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  1. Been awhile. Long story short, we had an animal health situation where I took on a large amount of the responsibility from the industry side. It was frantic, stressful, emotionally draining, and extremely challenging - and my "normal" work didn't go away. The disease investigation is actually still ongoing, but the pace is much more manageable. I still had basketball but that was pretty much the only activity I could make time for. I gave zero fucks about what or how much I was eating and drinking. I gained 17 lbs, and over 2" on my waist by the beginning of January. I've actually only been regularly back at the gym for about a month now. Numbers are coming back up to what they were. Lost 9 of those 17 lbs and 1" from the waist as of the end of March. No calorie counting, I don't have that much willpower to spare at the moment. But I'm going to Australia in about a month and I know I won't be in the shape I was when I bought that bathing suit. I'm actually having mild anxiety about it, which my brain knows is kind of dumb - but I started the whole "fitness" thing after seeing a pic of myself in a bathing suit from a trip to Hawaii, and work is going to get very busy again starting the middle of April. The issues I was having with my left leg are almost entirely sorted. Then I started getting low back pain from excessively tight glutes. That is ongoing, but I've mostly figured out how to manage it. Had another followup with my surgeon. He's using sister and I as case studies for a larger study they are running regarding ACL & ALL repairs that we weren't eligible for (me because my ACL tears weren't acute and her for some other reason I don't remember), so he wants us to come back again in a year just for fun. Everything looks good, he's very pleased. The medial knee pain I was having is due to staple that isn't quite where it's supposed to be, but it's manageable, so I'm going to leave it alone unless it gets worse. I'm adding another night of basketball after we get back from AUS. I think the knees are ready. It's the rest of the body that might not be. That's about it. I probably won't be around super regularly, but thought I should check in
  2. Hi!!! 1. All of your foods look delicious. Now I can't wait for lunch. 2. Bathing suit shopping is just the worst. I bought my first 2 piece for Europe last year and wasn't quite where I thought I looked awesome, but I looked OK. Now I'm half panicking it won't fit for Australia next month. Things have been somewhat rocky on the weight/fat loss side over the last 5 months. As in the opposite of that happened a bunch and now I'm trying to get back where I was. 3. I missed you.
  3. I haven't been making it to the gym much lately. Work schedule is very hectic, lots and lots of travelling. But I have been putting in pretty regular 30 min sessions on the stationary bike and doing my PT. Weight's been steadily creeping up, so I just re-started calorie counting again today. I think I've got too much of a "fuck it, I'm busy/stressed" mentality right now to rely on diet common sense, so structure it is.
  4. If it makes you feel better, The Buddy's sister's kid is 7, in Grade 2, and doesn't know the days of the week...
  5. My cousin skipped a grade in elementary... it didn't work out so well for him, he ended up failing the grade he skipped into and ended up right back where he was. My dad (this might not be relevant because it was forever ago in terms of the education systems) took two grades at once, and it worked out fine for him. I would say the social implications are probably more important than his ability to do the work. I forget how old your son is, but I'd be more inclined to do it if it was skipping to Grade 2 or 3. Skipping into that Grade 4-6 range would be tougher I think. Other disclaimer: I have no kids, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt
  6. Nice running KJ! Beat an old record and came in 3rd! Doesn't get any better than that.
  7. I did. Appointment in November. In other news... I have an ouchie. Spoilered for giant picture.
  8. Hey BB! Glad you're back! One step at a time after all you've had to deal with! Glad you got a real bar back on your shoulders again, very exciting.
  9. Gah. Got unsubscribed. Sorry life's overwhelming right now. As for your daughter, it seems maybe like school's too easy for her right now? That's when I would always get bored and disengaged. Is there an opportunity to provide her teacher with more advanced materials for her to work through? Just a thought. Hugs.
  10. This made me smile (sorry!). I know the feeling.
  11. Sometimes it's just the best to not show up. No guilt. And that's a ballin' golf outfit!
  12. Nope the haunted theory totally doesn't apply here. I just wonder if I'm being a total nervous nelly about all of this... my surgeon is so awesome I don't want to bug him for nothing, you know?
  13. I was hoping for "this is probably what's causing it, so do this" so far I haven't gotten that. I might go and see a different one next week while he's on vacation. I've also been getting some killer medial knee pain periodically - like bad enough that it wakes me up at night. It's not correlated to any particular activity or even level of activity. Seriously it woke me up at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday morning after basically just doing some housework and Netflix bingeing on Saturday. I'm debating phoning my surgeon to see if it's something to actually worry about, or just something I've got to put up with.
  14. I'm glad it's working for you and you're feeling great, but that sounds terrible to me haha!
  15. Maybe? You've been doing all the things ever since I've (internet) known you. You got this.
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