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  1. So, I made an adjustment to Goal 3. I realized today that going straight to 0 sodas (from the 4-6 I usually have) each day was setting myself up for failure. So, I've changed that goal to say no more than 2 sodas per day. Today I did my strength training/yoga workout. I also drank only 2 sodas. I was going to work on earning a medal, but that involves walking outside, and there is snow on the ground (icky)! It's icy enough that school was cancelled today (yay, no work) and tomorrow is going to at least be a 2 hour late start.
  2. Wow! It has been a long time since I have done one of these challenges! I hope I remember how to do this right! So, I managed to get myself into a spot. I have found myself committed to a 50-mile relay race at the beginning of June! Right now, I'm more of a walker than a runner...and not a fast one, either! My average per mile pace is about 20 minutes, and that's only guaranteed for the first mile! I need to get into better shape, so I don't drag the rest of my team down! That means that this challenge is going to be dedicated to that ultimate goal! Goal 1: Strength tra
  3. Day 5 Drank my water. Walked. Worked on my novel. Ate no candy! Day 6 Drank 1 bottle of water. Did not walk. Did not work on my novel. Ate candy. I am still counting Day 6 as having eaten no candy. The reason for this is that I have realized that depriving myself completely is always a bad idea. So, when my wife wanted to buy me a couple bars of Godiva chocolate, I let her. Last night, I ate two squares of chocolate and saved the other two squares plus the other bar. This is huge for me, as I would normally scarf down all o
  4. Day 4 Drank 2 cups of water. Did not walk. Did not work on my novel. At no candy!
  5. Day 3 Drank only 6 cups of water. Went for a 2 mile walk. Worked on my novel. Ate no candy!
  6. Day Two Drank 8 cups of water. Did not eat any candy! Did not walk two miles. Worked on my novel. I also got my entire house cleaned and finally folded and put away the pile of laundry that's been sitting on the living room couch! Plus, today was payday, so I paid all of my bills!
  7. Day 1 Drank 8 cups of water. Did not eat any candy! Walked 2 miles. Worked on my novel.
  8. I was going to wait until next challenge to respawn, but I figured why wait! I can bust out 13 days of awesomeness! Epic Quest Goal My epic quest goal is to be able to run a half marathon. Challenge Goal #1 Walk every day. 12-13 days = A 10-11 days = B 8-9 days = C 6-7 days = D 0-5 days = F 3 days completed Loot: If I earn an A for this goal, I get to buy Season 3 of Eureka. Challenge Goal #2 I will drink at least 4 full bottles of water every day. 12-13
  9. Day 3 was not as successful. Walk done. Writing not done. Only drank 2 bottles of water. Didn't log all my food. Day 4 No walk today (although I did clean the house). Writing was finished. Drank 3 bottles of water. Logged all my food!
  10. I like how you broke down exactly what you want to get. I think it's really smart to focus on getting set up with the proper equipment. That way you won't end up using the lack of equipment as an excused for not working out!
  11. Day 2 Report All food was logged. I completed Week 1 Day 1 of the Zombies!5K app (total distance of 2 miles). I drank 3 bottles of water. I wrote over 444 words, maintaining my writing streak on 4thewords.
  12. Day One Report All food was logged. Even the few pieces of candy my kids gave me from their boxes! I went for a 2 mile walk. 1 drank 3 bottles of water. I added over 8,000 words to my NaNoWriMo word count! (only 26,000 or so to go)
  13. No. I think I'll probably go to the game store I know of up in Ballard and see what they have available. I tend to go for the more expensive games (I love things like Arkham Horror, Mansions of Madness, etc...), which is why it's a loot item!
  14. I love your cleaning schedule! I need to do something like that soon! With both me and my wife working (and she works a split shift), plus four kids, the house always looks like a tornado just swept through the place!
  15. QengpuBenal sat at the rough carved wooden table. She opened the scroll that had been resting on top of her doorstep when she had returned home from yet another grueling day at work. As she expected, it was a missive from the centaur physician who had been overseeing her recovering. The note chastised her for not coming to her regularly scheduled appointments and ended with hopes that she was at least following the prescribed exercise and diet plan. Guiltily, she acknowledged to herself that she had not maintained her progress, and had probably slid backwards. Although she seemed t
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