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  1. *poke poke* You alive over there?
  2. I won't lie. I was brought on to cover a woman's maternity leave. She gave birth early. My immediate thought was "Well now they are stuck with me at least until she comes back..." I really miss having some semblance of stability in my life...
  3. ^This Especially if you were super low balled and the benefits suck. Asking for the median/average salary is the least they can do. I was unemployed with *nothing* in the pipeline, and I had to turn down an offer because the salary was 1) ridiculously below the average pay rate for my skill set and 2) their benefits were average at best, while trying to convince me that they were actually above average. I turned them down (politely), but explained they were so below market rate it would set me back years. I Waited. I ended up getting a job that pays almost double what they offered AND has less responsibilities. So, uh, yea. If you can hold out, do it.
  4. Jaaaaaazz hands!
  5. The beginning of this month was the anniversary of my getting laid off and the 11-month stint of unemployment. I joked that day with my boss that I was expecting her to fire me. Except it wasn't entirely a joke. Now that it's gone and past, I feel a bit better. So I totally get this.
  6. Not enough writing. 2/10 for update post.
  7. Probably not me. Apparently I'm a secret hermit when it comes to Nerds these days. >.> <.< Unless I decide to go all in and throw, I dunno, like a 50 person gathering. Yup. Dem was the days.
  8. I found that I'm super sensitive to blue light, so I try to avoid screens that don't have a bluelight filter on pretty much from 9PM onwards. It made a huge difference in how fast I fell asleep, because I historically was/am a person who just can't fall asleep. Doesn't stop the occasional insomnia, but eh, shit happens. Also I adore this hashtag.
  9. So what you are saying is you live relatively close to Nerd Mecca and didn't share. Shame on you. Plan a Nerd meet up there. Immediately.
  10. Seconded. Though I'd definitely say be comfortable at that 15minute/mile pace. And maybe have a photographic memory of a map of your local area... Also Nerd Gatherings are <3.
  11. Also reading that I just learned we should be running a minichallenge each challenge now. I totally missed we reinstated that. Soooo..... guess I need to put my thinking cap on.
  12. My guess? You jumped too far ahead for what habits you have established currently. So you spend too much willpower in those three days trying to be too strict with yourself, and then by the next step you have no willpower left to sustain you and maintain that strict method of eating. So find what's hardest for you, and pull back a bit. Take baby steps to get to your final location, because the baby steps are going to make those binges less frequent, since you won't use up all that willpower.
  13. So NF is recruiting Guild Leaders and Ambassadors. As much as I'm trying to get back in to the swing of being a better GL like my olden days activity levels, it certainly wouldn't hurt if @Kishi, @TheShogun, and I had an extra pair of hands or two to help spread the word about Monks. Or if you are a regular at another guild and think you'd want to help them out. Sign up an application, and see what happens! (Man, NF got all professional and sometimes it weirds me out. I just harassed people to become a GL back in the day. >.> <.< )
  14. So Friday ended up being a great day. Partially because the person training me wasn't here, and I was allowed to spread my wings a bit more. A lot easier to be flexible when you have semi-full knowledge of what is going on, rather than suddenly having something thrust upon you that you were given no notice of whatsoever. I can be flexible, but they also want me to stay below 40 hours (which hasn't been happening anyway, really), and don't get shit like that means it's really freaking hard to do so. Anyway. It was great and relaxing on Friday, despite being busy, and I got out early AND decided to go lifting. Mainly so I could sleep in and not rush to RI on Saturday morning. Weekend was actually pretty relaxing, even if the food choices were not so hot. Oh well. I ate as well as I could, which included a tiny bit of fasting. I honestly don't feel as shitty as I normally do when I get back from my parents place, so that's good. Update for this last week: 1) Feast - Food has been pretty solid. A couple of non-primal items, but nothing egrarious. I'm much less worried about eating Primal than I am about tracking calories - at the end of the day I don't mind tracking, and at the end of the day everything is Calories In/Calorie Out. 2) Odin - Tracked everything but the weekend food, plus took my progress photos. I *do* need to start emailing myself the photos to put into a powerpoint slide for easier visualization/tracking. 3) Thor - Totally have just jumped on the "Lifting 4x a week" Train. Lifted 4 times, and honestly the prior week felt weird not lifting four times. I do think I need to eat a bunch more food on days with double nighttime aikido. I'm just feeling gassed by the end of the first class usually, and I don't think it's all because of the humidity. 4) Loki - Meh. Cleaning is going well. I have a plan to get new tires and whatnot done this coming weekend. It would have been this past weekend if I hadn't been called down to RI for the going away party. Everything else is... not going so great. Though I suppose "Start Learning Japanese" should be on the list now - been doing the Duolingo for 3 weeks straight now, so clearly that's working. Apparently the "Do tiny amounts of things" works well for me. I should try using that method more in the future.
  15. Honestly, missing a week of classes isn't that big of a deal in the long run, assuming when you get back you start yourself back up like normal again. I've missed much, much longer for various reasons over the years, and the unifying feeling I've always gotten was being glad to get back on the mat when I could. If the lack of *movement* was bothering you rather than lack of mat time, then yea, BW and whatnot workouts should be fine. For Krav-specific things, you could do whatever your usual warmups or drills are, maybe a krav equivalent of shadow boxing, hell, just *thinking* about technique and body movement is helpful to keep your mind in it. Maybe if you're desperate for mat time see if there's a local Krav place that'll let you pay a mat fee. But seriously. Missing a week is nothing, even at the beginning. So don't worry about it.