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  1. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Begins

    Absolute exhaustion to the point where my body literally had no choice in the matter. I might have had some melatonin or something, too, but exhaustion was more certainly the how. Hakama came in, guys! Looks pretty nice and the name embroidery looks solid. Belt also looks nice. Now they just sit on my dining room table for the next month-ish before the exam.
  2. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Begins

    It kinda was all the adulting. I definitely skipped some things, though. Like my laundry pile is rather large at the moment. But that's what tonight and tomorrow night are for. And yea, it was a great time. If you get out here at some point we'll take a drive out! Yes. I am so excited now that I can just relax. It's great. April 20th to the 27th. I cannot waaaaaaait. Lesse, challenge stuffs. Went to class on Monday, and two hours last night. After Monday I practiced for about 20 minutes extra on my koshis. Honestly, the exam is 3.5 weeks out, and I'm already tired of test practice. There's only so much jiyuwaza you can do, and I'm currently at the point where I care about technique, not number of techniques. My variation has never been a huge issue, and I have other things I'd rather put time in on during a prep class to stretch me before the exam. Hamni hadatchi/shiko movement is my large issue, partially because my toes just do not bend well for easy movement during techniques. That's something I might be able to fix before the exam time, but also if I don't, I'm not super concerned about it. There's time to fix everything eventually. Also the hakama and belt are supposed to arrive today, though apparently they need a signature. So I'll end up getting them tomorrow. Fasting was fine on Monday, but I Went to a conference Tuesday morning and ended up having the (super fancy) breakfast food they provided. I figured it was mostly a pitch-conference for a company's products, so I deserved to eat what they provided. Today I should be able to do a solid 16 hour fast, even though I've been up since 5:30. With NP and yoga today, I also don't feel terrible if I miss that. I did, however, make the semi-unwise choice of noticing dark chocolate cadbury mini eggs were on sale the other day. I got those, and had more than a few last night after aikido. Not feeling too terrible about it, since they are a seasonal thing (for the most part) and I'll not open the second bag for a while. Anyway, busy-ish day at work for me, but I also have a massage schedule this afternoon, which is very much needed. And then selfcare and relaxation tomorrow night. All is good and right with the world. It's weird.
  3. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Begins

    Well that was more fun than anticipated. Fritatta was tasty, and stores decently well. It was my post-aikido, pre-beer snack Saturday (though also the dojo provided pizza during the cleaning that I snacked on). It's my lunch today, too, and will probably make a repeat appearance in the future. Left home at a little after 3 ish, made it to my cousin's house a little around 4:30 ish, and then walked the mile to the brewery. Arrived at 5ish with my bag o' introverting, grabbed a beer, and then saw several friends who had taken up residence on one of the couch/table section. And so my bag of introverting was stored in my cousin's office, and I proceeded to drink and play Uno. And Exploding kittens. And meet the Brewery Cat, who's supposed to be a mouser but I Really saw him do nothing by sit on empty grain bags. Stayed until after the bar closed, helped a tiiiiiny bit with clean up (because I got yelled at to drink more by my cousin), and then collapsed at their house. Yesterday I just grabbed some coffee at the brewery (they make really good coffee in addition to really good beer) and a brunch grilled cheese. By which I mean I just had a grilled cheese for late/on time lunch and it was the first thing I ate. Drank coffee, watched some Irish step dancers, and then headed home. Groceries were (mostly) paleo. I bought two things of corned beef since they were on sale, some cabbage, veggies. Worst thing I bought were a new flavor of Halo top and a seasonal falvor (peaches and cream and Strawberry cheesecake, respectively). No regrets. Then went home to nibble on some left overs and veggies and read quietly because SO MUCH EXTROVERTING. Went to bed early, so I was feeling decent this morning. Going to aikido tonight, so that movement will feel good I suspect. I also submitted the final logistics to the hotel for my Jamaica trip. So now I finally have everything 100% done. We have a room, we have flights, we have VIP-get-us-through-customs-fast service, we have transport to and from the hotel from the airport.... I can 100% relax now. It's done. I'm going on vacation! Everything is done being planned, and I don't need to do crap. Huzzah! I need this trip.
  4. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Begins

    And so it Begins. The countdown to Shodan, that I have probably been trying to avoid for the better part of a year now. I didn't want to test in April (I had other fitness goals/baselines I'm trying to return to before the exam), but with Sensei apparently being okay with me teaching without a blackbelt and many, many, many people ganging up on me to test, I pretty much have no choice outside of a massive injury. And so here we are. My approach to my beginning degree. And as is typical, my body is still kind of a mess, so this challenge is all about preparing for the exam and the strain I'm about to take over the next 5 weeks. 1) Shodan Prep - 8 hours of class a week, plus yoga and November Project It's been a long, long time since I've been this active. I suspect it's going to suck, but I need it to polish things on my test, plus help with my flexibility, and up my endurance. I initially put myself as having 9 hours, but it's been so long since I've done more than 5 hours in a week, I don't want to burn myself out. Saturdays I have the ability to train for 4 hours in classes, and will probably do so as all of those classes involve people who I really like having eyes on me for Shodan prep. I figure I can make 4 additional hours otherwise pretty easily during the week, even if I take it light. 2) Physical and Mental Selfcare - Thursday night intensive selfcare. So I figure with all this activity, I'm going to be exhausted, mentally and physically. Mentally, I'm blocking off all Thursdays until the exam as hermit-time. I love the dojo, but it also means I'll be dealing with people for longer hours than I'm used to, even if the people involved tax me less than the general public. I also will take the time to do whatever stretching, foamrolling, and sleeping I need that the other days haven't covered. 3) Better Fuel - Paleo-centric Intermitent Fasting (16-8ish), Food purge I liked the 16-8ish window I had going on last challenge. Company being here screwed that up, but it works well for me otherwise. What doesn't work well is that Company shows her love in gifts, and in this instance a lot of the gifts were junk food. So I need to find everything she left behind and either store it out of sight or just straight up toss it. I feel bad, but when we started dating had told her after a while that would happen. Otherwise, mostly-paleo is the plan. I might try to figure out some easily prepped lunch plans, too. 4) Big Events: Major tasks and events for the upcoming challenge March 16th: Dojo cleaning and St Patrick's day gathering March 28th: Kanai memorial class at dojo March 30th: Kanai memorial seminar at NEA April 5th: Final Fantasty Distant World's Concert April 6th: Friend's shodan exam April 12: Shodan Exam April 13th: Sioux memorial seminar at Harvard Aikikai Figure out hakama size, order that and belt Schedule windshield tank repair March 25 Schedule 2 massages before exam March 20 April 10 Get haircut before FF Concert Final Jamaica vacation logistics So very busy the next several weeks. Plus side is that work is going smoothly (or at least as smoothly as science allows), so I can focus on all this stuff rather than having a split attention and panic. Onwards and upwards and to the Start.