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  1. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    Things I need to remember to accomplish: -Cancel my old license plate (got new ones since mine were kinda bent to hell after the accident) -Get the new car added / given insurance -Get a cashier check for the remaining down payment of the car -Figure our how pickup of the car will work Still better than not knowing if or when I’ll have a car.
  2. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    Car hunt is over! 2017 Subaru Impreza. I like the drive. I like the tech. The interior. Hell, even though I came here expecting to have to haggle for another car, this one just felt right. So I’m going for it. Pick up will I’ll be next Saturday. Assuming that check clears in time....
  3. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    At least Shamalyan isn't touching it this time. Woke up early today again. No idea why, but I rolled with it mostly. I wonder if my stress levels are somewhat dropping and therefore I am sleeping better. I honestly do not know. Nice, slow morning. Then I ate like an asshole at the provided lunch today. No regrets, super tasty Thai food with small chocolates after. The car shopping last night was underwhelming. I was hoping to fall in love with a car when I sat in in. The closest I came was a car that I liked the drive and feel, but was meh about the exterior. The other option I narrowed it down with is newer, with more tech, and more warranty coverage, but appropriately pricier. I (mostly) like the exterior, but the drive I was a bit less enthused about. So now I'm back to where I was, since I had hopes that I'd come out with some car determined by now. Sigh. Time to keep chugging along, then. Maybe I should just win the lottery and get whatever the hell I want... That's how the lottery works, right?
  4. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    Definitely not. More of a Fantasty/Tolkien geek. It took a lot of convincing to get her to watch Kubo and the Two Strings, even though I knew she'd love it. And she did. I really want her to watch Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke, since she'd like both of those, too. And she'd love Avatar. She just only sees it as a kid's show with no story and silly jokes, rather than a kids show with a solid plot line though the entire show. Yea, bummed that car was sold, but there are plenty of others at this dealer that are really solid looking. Hopefully I can go and inspect them today or tomorrow. Depends on what my workload looks like today. Things that crapped out on Friday seem to have worked yesterday and Monday, so that helps. Hopefully I can go, test drive a few, and maybe put down a payment for things when the check clears. From the look of things this dealer is one of the cheapest in a 50 mile radius, so I might not be able to neogtiate things down as much as I'd like, but it also means they are selling decent cars, cheaply, and from the photos do real good upkeep/servicing, since they are an actual subaru dealer. Just need to investigate my hunch. Speaking of car shopping/insurance/challenge stuff. Got the paperwork to sign over my title to the insurance company, so I just need to send that out to them to get my check. Still won't be the estimate value, but my agent also said they are waiting to hear back if the person who hit me took 100% responsibility, and as soon as that drops I get a $500 check for the deductible refund AND a $125 tow truck reimbursement. Just need to find a FedEx place to drop the thing with. Food was mostly solid yesterday. Some crackers and fruit gummies happened, and I think I nabbed some small chocolates at the receptionist's the desk while chatting. Weighed myself this morning for the first time in ages, and it came in just above 210. Not a great thing, but better than what it could be given my lack of activity the last two weeks and how much crap I've been eating. Woke up not only on time, but early today. Skipped NP because my back is still screwy, though. May try yoga depending on what I have planned and organized. Or I may skip for the whole car shopping ordeal. Not sure yet. Some decent selfcare last night, on the physical side, using a tennis ball as a roller on the bad back, though. So that's great. Uhhh... not sure what else. Pretty much all there is for now. Time to do some more work.
  5. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    GUYS!!! "Avatar: The Last Airbender Is Being Reborn as a Live-Action Netflix Series" Holy shit! I might actually be able to convince Company to watch this with me now!!! *ahem* Anyway. Feeling much better after 9ish hours of sleep last night. Clearly I needed it. It helps that lots of good science happened this morning, so things are looking slightly up. Got up on time, didn't feel terribly stressed on my timetable, got to work at a reasonable time. All good things. Eating has been decent, those spiked in a few junky snacks from work's stash. Used a tennis ball as a trigger point thing when I got home on my back that felt amazing. Did some more car shopping. All good stuff, I guess. Weather is gross right now, so I'm not physically car shopping tonight. Just trying to get a whole bunch of things accomplished at work for some time tabled stuff. Maybe things will actually work today.
  6. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    I really just want to test drive a few more imprezas that are in solid condition, and then be done with it. I've pretty much determined I'll be doing some loan financing anyway, so I may as well enjoy what I'm getting. But today has been terrible, so fuck it, I'm leaving work to go puddle at home. I'm in no condition to go car shopping.
  7. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    I should have gone car shopping yesterday, and didn't. Which sucks for multiple reasons. Because I definitely think the car I was looking at was snatched yesterday. Ah well. Contact with the dealer, though, and they showed me a few other options they still have around. Both are pretty solid, and a few others I was curious about also are still around. So hopefully I'll be able to schedule an appointment and go test drive the suckers sometime in the next couple of days. I need to do a lot of planning, because they dealership is south of the city, and will take a bit to get to if I go after work. But hey, my back is still fucked, so it's not like I have aikido to make it to. Insurance is being a bit of a headache. They valued my car at $X. I got some information sent to them to increase it since I Redid the breaks recently. However, somehow the valuation isn't actually what they are using for a start point of the payment, and they also are taking out my collision deductible despite fault being with the other driver. I wouldn't mind, except I was explicitly told that if the other driver has the fault, I don't pay my deductible. So I'm kind of annoyed that essentially a grand of money is being shorted to me for this check. It's annoying, and I don't have the mental energy to deal with it. The weekend I was a ball of stress, but I mostly didn't eat like an asshole. Cooked some Kaluha pork and cabbage with sweet potatoes on Saturday night for dinner with TinMan and J, and then gave some as a thank you to my upstairs neighbor for driving me to RI after my car accident so I could do family function things. I ate a bunch, but mostly paleo things. I think. I don't really recall hating myself too much for my food choices. This morning I woke up on time. Early, even. Maybe that trend will continue, though given how my Monday has been, if I also go car shopping after work, and how my stress level is reacting right now, I may be dead tomorrow morning. Definitely looking at the sunrise alarm, though. That might help. Just can't buy it until I actually figure out what I am spending on the new car....
  8. RisenPhoenix

