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  1. Looks like I was a little late to the party
  2. The older I get the more I become a fan of being well rounded. Some HIIT, some easy longer endurance cardio, some strength. But not everyone likes or wants to do a variety. HIIT is certainly not a bad mode to pick. Although, sometimes getting in better shape in general by doing some lower intensity workouts, can improve your ability to get more out of your HIIT sessions
  3. A friend of mine had great results with 5:2, I am a very big fan of it from all the reading and research I've done. With a little planning ahead and using some of the meals, you can eat a good bit of food for "only" 500 calories. Also to add the days you don't fast are typically supposed to be where you just eat normal. If you think you would still consume too much, then eat at maintenance, or slightly above, not at a calorie deficit.
  4. Glad things are going well for you. I think having the ability to go full time training is easier than trying to do it on the side. With a full time job I have very limited time to actually train others, and very little time to promote myself to even get that many clients. If I did get a few more clients I would work continuously.
  5. The only medical related advice you should take from the internet is when people tell you to go see your doctor Good luck. Get that looked at, you are WAY too young to be dealing with a lifetime of unneeded knee pain.
  6. 1 arm pull up L-sit to handstand Flag Of the 3 the flag is probably going to come the soonest.
  7. The Kavadlo brothers, Danny & Al are hands down my favorites. Just great guys. Probably doesn't hurt that I got to spend a weekend learning from them during my PCC certification. :-) Frank Medrano, does some amazing stuff. I also like following Ryan Hurst from GMB and Mike Fitch. Fitch's article in an old fitness mag really boosted my love of body weight training.
  8. My only recommendations are ice and massage the areas and keep resting them. The damage could be more severe than expected.
  9. Cograts on the weight loss! Good advice already. SL 5x5 is a good stand alone program. PS love the ink, although the pix don't show much detail
  10. Its a great read and if it gets people exercising it worked. Yes the progressions & programming are oddbut its a good jumping off point to get people started. Maybe its just me, but I never read one thing and take it as gospel so I never felt the need to be overly critical. I partly agree that going backwards and doing an easier progression can help, but not to the extent he preaches.
  11. I didn't read all the replies but enough to disagree with some of the advice. Doing C2 5K and strength training are NOT going to rob from each other to any significant extent.. Start a good beginner program and do your running on alternating days and you will be fine. Your strength program can be free weight based or body weight based, your preference to what you enjoy. The whole thing about running & strength gets totally blown out of proportion for the casual exerciser.
  12. How much rest are you taking between sets? What is your general build, do you have a lot of weight still to lose? You should not be maxing out at those push up numbers. How much of a deficit are you holding?
  13. I've been on both sides of the fence. I was s gym rat for years. Then stopped lifting anything. Got back into it just doing BW stuff, did some research and opened a whole new world. BW eliminates the excuses. Plus a lot of the BW stuff lends itself to doing cool looking things, which I like. Was I strong & fit in the gym, yes, am I strong and fit now, yes. 2 roads, same destination.
  14. Its really not as hard as people are implying. You lose weight with eating right and reducing calories. You will still gain strength even if not building actual musclebecause a lot of sstrength gains when new has to do with your CNS adaptation. And if you are running while doing all this, you most certainly can improve your endurance.
  15. The straight legged version of either one. Doing them from dip bars or hanging doesn't much affect the abdominal muscles worked, as it does the support muscles. But as you see, it's harder to remain from swinging while hanging. You will want to "pack" your shoulders and tense your whole body. Baiscally do not do them from a full dead hang, keep some tension. I would do the hanging version of the knee/leg raises and do L-sits for an exercise to work your core while being stablized atop bars. But those might be better perfomed on paralletes, dumbells or push up handles rather than all the way up in the air on the dip bars.
  16. Do you have the front/back levers reversed?
  17. Interesting. Certainly gonna give those a whirl.
  18. MIlestones will help you stay focused on your overall goal and are a way to track things and keep you motivated. As a very broad baseline, determine how many push ups, pull ups and BW squats you can do. Then maybe see how fast you can run a mile. From there you can judge whether improving those numbers is one of your goals, or if you would be better suited to working towards a more advanced exercise rather than more reps. It's very easy to stagnate if you don't have something to focus on or push you to work hard.
  19. There are several people on here that are quite strong and do nothing but body weight exercises.
  20. Good advice above. You have lots of volume and that's why you are beating yourself up. You could keep a 5 day schedule if you backed off the volume. I think 3 exercises on triceps & biceps is overkill.
  21. My lunch has been consisting of a homemade trail mix(almonds, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries) Banana Carrots Apple Greek yogurt HB Egg Cucumber or other in season fruits/vegetables.
  22. I would bag the leg press & curl from day one. Squats & dead lifts in one day is a lot I would ditch the curls & push downs on your power upper body day I would add pull ups to the 2nd upper body day in place of one of your rowing movements. I would do dumbell presses instead of lateral raises I would replace bench with Dips on your Hypertrophy day.
  23. Granted its been 7-8 years since I've been in a gym but I don't really ever remember seeing any other option besides flat side out.
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