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  1. Next few weeks are going to be crazy for me as well, with tons of travelling, etc. However, almost every weekend I am here I am hanging out for a few hours during the day at a park (near Woodley Park) in DC doing a bodyweight workout (on the bar, and I bring rings). If there's people in the area that don't mind this heat, I'll post when I happen to go over that week.
  2. Ah! Booked this weekend but will hit you guys up on the next one!
  3. I think I'll actually be in town for this one
  4. Nice! Just got back in town myself, definitely down for the next one!
  5. Leaving for two weeks on Monday! I think I'm going to miss this one too - bummer.
  6. Woo! I was out of town for the last two, but hopefully I can make this one. (Out from Aug 11-20!)
  7. AH! So I had planned to be there but I'll be heading to the Austin meetup instead this weekend. I'm in for next time!
  8. Welcome!! We tried our hand at a meetup a while back, and I'm not sure if we've had one in the area since. We need to get on that
  9. I've been kind of swamped lately. If someone wants to organize the next shindig, I'm down for any of the weekends that have been thrown out.
  10. Hey all, with the weather (60% chance of thunderstorms), it being Father's Day (call your Dad!), and a bunch of people having to change up some plans last minute, we're gonna cancel and try for next week!
  11. Hey all, hop on facebook and join the group I just created for this Sunday! I'll PM my cell out to anybody marked as attending for the day of. Feel free to bring a friend or any other gear you want to play with! Redtomato, I might be feeling your pain this Sunday. Played some basketball last night (for the first time in a long time) and might be still recovering from my battle wounds by Sunday. We can form our own team of semi-immobile people
  12. Haha I like where your head is at
  13. Awesome, sounds like the 16th works! Let's shoot for 1:00; I'll create a Facebook event a little closer to. (last time we did it here, but doing it on the Mall might be fun ) Mark your calendars. Recruit your friends! (I will supply some frisbees, but feel free to bring any other ball/disc/thingy)
  14. How does Sunday the 16 or 23rd work for people?
  15. Again this Sunday! Check this link for the details!
  16. https://www.facebook.com/events/410822879017064/ Invite friends
  17. Haven't heard anything yet so I haven't thrown up the meetup yet on fb!
  18. Let's shoot for 2:00 this Sunday? Anyone need to +/- that by an hour? Will post meetup information tomorrow on facebook (and bring along a frisbee or soccer ball as well).
  19. Cool, let's do that. I'll also post on facebook and maybe we can grab some Rebels who aren't on the boards.
  20. Hey sorry all, I've been travelling and been MIA. If everyone is set to meetup, I might be able to do this Sunday a little later (like at 2:00). If not, maybe we can shoot for next Sunday?
  21. How about Noon Sunday then? Not a TON of time to forgive Saturday night shenanigans, but hopefully enough I'll PM my cell to anyone who plans to come (and also will be in a NF shirt). If anyone wants to bring a frisbee, soccer ball, football, or something to screw around with in between sets/circuits, could be fun too
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