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  1. So you were punching something while thinking about your old trainer? I don't want to know what happened to the last trainer . . haha Good call! I think I am getting more REM sleep. I mean, why wouldn't I be getting better sleep? My body is finally being treated good.
  2. I have been strict paleo for three weeks now, and I am starting to notice that my mind is much more active while I sleep (or I just remember what I dream more often). Either way, it is weird . . but a like it, haha.
  3. Brooks Brothers clothing is fantastic.
  4. I agree, rtalencar. I need to get some calipers and start tracking day to day. I know I have lost about 28 lbs, as I weighed 221 at the end of September. But, I need to be more consistent with logging. I think I am going to create a thread about an affordable, but reliable scale.
  5. Thanks for your input everyone! Don't be afraid to measure myself? What type of implications are you trying to make Lydieboo. . . hehe. I just finished school last year, so I think my jeans are still in style But, do I look old enough in my profile picture to be out of style? If so, if anyone TRULY CARES ABOUT ME, please, please tell me, haha. Or lydieboo, if Levis 527s are out of style, please tell me, haha. Lord knows I wouldn't know.
  6. I know I didn't burn 3 pounds of fat overnight, haha. I wish I could do that, haha. Last week, I weighed 196.2 in the morning. This week, I am down almost three pounds. I think I lost some over the last 7 days. My body usually fluctuates a few pounds just like everyone else's, but this was different in that last week I weighed 196.2 in the mornings. This week, I hit 193.8 in the morning. So, I have probably lost at least 1-2 pounds of fat wouldn't y'all think? I am Paleo . . .
  7. Last night I weighed in at 196.8 (Although, I did have 7 eggs, an apple, banana, and two big chicken sausage links for dinner). This morning, I woke up and weighed in at 193.8 lbs. Can that great of a disparity occur overnight from your food merely digesting and your body burning fat? P.S. Sorry for posting this is the woot room. Although losing 3 more pounds is worth wooting about, this is more appropriate in the weight-loss forum. I thought I was in the weight loss forum . . .
  8. weirdquark: Good point, haha. I am not going to measure because even though the results might be good, they could be bad . . . I don't want to be disappointed, haha. Barmacral: You don't seem like the kinda of guy that would read articles about jeans . . . maybe wool kilts, but not jeans . . . haha.
  9. For the record, I agree with what everyone said. I want to single out Waldo though because he is having the exact same problem as me. The pair of jeans I am wearing in my profile pic are Levis 527s, my old favorite jeans. Old because they have obviously changed their sizes. I lost 25 lbs, and I'm still a 36 in 527s. I have noticed that men's clothing has started to become vanity based, too. And I am not talking about metro clothing like Hollister or Abercrombie. I am talking about REAL MEN'S clothes, haha. Like Levi, Wranglers, flannel jackets, suits, and sports gear, and any other lumberja
  10. Okay, so I have lost 25 pounds since late September, which is good, right? So today, I go to try on some new jeans . . . thinking I will be back down to a 34. I have been a 36 since my freshman year of college. But to no avail, I can't fit into Levi 527s, which are my favorite bootcut jeans. I tried on two other brands (Lee and some other brand I have never heard of), and they both fit fine. If I squatted in the Levis they might bust, but the others were great. What is up with all these manufacturers fabricating their own sizes. You either are or aren't a 34, ya know? Needless to say, I was b
  11. Unless there is a previous injury, mobility will probably be a function of stretching, i.e., practice. Try squat cleaning with really low weight for practice . . . I can film myself and upload a video if you want . . . By practicing your form on the squat clean with low weight, you can practice getting your arms under the bar quickly, which will improve overall flexibility for both squat cleans and front squats.
  12. Glad to hear it! Look forward to shedding some weight!
  13. I would try easing into the diet. In the end September, I decided I wanted to get back into shape, so I started dieting and exercising again. Initially, I removed what I thought was bad out of my diet. You know, the stereotypical things . . . cokes, most bread, and sweets. I ate eggs, meat, milk, veggies, fruit, and cheese until Thanksgiving. I spent a total of 7-8 weeks on this diet. Then, three weeks ago, I decided to go paleo. But, I haven't experienced anything like that because I eased into eating cutting carbs and sugars out of my diet. I would try something like that because I haven't h
  14. Awesome! I live in Huntsville. How about you?
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