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  1. Skywalker in action

    I haven't tracked food this weekend and despite cooking/baking for my sisters party I've felt that food was ok. Snacking most of the day but I don't feel it was too bad, just hard to track. I did have birthday cake (rhubarb strawberry crumble cake). Quite a productive weekend overall. I was comfortable journaling and even had an attempt at bullet journaling (well my version). Did one session of yoga. Didn't get a walk in but plenty of gardening etc.
  2. Skywalker in action

    I'm doing he new yoga with Adriene but I'm only up to day seven!! I've finally got my sleep in better order and got a session in the morning. I have been reflecting on why I haven't been getting in the walk and obviously it isn't important to me - if it was I'd be doing it.
  3. Skywalker in action

    Food logged and on track. Yoga done. I've been reading and journaling. Just trying to work out the timing so I don't go to bed wired.
  4. Skywalker in action

    One of the things I am frustrated about is when I read up on something and even do some planning but don't turn these intentions into actions. I am going to explore why this is, what holds me back? It will also be a frugal year so I need to be creative about my activities. I also need to keep my walking fitness up (which is free to do). I really want to focus on weight loss - and aim to be 10 kg less by the end of the year. I would like to develop an interest in photography. I'm not sure how since I don't have a camera but I'm hoping to borrow one (not sure from who). So that's my 2018 general goal list. For this first challenge: 1. Low-carb - I've cut out bread and plan to cut out added sugar by the end of this week. I am generally low-grain but I will log on MFP for the accountability and to see what I actually am doing (rather than what I think I am doing). I'm Storm Skywalker of MFP if anyone wants to follow. 2. Walk daily - I have a few routine fitness activities but I have plenty of time to add in a daily walk. I'm not committing to an actual time/step count at this stage. Just walking out of the house counts. Unlike you Northerners it is very hot here at the moment but early morning or late at night are definitely doable. 3. Journalling - Something I really struggle with but I need to bite the bullet and get it done. I am planning to journal what I want to change and what is holding me back. also I just signed up for the Yoga Challenge in the accountability thread and I think this is a great thing to do. bring on 2018!