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  1. I've been missing here as I've had some family drama to deal with, but I've managed to stay mostly on plan. Weight is going down slowly but I seem to have overcome the last platau so I'm trying to keep doing the same thing while my body is willing to drop some kilos without going into body fat preservation mode. I don't think I'll hit the 6kg goal but I'll be a LOT closer to it. My body fax % (on my home scales) is finally dropping as well. I'm getting a new gym workout plan tomorrow - so hopefully this will keep me motivate for the next three weeks.
  2. My 'almost a habit' failed this weekend. I've been feeling pretty ordinary and decided to 'sleep in'. As it turns out I was busy all weekend and didn't manage to squeeze in the run, so there really is an advantage in just getting up and doing the thing. Plan for next week is Gym on monday - Legs, run on Tuesday then on Wednesday I'm doing yoga before work with my work buddies and then should be doing my first gym at work after work. First part of the week has a plan - let's see how I go with that. Sleep! I am hit again with a blocked eustachian tube - which for som
  3. I managed to stay under 70 all week (daily weighing) so I'm pleased that I've managed to truely break that set point. A little lower which is enough. I feel like I'm getting some momentum. I did have a big eating day today - all keto(ish) but just way too much food I suspect. I'm going to see if I can fast until a late lunch tomorrow but generally I find on Monday I do need a little something before lunch, so I'll see how I go. I didn't really get much exercise in last week - so I'll try for more consistency there as well.
  4. Wrist is out of the cast and I'm back to gym (kindof anyway). Lost a little weight - so feeling good. I'm half way through a busy birthday period so tracking well for that. I've done my third park run - almost a habit now.
  5. I've finally broken through the 70kg barrier (69.5). I can't remember when I was 60 anything. My weight is very stable so hopefully I'll keep this sub 70 weight for the next few weeks to build some momentum.
  6. I haven't reported in. I tripped when on my Easter hiking trip and hurt my wrist. It's been in a half cast for two weeks. I just had my second x-ray and fingers crossed it comes up clear tomorrow when I'm at the Drs. Logging food - didn't happen for ages, but I'm now on track the last few days. I've also intermitent fasted/cut out snacks and have seen some movement on the scale. Good incentive to keep it up. I'd planned that the 10 week PVP challenge would be the end of my 'strict' keto. Hubby is going to a dietian to look at a version of low carb that
  7. I just can't seem to get below 70. A real set point - i've not even seen a 69.anything yet. I'm falling for that saying - nothing will change if nothing changes - so I need to be doing something different. It's hard the next few weeks with many family birthdays. This time last year we were in full lockdown therefore no social eating.
  8. Well I made it past Easter with no food related disasters but did have a fall with a suspected broken wrist and my hand in a half cast for at least two weeks. 😕 I did do my first Park run so Ive ticked that one off. Food tracking hasn't started so that's the focus for this week
  9. Just a plaster half cast so it is removable - which is good. Annoying because it's on for two weeks regardless of if there is a brake or not. I'll just have to adjust exercise plan for the next two weeksl
  10. I made it throught Easter away with friends without going too much off plan and finished with an overall loss (I'd lost before going away so I"m happy that I maintained that over the long weekend). Now's the challenging time because I've been fluctuating between 70 and a half and 72 for a while so it's time to see if I can get below 70. Additional complication is that I now have my hand in a cast for at least the next two weeks which will limit my gym/exercise routine.
  11. Hey, here I am again. Again I have a 'big hike' that I'm prepping for - hopefully the state boarders will stay over this year. https://www.trektoursaustralia.com.au/tour/jatbula-trail-walking-tours/ I'd love to drop about 7 kg before the end of July - and I"ve joined the weight loss pvp. I want to keep up lifting at the gym (just keep the momentum) Cardio goals - as much hiking as I can fit in along with a little running goal. So how will I achieve this? The weight loss is the hardest - I have a very sluggish metabolism - my weight doesn't fluct
  12. Hey all - I'm in. I've been on a platau for ages so I'm just thinking that I can't expect anything different unless I do something different. I'm low carb (not quite keto) for a good amount of time and it's not doing anything other than maintenace (which itself makes the food choices worthwhile). I'm going to - stop the artifical sweetner snacks Track my meals for the first week (then we will see after that - I'm just commmiting to one week) Get back on the herbal tea which counts as water drinking Keep up - a couple of cardio sessions a week and
  13. It's good to see you pushing on with this - a lot of things are on hold so well done on making progress. i couldn't imagine going to Mongolia, let alone trying to learn the language. I'm with you on the weight loss stall. I find the same rhythm of a couple of weeks of weight loss and then nothing for another couple of weeks.
  14. Well the weekend was wet and miserable. I got out for a jog and did my 5km even though I ended a bit wet. Today I tried to get out between showers but it didn't really stop until later in the day. I started my paint by numbers (which I ordered in March and got in July) so I've got a 'staying in' hobby to tie my over for a few weeks.
  15. Another good day food wize and logged. Rehab done. I've got a 'light' day at work tomorrow and we're planning for take away for dinner so I'm looking forward to the change of pace and a change in the routine. I'm planning on using my one hour exercise exercise for the next few days as feeling a little stir crazy.
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