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  1. I thought the "loose skin" thing was pretty much a myth.
  2. That explains the stem height I've done all my long rides on the same bike I race crits on. It's a Specialized allez elite, a really low-end road bike by road biking standards. My longest-ever day is 125 miles, but brevet riders do way more than that. Really it matters more that you WANT to ride long distance than the kind of bike you get although touring bikes are nice if you want to fit racks and panniers (stuff for hauling crap on the bike). It's also important that you get a bike that you like, that you think looks good, so you'll want to ride it. Just get out there and look at bikes an
  3. AHH finally, a roadie! I'm a big road/track rider so I can answer pretty much anything if you have questions. Are you planning to do any racing? DO IT
  4. I just mowed down a can of lima beans. Yum! I never had any luck with cheat days because they turned into monster calorie days. I was of the mentality of "Oh well, this day is shot now, might as well OMNOM NOM NOMNOM" Then I'd end up face down in a pile of cheeseburger wrappers smelling of beer and shame.
  5. I've tried that. My problem is that as soon as I start exercising at all my brain goes into lala land. I can't listen to a book at any pace faster than a walk because it feels like the pace is super super slow and I get annoyed with it. Much better to just listen to tunes. Some people ride bikes on trainers in the winter and watch movies, and I can't do that either
  6. Ooh Dark knight. Good call. What I really want is dance remixes of the Inception soundtrack but I haven't seen any floating around yet.
  7. I've been listening to the Inception soundtrack on runs lately. It makes me feel so awesome in every way that my running does not.
  8. I used to play for a living, even have a very embarrassing record on iTunes. I'm glad I recorded that thing but man I would do so much differently now. Anyway I still play every now and then for some pocket money. Just got a call to do some studio stuff in a few weeks. One of my 2011 goals is to sing the national anthem at one of the velodrome racing events here. I've been practicing in the car. Thankfully track racing events are not well attended
  9. My local bike coop has a bike-powered blender that they use for margarita making
  10. I've done Muddy Buddy, as well as an adventure race called Siege on Fort Yargo. Muddy Buddy was really cool, it was the first race I did that had more than one discipline in it. It's a lot of money for not a lot of racing though, in my opinion. I did Siege on Fort Yargo this summer. It was more of a scavenger hunt than a race, but it was a cool thing to do with my friends. My teammate Laura and I ended up picking and eating wild blackberries while our other teammate handled the map and compass stuff. Honestly I think doing a sprint or olympic distance triathlon or maybe a 5 or 10k running even
  11. Speaking as someone who has been on the north side of 300 before, I salute and encourage! You can do it!
  12. I started paying attention to my blood sugar levels and I had a lot less crazy hungry cravings. I was trying to eat low calorie but I ate high index carbs and sugar. My blood sugar would spike and crash all over the place and it was rough. Only my attention span was more erratic. My weakness is eating a bagel and yogurt for breakfast. Yum! But especially after an early workout this is a recipe for blood sugar crash about 10:30 AM. Eating more fruits, vegetables, and oatmeal type stuff helped me a lot. Also this. I'm bad about buying a bag of trail mix, especially in an airport, and mowing t
  13. I am so lazy when it's cold. I just tell myself I have to at least go outside and do PART of what I intended to do. Like, if I'm intending to ride that day I'll at least make myself get out and get on the bike. Usually if I can just get suited up and out the door that's the hardest part.
  14. I've always been suspicious of that "Your body will go into starvation" thing. Could you go into what his case against that is?
  15. Rest days are pretty much mandatory. I have to make myself take them, especially if the weather is nice. If I don't rest I will be already burned up when race day comes. Personally I advise anyone wanting to be healthier to race. Racing is so much fun, it's like the payoff for all the working out. Plus you meet other active people to socialize with and learn from.
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