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    Eh, this isn't a huge deal like that. IF it were "Miss all your classes always because work" he'd get a big ol' fuck off from me. This is just minor teasing because I have made it clear that most of the time I'm away in the evenings for training purposes. That said, I have, in fact, told him unless things were on fire if he tried to give me weekend work I would tell him to fuck off. In those words.
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    RisenPhoenix Works On Something

    It's Tuesday. Somethings happened kinda I guess. Week was crazy with all the data stuff at work, but Friday I did manage to get two hours on the mat in with Harvard. I was going to leave after one class to unwind, but was convinced/harassed to stay. Got home later than I really wanted, but ah well. Weekend was surprisingly relaxing considering I spent it with my parents. Saturday I woke up much later than expected and got a late start. Got to my parents' house and promptly was taken to the back woods to lumberjack. Wood hauling, cutting, stacking. Worked with my dad for a couple of hours, got a cord of wood or so cut and stacked in their wood shed. I was then fed a dinner that mostly consisted of veggies, which I think is a first at my family's house. Following day was light but still some physical activity, and I got sent home with a bunch of leftovers they wouldn't eat (read: Veggies and meat). I also upgraded my slowly dying phone. I'm now chic and own an iPhone 11. Huge upgrade from my iphone 6 that was no longer charging properly. Or giving locational data properly. Or pairing well with my bluetooth headphones. Or car. Or staying in silent mode. It's a nice upgrade that'll last me another 5 or 6 years, until Apple stops supporting this one, too. Food is not particularly awesome right now. Yesterday I guess wasn't terrible, today's worst offenders are rice, some popcorn chip things, and a few nibbles of chocolate. Lots of nuts, too. Should work on getting more fruit into my system and water. Been slacking on that front. Trying to not be paranoid about the calorie counting, just being mindful of my junk intake right now. Easier for my brain. Social-wise I kind of already was social this week. Coworker I'm semi-mentoring came by my house to pick my brain about some experimental design stuff, plus a little venting for him. Initially the draw was picking my brain over whiskey, but I made tea instead and we just had tea and science instead of whiskey and science. Later this week NuBboss wants to take the team to dinner, and was insistent that everyone comes. To the point he made a direct comment to be flexible with the time and calling out my aikido commitments. Whiiiiiich shows he's gotten the point that I'm not just someone who does science and I'm a whole person. And also he wanted a Thursday dinner so I could make that anyway, even with adding in Thursday classes. >.> <.< House stuff still needs to be organized. Gotta call a plumber. I have a lot of expenses kind of popping up this month, more than I expected, so I'm going to have to be a bit light somewhere in my things. Thankfully I've kind of been told I don't need to pay much/at all for the dojo's annual seminar. I have helped with a million things, plus I'm allowing at least 4 people to sleep at the house that weekend for the seminar. I can be a little light on money this time around.
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    RisenPhoenix Works On Something

    The Something is TBD. Okay, the TBD didn't really happen, so lets keep it vague and still somewhat measurable. 1) Something about Food I need to keep logging my calories, but with the inclusion of multiple provided lunches at work, it's hard to accurately track. So on days that I'm getting a lunch (or being social on the weekend), I'm going to go for an IF approach. Thankfully the days I'm provided lunch at work are Wednesday and Thursday, which means they won't make my life difficult for aikido. I have accepted that my job, IF, and training do not mesh well. I don't have enough in my control to really keep the timings of my meals in such a way that they can fit my bench work times, give me ample room to digest before aikido, and then have a meal after aikido. My attempts at 16-8 inevitably turn into more like 12-12, or 14-10. Weekends I still do semi-fast, anyway. Still aiming to have my weight be 210 or less by mid November, and my last weight in had me at 217, which is nearly 10 pounds lower than when I started at the beginning of last challenge. So at least progress is being made. Even if I had a lot of food and beverage at my house warming this weekend. 2) Something about Aikido We are still trying to launch a fundraiser for, well, funds for the dojo to move. And I need to work on some social media outreach, photography, and interviews we wish to work on. Also there's the whole teaching fiasco that is just sucky and definitely influencing my brain. (Though fun conversation last night with the other 6th dan senior instructor is the fact that she also finds all of this ridiculous and she said she'd talk to Sensei to see if she can get a better outcome.) . Tack on the fact that I'm trying to get back to building myself back to a semi-regular schedule and that's that. 3) Something about Houses There are a few things I want to get settled before the weather turns too cold here. I have two radiators that have small leaks around the valves to turn them on and off. It's either a very easy fix, or a very hard fix. The easy fix means I should be able to do it. The hard fix means I have to hire someone. On top of that there are steam vent valves that need replacing on some of the units, so they don't whistle the night away once warmed. I also would like to install a smart thermostat, but am also 100% certain it'll be more involved (from what I saw I need a C-wire for most smart thermostats, and my furnace is old enough that it doesn't have one). That's to say nothing of the whole "How well insulated in my house" question that I won't know until Winter actually hits. But if I can spend a bit more money to clear out the big issues, hopefully it'll be easier down the road. 4) Something about Socializing Being in the new house without a roommate is nice, but also means I now lack and built-in socializing that living with someone provides. Honestly, no idea if I actually care about it, but I should probably try to have one or two more social things added to my calendar to get me out of the house. I guess. This Saturday I'm volunteering at my cousin's brewery/going to a birthday celebration, I need to have AgentSka and his girlfriend over for dinner at some point, and there are a few other "what's ups" that might be happening by the end of the challenge. So try to get a bit out of my comfort zone I guess. Maybe. Somethings are exhausting.