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  1. I hope you're getting notifications. I just thought I would check in on you. I'd love to hear from you, even if you aren't ready to come back to the forum.

  2. Thank you all. Now i just need to get back into writing updates. Monday Gym - Upper body (1hr 20 min), Treadmill 20min at 6mph Stretching - No Writing - 563 words Meditation - 10 min Positivity - Affirmations, Gratitude & Goals list Calories - Final calorie count 1,645 I ate more than that, but going to the gym knocked some off and allowed me to eat a little more that night. Tuesday Gym - No Stretching - No Writing - 649 words Meditation - 10 min Positivity - Affirmations, Gratitude, Goals list, Self talk script, Positive/uplifting v
  3. A bonfire isn't the only way to go, did you hear about the artist that ran everything he owned through an industrial shredder, If I remember properly, by the last day of his work, he was wearing a sack or bin bag because he had shredded all of his clothes.
  4. You get points for trying in my book, it's more than I did. I looked at the mini challenge, saw jumping and thought "Nah, I'll pass"
  5. Good call on the pink owl. I'm not always sure I should trust the calories burned given in my fitness app, but then on days like today (where I ate almost my entire calorie allowance by 2pm), I'm happy the calories come in high as it allowed me to eat dinner.
  6. Thank you. It was just one of those times where everything seemed to be happening at once. My nan's passing didn't come as a shock though, there was a few days warning, so everyome was ready. The rest of my family seemed to have other things going wrong at the same time too. Hopefully we all got the eventful things out of the way in one big block and can all carry on with out lives as normal from this point.
  7. Thanks. Reading your thread yesterday I noticed how many things you list and how a lot of them have been in the logbook reminded I have been doing off and on for years. (I print out pages with the day/date on them and a list of things i either should be doing daily or want to be doing. I give myself a green mark for a task done that day and a red for missing something that I should have done that day. Green adds 1 point, red subtracts 1 point., 100- points is one level. I've never leveled up because i don't use the pages long enough before losing interest, but have been printing them out to
  8. I'll be following. Reading your challenge I realized that I don't have a calorie control goal, I need to go update that, thanks for the reminder.
  9. I didn't even see the link until i copied the link over, then i thought Oh, maybe i should clarify so it doesn't sound like an insult, add (but not a ninjakitten) after the url.
  10. Good to be back, I didn't stay on top of things while I wasn't here keeping myself accountable. I'm glad to hear you've gotten some use out of something I've posted.
  11. Thanks, it's good to be back. When I'm not posting here to keep myself accountable, things fall apart. Just got my new challenge thread up Elem is back and as weak as a kitten, Just a basic thread this time, no theme.
  12. I sat out the last challenge and didn't keep up on the habits i had been building. I have noticed a decline in my levels of strength and fitness. I'll be keeping this quest simple and treating it like i did the first one here. This will be about getting me back into good habits, getting back to the levels of strength and fitness that i previously reached and getting back down to the weight I had reached by the end of the last challenge (I managed to put on 16lb in the 7-8 weeks I was gone, oops). I wasn't completely lazy while i was gone, I did do some work on other goals. For the last wee
  13. Thanks for all of the support, sorry I ended up pulling a disappearing act. My wife and I both had surgery within 4 weeks of each other (so we took care of each other in our recovery times). My nan passed away, My laptop died and wasn't fixable and i had a couple of smaller illnesses. Essentially I had a lot going on and used it as an excuse to not stay on top of the good habits i was building. After my first exercise session my body gave me a warning not to do that again too soon, so exercise wasn't on the cards, but i did almost nothing to stay active (I only walked a couple of times) an
  14. I've never heard of this show, I feel like Abe Simpson I enjoyed Gravity Falls after I watched some episodes after your themed challenge, so I'll probably watch a couple of episodes of this too. I got: You're Amethyst! You're smol, sassy and always down for fun! Your description of her being obsessed with food fits me, not sure about the rest.
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