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  1. Once upon a time, there was a zombie named pbandbrains who was very tired of her brainless existence. She wanted to become more than a zombie. In fact, she wanted to become human again. She had tried before and failed, but this time was different. So, she took the first step towards reclaiming her humanity. Main Quest Keep a routine; healthy eating and regular exercise. Goals Humans are mobile, zombies stumble around. Complete one hour of walking/running every day. A: 7x/week B: 5x/week C: 3x/week D: 1x/week F: 0x/week Humans are strong, zombies' arms fall off. Complete 30 minutes of str
  2. That's great news about the managing editor position. I really hope it works out for you!
  3. Week 1 Review Complete one hour of walking/running every day. STA 2.5 DEX 2.5 C+:4x/week Complete the Rebel Strength Guide Dumbbell Division four times a week. STR 4 B: 3x/week Follow prepared meal plans three times a day. CON 3 C: 15 meals/week Read for 30 minutes and write for 15 minutes three times a week. WIS 3 B: 60 min read, 30 min written/week This week was...meh. I started off really strong, but some unexpected business occurred, throwing off my routine and apparently my motivation. Some good news is that I found quite a few writing inspiration/help type books while going thro
  4. The first item I pulled out of my bookcase to help with the reading part of this challenge was Stephen King's On Writing. I've had it for a while, but I also haven't looked at it much and I figured it might provide some motivation in the writing department. We will see. As far as the rest of the goals, I've been doing well so far (it is admittedly only the second official day of the challenge, but I'm still proud of myself).
  5. It happens to be my NF anniversary as well. I'll be interested in seeing your progress and good luck!
  6. Ugh, resume updating is not fun. I hope you find a more suitable job quickly and with the least amount of hassle!
  7. Main Quest Keep doing what works and don’t give up: The end of this month will mark my one year anniversary on Nerd Fitness. When I first joined last November, I weight 228 lbs. As of now, I’ve lost 48 lbs. and 6 inches off my hips. I’ve done really well and been much more successful with maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine within this past year than I ever did previously. So, for that reason, this challenge will focus on maintaining the good habits I’ve built and strengthening any that may have slipped. Goals Complete one hour of walking/running every day. STA 2.5 DEX 2.
  8. Congratulations on a successful challenge (especially sticking to your diet)!
  9. Challenge Summary Complete one hour of cardio every day: A, + DEX 3 STA 3 Complete the Rebel Fitness Guide Level 4 Rebel/Renegade Workout three times a week: B, + STR 2.25 Keep a food journal: B, + CON 1.5 Have a Halloween party: A, + CHA 2 Try a new recipe every week: B, + WIS 1.5 October Quest List -Traverse a corn maze. -Go through a haunted house. -Join a zombie crawl. -Carve a pumpkin. -Roast pumpkin seeds. -Make a pumpkin dessert. -Bob for apples. -Watch 13 horror movies (7/13). -Watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead. -Visit a cemetery and pray for the dead. -Scare my b
  10. Week 5 Review Complete one hour of cardio every day: 6/7 workouts, A-/B+. Complete the Rebel Fitness Guide Level 4 Rebel/Renegade Workout three times a week: 3/3 workouts, A. Keep a food journal: 7/7 days recorded, A. Have a Halloween party: Had a party this past Saturday, A. Try a new recipe every week: I wasn't planning to make it my new recipe for the week, but since I didn't get a chance to do anything else different, I made a bacon spinach dip. I think there was too much spinach compared with the other ingredients and the bacon flavor was sort of lost, A. This week went well,
  11. I didn't end up making the pumpkin seed brittle mostly due to my coming down with a cold and not wanting to deal with it. I was also wrong on the date of the zombie crawl, which was today, and I was definitely not feeling well enough to stumble around outside covered in fake blood. Oh well, the movie night went well and I did partake of some mulled cider. And 2 of 13 horror movies watched.
  12. Finished my strength workout this morning and that makes 3/3 for the week! Yay, small victories lead to big wins.
  13. I like the community that Halloween has to offer. You can decorate your house and share it with your neighborhood and pass out gifts to each other in the form of candy. It's sort of like a gigantic block party with less hotdogs and more chocolate. Even during the November/December holidays, which are often considered the time of giving, people aren't as connected to strangers. And, at least for the area where I live, Dia de los Muertos is also largely celebrated, so the community aspect even gets to include the dead in the form of remembrance. I also love scary movies and dark stuff, so that
  14. I'm a little scared, but I'll trust you and plan to try it at some point this challenge.
  15. Sounds like you're doing really well, yay! Which knot did you learn?
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