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  1. I've been running for 4 weeks now and it's only been the last week I've not had shin splits or ankle ache. So try just sticking at it as it may just be beginner aches
  2. Did my pre army selection test today. Got 9.45 on my mile and half run! Running while being assessed was totally different my average 1.5 mi run before that was 11.05
  3. I've been running once every two Days since this post and today i managed to run 1.57 miles in 12:06 my requirement for the infantry is 12:45 for a 1.50 mile run
  4. I ran today, for the first time in years for the sake of running. I ran around the local park twice and then put to the in laws to meet my mrs. While I didn't find running itself difficult near the end I struggled for breath even though I felt like I was very slow. According to zombie run I ran 1.18 miles in 10:45 doing a 6mph pace. As I said though I was quite poofed at the end and needed a good couple of mins to recover. Does any one know a good pace for a beginner? Also any breathing techniques?
  5. We use exrx as a resource at college in scotland
  6. That last video is like a serial killers wet dream O_o
  7. Ground and pounds practical to self defense? Maybe in the mystical realm where you're attacked by honourable men. Ground > Dangerous land of rock, glass and pain. Straddling some one on the ground > vulnerable from all angles. Ground is bad! Bad! Unless it's one on one like a square go
  8. I got mugged once for my carry out of drink, well it was me and my pal. (Mind you this was when I weighted 60 kilo wet with out any muscle or martial art experience) These two guys were moving to walk past us when my friend was hit by a haymaker out of the blue. My first instinct was to protect him so I rugby tackled his attacker to the floor, restrained him and tried to calm the guy down. That was when his pal booted me in the jaw, funny enough it's also that makes me believe knowing how to ground fight is next to useless. After me and my pal got to our feet we started to fight properly.
  9. It was a unbroken set, but I did it as a fitness test so once it hit 60 seconds I stopped. No idea if it's my max but it's what I did.
  10. I don't know a woman trained in boxing can easily defeat a drunken male. He nose is fragile, the solar plexus is soft and the liver hurts. I agree that retreat and running is a priority but I'd like to think my fiancée would hit back if struck. Knew a girl who was a amature mma fighter, and a asshole I saw her knock out and choke out men three times her size I saw this 50 kilo girl take down 100kilo doormen. Women aren't as fragile as the media says
  11. We all hope for the best for her. Make sure this is a area she can always speak to you about and good luck as the father of a 10 month old girl I can only imagine being caught between protecting her and making sure she defends herself.
  12. Bullies bully for fun. I uses to be a bullie in high school I tripped people up, headbutted pals ect I used my ADHD as an excuse to go wild. I know from exerperiance the more they react the better, although they very rarely expect the person being bullied to fight back. Going to the school won't prevent them from bullying her a school can't monitor every kid 24/7. Maybe it was one time thing? If so that's great. But if it isn't do you really want you daughter to take the abuse daily? No? What're you going to do pull her out? That's drastic. Of the bullying continues the only way it can true st
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