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  1. What to do after starting strength?

    From the sounds of it, you're at the point where you need to pick one of two things: Lose weight, or gain strength. This is the Either/Or point. If you want to keep losing weight, you need to keep eating at a deficit, but you won't see a big shift in strength gains even with a program change (though you'd see some progress if you changed lifts because of the whole CNS training/muscle learning thing). If you pick strength gains, then you'll need to eat more, but you could keep with SS and still see good progression. Of course, if you are just looking for something new, then anything works.
  2. RisenPhoenix Splinters

    As much as I dislike Texas, I adore HEB. That place is magical and I have yet to find a pre-cooked, sliced brisket like they have. It's a thing of wonder and beauty. Yea, the Medford store is kind of insane right now. It's also enormous. And has quite the wonderful beer-and-wine selection. Really reminds me why I love Wegmans. Besides getting two pounds of coffee for the same price I'd get a pound or so. Last few days have been pretty uneventful. And I LOVE IT. Work is insane. Aikido keeps moving. The weather sucks. But the fact I'm no longer worried about job things is a massive relief that I didn't quite realize how much it was fucking with me. As for the challenge... it's been meh. I'm getting better at being a bit more flowy with my schedule (which is good, since less stress). I'm maybe doing half a week of lessons of Japanese, which isn't good. Also my eating at work has been pretty damn terrible. I'm hoping things post-Thanksgiving I can buckle down a tiiiiiny bit more. Sunday is my birthday, but I really just want to relax a bunch. Well, aikido a bunch, THEN relax a bunch. No real plans, besides a Friendsgiving the day before with @The Tin Man and his girlfriend. I've been promised cheesecake. End-of-year challenge thoughts are starting to abound now, and mostly they revolve around being less-bad, rather than good. So we'll see where that takes us.
  3. How would I need to get rid of my stomach and side fat?

    Just emphasizing this bit. Spot reduction is a lie. It sucks, but that's the reality. Hard work, consistency, and (typically) a caloric deficit is the only way.
  4. Eating for Athletic Performance?

    You're over thinking it. You need calories for the fuel, from either fat or carbs (which are the energy macros, as opposed to protein being a building block macro). The question is what works best for you. Before a game I'd say a good chunk of carbs. Or if you want, you can use fats, just plan on consuming them a good bit before so they can get to work. Chocolate covered almonds an hour or so before my aikido classes (semi-similar to HIIT I suppose - lots of on/off there) were an amazing source of energy for me, I found. I just stopped buying them because I had a habit of eating them all the time. >.> <.<
  5. Bulletproof (Butter) Coffee

    If you NEED calories, it's pretty great. If you're keto/heavy fat dependent in your diet/workouts, it's pretty great. It's absolute shit for losing weight, because it's essentially drinking 500 calories in no time. Calories that aren't THAT filling (though fat does have satiating properties), and could be used for, I dunno, 5 pounds of veggies instead. Can it work in a weight loss routine? Sure. So can ice cream, pizza, and soda. It's about the moderation. But like @calanthrophy said, it's not some magical panacea.
  6. November Project

    I'm surprised you still remember what NP is all about there, Lady. With your whole "Not coming Wednesday morning any more" thing. But yea, exactly what Raptron said. Good group of people, lots of smiles and hugs and motivation in the morning workouts, a good chunk of accountability between friends, and awesome workouts.
  7. RisenPhoenix Splinters

