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  1. Maybe you could take paper plates and plastic forks to work to work and encourage everyone to enjoy the cake throughout the day. Depending on how many people are in your office, if you think there will be cake left over, take along some ziploc-type disposable food containers so others can take it home for their kids.
  2. Hurray for less punishment and more credit!!!!!!
  3. I like your goals! Congrats on a successful first week!
  4. Great goals -- and it sounds like you're working hard at them. Ignore the chocolate! Stick it in the freezer if it helps!
  5. I did the assessment. Everything was fine until I did the 5th one with my eyes closed. I got it done, i had to grab for the chair a couple of times, LOL! Wobbling! I did do the star -- very cool! No frog or crow pose for me -- I know my limit!! I'll work on the star without touching done and work on the next one, too.
  6. Doing good! Walking could use a little more pushing on my part, but the greens and portions are doing well! I even headed over to the mini-quest and worked on the balance exercises. I did get my walking in today -- outside rather than on the treadmill (my car is in for repairs). Every cloud has a silver lining!
  7. Thank you, Terinatum, for your reply and your kind words! Heading over to the mini-challenge....
  8. So work got even busier and faster paced. My manager told me she would be leaving at the beginning of 2015, so she started informally training me to replace her. Between that, my kids, covering shifts for coworkers surgery, etc the rest of the summer and fall went by in an absolute blur. Then I got the news my manager would be leaving at the end of the year -- which turned into one week before the holidays. So I started a new job as manager (in retail, mind you!) two days before an open house, the week before Thanksgiving. The blur turned into Flash Gordon speeds!!! So now that the holidays are over and things are HOPEFULLY settling into a normal routine, I want to get my habits back in place. To return to my trail. I am so far away from running and fitness, and I've put on a total of 10 pounds over this time period (which puts me 30-40 pounds over where I want to be). So I want me keep it simple again and get my good habits back in place. Main goal: Healthy Habits Back On Track Supporting goal #1: Greens. I love my greens for energy! 4 days per week minimum to fuel my transition Going for +5 CON. A = 24 or more times B = 19 - 23 times C = 12 - 18 times D = 6 - 11 times F = 5 or less Supporting goal #2: Walk a minimum of 30 miles this challenge (5 miles per week). My ankles and feet HURT. (I work in retail, am on my feet all day -- but never a good, long stride.) Soooo... I'm nervous to go straight back to running with all this weight. So it's all about getting the habit set in place. Going for +5 STA. A = 30 or more miles B = 22.5 or more miles C = 15 or more miles D = 7.5 or more miles Supporting goal #3: Portions. No stress-eating in the evenings! Going for +5 WIS. A = 40 - 42 evenings B = 31 - 39 evenings C = 21 - 30 evenings D = 11 - 20 evenings F = 10 or less evenings
  9. Hi everyone, I'm back! When I was last here..... Posted 29 July 2014 - 02:12 PM When we last saw our Hero...... .... she was with her fellow Scouts, doing what Scounts do best: Running and Rebelling against the Empire. Then, like static interference on a comm signal, Thunderstorm popped in and out, appearing and disappearing..... then was briefly spottled walking instead of running...... and then she disappeared! Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away -- on another planet, even! -- a Scout appeared. It was our Hero Thunderstorm, looking exhausted, dazed-and-confused, and trying valiantly to figure out what the heck just happened. You (the well-informed Reader, having the extra-knowledge that all Readers are given) are allowed to know that Someone had transported her to that galaxy far, far away. Yup! But Thunderstorm didn't know how or why. She only knew she needed to find her way back to her friends! So, having no clue which way to head home, she started following the path that magically appeared in front of her feet. That path led to a tower. A very TALL tower. As Thunderstorm looked at the tower, she noticed the hedges closing in around her. This left her with only one option: Enter and climb the tower. ========================== In Real Life.... I did Walk/Run my 5K on July 4th. Woohoo! (It was my first!) It'll come as no surprise that I was pretty slow. But that's okay. I did it, and that's the point! After the race I went home and cleaned up for work..... went to work...... and ended up being on my feet for 11 1/2 hours straight that day. I was one tired gal! Now here is where things start to change. I was supposed to be on vacation that weekend, but things fell through because I needed to cover for a coworker who had a family situation. This led to working a 10 day stretch. Meanwhile, someone else was out for surgery (and will likely be out the rest of the summer), and so-on-and-so-forth. This all led up to the fact that I now have a different shift/position at work and will have a different schedule for days on/off. All this is good, but my schedules have completely changed. It all works out well -- and they're all good changes -- but I'm still reorganizing quite a few things on this end. I haven't run at all since the race, have gained some weight (bad food on the run most of this month), and am now completely back to walking, having lost what little "running start" that I had (pun intended). I'm working a really early shift instead of a PM shift, and I'm still trying to adapt. The past week or so I've been scheduled for some of both shifts (training my replacement, and being trained on my new shift), and now this week is almost all scheduled as my new shift. So....... I hoped to have things more settled by the start of the new challenge -- which I THOUGHT was next week!! I feel like a puppy running around in circles trying to catch my own tail, LOL!!!!! I'm trying hard to get it straightened out -- soon!!!
  10. I forgot to add I love Singing in the Rain -- and the Good Mornin' song is a fun, morning favorite around here!
  11. Okay, using my Mom-voice, Kailer: "You can let the nice T-Rex make your bed ONLY if you start getting a good night's sleep on a regular basis."
  12. Hi, Kat! Just another thought -- would it help to sleep in your workout clothes? It may not make much time difference, but it's like that little push that tells you, "Since I'm already dressed for it, I'll just go knock out that workout." (Subbing)
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