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  1. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Wanders through Skyrim

    My boss is aware that given my function in the team that the metrics don’t adequately reflect my activity level. She has a work around, it’s just mildly ridiculous and means we are double logging data just to show I’m being “productive.” And yea. Nightmare project she admits is a nightmare. So it’ll be great. I’m allowed to keep stating all of this up until Sensei declares “I Am Testing.” Until that point, all my objections stand.
  2. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Wanders through Skyrim

    Well fuck nuggets. Just got informed that 1) some metrics are being collected and used to evaluate people that I have a hard time meeting because I'm in a support role and 2) that a giant nightmare of a project is currently staring my group down in the face, with most of my face being front and center. Goodie. I suppose at least the upshot is this "just a quick meeting" didn't result in me getting laid off for once.
  3. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Wanders through Skyrim

    Just a single set until failure. Nothing that really takes longer than a minute at this point, which was what I was aiming for. My arms, chest, and core need some work, and pushups seemed to be the best way to go about it. Maybe next challenge I'll start trying to do a couple of sets per day, but right now I'm okay with doing them while waiting for my coffee to brew. Oh, I've had long discussions about how I feel on the topic with my peers and sempai-peoples. Most of the reactions boil down to "Tough shit, we're going to keep pushing." >.< As for the natural inclination.... yea, that's a thing I have. Even at work I'm known as they guy who will train anyone at the drop of a hat. So teaching and training people I'm okay with when I feel confident in my ability. I just am not at that point in aikido yet, beyond that 1-on-1 level things. I have a lot of knowledge, just the ability is currently lagging further behind than I'd like.
  4. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Wanders through Skyrim

    I mean, I already *do* teach. I'm a senior student at this point, so new people either are passed to me or gravitate to me. And it is incredibly helpful to diagnose things and help people push forward. It's 100% the truth. I'm just less thrilled about being pushed from multiple angles into teaching in a bit more of a formal capacity. Partially since I have a lot more things I need to fix myself before I feel comfortable about doing anything more than 1-on-1 teaching/helping/instruction. ---------- Forgot to mention yesterday's pushup count: That was 23, this morning was 24. I'm realizing the pushup and yoga challenges are complimenting one another nicely - the instructor at work does a lot of chataranga (get to a plank, to a slow descent to the floor, to cobra pose, back up, and then into downward facing dog) in her classes. So the pushups are helping with that slow descent. Goal for today is to call the mechanic near my house to schedule an appointment for new brake pads/potentially rotors. Really, really need to do this. If I haven't accomplished it by tomorrow afternoon, you all should yell at me. Going to slack my company in a channel to ask if people want to buy my concert tickets, as well. At the end of the day eating the cost would suck, but I can manage. Also the fact remains I could always just go by myself. Though the following morning would suck driving to Summer Camp in NJ. We shall see.
  5. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Wanders through Skyrim

    Man this weekend was kind of great. Friday I actually went to the BBQ, somehow managing to peel myself off my couch. Couple of beers, some tasty food, good geeky company. I got home substantially later than expected, but still managed to sleep well and woke up rested. Both Saturday and Sunday I did 2 hours of aikido for the first time in what felt like ages. My knees/muscles were a bit grumpy, but it felt good. And for the first time in a long while I enjoyed working with a peer who has been kind of an ass for the last year and a half. Hopefully they keep on this trend, but I'm not sure if I'll hold my breath - they've entered a self-perpetuating cycle of being an unhelpful ass to people, being avoided by people because of it, and then complaining that they are being avoided, which leads to them being an ass to people. But we'll see what happens. I also started working more regularly with Original Goober (for those who remember those tales), and I'm.... well, actually kind of enjoying it. There may be a bit of enjoyment from bossing around a sandan, though. But since I've just given up getting my own good practice in, it's been teaching me to give instruction when I'll get none. On top of that, one of the senior instructors told me he wants to see the soon-to-be shodans practicing after class regularly on Saturday because he wants to see Good Shodan Exams. I'm not entirely certain if he also was somewhat hinting/directing me to help people train for testing in a semi-loose instructor role. It wouldn't shock me, but it also doesn't entirely thrill me. It's a path more than a few others have been trying to shove me onto... (Shut up, I know the previous paragraph talks about me learning to give instruction.) The rest of the weekend.... I binge watched 12 Monkeys and played a whole lot of Octopath Traveler. Both are SO GOOD. 12 Monkeys is a great series with apparently really well thought out wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey plots, and since the 4th season was the last and just aired, I splurged and bought the season on Amazon so I could continue binging it. And Octopath is just pretty, and I spent 10 hours going through early sections of the game to collect all the party members. Now I get to pick new destinations, and see things I hadn't already seen in the demo. So I am super excited. Now I get to think up great party configurations. I'm super excited. #NerdLife
  6. RisenPhoenix


    That is more motivation than anything external will ever give you. When you get to that point and cultivate it, it works wonders. That said, nothing wrong with also trying to change things up now and again if you want a burst of "newness" dopamine. The idea is just to keep moving forward towards whatever goals you want.
  7. RisenPhoenix


    Motivation does not keep you moving. Habit does. You need to build the habit so you don't rely on motivation. Because sometimes working out sucks and no one wants to do that shit. But you can build a regular schedule and get to a point where it just feels *weird* to not be moving. That said, motivation tends to be from a desire for external validation in some form. So give yourself a reason to keep performing using a reward. Something you wouldn't do otherwise. Go shopping for a new pair of jeans. Grab dinner at a fancy restaurant. Take that trip you've always wanted. Early on, the rewards will help. But be aware that if you reward yourself too regularly for workouts, the dopamine hit gets less effective over time. So use it sparingly.
  8. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Wanders through Skyrim

