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  1. Is Stretch Goal 2 getting us to 1500? Is that the plan?
  2. Dog Update: Still waiting to hear back about my paperwork from the shelter. I also was told by my downstairs neighbor the the HOA does have a size limit (been a while since I read the documents), and is limited to smaller dogs. The Football-sized ones I am not the biggest fan of. I don't want a 90 pound monster, but something in the 40-60 pound range is really what my brain has in mind. The dog I'm really hoping to get is 55 pounds, which is a fair bit over what the HOA might allow. That said, I showed my neighbor the dog photo, she thinks he's adorable, and also is tempted to ignore the rule. With the two of us, I pitched maybe making an amendment, since that's all it would take. The small dog thing was mostly for neighbor noise, so maybe something along the lines of "larger dogs are subject to impacted neighbor's approval before adoption occurs, and apply exception until the dog owner moves." Actually means people need to talk to one another, plus prevents a new owner from trying to get rid of the dog (because the dog would be here first, tough). I'll go re-read things and then see what we can do. I may just need to tell my neighbor I'll buy and put down very padded rugs. Challenge Update..... Ugh guys. Just Ugh. 1) Aikido stuff is a bit loose right now. I should have done a weapons practice last night, but weather hit, and then motivation lagged to do the Zoom class make up. Tonight we're supposed to have an actual in person dojo class taught by Sensei, outside the church where we're temporarily based. A random popup class is scheduled on Thursday, but, uh, I have a date at that time so I'm probably missing that unless I need to do tech duty. And then Saturday there is another class I'm going to try to hit since I need to work a bit, and then an Aikido And COVID panel I want to virtually attend as well. 2) Outdoor stuff has been spotty because it's been super rainy and thunderstorm filled. The days it hasn't been have also been days I have things scheduled, so that torpedoes some things there. I might try to get a reservation set for more kayaking on Friday, though. Because I paid a lot of money to get a season pass, so I should use it. 3) I think this plan has totally backfired. I've been fairly solid on keeping the 12pm-9pm eating window, which is fine. But I can absolutely eat all the things without trying. I weighed myself this morning and I was 217. Lower than I was in January and early February, but much higher than I wanted to be in May. So. Back to what works - logging all the things. Small exception here in I'm just not going to log my fibrous veggies (cucumbers, zucchini, leafy greens, broccoli, etc etc) just to keep my sanity. Carby things, yea. But just limit the amount of time on the app, I eat a lot of veggies, and I'm unlikely to eat 3000 calories of cucumbers. New goal is to get back down to 210 by end of August (also my waist measurement has also ballooned, so this is not just "RP fretting over the scale, before people comment on it - some work clothes are tight again). 4) The garden is doing okay, has kept watered, and the tomato plant has many small green guys growing. Still no zucchini seen, though. Also, I propagated a tomato plant cutting! Probably won't actually end up producing anything this season, but I'm pleased. Bonus) @AgentsSka and I are neck-and-neck for the 1,000 pushup stretch goal. He said he's going to do 80 pushups today, so I need to get on it.
  3. Right, uh. So insomnia is terrible and I was awake at 3am. The state of not-sleep-but-not-awake lasted from then until my alarm went off for NP at 0545. Instead I opted to at least stay in bed rather than drag myself out and cause myself to be miserable all day. This was a Good Choice. I feel surprisingly fine, considering how terrible I feel usually after a night of insomnia. I feel good, honestly. No mental impairment or anything. Unrelated, I have put in some paperwork to adopt a dog. I'm sure that's unrelated.
  4. Quick update because my computer apparently wasn't plugged in and is about to die AND I'm about to have some company. Last week was not great, but by Thursday I was starting to feel a bit more human. A lot of extra sleep was needed, and I'm still debating if I'll want more sleep tomorrow morning. I'm also looking at another 7day marathon experiment, where I will be required to go in every day to the lab to do something. Which will mean more than a few super-early mornings. So sleep is going to be critical again. But anyway, Thursday I felt mostly human, did yoga at night, and then November Project Friday morning. Movement felt mostly solid, though squats were bothing my knee like crazy, so instead of doing them as the workout prescribed I did a horse stance hold. Seems to have worked fine. Aikido-wise, last week was a not-so-much. I didn't have the energy to deal movement AND people, so I skipped Monday and Tuesday classes. Yesterday we had a 'class' but it was more of a guided stretch routine followed by a lecture/discussion about what ukemi means and what it is and what it isn't. The real reason the lecture happened is because of that Toxic Person I've mentioned in the past, who constantly wants to prove they have the larger appendage. Again, their aikido is good, but their mentality and behavior is shit. Also they don't get along with the senior instructor who was teaching Saturday, so they didn't attend the lecture. Another notch in the "People who are the reason for the lesson not understanding the general statements are directly aimed at them" post. But in any case, it was a fairly solid discussion, I threw my two cents in and the four higher ranking members (it was me and them for the blackbelt crowd - they are all 4th dan and above) didn't disagree or tell me I'm wrong. Score one for Baby Shodan. Food this week was terrible, and I don't care. I ate as well as I could, anxiety and stress eating aside. Still lots of veggies, but also lots of crap. I went out one day to get a loaf of sour dough, brie, and fruit and devoured that all much faster than I should have. Again, don't care. Outdoor stuff I.... guess I walked LAST sunday, and that's about it. I did go for another hike today, so at least I'm starting off on the right foot there. Garden