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  1. Man this week has been a rollercoaster for my brain. It's been SUPER. Yesterday I lifted after work. I'm starting to think Tuesday afternoons/nights are my best option there. Between working morning shift and the covid cases being on the rise meaning the shifts aren't going away any time soon, my options are either Monday night or Tuesday night. The second lifting time in the week is set to be Friday, but it'll also likely be in the afternoons, rather than mornings. Though if I work from home on the Fridays (which is a slight pattern that I've been seeing happen), then I can go during my lunch break. Benefits of the place being literally next door to my house. Adulting things that have dropped onto my lap is having to replace piping in my basement. My neighbor had a water leak issue that gave me a sacre, but when the plumber came to evaluate everything noted we 1) shared the pipe and 2) my pipes were similarly corroded and looking to fail, and 3) further inspection found another corroded and failed component in my boiler, which will cost me more money! Yay! Homeownership is fun! So now I'm waiting to move money around to get this rolling. Also my thermostat isn't sending signal to my furnace, so I am also cold through all of this. Anway. Goodie. It is cold out, but also A is going to come by tonight and feed me soup she made. I'm going to go get some bread to make home made garlic bread, and then some wine. Seems like a solid life choice, if you ask me. Maybe I should ask if we should make grilled cheeses... Does that count as a novel vegetarian meal?
  2. Today kind of was shit. Last night involves brain squirrels so bad I needed anxiety meds to get them to slow enough so I could sleep. I was exhausted and running late today. The weather was Grey and rainy and cold. The person I tapped to help me with an experiment plan that lasts a week screwed up the time table so badly (and then tried to defend herself with the excuse that I didn’t tell her enough times) that what should have been able to be accomplished and finished in a normal day had me not leave the lab for 9 hours (and I left early). My neighbor called to let me know that a pipe of mine was about to fail and that I should replace it when the plumber comes to fix her similarly corroded pipe. And my boss kept harping on me to somehow manage a 3-5 day protocol in one day while I juggled 4 different experiments, including the aforementioned helper screw up. Not great. I semi bribed A to come visit after work with promises of local shop donuts and dinner. I cooked, on the fly, a chickpea Bolognese with squash and peppers, and a home made tomato sauce using canned stewed and diced tomatoes and fresh herbs over linguine. We ate and watched Schitt’s Creek (yes she is the reason I’ve been watching it so much), and both of us puddled very, very hard. And so the night was a bit better than the rest of the day. In the same way an elephant is a bit bigger than a termite. It’s nice to be able to spontaneously hang out with a person you’re dating, even if they aren’t spending the night. Because living two miles away means it’s a nice short drive to drop them off. Weird how that works.
  3. Bludgeoning really works better. Besides, you’d all get bored reading that sentence over and over again.
  4. Yea yea yea. I know this. I just sometimes need to force myself to remember this. Repeatedly. With bludgeoning.
  5. Challenge is up, gifs are massive, and I don't care.
  6. (Yea, I've been watching a lot of Schitt's Creek lately....)
  7. Yea I’ve been meaning to post but life is kind of cray cray at the moment. But here’s the next challenge link that I’ll update later today or people can yell at me.
  8. Right, Hi, I'm here now. Promise. Uh, last couple of weeks have been interesting. Started seeing someone more regularly, work got extra crazy, the dojo decided it wants to have another seminar, my sleep schedule as been terrible, and my house is a mess. But plus side, Ive been devouring Schitt's Creek and it's amazing and therefore expect to have many, many gifs of this litter my challenge this time around. So CHALLENGE: Getting My Squat On -StrongLifts twice a week -Figure out best time for lifting -Track protein macros I started lifting again, because NP early in the mornings was not helping my mental state any longer. They have some in-person meet ups, but that would require much earlier wake ups than I have been doing, driving to random locations that change, and then heading home to shower before running off to work. Just a bit much for me, plus the socialization aspect when it’s that small of a group is a lot harder for me to deal with early in the morning. Thankfully the Iron is quiet, always challenging, and doesn’t try to get me to explain what that grunt means. That said, I still work a morning shift, so I need to find the best time to workout. The mornings are probably still the best, I just need to figure out if I can wake up at a reasonable time again, or if maybe post-lab work afternoon lifting is best. Also I should pay attention to my protein intake. I’ve been fairly carb heavy these days, and light on the rest of the good things, so I should try to keep tabs on that. (Also not tracking calories, so I should start thinking about how to manage better eating without tracking and a less-paleo centric approach.) Avoid the Dread -One solid evening of selfcare a week I’ve been super social lately. Also I’m now seeing someone, which means, uh, being social on more occasions. Thankfully she also is an introvert, and also is fine with me vanishing some times, I just need to remember that it’s okay to be selfish and take care of myself. So I need to spend one evening a week just…. Away from the phone, people, adult responsibilities. Just something to let myself unwind. What Does Burning Smell Like -One new fish or vegetarian dish a week -Find easy to share and make carb alternative for grain-bowl-type foods Okay, right, so on the tail of “seeing someone,” she’s a pescatarian with a heavy vegetarian bend. She doesn’t REQUIRE me to change my eating habits, but the concept of cooking two meals for us isn’t great in my brain, unless I can modify something in such a way that I can cook the non-meat with the protein at the same time. So trying to figure out a new recipe a week sounds like a solid plan in my eyes. What am I Supposed to do Now? General Adulting List, because I have so much to do · VOTE · Oil Change · Create Dojo Seminar Poster and send out to the Board before Nov 2 Board meting · Find a way to shuffle money for escrow shortage · Construct new cover for roof entry (even if just a tarp for the season) · Get covers for porch furniture · Make plans for new basement stairs · Find a new thermostat and install by myself · Get a new phone plan · Take down the remaining garden plants · Clean Guest room out · Clean Library room out · Make drape hooks · List to be expanded as needed So here I am. Up a creek, but it at least seems I have a paddle.
  9. You know the chatty drill. Send good Gifs.
  10. I seriously have no plans or ideas or even mental bandwidth to figure something out. So here's a vague list of things I want to focus on and will flesh out as this goes and probably move forward into the next challenge. A Stronger Core - using some exercise ever day a la the pushup challenge I had a while back with Ska A Stronger Back - no idea how to do this without a gym Get to 200 pounds, mostly by refocusing my diet Hike at least 2, 4000 footers in NH (the buddy I had planned on going with might not be available any more, but I should go myself then) Weapon practice outside of the dojo times Self care / socializing recovery - been more social and kind of peopled out, should remember I tend to over-socialized and then shrink back to a hermit. Find a better balance. New Monday Morning routine - given work/social requirements, Monday morning NP feels a bit too... in my face for the start of the week. Find alternate workout. Mentor @sarakingdom. In what? I dunno, she told me to put this here. Lock down finances better. More selfcare. Maybe massage or actually getting that pedicure the aikido people got for my birthday nearly a year ago. Interview therapists, even though anxiety is somewhat mitigated these days. Uhhhh, that's about it. Like I said. Vague list. Suggestions welcome.