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  1. Really think you’re underestimating how self deprecating I am and overestimating my ability to take compliments and self worth. Working on it, but not exactly primed to easily accept nice things about myself. Does this count as a know thy self moment? Pretty sure it counts and I get points for it.
  2. I very much want to refute all of this but I suspect if I do that @Tanktimus the Encouragerwill come bursting through my walls a la the Koolaid man to beat me.
  3. Adding in my sympathies, because I ended a 6 year relationship at the start of last year (silly me thinking that was going to be the crap highlight of 2020) for much the same reason of I was all give, she was all take. With the added flavor of me trying to ask for things and assert my boundaries resulted in her gaslighting me and telling me how I was terrible. Super fun times. So as someone solidly in his mid 30s and, uh, as above ended a long term thing that I had expected to end in marriage..... Dating sucks. Maybe it's the introvert in me, or the cynic, or the figur
  4. I hate your face, too. Maybe marginally less than @SevenFootGeek. (Yes I tagged him and yes he will probably message me annoyed later.) --------- I've been meaning to post, but I've been away and/or, uh, passed out. My company gave us Monday off, so I used the long weekend to visit people and exchange Xmas gifts. First stopped by my cousin and caught up with her (and also filled her in on how I'm dealing with the very Pro-Trump family we have so she would be aware. Cliffnotes: They are officially placed at arms distance and will be holiday and event messa
  5. Oooof. The 20mile mark is tricky. There's Breakheart Reservation that's decent, and doesn't seem to have much elevation. It was nice enough, but super popular when I went and that annoyed me. There's the Middlesex fells (which is right by me), which is smaller, but I think nicer and less populated, but its longest (official) trail is about 8 miles, though there is enough acreage that you could easily wander to hit 20 I would imagine. It has some elevation, but not mountain-like stuff. Also Re: Games. Hades and wonderful and everyone should be playing it. That is all.
  6. 1) I’m working on it. So far it’s been a ride. 2) You aren’t wrong and yes there is a fuse box but my portion of the basement (condo) isn’t close to it. Also the house was built in 1920 so kinda makes sense to not have many outlets. 3) Noted and will probably use that I hope. Holy crap, my Twin! *waves* Thanks for the solidarity! As for Portsmouth Aikido, I know a LOT. I’m friendly with the chief instructor and several people who train there, and I adore everyone there. I actually was thinking about starting to spend some time traini
  7. It feels like this week has been an eternity, and it's only Thursday. I've been chugging long, and I've had I think multiple one on ones with New New Boss the first three days this week. Today I was blissfully without meetings, though I spent the morning in the lab training three people from another wing of the company on tech I am the subject matter expert on. Still confused how I got that crown, but here I am. Then I've been preparing for another meeting with him that's in the morning reading old documents we sent to the FDA to get up to speed about how that works. Thankfully
  8. Holy crap! Totally no welcomes back since you are clearly a new person and not an alternate phoenix from long ago. True. Things got even crazier in the last few days so maybe just having a safe venting location is good. I dunno. ------------ My Monday morning started off with an email that my company's Chief Science Officer had resigned. So much for remaining postive. Okay, not entirely true. It doesn't really impact me that much, aside from people trying to figure out what to do now and next steps, and a who
  9. Goal: Try to have a positive outlook for this week. Try very, very hard. So as you might expect, this weekend I have mostly been a blob of blobbiness. I bought Hades earlier in the week before everything went sideways, and I have spent many hours trying to escape Hell. Supergiant Games does a fantastic job of making games that even with their repetition feel fresh every run and exciting, plus I love Darren Korb's soundtracks. Highly recommend the game, even if you aren't using it as a escape. Food has been relatively solid the last two days, though I have indulged a
  10. Sigh. Guys this week. Just found out I’m getting a new boss tomorrow morning. Company reorg and my boss is losing me to another guy I’ve been working with a bit over the last few months. While my current boss is a pain in the ass, he and I actually have a great understanding of one another and get along well. Plus I could count on him to help me get to where I wanted to go. He is also upset at losing me, so it’s kind of like multiple people are upset. And likely my VP is not pleased given I’m one of the senior lab people in the department who could help manage thi
  11. Today my brain really hasn't wanted to work. At all. Partially from The Coup, partially from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday also dropping massive amounts of Major Work Events on me and dramatically changing my company and job. On one hand, it's exhausting, but on the other I'm doing substantially better with my anxiety than I would have been a month ago. Which is fairly solid proof that it was a wise choice to put myself back on my meds. Even my food consumption yesterday is not the nightmare it would have been, and today it's been fairly easy to not devour All The Things despite having a
  12. The monks have a long, long history of Avatar-themed challenges. More than a few years ago I think we had the entire guild buy in and we all had some Avatar-flavored theme. 😁
  13. Update: had whiskey and ice cream Calorie count for today is something like 3000 calories. I’d be annoyed but the two prior days were 1600 and 2000. It all balances out eventually. Back on the horse tomorrow.
  14. I was going to make an update. But I'm just too pissed and furious at the behavior of Trump supporters and QAnon bullshit to even make an attempt. Pardon me while I go make whiskey pour three a reality.
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