    Man the weekend was short. I didn't do a whole hell of a lot, either. I did kind of go on a videogame buying binge in celebration. I got Doom and Skyrim for the Switch (well, pre-ordered Skyrim), and I also bought the Remastered Bioshock collection because I've been dying for some Rapture. So Friday and Saturday I was playing a lot of Bioshock. Saturday and Sunday I did both classes each day, so a nice 4 hours of aikido. It's amazing how much less stressed I am and how things seem to be clicking easier on the mat now. Saturday after class I went with G and his son (G was teaching second class Saturday) for some breakfast and coffee. G treated me as a congratulation for the job. It was a nice hour or so after class relaxing with food and coffee with the two of them. Then I, in the most boring adult maneuver ever, excitedly went to look at the new Wegmans store that opened down the street from my apartment. When I was in undergrad in PA I learned about Wegmans, but it wasn't until Grad school and after I realized how awesome the store was. It's this weird hybrid of Trader Joe's, most big grocery stores, and a cafe. A bit pricier on some things, but still pretty cheap over all and better quality things. Yes, I realize I'm lame because I'm geeking out over a grocery store. Sunday I did a bit of chores and then went to aikido. Grading Partner was teaching the first class, and then Sensei taught the second. Pretty much everyone at the dojo has heard that I got the full time offer, so lots of congrats were given. Lots of playing with things at the dojo Sunday, just teasing out things to work on a bit more. I hijacked Grading Partner's hakama after class and folded it, too. I need to work on doing that more often, but I just don't fully trust myself yet to hijack other people's hakamas to fold. I don't care quite as much about screwing his hakama up. But I think I got it done correctly. I'm waiting for him to open it up and tell me how wrong I was. Heh. After class, he and I went to my place for coffee. The debate was coffee at my place, or whisky at the dojo. And I really was not in the mood for whisky after 2 hours of class. He stuck around for a couple hours, I filled him in on the whole job offer stuff, we ended up (obviously) talking about aikido things. Couple minutes spent on someone who we both feel is unhelpfully resisting/being a bit arrogant, some talk about the politics about what's going on (and a few "battlefield promotions" to instructor roles that several kyu rankings are dealing with right now), and how silly it is that MY generation of aikidoka who are all pretty chill with one another have to weave around the older generation's politics. Granted, the politics are a giant "Who Is the Kanai Legacy" question, but still. And THAT lead to an interesting conversation about the aikido done by the instructors in the dojo, and how my grading partner feels like a chunk of the current instructors have beautiful aikido, just not Kanai-style. Which is a very, very fair point. So, uh, I decided I'm going to create an aikido lexicon document with names of techniques (naming was a big Kanai thing, apparently), notes about them, who the technique "stems" from, and short Youtube videos of each technique individually. I essentially talked myself into doing an archival database dissertation project for free. Because I'm dumb. So that's been... well, the last few days. I did absolutely not Japanese lessons, because I am lazy. I guess I kept my schedule pretty fluid. Food was decently solid, and I kind of accidentally did a fast both Saturday and Sunday. Weighing myself this morning I was 210ish, but my gut is a bit bloated. But given how I've been eating on the weekends the last few weeks because of social events, I'm okay with that. Mostly. This week is going to be a bit crazy, some big projects at work, family thing on Friday, Friendsgiving on Saturday, and probably a Puddle RP Sunday. But then it's Thanksgiving week, so I can get a bit of a break. That's going to be very much needed.
  8. RisenPhoenix Splinters

    So my life can be summed up like this: I'm just pretty much taking one beating after another, and just trying to hold on, while changing what I can. It's like time travel, except I don't get to use cool paradoxes to blow shit up. And I'd really like to blow shit up these days. Anyway, goals are a bit light, but things I want to work on as we get to the end of the year. 1) Primalish Eating I've been trying this this week as a dry run, trying to see how my life is going to take me. Pretty much I know I'm an emotional/comfort food eater, and I graze when at work. But with a tiny bit of willpower I can avoid most of those issues. Also a lot of my comfort foods are still pretty paleo/primal. But I want to try this without calorie counting, and without trying to run from my fork. So the goal is primalish eating - though with rice and oats allowed. Also I need to find a way to grade my days I think, but I'll deal with that later. Also this doesn't apply to when I'm being social. 2) Time is important and stubborn I'm still updating my life and schedule around things right now. I'm really stubborn when it comes to making schedules, so this is a goal more about becoming comfortable with changing up my current schedule. I've worked on it the last few months, but I need a place to document how I'm dealing with things and this is it. 3) Aikido, 5 hours a week <iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/l0K4nNcTg8oGDnT2M" width="480" height="271" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="https://giphy.com/gifs/syfy-12-monkeys-jennifer-goines-syfy-l0K4nNcTg8oGDnT2M">via GIPHY</a></p> Pretty much I still love the dojo, and 5 hours a week is actually still a pretty low amount for me. But I also need to get there to shut my brain up on everything, so.... Yup. Monking out. 4) Japanese lessons 1/day Japanese is freaking hard to get, and I haven't been practicing enough. Partially because I feel like only one lesson isn't enough on my Duolingo account, but also because if I miss a few days I'm drawn in to make the app go gold on old lessons again. That's silly. I need to keep moving forward, not stay stagnant. So this will hopefully get me there. Anyway, lots going on that can change in the next few days. Hopefully things for the better, but I suspect not at this point. Just need to keep moving.
  9. The Courtyard (Monk's General Chat)

    Man, @The Shogun is lazy. Makes a challenge thread and doesn't do his GL duty of making a place where we ALL can blather.