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  1. Solunaria

    Teirin - TBD

    “Getting things sorted” sounds like a very good goal, and I’m letting it inspire me as I decide my own. So thanks and good job setting such a good one! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Well done well done! You’re doing great! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. All of this. The self awareness, the firm and grounded goals. The sense of progression and multidimensional life. BUT ALSO THAT MASLOW THOUGH Many hearts, and looking forward to seeing your journey this time. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Typing is hard right now, but, I’m still here! I have held onto these things but every day! And I just arrived at my new apartment, in my new state and new time zone. I’m doing it!
  5. I am still here! I have still been practicing movement and mindfulness every day! I have been re-connecting to my memory, and practicing good memory re-framing exercises. I've been asking for help definitely every day, though I could have held that mindset more yesterday afternoon. Still, I ACCEPTED help when I wanted to isolate, and that was really good! I'm doing really well on my challenge! Week 2 "Grades": A+ A+ A+
  6. Anything Kingdom Hearts and you have my support! Good luck!
  7. I like the balance of your goals! It’s seems like you have a lot to fit in and balance... but I think you’re approaching it in a great way. Good luck and zen wishes!
  8. I’m sorry you’re sick, Sara Kingdom! But I like that you’re updating us to your healing!
  9. Woah. I am so with you. Way to go acknowledging where you’re at. Keep building forward, Toshimi.
  10. Every single part of this was really inspiring and encouraging to read. Your self-awareness, and clear sense that it’s okay to acknowledge when externalizing your goals is anti-helpful and your stress is really the thing that needs attention is a beautiful thing to see represented.
  11. 1. I am ALSO writing this sentence down and using it for future fuel! Nice! 2. I love how balanced your challenge is. I might take a note from your book next semester. 3. Keep it up! You’re doing great!
  12. As someone who is also recovering, although from a different thing, it is heartening to see you posting your challenge! I especially appreciate your studying challenge and community reference. XD
  13. Hope your challenge is going well, Shotokan. It’s good that you keep it up, even if things don’t go to plan. That leg stuff sounds like a really good resource!
  14. It’s still going, Kishi! Thanks for checking in! <3 As I hope all is well with you, Abassador. :3
  15. Thank you Kishi for calling people in! I started on Sunday, 5 days after the official challenge, so today is the end of my first week. I saw Mistr’s post first, and it was everything I needed to get things started. Every day, I did something to acknowledge that I was on this journey. I would recall each day and what I did were it available - it isn’t, at the moment, and that is okay. I did something on Mistr’s list. Twice it was HIIT (I re-downloaded Pokemon to and started a new account... it was amazing for keeping my anxiety at bay while doing sprints in intervals between slow walking, and I feel it will allow some positive tracking and celebration; I am only playing this game when I am out walking, and remembering to clear my mind and embrace a sense of calm. I’m tracking based on “walking” my Pokémon, who I have named Zen.) Two day’s it was yoga. Two days it was stretching and freedance, and some body awareness. And one day I just did some very simple exercises - a few squats, one lunge on each leg, and I broke a push up, maybe. Each day I practiced positive memory. At least four of those days resulted in an actual record of a positive event on my calendar. And, most importantly, every day I asked for help, and remembered how positive that was to do. I want to keep these steps simple. My first week’s “challenge” goal was to keep returning to this vision, these values, and this intent. And I DID so. That feels... so promising. But also hope, and hope brings fear, so I’m just going to take a deep breath and continue. My challenges goals for this next week is to - continue doing a physical activity every day from Mistr’s post (Dojo Mat victory - hold this and its intention every day in your mind.... Silver Victory - do this at least three times this week.... Gold Victory - do this every day this week.) - practicing positive memory to engender a sense of calm and safety in the concept of a daily routine (Victories = Same as above, regarding the actual writing of a positive memory in your calendar) - Asking for help. From someone. (Victories = Same we the above, but gold is with recording something you asked for help with in your calendar.) Im going to use a lot more of your post, Mistr - I so appreciate your mentorship. Thank you for this CWS! This really become my core driving paradigm this week, the rock when things were tough or my brain tried to tell me what I was doing wasn’t enough. Know that you made a difference. It’s hard to tale it slow, and value my own mental limits and abilities and needs, but it’s a priority. So much appreciation to this community, and best of luck in your Challenges. ::bow:: - Sol
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