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  1. So, overall my experience was positive. Due to some technical issues I haven't been able to check in as much as I would like. I was also trying to track my progress on a spreadsheet, which I lost thanks to the technical issues. I've been tracking my food intake consistently and have had a good outcome. Even with the hiccups halfway through the challenge I managed to get back on track and lost about 6.5 lbs during the 4 week period! I've been taking stairs EVERY day multiple times a day. This has been my primary source of increased activity. Reading was the easie
  2. I've heard a lot about the breath test and I was a bit skeptical so I passed on it. Glad I did now. I haven't looked for the fingerprick tests yet. I found the urine strips when I first started keto and thought I would give them a try. I like the simplicity for what I'm doing. Either the strip is a shade of red or it isn't. Once I get a bit further along I may get the blood test.
  3. So I didn't check in last week. Overall it was a good week. I did have some issues with my carb intake and finally figured out the issue was with the tracking software I was using. Well, more like the options I was choosing in the software weren't as accurate as I originally thought. So this week is about accountability and making sure that the food I'm putting in my tracker is as accurate as possible. While exercising still hasn't become a regular thing I am working on it. I'm using the stairs at work all the time. With a soon to be 2 year old I find it hard to make time for
  4. Even small steps are progress! Do what you can when you can. I have a toaster oven and hot plate and I feed my wife and son just fine. You sometimes have to get creative. You may consider getting a cheap slow cooker it can be a life saver some days/week's for me. I use them during busy weeks for a beef roast or a pork butt. Then I just change up the sides and sauces I serve them with.
  5. So I'm on track for a pretty good week this week. Menu was planned, had to switch a few meals around because of scheduling issues but I stuck with it. I did my meal prep for the entire week last Sunday and packed my lunch for work ahead of time. My lunches were all the same-garlic butter chicken thighs and bacon, parmesan cauliflower puree. I also had some hard boiled eggs for snacking. Dinners were/are: Sun -pizza for wife and son, pizza quesadilla with low carb tortilla for me Mon-burgers, no bun for me Tues-garlic parmesan chicken thighs Wed-bacon and
  6. So it's only fitting that the challenge officially starts tomorrow and I have a 6 month check up first thing. I'll be creating my general health baseline tomorrow I guess.
  7. I sometimes have issues with checking in as well. It's more important that you continue to work towards your goal. I'm hoping to check in at least once a week to give a progress report.
  8. “Have you tried to turn it off and on again?” On again off again is the story of my life. Who am I? I’m a father of a 2 year old boy. I’m a husband. I’m a chef. Life got crazy. Like Jack Nicholson stuck in a hotel during a snowstorm crazy. I do ok on my own but better with the support of the community. I lost 30 lbs on my own last year but gave myself too much wiggle room so I’m here to use the challenge to keep me on track again. What do I want? To get a healthier life so I can live it with my wife and son. How am I doing it? One step
  9. So I'm sure there are people here that track Ketones in some way shape or form. What is your go to method and why? Me, I just use the strips. I'm not concerned about my exact level at the moment just that I'm in ketosis.
  10. Not yet but I did just read The Rithmatist and The Way of Kings. LOVED Both of them.
  11. Sooooooo...this has been a rough week. I was away from home for the first few days of the week with horrible internet connection. Horrible. Worse than dial-up. Seriously. Point being, my tracking app wasn't utilized because of the lack of internet (it's required to search for the foods I'm inputting) and I didn't consider using anything else until too late. The good news is I got to walk/exercise while I was away.
  12. I see lots of Saturday morning memories here with x-men, captain planet, etc. But I have some very fond memories of these after school shows.
  13. My Kitchen Manager asked me "What are your thoughts on stupid questions?" What he expected: "There's no such thing as a stupid question." What he got: "There's no such thing as a stupid question. Only stupid people asking questions." For example: I was working at a restaurant when a guy (who had worked there for about a year) asked for my help making jello. Really complicated stuff. A gallon of boiling water and a packet (restaurant size obviously) of jello (all were citrus flavors). He asks "Can we make grape?" My answer: "No! We don't have grape" He replies: "Sur
  14. So tracking is going well and my soda consumption is doing ok. I need to get the exercising thing going in the right direction. I have time before work in the morning so I will fit in some time there. I started prepping some things for next week since I had a short shift at work tonight. I'm planning on doing a chicken parm casserole next week that uses spaghetti squash. We will see how it turns out. On another note I did find a recipe for meatballs of a sort this week. Low Carb Sausage Meat Balls (makes 32 small meat balls) 1 lb Pork Sausage 1 cup Chedd
  15. I have also noticed this with splenda. It's one of the things that turned me off about it. It reminded me of baking soda and vinegar the way it acted when put in liquids. I use stevia myself. I managed to find dried stevia leaf (as opposed to the processed white powder) and actually use it when I brew my tea. I have a Mr Coffee tea brewer and add a little dried stevia leaf in with my loose leaf tea. It has a much better flavor in my opinion. It does take some experimenting to get the taste just right because I like it sweet but not Southern "here's some diabetes with your tea
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