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  1. Tsune of RisenPhoenix

    Thanks guys. It's been a long two weeks. Really, really long. Dealing with the set back the best we can. In the grand scheme of things, it's a $40,000 experiment, but the part I fucked up was at best $800? The reagent and consumable cost really is less the issue and it's more the time that was wasted - especially since I finished this in February and the collaborator was the one taking forever to do their paperwork. Anyway. Trying to get back into a rhythm, even with all the extra work I'm doing. Aikido Monday, one of Tuesday, and one on Thursday. I planned for 2 classes both Tuesday and Thursday, but my leg bothered me Tuesday and Thursday I had to deal with my landlord telling me he/they wanted nearly a 20% increase in rent starting in two months. So I had to go deal with that (currently negotiating a less steep increase with some more gradual raises - at least that gives me a couple of years to build up savings and a house downpayment...). I'm skipping tonight because I just need mental rest. Wednesday I finally got my Stairs in, after a long, long time away (a whole FOUR WEEKS!). In a very NP, very not-RP manner, I saw someone waiting for the bus literally at the end of my street wearing grassroots gear, and asked them if they wanted a ride. And Lo, I now know I have a Tribe Member down the street from me and a car buddy in the morning! She also knows @AgentsSka, and he was throughly amused about the entire story. Anyway, ran about 35 sections which isn't terrible for a month long break. Plan for this weekend is Aikido Saturday (though probably one class now, since I have a follow up phone call with my landlord's brains wife tomorrow night) followed by work, and then I work a whole bunch on Sunday that requires me missing aikido. Monday I managed to finagle things so I don't need to come in, thankfully. Hopefully I can decompress and un-anxiety from things. And speaking of anxiety! I bought a thing! An anti-anxiety thing! It's this thing! I definitely feel more relaxed and sleep better with some pressure on my body, so I had been debating buying one for a while. Went on sale and I figured why not, I've had a rough two weeks. So I bought it, slept with it, and... well, I'm waiting to see. I do think I tossed-and-turned less last night. It does have a pleasant amount of heft, complete with me feeling a bit more relaxed even while I fought trying to get the thing into the damn cover. It's hot out, but even sleeping with it last night wasn't bad. So yea. Lets see how that works.
  2. Fighting art to fight multiple opponents.

    A tank. Armored, heavy, capable of short and long distance damage.
  3. Sara Kingdom Practices the Politeness of Princes, Sweeper Edition

    I think you're polite. You gave me excellent, lazy dinner advice that was wonderful. That's polite.
  4. [The Most Loathed] learns....slowly

    Thoughts on Consider Phleabas? I read a preview chapter for it a while back and enjoyed it, but it's 1) a thick book, 2) an entry to a long series, and 3) I'm a scrooge and it's price makes me wonder if I'd like the whole thing enough to warrant a purchase. Then again, Space Opera.
  5. Rate my Diet

    You can lose weight on a vending machine diet, so the list you gave doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot. You need to determine your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) and/or your basal metabolic rate (BMR), and then make eat less than that to lose weight. First pass thoughts on the list though are it's 1) incredibly low protein, 2) not a lot of variety, 3) lacking vegetables, 4) not a lot of food in general which would personally make me murder someone after a day and a half.
  6. Kyellan: Unfinished Business

    I saw on the book of faces. Congrats, man! Also dear gods, I hope we don't twin on this. My life is enough of a chaos ball as it is... And logistically it would be really hard to twin on this anyway for now.
  7. The Courtyard (Monk General Chat)

    Wait, who are you again?
  8. Tsune of RisenPhoenix

    Home and somewhat settled. Trip and care went okay, but a lot of things happened while I was away that spiked my anxiety to not-fun levels. Chewing Xanax may have occurred. Mainly because one of the things that happened was learning I fucked up shipping a $40,000 experiment. Yeeeeaaaaaaaa. Super. So so in other words, my self care has been shit. I got home and settled at 2am Saturday and went to work that day. Today I have some paperwork to do. Work the next two weekends, too. Which makes me miss a seminar I wanted to go to. Bugger. It’ll all be okay. I just need to get some things rolling. Also I was planning on going to aikido, and instead slept 12 hours and missed both classes. So partially self care? I guess?
  9. The Courtyard (Monk General Chat)

    Oh hey. New forums for the new challenge that starts in 6 days. What do you all got planned for the time being and for the next challenge?
  10. Tsune of RisenPhoenix

    Tsune is a Japanese term which roughly translates as "Everyday habits." I read about it first in a martial arts/Budo book by Dave Lowrey, and kind of glossed over it for a bit. I re-read the essay recently, and felt a great deal more attached to it than I initially felt. The basic idea presented is that when trying to follow Budo, a practitioner will eventually reach a point where it has permeated their life so much, it becomes almost mundane. Something you don't think about. Something that even when you don't want to perform it, you do so anyway, because you almost feel lost without its presence. My training habits, by and large, are my tsune. Go a few days without some form of activity, and I get anxious, nervous, and grouchy. Make me miss time on the mat, and I go extra hay wire. Otherwise, my regular habits of lifting, November Project, and aikido have become so subsumed by me that I cannot imagine a moment without them now - a vast difference from two years ago when I started here. My habits are well established, and I have goals, but most of these are longer-term goals than a 6-week challenge would allow (besides an over arching Main Goal). So I'm creating this to document my tsune, and to help me see my progress in the long run, rather than a short snippet of time. Longer term goals, in no particular order: ~BW Squat (~210 pounds) Accomplished 01/31/15 ~2BW Dead lift (~420 pounds) ~Learn to properly Clean and Jerk and Front Squat ~Get below 200 pounds in weight Eh. Ish. Accomplished 09/24/2016 ~Run Harvard Stadium (37 sections) in under 40 minutes Accomplished 02/17/2016 ~Run 50 sections at Harvard Stadium Accomplished 05/9/2015 ~Run Harvard Stadium in under 36 minutes ~Ruck a full tour at Harvard Stadium ~Run a consistent 8 minute/mile pace ~Prepare to run a Spartan Super race ~Run 50 sections at Harvard Stadium in under an hour Accomplished 08/17/2016 To furthering my tsune and beyond.