is doing.... okay. Tomatoes are starting to pop up on my plant, but apparently I had let the soil dry out to the point that it was a very light pot. Why is this a note? Because yesterday was incredibly gusty, and my tomato plant went flying off its shelf. I ended up securing it by surrounding it with other, lower pots filled with dirt, but I'm now worried about the damage the falls caused. Wait and see. And unfortunately, the zucchini has some fungal infection (Phrasing?). All of the flowers that looked so promising have fallen off, but I don't really have a hint as to what it is or why it's looking that way. The leaves are all fairly green, but when I tear the fallen flowers open I can see green fuzzy mold. No idea where it is coming from. There are some smaller flowers still growing, but I can't fight an infection that doesn't give me much information to run on. Any help from the gardeners of the group? At least the herbs seem to be doing okay. The Dill is probably the weakest of them all, and just looks like it's stagnant. No real change at all one way or the other. The basil, sage, and scallions all are pretty content for the most part. And while I have no hope for one of the strawberry plants, the second one is regularly shooting off very tasty berries. Not going to get pints and pint, but a few sweet treats here and there for sure. And for pushups, I've been slacking. Really, really slacking. On paper I just need 17 a day until the end of the challenge to make the 1,000 stretch goal. Very doable, just need to not slack. The Friday workout killed my shoulders (negative pushups and then side planks), so I skipped anything yesterday. But I'll get back on that train. Probably should be able to get an easy 50-75 a day. We'll see. Anyway, here's to a better week. Work stuff might actually pick up and I've been given the green-ish light to work on a project, so I shouldnt feel quite as aimless. We'll see how it goes and how it impacts my mental health. It's been lagging lately.
  5. Well here we are again and again and again. Aangain? I'm not quite sure which past life I'm actually channeling for this. I'm not sure if it's the Fresh Faced Nerd, who found this place years ago. The Fitness Obsessed One. The Aikido Obsessed One. The One Who Cooked All the Time. The One Who Was Unemployed. The One Who Traveled. The Pre-Pandemic Exhausted One. The Social One. The Academic One. Truth be told, I'm still figuring things out about what I want, both in terms of the pandemic restrictions marginally lessening (though prematurely it seems), and in my current role at work, and my life as a single person, and my life as an aikidoka and physically active person. There's a balance that I lost a long time ago, and I've been trying to search for it for what seems an eternity now. The pandemic for me was relatively easy. I don't like people, I live alone, and in some ways it gave me a safe way to be away from aikido and recover from a lot of stressors put on me when I was training for my shodan last year and just after it. And given how 2019 went, I never really got a solid decompression before the pandemic forced a lockdown. A lot of this challenge is a form of trying to find a new normal here, both physically and mentally. And hopefully channeling the past lives will help. 1) Aikido Returns: Two virtual classes a week, plus one one-my-own aikido based extracurricular. My dojo has started twice a week classes on Zoom. One on Monday, one on Saturday. I am going to attend both of them. On top of that, each week I'll do one extracurricular aikido thing. I have a friend running a Tuesday night park weapons class. There are a lot of virtual seminars now. I'm getting my own thoughts in order on certain topics and potential ways to digitally train. So I should embrace the fact I have this energy after months of not having it. 2) Enjoy the Sun: Two Outdoor actives a week. I've been hiking/rucking regularly, but early on in the pandemic I was very good about going to walks outside at the end of the work day. Over time that has dropped (possibly due to a very rainy April and an anxious May). So my goal is to get out of the house and do some outdoor thing twice each week. (Note: I'm not counting NP in this, even though I do this technically outside every MWF on my porch. I mean out of the house and something enjoyable in the park/nature/NOT I N THE DAMN HOUSE with some movement.) 3) Accept the Bad Stuff: Log non-paleo items in MPF, stick to an intermittent fasting schedule of 15-9. Kyoshi doesn't have time for my shit. My fasting schedule has been relatively solid the last few weeks, with a few issues here and there. But I also realized that I can eat A LOT. The baking has not helped this scenario. Also with my work schedule now being technically 7-1ish, and physical activities happening more often at night, I can't really keep my 12-8 window that I've been using and not go insane or force myself to gorge to make some arbitrary window. So instead I'm going to make a blanket eating window of 12-9PM. It's wide enough that I won't feel rushed, and the logging will remind me that just because I'm doing IF doesn't mean I have free range to shove everything in my face. (Note: Starting weight is 213.4 pounds, with a stomach measurement of 36.25" - looking to get back to the 210 or below / 35.5" or less metrics.) 4) Conquer the Black Thumb: Tend to the garden each day I do not have good luck with plants. At all. And yet, in a fit of madness, I decided to try a porch garden. Nothing crazy, currently just some strawberries, a tomato plant, some herbs and scallions, and a lone zucchini plant. That said, I have about zero idea on how to tend a garden, so I'm slightly winging it. I need to both tend this thing daily, and also make sure I'm treating the plants appropriately. First order is business is really getting a bunch of proper planters for the herbs (preferably the on-railing planters my neighbor has, as I think having the herbs up high and in the sun often would be nice. Otherwise, I may also look at getting some additional veggies added. Like cabbage. Mainly just trying to create a non-physical activity /screen based past time. Hopefully I won't kill everything. So yea, here's to learning from Past Lives. EDIT: BONUS GOAL: Agni Kai: Complete 666 pushups before AgentsSka. Details of our battle here.