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  1. So. Got a job. Have plans for a challenge revolving around that. Plus monking and other shenanagins, I'm sure. Just didn't get around to writing it today because my last 12 hours have been a whirlwind since I got the offer.
  2. Oh hey Employment. What's up? Been a while. See you in June. (Yup. That happened today.)
  3. Oh. Er. I guess the challenge ended? Erm. Oh. I guess I'll do a recap? 1) Cut - Terrible. Like, complete and utter failure. I am pretty much the exact same measurements that I was at the start of the challenge. Yea, part of that was the girlfriend visiting and some water weight gain and having to come down from it again, but.... Yeesh. But at the same time.... I don't think I care quite as much. I think next challenge I'm going to try and tidy up my diet a bit more, try to make sure my snacks are a bit more satiating, and probably a bit more fat-heavy, rather than carb heavy. Probably going to be on a point system for junk foods. Dunno. I'll figure it out. Yes, I want to be leaner and not quite as pillow-feeling as I currently am. Maybe I should get on that whole "Take Progress Photos" thing.... 2) Back to the Grind - At least this is working out well. I've been doing at least three workouts a week that are not-aikido based. And an added bonus, I've been okay with them being DIFFERENT things. So I've been okay with a yoga session and a ruck. Or a long (long) walk and a lifting session. Or two lifting sessions. Or a Lifting session and a ruck. So that's been kind of great. It's like Taoist workouts R Us. I just flow into whatever my body feels like doing that day. 3) Squat mobility - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 4) Anti-Hermiting: Actually kind of successful. I had nice phone calls with Mistr and SevenFootGeek. I had dinner this past week with my grading partner. Company came for a couple of days and we were actually doing couple things, instead of her being stuck studying the entire time. That said, it DID really show I need a bit more self-care in the mix in terms of my introversion. Thursday to Sunday I mega-charged my introvert battery between not seeing people, having really minor interactions with humanity, reading, coffee, walks, movies alone, and sleep. Sunday morning I felt amazingly energized. Enough that my dojo peoples were wondering WHAT had gotten into me. (Answer: Lots of sleep, two pots of coffee, and a really good mood.) So I liked pushing myself out of my social isolation (which was needed), but I also need to remember to take the Me-time, too, and not over book myself. So yea. Mixed bag for this challenge. But lots of stuff I learned, so hopefully I can craft something useful from it all. This week I have three or four interviews. I'm waiting to hear back from two different job interviews I went on. And in the end, It's kind of freeing to know that worst case scenario is I move. It's all set. People have been warned. It's a thing. And I'm kind of at peace with the thought (even if I hate the damned area). But it's something.
  4. Keeping it simple. 1) Time to Cut: Drop to an average of 2600 calories per day by the end of the challenge I haven't been on a (major) cut since I left for Camp back in September. By and large, I've figured out that at 3,000 calories a day my body is pretty content to hover around 210 pounds, with a gut measurement of 36.5 inches. I'm less concerned about the weight this time, but I'm not feeling that gut measurement. At my thinnest I was measuring a hair under 35.5", and ideally I'd be slightly under 35" and in the 15% bodyfat range. I'm just feeling doughy around the middle more than I'd like. Add in the fact that mid-June I have a wedding I want to look extra spiffy at, and I think now is a good time to see how my body handles a cut. Also I now understand why cuts are terrible, because I'm ravenous at 2500 calories usually these days, so this is going to go a bit on the slow side. Week 1 I want to angle for about 2800-2900 calories a day. Week 2 I want to angle for 2700-2800 calories a day. Week three I should be hitting between 2600-2700 calories. And that last week I should be more around 2600 pretty consistently or lower. Going to measure my weight twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday) for tracking purposes, and also my gut measurement once a week. Nothing too crazy. 2) Back to the Grind: Three Non-aikido workouts a week The last month and a half has been not exactly ideal for me in terms of my regularly scheduled life. I was injured, then traveling, then sick, then training for the exam, then sick again. Today marks the first time I've lifted in almost 2 weeks. Prior to that I had lifted only once about two weeks before then. But we are also getting really nice weather now, so I may start rucking again through the woods instead of lifting on Monday and Friday like I normally would. Still aiming for 5-7 aikido classes, but that's been constant for the last 5 years, so I don't exactly see that changing any time soon. 3) Getting Deep: Squat mobility every day Jonathon Mead is one of the Headmasters I met at Camp NF. Awesome guy, and very big on getting people outside and moving and being natural. Very MoveNat-like. He recently posted a Primal Squat mobility guide for free. I've always felt my squat and my depth were the weakest part of my lifts, so I figured I'd sign up and give it a whirl. Goal is to do this every morning of the challenge, probably just before my coffee/while the kettle is heating up. I figure that should give me plenty of time to do the routine and then I get the coffee after the fact as a reward. Mmmm. Coffee. 4) Anti-Hermit: Stop Hermiting as much Okay, doing something super different and challenging for me. My anxiety has been through the roof (shocking, I know). It has mostly impacted my sleeping in terms of insomnia and really obnoxious amounts of sleep to be a functional human. I also am aware that I hermit pretty hard in the best of times. One shocking thing I've noticed is that now and again, I actually like being able to see my friends. I guess I'll credit @Big_Show with the revelation, since this dawned on me while I was having a skype chat with him not long ago. So my goal is to be social and/or have two skype chats/hangouts with people a week. The skype hangouts are pretty low key even for me, and shockingly seem to do a large amount of good for my introvert mental state. Weird. Also I'm not allowed to count going to aikido as being social, unless I actually go out with people afterwards. Driving people home does not count in this regard. So yea. Something simultaneously not crazy AND crazy for me this time around. Imagine that. Doing a challenge properly. Weird.