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  1. Thanks for all of the advice everyone! You've definitely given me a lot to work with! I'll start implementing all of your suggestions, and hopefully start making some progress.
  2. Hi! So, thanks to another member, I've realized that my posture is bad. So, I'm attempting to fix that. One issue is that my hips are pushed too far forward, which I'm working on (working on lower abs). But the other big issue is that my shoulders sit forward, and I'm trying to figure out how to work out my back to pull my shoulders backward. The problem is I don't quite know what muscles I'm neglecting and need to work out. If you look at the picture, you can see how my shoulders kind of slouch forward. My current workout goes something like this: 4 sets of 8 RDL (50lbs) 4 se
  3. Pictures didn't seem to work, but I do get what you're saying. Many years of working hunched over a computer desk = bad posture. I'll have to look into improving that. But, thank you! I don't think I'm in terrible shape, but definitely not where I want to be. Luckily I have a pretty clear idea of where I want to be and how to get there, just gotta work towards it! Thank you! I'm trying not to take on too many changes too quickly (don't want to get overwhelmed), but I think fitness is a big part of getting my mind in the right place. I'm looking forward to following the ch
  4. Hello everyone! Many years ago I was on here regularly while I was trying to get in shape for my wedding. And, I was pretty successful! But, a lot has happened since then. I moved to CO (from GA), ended up getting divorced a couple of years later, started a business that I poured all of my money into and failed, spent a little bit of time being a vagabond, and generally just a depressed drunk. Anywho, sob story out of the way, I've decided it's time I got my life back together and a big part of that is getting in shape. Healthy body, healthy mind and all that! So, I fig
  5. Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been updating frequently. The wedding is less than 3 weeks away and I'm entering the "OMG it's so close!" panic mode. Seems like all these things keep popping up that I completely forgot to handle until just now. Anyway, I've been slacking pretty badly in both eating well and working out. I've lost pretty much all of my consistency since the bachelor party. But I'm hoping to get back into the groove starting today. Apparently sticking to a workout plan is much easier when not much is going on, but as soon as things get a little hectic, schedules are hard to follow.
  6. Hey guys! Just got back from the bachelor party beach trip last night. Had a great time, although definitely not healthy. I think roughly 90% of my calories were from beer, haha. Anywho, I'll be getting back into the swing of things this week, and hopefully didn't lose too much progress. As far as the puppers: we got her back yesterday. The ulcer on her leg has healed a lot, but still looks pretty bad to my eyes. But they're having us use a different bandaging method that will let her keep walking and hopefully allow the ulcer to continue to heal. It does seems like she's getting more feelin
  7. Yup, we've had to do a similar thing. Really sucks doesn't it? We were able to stop using the sling a couple weeks ago, because we started bandaging her foot in such a way that it would let her walk on it (instead of knuckling). But apparently that bandaging technique is what caused her to get the ulcer/sore thing. My fiancee said you could see tendons in the wound when they checked it at the vet. So hopefully when my fiancee picks her up this weekend, they'll have a better technique for it. What is causing yours to heal slower? Did something go wrong, or is it just taking it's time to heal
  8. Definitely feel ya on the weekends thing. I've specifically set my workout schedule so I have Fridays and Saturdays off, just for that reason. Also, I tend to do way worse if I'm alone or if I'm hanging out with friends. If it's just my and my fiancee, then I usually do fine. Anyway, just try to minimize it. Doing great for 5 days and then doing kinda bad for 2 days is still a lot better than doing bad for all 7.
  9. Thanks. It's been about 2 and half months of recovery so far, and it's frustrating because she doesn't seem much better than she was after a month. But hopefully they vets will figure something out while they have her this week. To get back on topic: weight this morning was 156.6 and BF% was 14.22%. So, pretty dang close to what it was before the RFL. Which leads me to believe the RFL didn't really accomplish anything. Also, I'm a bit confused about how I've managed to gain weight each day this week, even while eating well below maintenance. My guess is my body is trying to "spring back" to
  10. I did take pictures, yes. But I can't really see much of a difference. But I'll take another picture in the morning and you guys can help me compare it with one of the pictures from the beginning of the RFL thing. Maybe one of you will notice something I don't. Oh, and for anyone who was following the stuff about my dog before: bad news. She's back in the hospital because the bandage on her foot has caused a very bad/deep ulcer. So they're keeping her until this weekend at least. And she can't walk right without the bandage, so I'm not sure what we're going to have to do when we get her back
  11. Yup! Not the healthiest weekend, but definitely fun. Last night's workout was pretty solid. I feel like I'm almost back where I was right before the RFL thing. Of course, I've also gained back pretty much all the weight it seems (156.8lbs this morning). There are a ton of possible reasons for this: getting back on creatine, all the beer/food this weekend, simple water weight, etc. I'm not really sure what it is, but I'm getting pretty tired of trying to make sense of every little detail. So, I'm just going to keep working out and trying to eat well and see what happens.
  12. Long weekend of looooots of drinking. My best friend was over the whole weekend (his wife was on the bachelorette cruise with my fiancee), and so it was a ton of beer and not enough sleep. I'm leaving Thursday to go to the beach for my bachelor party, so I'm planning on getting in a full workout today, a run tomorrow, and another full workout Wednesday.
  13. So, sorry to disappoint everyone, but I didn't keep up with the diet yesterday either. Zaxbys and beer were tempting me and in my weakened emotional state, I was unable to fend off their advances. And today the RFL was supposed to end anyway. So basically the diet ended Wednesday I guess, at 153.8lbs (starting weight was 158.6, for total loss of 4.8lbs). Not a big deal though, I'm not upset about it. I tend not to dwell much on the past (I'm more of a future-oriented person). Anywho, I was going through the daily pictures, and don't see very many differences. I might still try to make a .g
  14. I figure I should start getting in on these mini challenges! I'll put in for HSPU and Dips (on rings). Am I supposed to be challenging myself to a certain number, or just put how many I'm able to do? And is it in just one day or over the course of the whole week?
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