  9. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Wanders through Skyrim

    Thanks, guys and gals. Yesterday I went home and I was a massive puddle. It was wonderful. Had a light dinner, relaxed, and slept shockingly well. I probably should do the same thing tonight, but I already committed to a BBQ tonight at a friend's place. Won't stay super long, I imagine, but it will be good. Random Nerdy ramble below: Played a lot of Octopath Traveler yesterday. The game was announced by Square Enix mid last year, and is meant to invoke classic 16-bit JRPGs of days of yore (think Chrono Trigger, FFVI), but with a few quality of life more recent games have, plus some shiny tech. So the game is pixel art, but modified to make the terrain 3D, plus some amazing lighting effects and upgrades. Beautiful score. Awesome gameplay. The Demo they put out a couple weeks ago lets you play the first 3 hours of the game, and then save and transfer the file to the game when it released (today). So I played that demo a whole bunch. There are 8 characters, and you pick one to play as. I picked ones and played them so that I ended up collecting the rest of the 8 party members and seeing their starting story. Since I preordered the game, though, I decided I'd go back and start "for real" with the character I wanted to play as, and then meander a bit. Essentially do my real first three hours Wednesday and Thursday, and then play the game when I got home tonight. The subreddit about the game is slightly insane. People who burned through the three hours and collected all 8 people before two hours were up. Finding temples and shrines and bonus content. Doing high level dungeon areas. It was insane. I was just content to try a few different things this time, nice and laid back. I skipped some prologues of things because I wanted to move faster, but they were stories I had heard recently. I ended up running into a rare critter, and in the most JRPG moment ever, managed to kill it and get insane amounts of experience - so I went from having characters at level 6 or 7 to suddenly 15. I am now a monster in these early areas, and I can't tell if that makes me feel happy or not. In any case, I started as "The Apothacary." His background is essentially the practical scientist character, and his gameplay is awesome. He's kind of a Red Mage character, plus Rikku in FF X. So besides being a pretty solid physical character, he mixes up potions and grenades to do some awesome things. It's awesome. Definitely suits how I play. Also may or may not be me in real life, so there's that. I'm curious to see how the game rolls. I've seen some mixed reviews about the story, but I'm enjoying the individual stories quite a bit. There was talk of the game merging the narratives eventually by the developers, but reviews said they didn't see that 30-40 hours in. I suspect the merging will less be "Here is one giant story that's unified" and more of a "This is the narrative of the world and the people who occupy it." Particularly since one character was lecturing about the fall of a kingdom another of PCs was engaged in. But it should be pretty cool, regardless. And scratch my turn-based RPG itch. And so yea. Probably a challenge theme about that sometime soon....
  10. RisenPhoenix

    RisenPhoenix Wanders through Skyrim

    Okay, been a couple of days since I posted. Whatever bug hit me on Monday seems to have mostly passed through me (no pun intended). Nearly 100%, but tired, sore, and just really meh about existing right now. Part of this might be that in addition to not feeling great the last few days my roommate's mother has been staying with us. Lovely woman, but definitely I put on my Hosting Hat and extroverted a bit. Add in the fact that I've been extroverting at work dealing with a vendor to come in and fix a malfunctioning piece of equipment, and that I sent off the email to the landlord about the whole new roommate thing, and I'm pretty drained. So tonight I decided I'm skipping aikido to go puddle at home - I'll go to class tomorrow morning instead. No pushups pretty much most of this week, but I want to do them tonight when I'm home. That said, I did at least do my yoga yesterday at work. Nothing super crazy, but it definitely felt good to move a bit. And so yea. Not dead, just exhausted. Really can't wait for this weekend....
  11. RisenPhoenix

    What are your thoughts on tea for weight loss?

    This. People want an easy out and an easy answer that doesn't impact their habits much. They want cheats and short cuts. And speaking of cheats and shortcuts, I'm just going to quote myself from the top of the thread: People don't typically drink enough water to begin with. People usually drink a whole bunch of soda/juice/smoothies/coffees, loaded with calories. So by swapping those out for water, they 1) are better hydrated and stop mistaking dehydration signals for hunger signals, 2) aren't downing extra calories, and 3) suddenly lose weight because they have stopped eating as mindlessly and are not consuming extra calories to begin with.
  12. RisenPhoenix

    D&D Character Stats in Your Signatures?

    Ah! I was looking for this thread that detailed the D&D stuff: Man, the olden days....
  13. RisenPhoenix

    Slow-Carb Diet

    I read 4 Hour Body a couple years ago. Really, it's just a supplemented Paleo diet. Do the supplements work? Eh, probably a small amount. But what I got from the book was the fact that the central part of the diet is still eat well, and treat yourself occasionally. The supplements supposedly accelerate things, but I also feel like in the grand scheme of things the important part is the food, not the pills. If pills actually caused massive weightloss there would be a whole bunch of skinny people by now. But yea. Some people do well with the cheat day. Others do not. It's a personal thing. Give it a shot, see how it works for you.
  14. RisenPhoenix

    Better Workout Plan?

    Then don't trust us. Do something instead, and see what happens. You're sitting on a wealth of information (even if it's not perfect), and it's more productive than sitting there and not acting on it. Time is a resource. A tiny bit wasted isn't that big of a deal, but it is a finite resource and should be used well.
  15. RisenPhoenix

    How much weight to lose per month?

    It's actually a DOUBLE no. The safe weight to lose kind of maxes out at 2 pounds per week, and the 2kg suggestion is over 4 pounds a week. That's a caloric deficit of 14,000 calories a week! That's insane, let alone the safety side of things!