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  1. *cough* All the leg suicide. A full tour workout for our stadium is 31 (big) steps, and 37 sections. It’s just about 1150 stairs. Or 95 dozens of stairs. 😬 And somehow, I miss the leg Murder.
  2. Well then. My life has been an interesting adventure in the last few days. A lot of time spent pondering my next life steps, both professionally and personally, and trying to implement them with as little commentary as possible. So. I went and spoiled myself by buying an iPad. Then I went and tried to build out a work-functional space on the machine. Then I bought a blue tooth keyboard for it. And I think the result is I am in love with this thing. It is going to become a workhorse in a way I never thought something could function, and I am thrilled wit
  3. Sold!! And they really have good beer. And so many doggos It really is strange to see how far I have come in the last nine (!!!!) years. I tried to like the weapons. But I've come to the conclusion that the mental function of data I have covered by other task - lifting and hiking, mostly. But as soon as you let me toss someone, I am 1,000% in. Ultimately I'll be functional, not amazing. And I am okay with that. Third intervene with the same place happened on Tuesday and it seems to have gone well. This one was with HR to get my demands
  4. We likely won't be opening our doors for contact training until at least May or June. By that point most of the Boston area should be vaccinated (we hope), but my dojo in particular skews much older and so we are being hyper vigilant. Also we don't have enough income to pay the rent space when we start up again, so we need to plan accordingly. But I am waiting to get things rolling because I miss being able to toss people about. A lot. Also funny story, I accidentally stole my grading partner's jo. It's perfectly sized for me, we were supposed to do regular stuff, then winter
  5. It's less because I see warning signs, and more just how prevalent she was in my life for how long, considering I have gone no contact with her after a few post-breakup early exchanges. It's a bit like probing a formerly gaping wound and still seeing it is sensitive, but most certainly dulled. And really having any feeling about it is just strange. 🤷‍♂️. I'm making due, is all, and revisiting old stuff just makes me think, rather than it be triggering. ------ I have been running around a bunch lately at work, and have been dead tired. I have solidly reached a point o
  6. Honestly I don’t think I do. I mostly just lean into being me, which tangentially hits the “no fucks to give” part I’m in. And I actually finally have an idea of what I want to do, and the type of role I want, which helps. The fact these two positions are super interesting to me helps. It does also help that this time around I have a good paying job that I can deal with and put only partial effort into and still accomplish stuff, as well as running my thoughts by recruiters in the area who agree with my thoughts and plans. Also I have read a lot about how to deal with humans. A lot
  7. I have a lot of runs. I am over 100 at this point. Partially because I was really bad at giving nectar to the Gods because screw them, I cared about House Hades first and foremost. But I do adore the song. And the message. ------- This week has been.... a thing. A very exhausting thing. The good news is I am mentally in a better place than I was - mostly by completely disconnecting from the thought that I can fix things and trust management at work. I am solidly on the "Do my job well, and nothing more" train. It makes my bandwidth so much easier to d
  8. And scones. <.< >.> I am a stress baker as it turns out.
  9. Counter point to this, because I've been playing so much Hades and it is relevent: You all have a few more weeks left of me before I fully vanish (or at least take an extended hiatus) - and I have your number. I fully intend to keep in touch / an eye on people in the long run, just possibly not through HERE as a medium. That said, I want to take this challenge period to just.... unpack years of challenges here. The day I posted this I read my entire first challenge. It's so strange to see everything I've managed from that time, while als
  10. When my mother had double knee replacement surgery, my father was in charge of taking care of.... well everything. At one point he commented how HARD it was to remove the *pre made meals* family and friends made to help him from the freezer to remember them for dinner. I looked at him like he had 8 heads, and my mother and I laughed at how typically male his reaction was. And looking back on when he had to take care of me or my brother, it was usually dinners that he bought out on his way home from work, or meats he grilled that my mother specifically got for him to cook.
  11. Fo sho. There was definitely a point and time in the Monk Guild where most people just spoke in Gif.... Also here for Aikido Zen Buddhist Monk thoughts to hopefully spur my own brain on.
  12. Oooo, Outriders. Yes, I'm lurking but had to poke my head in to say Ooooo Outriders. And Cyberpunk. Carry on.
  13. Yea I think I'm going to be stealing this methodology. Also hi.
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