    AgentsSka :: Fuck it. I'm back.

    Note to self: Also wake up on time, send harassing messages. Check.
  9. RisenPhoenix

    How much weight to lose per month?

    Consume 3,500 calories less each week. That’s all that’s needed for weight loss. It equals approximately one pound of fat loss per week, or ~2kg per month. Some wobble room for how different foods react with individuals, with metabolism, with health issues. But just starting out, that’s the answer for the most part.
  10. RisenPhoenix

    [The Most Loathed] learns....slowly

    This is a wonderful update that made me smile. That is all.
  11. RisenPhoenix

    AgentsSka :: Fuck it. I'm back.

    Fuck it. I’m back. Or, er, maybe more like “Fuck it I’ll try to keep up with non Me, non-Monk threads.” Also I promise to regularly shame you for missing the Stadium if it’ll help. And if it won’t help. Really I’ll just harass you a lot. Plus side is i I have maybe 3-4 months where I might beat you on the stadium. I should savor that.
  12. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    I think you used to show up to that November Project thing.
  13. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    Wait. Who the fuck are you?
  14. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Drives Forward

    Get it? Cuz I had a car accident. So I can't really drive anywhere. Ha. Haha. Ha. *ahem* Keeping it simple this time. 1) Insurance Forms and Otherwise Not really sure what else I need to do at the moment. All the time sensitive things were submitted (actual insurance calls, crash reports to the city and state), so now it's just waiting. I should find out if my car is a total loss in the next week or so. Total loss means I need to do car shopping. Not total loss means getting the car repaired. Both are lots of time tables and forms to get money to do the things. I have enough in my emergency fund that I can pay up front, so that shouldn't be a huge issue, but I'll need to get the correct forms in so I don't actually pay a dime. Also I'm watching my back, because my left side has been hurting since the accident. Fairly certain it's muscular, but if the massage I have tonight doesn't fix it I need to make a doctor's appointment to get it looked at. 2) Don't Eat Like An Asshole No real metrics here. I've been eating like shit because of vacation. I also eat like shit when stressed. Goal is to not eat the junk food at work, or take evening walks to the 7-11 at the end of my street for junk food binges. I don't like my body composition at the moment, and I'm realizing I'm getting in the bad cycle of feeling terrible for not being in better shape, which makes me binge on terrible food, causing the less than ideal body composition. So working on making more conscious food choices is a good start. Keeping it primal/paleo as I can. 3) Wake Up On Time I've been bad at waking up when my alarm goes off at 6:30am. I keep hitting snooze, which means I'm not getting my morning reading time. Most days I only get up roughly on time when I realize I didn't make lunch the night before and need to make it. I should get my butt up when the alarm goes off. I'm not sure if it's a sleep quality thing, a stress thing, a get-to-bed-earlier thing, a I'm lazy thing, or what. I just don't know. Just need a bit of energy 4) Keep Driving Forward I need self care. A lot of it. September and October were insane enough without the car accident, and now with it so much is moving around me that I'm just barely scraping by it feels. I have a Self Care weekend the long weekend of Columbus Day. I fully expect to not deal with people that entire weekend. I just don't know if I can make it that long without some severe self care. I kind of suspect my body will do its famous "You are really stressed and even though your brain is saying you will get a rest in a few days so keep moving I Veto this so enjoy my shut down" tactic. I should wake up earlier to read and destress in the morning. I should take a lot more quiet time for myself (which is harder, with a new, more talkative roommate moved in now). I should work on my sleep quality. I should stretch more. I should channel Iroh, and drink more tea. Just a lot of more self-focus, rather than being outgoing or social or training maybe. So that's the plan for the next few weeks. Hopefully it helps.
  15. RisenPhoenix

    The Courtyard (Monk General Chat)

    Welcome back, we have all made it to the second half of the year! What are you guys looking to accomplish in the next several months? Any major changes that are going to make your challenges a bit more challenging? Or take you to a place you had no idea would be ventured when you looked forward in January? Personally, I gave up my goal to get my black belt this year. And my happiness has skyrocketed.