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  1. I'm lucky in the Southern Hemisphere - it's prime hiking time. It takes me a lot more to be motivated in winter! Argh, I never know the best wording to use - I'm going on a weekend pack carry or an overnight backpacking trip. Not walking at night, which is supposed to be fun, but I like to see where I'm going. The most I've done is a pre-dawn start of a hike. I struggle to get consistency, but give it a go each year. My hiking tips are: Find something that is definately within your capabilities and just do it, even multiple times until you 'own' it. I read a really good article (that I can't find) pointing out that really getting to know a local walk make you a lot more connected to your environment. I mix it up and will explore one park or area multiple times until I really know it, then move on. Find someone to hike with. In Australia bushwalking clubs are good, or look on Meetup if you don't have friends to hike with. Preferably go with someone just a little more experienced than you. Take water, a snack, approprate gear (ie coat etc) and a charged phone for navigation. Enjoy (and take photos)!
  2. Got an after work run in today - pared it with my outdoor goal because I was reccying a hike I will put on for my walking club. I haven't led a walk yet for the group and there are less walks scheduled, so they really need members to become walk leaders. I need to map the walk out and do a proper reccy before I put it on the schedule but I've decided this will be my go-to walk when I've got some free time. I've booked in for a few overnight hikes to continue the outdoor theme. I've got my eye on some track maintenance work that is around the Australia Day public holiday, but it is a tricky time to take time off work. I'll decide at the end of this week if I think I can swing it.
  3. I'm sounding strong and brave and to try and instill this in myself. I do enjoy Yoga with Adrienne, I've done parts of it each year for several years now but I struggle to do it daily. I was hoping for every second day but haven't achieved it. Next week is back to work so life is a little more scheduled. I'm having another go at it. True the adulting tasks just need to be done/started. The doom that they lay over me is dispelled once I get them over and done with. i know this but still drag my feet on them.
  4. Down 1.7 kg - water weight from week (plus 'temporarily' christmas weight gain). Still happy to be back around 68 which is what I was for several weeks/months before Christmas so glad that the weight gain didn't 'stick' as a set weight. Now the challenging part of moving that set weight back down a few kg. Slipped back into the 'low carb' food choices quite easily - mostly due to my son also 'getting back on the horse'. Work next week, so work lunches sorted and the advantage of a work schedule to maybe curb the (low carb) snacking
  5. Ah, my challenge names are almost all interchangable. What does the SAR training involve?
  6. What does your Tai Chi practice look like? Do you do something online? I wanted to try Tai Chi but couldn't find anything really useful that showed any progression.
  7. Great challenge structure. I like the structure. Family and their health issues can be really confronting as you can definately see yourself in them. I found that sometimes those family that 'inspired' me to be healthier are also those who seem to be sabataging my efforts. For me this made me even more determined. Good luck.
  8. Reporting in. I did a run on Monday - around 5km - not overly quick but I did the whole 5k without stopping. Today I did day 1 of Yoga with Adriene. I've started the 30 day new year yogo challenge before so I'm hoping to make it past day 5. I'm not necessarily doing it daily and I don't mind being 'behind'. I've not given any of the other things much time - I've been doing some initial reading of the AAWT book. I've got some really boring 'adulting' to do which I'm hoping to get them finished by the end of the week, which unfortunately is the end of my time off work.
  9. Just a heads up that your tooth issue and your sinus infection could be related. I had an infected tooth that also became the worst sinus infection I've ever had. still the treatment is the same regardless but maybe extra incentive to get the tooth sorted.
  10. Following - you seem to have a lot of goals but mostly bite sized habit building ones.
  11. What do you have planned @juliebarkley? I love checking out others plans. I've got this hike booked : Jatbula Trail in the Northern Territory, Australia and on the early planning stage of the Australian Alps Walking Trail but at the best this may be the end of 2022 - start of 2023 due to the logistics/difficulty/seasonality of the hike. Still on the 'maybe list'. I do have a possible option to to some walking in Italy, but I really doubt that international travel will be a thing for 2022, especially if it isn't something that I am a bit 50/50 on to begin with.
  12. Following - and I have also considered what the theme for 2022 is for me: The Year of Taking Action. I love the themes that you have choosen, very powerful.
  13. It is offically the Year of Taking Action for me. This is pretty much the theme of most of my challenges as one thing that I struggle with is overcoming inertia. I've developed some tools to overcome this in the past - so I've got a good handle on what I can do to build some momentum but I'm declaring this the 'Year of Taking Action'. Just assigning more actionable tasks will only take you so far as time will become the limiting factor so there is a need to prioritise the actions that will get me to where I want to go. Fitness: I know that a big driver for me is an upcoming activity that will prove the incentive. Problem is that 2022 is a big unknown due to the obvious travel restrictions as well as some financial restraints. I do have a hike booked for August (covid willing) which will be my first focus but while it would be optimal to be fitter than I currently am for this hike, I also know that I could do it now - so the incentive isn't as strong. With this in mind I am offically declaring to the NF universe that I will train for a half marathon for the Melbourne Marathon in October - which is well out of my comfort zone (consistently 5k - at a stretch 10k right now). Action: Cardio: 3 x week (mostly running but could include decent hike or anything on the bike) Yoga/Meditation: 3 x week Strength: to be determined once I get back to using the work gym Outdoors: Look for opportunities to develop my outdoor activities and in particular skills. I've got my eye on some volunteer work around track maintenance - which is something I'd love to get into. I've also just purchased the book on the http://www.john.chapman.name/pub-aawt.html which is making it onto my radar. This track involves a lot more navigation skills than previous hikes I've done. Action: Investigate and report on any activities that will extend my skills in this area - navigation, other overnight/multi day hikes and volunteering in this area of my state. Building routine: This is just about prioritising the things that I want to Take Action on and developing some sort of routine to make these begining ideas a basis of what to buld on. Action: Still to be determined - will report back either weekly or at the end of this challenge. A really vague challenge but I figured it was worth getting something down and flesh it out as we go on. Bring on The Year of Taking Action
  14. After hitting my goal weight using the accountability of this PvP I'm signing on again - up about 4kg on my last login. I'm hoping for 10kg for the year - I doubt I can do 10kg in 10 weeks at this weight but have kept the10kg as a goal - so if i hit 50% of the goal I'll be happy.
  15. Hey fellow adventurers. I have done a bit of cycle touring in my time but my bike is literally gathering cobwebs ATM. Last year I did some pretty epic hiking but 2022 is mostly a blank canvas (Covid and financial restrictions may apply). Now I just need to get a challenge going (maybe)
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