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  1. I am.... checks pulse... not dead! Just been too busy to post on the forums as much as I want. Sendin emails 'n talkin to professors and doin all this other stuff that stresses me out, along with two quizzes and an exam, oh boy! I emailed the main contact for the internship and one of my questions was about the type of work the interns will be doing. It sounds SO COOL. One of the things he said was along the lines of "your involvement in the microbiology portion of our project will depend on your personal interest in the area" and I'm just like pshhh, I'm so there! There is no resume portion,
  2. 'Doh, wish I'd read this first! Oh well, they are done and sent! I feel like I may have been overly enthusiastic with the first one, but that was sent to the super enthusiastic professor so I should quit worrying! THANK YOU for the reminder about printing the position info, it's printing now as I type! Breathe, breathe! I made myself a salad to munch on, got a glass of water. Gonna go get my gym bag 'n crap all ready so I can fly out the door tomorrow, then spend whatever remaining time I have on math stuff before critical sleep-crankiness sets in. All I wanna do is browse NF for a bit longe
  3. Phew! Thank you thank you thank you guys for your input! Flea, I love you so much for typing a sample email for me to wrap my noggin around. I found both of the professors' offices, but I'm not sure when their office hours are... Right now I'm planning on dropping by tomorrow and asking in person, but I'm not sure if they'll be there? I'm there almost all day for sporadic classes/clubs, so I'm sure I'll catch them at some point, but I think I might email them and just ask what their office hours are... but I'm hesitant to add that extra layer of "bothering them" by setting up an official meeti
  4. I can feel panic mode coming on: I want to submit applications for two summer internships, but I have to ask for letters of recommendation. I have less than any idea of what I'm doing. I can ask my boss at work, but the internship I'm really interested in asks for two academic references. I'm sure one professor from last semester will be happy to help, but since I only go to school part time, I'm not sure I know anyone else to ask. Is it weird to ask a professor from spring last year? Or even one from this year, when we've only had like two weeks? How do I even frame the question?? "Oh heyyy,
  5. Oh gheez... that's awful. No matter how small the dog is, they really need room to run around! Thank god it isn't summer right now, but he can't be comfortable out in the cold Thank you for keeping your eyes open and noticing an animal in need!
  6. I am seriously considering switching things up and going in the morning! It would be great because on rest days I could use that time to study. Buuut I'd have to use the gym showers and I'm really weird about gym showers for some reason. Still want to try it out, though. The glorious alfredo of yore was from a restaurant called Zio's, so it was definitely on a different level from Pizza Hut. And you just made me look up alfredo recipes and now I have the most AMAZING contribution to the Assassin mini...! Oh man I am so far behind. I'll post it someday, I promise!!
  7. What? Like, the dog lives in the car? I mean, it's better than in the yard without a heated shelter, but still....
  8. Is Supernatural on Netflix? I've never seen it, but everyone seems to recommend it, and who knows when I might need another time-wasting hobby in my life.
  9. Oooooh black kittens are so exciting!! You don't know which color their eyes will turn, so who knows if she'll grow up to be a witch cat or a Toothless cat~
  10. Are you saying you got a kitten and didn't post pictures? What's wrong with you, man??
  11. O__o Are you talking about that whole x^2 + 4x - 6 thing? If so, I struggled so hard for the exact same reasons! I always felt pretty good about math until I hit this section where I was tediously guessing the whole time...
  12. Hang on, I have a gardening goal! Check back with me in a couple months.
  13. Bahaha, that's why I'm excited for the Assassin minis! it gives me the chance to get better at bodyweight stuff. Maybe someday I can do goofy poses instead of squabbling over the squat rack. Studying went great today! I had two assignments due online tonight at 11:55pm. Finished them before my chem lab at 2:00! That's not even past 11:30pm! How crazy is that? Before I went home I got my math assignment all set up and started working out a couple problems. There's not even a quiz tomorrow! I want to really focus on working ahead, I'm always so used to doing things last-minute. Now that I hav
  14. I really, really didn't want to go to the gym yesterday because I was tired and the parking lot was packed and I just wanted to go home for the night. Buuut, I skipped on Monday for the same reason and wasn't going to let myself do that twice in a row. I decided to just go in and get it done quickly. So I go in, the squat and power racks are both full, nbd I'll just do bench first. Oook still full, guess I'll do rows. Oh, someone new jumped in the squat rack, alright let's get my assisted pull-up AMRAPs for the mini done. Alllrighty then, still full, let's just mess around with dips while I wa
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