on the Atkins diet. It was an amazing time for me, cutting out sugar and eating mainly veggies and protein, but unfortunately going with sugar substitutes like Splenda, etc... Regardless, I dropped down to 205 lbs. and was VERY happy with myself. Somewhere during college I stopped staying on top of things and ballooned up, see all I did was watch my food consumption (aka diet), I never did exercise AT ALL. I got married in '06 to my wonderful wife (I was 253 lbs) and I did what most newlywed couples do... I gained more weight! (good food [even though I was the one cooking] will do that too you) I mean, why go out and do stuff when you've got the most awesome person in the world right there with you? You can cuddle and watch movies and play games (yes, she's a gamer girl... SCORE!) together, which makes it perfect! About 2011, I became very concerned about my weight. I was having frequent bouts of disgust with myself when I'd go to the closet and try to fit into a cool shirt or old pants and suddenly realize that I was looking more and more like the Comic Book Guy (Despite the fact that I can mimic his voice). At the time, I was looking at our family, we had a wonderful 3yr old daughter and I was convicted that with my weight, as it was 282 lbs at the time, that I might not live long enough to see her get married. So I started out on SparkPeople with the encouragement of a friend and stopped drinking sodas. I dropped about 20 lbs. by counting calories and walking around the neighborhood. THEN summer hit. Since I live in Texas, it was terrible. I couldn't even go outside to walk like I had been in the habit of doing without breathing issues and fear of melting into a sticky goo puddle on the sidewalk. I stopped walking and started not caring about my eating so much. I didn't know about Nerd Fitness back then, I didn't know how to do any body weight exercises like the 20-Minute Hotel Room Workout, didn't know the concept of well rounded exercise at all really. So the BlamedCat, grew, and padded, and fluffed up over the holiday season, all the way up till in 2012 he was 289 LBS!!! I had to get back on the wagon and did so again. Cutting out desserts and getting back to walking, watching calories, drinking water, etc. It's been a struggle this year with various hurdles life has tossed in the way. However, in June I was back down to 253 lbs. Currently, I'm hovering at 257 lbs. and realizing I need to up my game and get focused on working out and eating right (not just right, REAL), so I can be around for my now, 5 yr old daughter (Reyna) and my 1 yr old son (Isaiah), and of course my beautiful wife. My friend and I are both joining up with the Rebellion together to encourage and hold each other accountable. Of course, he's aaaaalllllllll the way up in Seahawks Country, so I need to hear from some local Texan Rebels* too! My goal is to get down to a healthy weight, probably 205-180 lbs, but THIS time, I'm going to listen to my body and try and do things to be HEALTHIER first and foremost. It's like Steve referenced in Staci's spotlight blog, “appearance is a consequence of fitness.†~ Mark Twight So I'll work on being fit and let the results follow. I can look back at my life and realize that I have nothing and no one to blame but myself for being where I'm at today, for both good and bad (hence the title). It's time I stepped up and did this right. It's time to make life changes, not diet changes. *Note: I may be proud to be a Texan, but I'm not too proud to accept support from EVERYONE and ANYONE. We're all in this together.
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