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  1. Next few weeks are going to be crazy for me as well, with tons of travelling, etc. However, almost every weekend I am here I am hanging out for a few hours during the day at a park (near Woodley Park) in DC doing a bodyweight workout (on the bar, and I bring rings). If there's people in the area that don't mind this heat, I'll post when I happen to go over that week.
  2. Ah! Booked this weekend but will hit you guys up on the next one!
  3. I think I'll actually be in town for this one
  4. Nice! Just got back in town myself, definitely down for the next one!
  5. Leaving for two weeks on Monday! I think I'm going to miss this one too - bummer.
  6. Woo! I was out of town for the last two, but hopefully I can make this one. (Out from Aug 11-20!)
  7. AH! So I had planned to be there but I'll be heading to the Austin meetup instead this weekend. I'm in for next time!
  8. Are you tired of doing way too much and not seeing results? Are you sabotaging your own efforts to get healthy? Are you sick of reading these questions and want me to stop? It's time to knock it off! Today, we're going to look at some of the top mistakes made when trying to get healthy; things that hold us back from succeeding. Although changing habits isn't an overnight process, simply making yourself AWARE of these behaviors is a step in the right direction towards improving. So, seriously. If you're doing anything below and you hate doing it...this is my doctor's note that tells
  9. This is a post from NF Team Member Taylor. "Just start Starting Strength!" "This 14 week workout plan is all you need!" "Bro, get on this sick 5-day split!" When we hear from newbies who feel completely overwhelmed, this is often the advice they've been told: "start this plan and don't look back!" Or worse, they're told "start this plan" by 10 different people from 10 different sites with 10 different plans. We get a lot of "I'm so freaking confused! HALP!" emails. Don't feel bad. We've all been there. It's just like playing a brand new video game: We run through the tutorial
  10. I feel like . There are so many exciting things to announce that I have to yell them as I type them. Seriously, I yelled while typing today's title. On January 1st, we'll be OFFICIALLY launching the future of Nerd Fitness: The Nerd Fitness Academy! A few months back we launched a beta version of the program to just Rebel Women, but on January 1st we'll be launch to men, women, robots, aliens, zombies, and whoever else is interested. [insert trumpets and fireworks and confetti here] On top of that, we're having a great sale for all Nerd Fitness eBooks for the next week (details below
  11. Sleep. Something we all need more of, but never seem to get. (If only we had more time, right?) If you told me a year ago that I would be getting my work done during the daytime hours and getting plenty of sleep, waking up early without feeling like grumplestiltskin, and actually being uber-productive before noon, I would have called you an idiot. Sorry for calling you an idiot. I finally feel like I have a grip on my life thanks to an improved sleep strategy and today we're going to cover how you can do the same. Don't worry, I won’t go too deeply into the science behind why getting
  12. Meet Ben, a 44-year-old fundraising and software consultant and father of two! Just earlier this year, Ben was living a sedentary life. At 280 lbs, classified as "morbidly obese," Ben found he was unhappy with his current track, out of energy, and in need of a change. As someone who worked out of a home office, he spent much of his day at home on his computer, and very little time moving more and eating better. He was lost, and looking for a home to help with his weight loss journey. Ben decided he wanted to get healthy, found Nerd Fitness, and over the next 10 months lost over 100 lbs. H
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