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  1. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Has a Small Challenge

    Pretty much how I'm looking at it. Also it's good to be relatively stable and not fearing for my job. With the added bonus of I have an emergency fund that's stashed away well enough that I have a couple months of runway if I did suddenly lose the job. Not like I've ever experienced that or anything...
  2. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Has a Small Challenge

    Sometimes I wonder what I did in a past life. Seriously, seriously wonder. *ahem* So. Friday I trained and got my butt handed to me. Saturday I woke up with a sore shoulder/trap, and still trained. Sunday we got a nasty snow/sleet/ice storm and shoveling didn't help that. Yesterday I did some extra training with a few friends on extension and center movement, before going to class with said borked shoulder. I finally threw in the towel and slathered Tiger Balm all over my shoulder and back. Shoulder feels better, but should probably be taken lightly today. I also weighed and measured myself for the first time in months. It wasn't pretty. I'm starting to log calories again, because I am not pleased with where I'm currently at. And to add to the joy, this morning I woke up to no heat in my apartment. Again. Reset on the furnace worked, but that's a temporary fix. Then I got to work to find our CEO is stepping down. So all the chaos is happening here. So, er, yea. I should really start prioritizing that mediation stuff. At least I made really tasty chili this weekend?
  3. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Has a Small Challenge

    Hokay. Long couple of days. Veggies have ave been okay, though I’ve definitely swapped in fruits for veggies the last two days. Meditation is still crap. Been running around a lot at work, so I just haven’t cared to, er, stop. Went to aikido tonight, and yesterday while I did no real physical activity I did get a massage, so I’m counting it as my mobility requirement. As as for reading, I’m a little less than halfway through Dune. Going to read a bunch this weekend, I think. Lesse....work is good so far, and nothing has exploded yet in my face. My group had to give the all company seminar this morning, so the week has been spent with a lot of time doing prep for that. Furnace is still working, so that’s good. I’m very much looking forward to the fact that i get Monday off. That and the fact I’ll be going to Jamaica in March or April.
  4. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Has a Small Challenge

    Hokay. New Year. Mostly lost habits that need to get regained. And a lot of not-pleased with what the last several months of stress and anxiety and depression and car accidents have done to my body. Clothes are much tighter than they should be, body is less mobile, in general I'm more creaky than I'm used to. I need to pretend I'm back at square zero, forget where I was, and try and be productive. My 2019 over arching theme is really about trying to not let life push me one direction or another, actually steer the boat of my life, and productively aim for my goals. Once I figure what those goals are. *Ahem* So challenge: 1) Small Veggie intake: Four servings of veggies a day The last few months have seen a drastic drop in my veggie intake. Four servings of fruits and veggies a day is needed, and I'm not counting carrots which I inevitably snack on. And by servings I don't mean the dinky "real" servings, I mean RP-sized servings (read: A pound of broccoli is one serving for me for dinner). 2) Small Movements: Some physical activity a day, even if it's just mobility Because of the car accident my physical activity level has dropped pretty much to where I was before I joined NF. Okay, maybe not that bad, but still pretty bad for me these days - especially since I've been clued in on how important physical activities are for my brain. So if I'm not doing aikido or having done Yoga/NP for a day, I need to do something at home. Anything. Probably stretching, foam rolling, and mobility work. Just move. 3) A Small Pause: One song's worth of meditation at work during lunch I'm bad at stopping. So I'm going to try and get some meditation work under my belt. We have a quiet room at work (that's decorated with my photograph!) that I can use for a few minutes when I would normally eat lunch and work and/or check NF. Music is a nice, natural timer, a single song isn't likely to last longer than 5 minutes, and a noonish vanishing will not be noticed much for a couple minutes. And maybe I'll find it to be a nice recentering in the middle of the day. 4) A Small Story: Finish reading one book before the end of challenge My reading hasn't been super on point these days. I started reading Dune (finally) just after the new year, and plan on finishing it before the end of the challenge. It's a pretty easy read, but also very long. So we'll see what happens, but I should be able to pull it off. I want to read at least 15 books in 2019. I used to be able to do that without thinking, but it's been years since that's been the case. Trying to get back into that, and also get some self-help/improvement books in the rotation (that'll probably lean heavily into the philosophy part of things, since that'll at least keep my interest). So yea, that's the next month. Should be doable. For other 2019 goals that are going to be the topic of the year: Testing for Shodan (probably April, as I no longer have a say in the matter - though I'd prefer August) Attend 4 seminars in 2019 (one per quarter) Figure out what aikido is to me (vague philosophical question, but relevant in that this year I want to be driving and lately I have felt my aikido plans have been more forced on me from others) Get my back 100% healed Get back down to ~16% body fat (lower is a bonus) Start looking into how to purchase a house or condo (savings for down payment have been happening for a couple months now, now that loans are gone) I'm sure some other things will pop up over time this year. But it would be super if great problems can hold off for at least 6 months while I get some shit together again.