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  1. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Regains

    Whiskey. Everything has gone to shit so bad that I've graduated to Whiskey. Some days I am disappointed I don't drink frequently and therefore don't have a well stocked liquor cabinet.
  2. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Regains

    Everything is on fire and Science is stupid. After telling my boss we should be okay with the big project, the big project promptly takes a shit. My attempts at salvaging it yesterday failed miserably. Today my coworker is being my hands to see if *I* am the issue, but she doesn't think that's the case. But whatever she gets accomplished today, I should be able to get things based on that, and use that to move forward later tonight. In the meantime I'm trying to do other projects, but literally everything I have is tied to this project, so I can't escape the damn thing. So I'm in a living hell. At least I made it to NP this morning. Except my knee started acting up, so I had to take it super slow. Because of course.
  3. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Regains

    Not dead, just mostly. I probably should have taken Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday off last week. I was a dead human, and my brain definitely wasn't helping the matter. But that did mean Thursday and Friday I was stressed trying to get things accomplished before the weekend, with the absolute requirement that I was not doing a damn this on the weekend. Thankfully, I followed through with that. And I even made it to aikdio on Thursday. Friday night I did my grocery shopping, so I could leave the weekend entirely chore-free. Saturday I stayed in bed until 11am - which is pretty much unheard of for me. I usually get antsy staying in bed past 8am. So Saturday I kept nice and chill, went for a walk to a bookstore, rented a movie, ordered chinese food, and just vegged. Sunday I went to aikido in the morning for an hour, then got home to relax some more. Made a pretty tasty meatloaf, and set myself up a giant vat of chili that I tossed in my crockpot Monday morning. That also turned out pretty well, especially when adding sour cream and guac. I have a lot of good food to last me pretty much until next week when I leave for Thanksgiving. Monday I asked my boss to push our weekly one-on-one meeting back to the afternoon. I had so much I wanted to do that I couldn't accomplish in an hour or two before the meeting would happen, and I wanted to have some progress somewhere. Thankfully I did, but it was a mixed bag. The biggest project finally had some things working, and then another part fell through for totally unknown reasons (on paper it seriously was the perfect experiment and biology was being dumb - AGAIN). But my boss also seems to be less stressed and therefore everything seems to be relatively okay for now. Which is good, but still doesn't help the fact that I'm still a ball of stress and anxiety that is nearly burned out. That said, I had multiple coworkers talk about how things I have laid out have been helping them, so there is a small glimmer there. Another project I have is actually further along than I expected, and should be wrapped up next week. I should be able to make aikido tonight, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week. And my back, while grumpy, isn't a total ball of hate. So that's nice. Still need to stretch more. Also next week at NP the Destination Deck is less than a mile from my house. On my birthday. So I know my morning plans that day. Huzzah! Also probably my evening plans, assuming work doesn't explode on me. And then, blissfully, I will unplug from Wednesday night until Sunday. Maybe even regain something in the process.
  4. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Regains

    *Gets better* *Starts working again* *Everything stops working* Ah, right. That's how my life works. I'd love a vacation, but I know my brain wouldn't shut up long enough to actually let me relax.
  5. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Regains

    I'm currently a ball of stress, so bear with me. Work is a nightmare where nothing is working. Every time I get slightly ahead, I find a major issue that throws everything back. My back, while better, still isn't 100%, and my trial run of aikido this past weekend doesn't have me convinced I'll get back to my previous levels any time soon. Add in that most people at the dojo noted I was missing and didn't think anything of it and.... I'm not feeling super. I need to regain... something. Initially this was going to be about returning to training, returning to better eating habits, things like that. Right now I can only think about regaining footing, which right now I don't even know what it entails. I need to keep moving forward, but right now I'm just tired and not sure where the energy to do so will come from. I'll try to think up some challenge goals soon. Or I'll just use this to ramble. I really do not know right now.