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    Bekah returns!

    So I have actually been sorta succeeding at going to bed on time. Midnight is a very doable goal and I have been doing it 9 am I have managed a few days but not many...BUT I'' up by 10:30am so thats a damn sight better than 1pm I have not done my before bed routine...like at all It sucks bc like it shouldn't be a struggle to take meds, brush your teeth and shower at night...but it is. I mean I guess I have been showering, just not before bed! lol I got the logo for my business done today and bought the domain name too! Now I just have to learn photoshop to edit the logo to use for FB and IG and I got my hair done!!! and I made food: Slow Cooker Spinach and Artichoke Chicken
  2. You tried with the salad and you got the workout in. Those are great!!! I'm sorry you and hubby got in a fight...those always make me feel crappy for days, and havi gPPD on top of it! Hugs!
  3. Bekah

    Bekah returns!

    hahahaha at least im not alone in not knowing what im doing! and I dont like actual cashews so it made sense i wouldnt like the taste of it. Thanks
  4. Bekah

    Bekah returns!

    Last night was even worse! Went to bed at 3am, got up at 12:30pm. The good news is I am submitting a project plan to work with a graphic designer on a company logo for my business! I love how this is coming together in my head... step 1: get a logo (sent proposal) step 2: get a website (planned for Nov. 1st) step 3: design website (already have a designer) step 4: start social media accounts after that im not sure what to do, but this is all coming in time and im in no rush to make it happen.
  5. Hi This challenge looks great!!! I can't wait to watch your progress!
  6. Hiiiii I am interested in your "money diet"! Do you mind sharing more about that?
  7. Hi I'm new to your thread and love it here. I'm going to stay if you dont mind I think Chicken Brain is an excellent idea. I handle men like this all the time bc if they think you are dumb, they underestimate you and you can manipulate the situation exactly how you want to.
  8. Bekah

    Bee Stays Put

    I loooooove your mindset for this challenge! Sorry you aren't feeling well but I'' glad you chose to continue your challenge! I look forward to seeing your progress!
  9. Hiiii I love the simplicity of your challenge You don't need to make it fancy to make it happen! I wish you all the best and will be following along. Do you do yoga classrs or dvds?
  10. hiiiiii I'' a bit late to the party apparently, but I wanted to show up and say hi! I will now go play in the corner with the dogs while you dance!
  11. This is my absolute favorite kind of yoga. I call it intuitive yoga. Freestyle yoga is an excellent name though! I love your challenge. Have you ever heard of Thug Kitchen? They are a group of badass vegan chefs that wrote a cookbook and it is phenomenal! Great resource if you dont know of them Good luck on your challenge!
  12. Bekah

    Druid Bonfire

    I'm jumping in entirely during week 0 because I just need to. I need to get myself started being more productive during the day now that I started a business and sleeping till 2pm every day won't accomplish much!
  13. Bekah

    Bekah returns!

    So I'm failing already. I got up at 11 today, went to bed at 1, but got 2 of 3 for my bedtime routine! I guess tbh I shouldnt call that failure, its just not perfect. 1 am is better than 4am and 11am is better than 2pm. So its progress! P.S. I fucking hate cashew milk!
  14. Wow that is an intense situation. I get it though. I got fired from a job bc I never understood the "what everyone actually does" part of work. Some of the things you said remind me of a book I read once called Highly Sensitive Person. Some days an early bedtime are just what the doctor would recommend
  15. Hiiii Those charts are fantastic and I love them! I'm sorry things have been rough lately! It's funny but sometimes losing something like a favorite pen feels huge
  16. Bekah

    Bekah returns!

    How did you get that to post correctly? I tried and it doesnt like me yet! lol and hiiiiiii I'm glad to see you too!!!
  17. OMG I MISSED YOU!!!! (not too much, thank god for Facebook!) I'm back too!!!!
  18. Bekah

    Bekah returns!

    I'm baaaaaaaaack!!!! Did ya miss me?? I missed you!!!!!! Ok so first and foremost...they changed things! I don't know how to make my posts as pretty anymore! I have been doing a whole lot of nothing...literally. If Facebook was a sport I'd win the Olympics! Eating like an asshole and not moving basically sums up the last year goalwise! I had to give up yoga teacher training and felt like a failure at it and that put me in a serious funk for a good long while! The good news is I AM STABLE MOODWISE!!! New med combo and it works perfectly, other than making me sleep for like 12 hours. I need to force myself to wake up before then, but I just don't and the meds put me out if I let them. So goal #1: Wake the fuck up! lol Get up at 9 am everyday. Which starts with going to bed on time. So goal #2: Go the fuck to bed. Go to sleep by midnight. Let's stay with this beftime theme shall we? To make going to bed on time easier, a before bed routine is necessary. I will limit it to 3 things...shower, brush teeth, take meds. Goal #3: Start a before bed routine. Sometime in this challenge (Nov. 4th tentatively) I am getting a nutrition plan and fitness plan from my new personal trainer and will have to incorporate that into my life so I think a bedtime challenge is a perfect complement to that. So that's that. I love you guys
  19. I love you and I appreciate you and I am sorry you are dealing with PT but it looks like you are handling it rather well this week I skipped around too, are you drawing a map?
  20. At least I never have to worry about you. You destroy goals like they are chocolate cake at a birthday party
  21. wow looks like you jumped back in with a vengeance And I dont think I can make camp this year anyhow, so no worries about the tutu
  22. Swing Dancing and applying to Nerd Fitness...fabulous Good luck with both!
  23. Thank you I dont even remember what my goals were...and its like week 6 almost anyhow isnt it? Geez. I have been okay for the last couple of weeks, mentally and physically, but have been doing nothing outside of Weight Watchers and Yoga teacher training...and even that not I'm not really doing much with, in terms of studying and practice and whatnot. I HAVE been watching lots of NCIS...lol I DID finally hear back from the job coach about finding me a potential job...nothing yet but we are looking at work from home opportunities, because that will eliminate a lot of my work struggles and for now the new med dose is working and I am okay mentally, so it if stays that way, I can probably handle work part time. Im sure nothing will happen until after the holidays but at least its in the works in a real way now. Now I will go check on all of you....because its how this works
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