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  1. Monday Yoga was good. Need to go, today. I'm sore from hard rowing on Tuesday evening. Second day after workout is always the toughest.
  2. Hello! I'm a 56 yr old female who is just returning to physical activity after five months of physical therapy. Soft tissue injury was caused by SI joint dysfunction and rotated pelvis. Just started pilates and yoga to prevent future injuries, and we returned to the water for rowing, last week (indoor winter training ended). I have been an athlete for three years, since I took up competitive crew rowing in the master's division (that's an age group, not a skill level). However; telling myself that all this exercise entitles me to sugary treats has been my insanity. I'm ready to give up
  3. YAY! I AM blest to find this thread. I am 56 yr old female rower. Yes, I am an oarsman. I row crew (not many of us old birds, out here). I've always been strong, but have a history of accidents and injuries that sort of mess up my plans. Just returning to fitness after five months of physical therapy for an SI joint dysfunction/rowing injury. Taking up pilates and yoga to improve my core stability and remind me to stretch and breathe. Also, returned to rowing, last week, now that the ice has melted and the lake is fluid, once more!! I want to stay healthy and look good as I age. I
  4. Hi! I'm 53 and not far from 54 (January, 2013).......Glad to find the real women in the group! LOL
  5. OK, I'm not young or familiar with the role-playing games (except listening to my teens discuss them), but I'm ready to move to the next level in my fitness goals. I started one year ago to reverse the effects of 20 yrs. of neglecting my fitness. I have been rowing "crew" for a full year, and have dropped 20 pounds from my 5'7" frame. I know I'm building muscle in my legs, but I will need some guidance as I add upper-body work and ease myself into the paleo or nearly-paleo eating habits. I am still rowing, and the winter training is three times each week. I plan to work on my strength by addi
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