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  1. I love your goals! Also, would you be willing to share your hip flexibility exercises? My chiropractor says I've got some issues developing there, and I'm hoping hip exercises might stave those off!
  2. I'm working on finishing a first draft as well! If you want, we can be accountability partners for that! I managed to get 50,000 words written last November, but I've stalled out since then. It's not one of my challenge goals this time, but I'm still going to working on it, so having a partner to be accountable to would be super helpful! I've got school stuff as well, but I'd like to get at least 1,000 words a day done.
  3. Excellent goals! Good luck with the German, too!
  4. Name: QengpuBenal Race: High Elf Class: Scout Attributes: Strength (STR): 2 Dexterity (DEX): 2 Stamina (STA): 2 Constitution (CON): 2 Wisdom (WIS): 4 Charisma (CHA): 3 Total: 15 Level 1 Goals! (June 3 - July 14) Fitness/DIet Quests 1. Run! Run if you want to live! I want to be able to run. I mean, I know the basic mechanics of running. I can run...for short distances and shorter times. I want to run farther and longer. So, the end goal of this challenge is to be able to run a mile start to finish. I'm going to break it up, because right now I can barely run a block. So, I'm breaking the mile into six segments, and I'm running three days a week. I'm going to be running three days a week and swimming two days (alternating the activities). Week One: Walk, Run, Walk, Run, Walk, Run Week Two: Walk, Run, Walk, Run, Walk, Run Week Three: Walk, Run, Run, Run, Walk, Run Week Four: Walk, Run, Run, Run, Walk, Run Week Five: Run, Run, Run, Run, Walk, Run Week Six: Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run Reward: (STA + 2, CON +2, STR +2) 2. Mental Muscle I've had success in the past with a specific self-hypnosis app. However, I am absolutely terrible at using it! So, this challenge is going to focus on the self-hypnosis app. I'm going to build myself up during this challenge and then wean myself off it during the next. That should give me plenty of exposure to really sink the message into my subconscious. Week One: Two days of listening. Week Two: Three days of listening. Week Three: Four days of listening. Week Four: Five days of listening. Week Five: Six days of listening. Week Six: Seven days of listening. Reward; (WIS +3) 3. Water, Water All Around I live in a place that gets very hot during the summer. Staying hydrated really has a positive impact on my health and helps me feel a lot better throughout the day. However, I have trouble drinking enough water. This challenge is all about drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Like all challenges, I'm going to ease into this one because I really feel that doing so helps me be more successful. Week One: Two days where I meet my goal. Week Two: Three days where I meet my goal. Week Three: Four days where I meet my goal. Week Four: Five days where I meet my goal. Week Five: Six days where I meet my goal. Week Six: Seven days where I meet my goal. Reward: (WIS +2, CON +2) Life Quest 4. Knowledge At My Fingertips I'm building a website. It's focus is special education information and interventions. I'm building it as a tool that I can use during my internship next year, and as a project for an independent study course I'm taking this summer. However, I tend to be terrible about getting distracted and not getting things done. This challenge is focusing on getting the website built. I don't expect it to be done at the end, because the point of the site is that it should keep growing and changing. I do want to get it to the point where I am comfortable sharing the link with other people. The reason the hours decrease during the last two weeks is because during that time my independent study will be over, and I will have started a different summer class. Week One: Three hours per weekday building the site. Week Two: Three hours per weekday building the site. Week Three: Three hours per weekday building the site. Week Four: Three hours per weekday building the site. Week Five: One hour per weekday building the site. Week Six: One hour per weekday building the site. Reward: (WIS: +2)
  5. Wow! This post is so inspiring! I can't wait to jump in to this challenge now!
  6. Elder, Thanks! I'm currently trying to workout at home. I cannot afford a gym membership, so it's really my only option. I'm trying to do Steve's body weight workout (the beginner's one), and interval running (although that's tough since I live in an area that gets snow this time of year)! I'm also thinking about adding a beginner yoga video in as well, just to help increase my flexibility. I'd love to make friends with similar life goals in my area as well. Then again, I'd like to make friends in the first place! All my friends are online!
  7. Hello, everyone! So, I sort of had a bit of a look-in a while back and never really did anything about it. My name is Stephanie. I'm 30. I'm married with 3 kids. I'm also a full time graduate student. This semester is kind of the equivalent of having a full time job, a part time job, and attending school full time (plus taking care of my family). So, of course, I'm going to start getting in shape! I'm hoping that the support of everyone here will help me stay on track and power through! My goals are: 1) to transition to an all paleo diet by the end of June. 2) to be able to do one pull-up by the end of 2013. 3) to lose 30 lbs by the end of 2013. I'm trying to give myself enough time to achieve these things. In the past I've tried to push too hard and burned myself out. So, if I meet my goals early, great, if not, that's perfectly fine, too! I'd love any input you guys care to give on my goals (or anything else)!
  8. I'm in! I'll try to come on and post every couple of days, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. I have some heavy duty grad classes this semester, plus I have three kids (and there's a good chance number four is on the way, though that hasn't been confirmed yet)!
  9. Hello, everyone! This is my first challenge (and I'm fairly new to NF as well). Goal 1: To stay in my calorie range. This is a fairly vague sounding goal because I am pretty sure that the actual range is going to change in the near future. For my updates I will include the calorie range I am working with. Goal 2: I drink way too much soda. My goal is to limit the amount of soda I drink to one can for the first three weeks and none for the last three. Goal 3: Snuggling up with Goal 2, this goal is to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day. Goal 4: My none fitness goal is to stay caught up with my classwork. This includes doing 15 minutes a day on major projects whenever possible (i.e. I'm excused from this requirement if I can't do anything on a project because of a specific, non-procrastination reason).
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