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  1. Have you hit the point where you take it as a compliment when someone cards you for alcohol yet?
  2. Looks like goal #3 (meditation) is going well. If you can make that a habit, that would do awesome things for you I bet. Are you going to start doing it in the afternoons too? I think thas when people would need it the most, good luck with that. Also. Strength training is a good addiction to have.
  3. Yes...reality is the best reference point for sure. Seems obvious, but common sense is a much needed commodity sometimes. As long as the circuit was done, that's all that counts. I bet you felt better after it was done too. Like I said before, keep the creative hobbies as much as you can fit them in. They keep our minds busy and keep us from going sideways.
  4. My 2 cents on working out in the morning is...don't. I can only speak for myself, but working out right after work (or even late evening) seems to be better and more practical. The motivation it takes to exercise in the morning is the exact opposite thing you need to fall asleep at night. If you do exercise in the morning though, its usually easier to do some kind of calisthetics or something you don't have to leave your place to do. This thinking makes more sense in the winter months I guess, but just this guy's opinion. Anyone that can do yoga 5 outa 7 days should get higher than a 70%. I would give you an A (6/7 or 7/7 would be and A+) for that one, some yoga looks really painful and hard to do. Wine tasting at a bachelorette party? Uh huh...surrrrre Keep up the awesomeness M!
  5. Don't sweat a little weekend hijinks, in the big picture you're doing really well and making real progress. Cleaning can be more of a workout than...a workout. That's probably why I never do it (just kidding - kind of). It looks like everything is coming together nicely and cohesively for your guys' big day. I think both of you will need that honeymoon after all the planning and running around involved right before a wedding, hope it rocks! Hope you get better soon! Chicken soup, drink water, get plenty of rest.
  6. There you are, scribed! That's an awesome thing that you've inspired your family to get active, I wish I could do the same. My inner-3-year-old-grandson is stoked to see you two taking your little guy on outdoor adventures like that. Nature really is the best teacher. Kudos to you for being a cool grandma I miss Mt Baker. The last time I went there was a few winters ago, but I think you did yourself a favour by going in the summer (well...not the winter anyway). There is definitely something about being up there and unplugging for a while. Great to see you back again Pallas!
  7. Great going on everything Laureleye! I like how you're keeping up your creative hobbies as well. Like they say, creativity is intelligence having fun
  8. I think we could all simplify more in our own lives and benefit a lot from it. Meditation seems like it would be a great thing to help with over planning too. Keep fighting the good fight Panczo!
  9. Awesome job on referring your friend for Muay Thai! That will make it a lot easier to go and will make it more fun. Refer a few more and the LW crew will take over the dojo! Also, sushi is too good to pass on too, so don't beat yourself up for that. There are lots of worse things that you could be eating. You're doing an awesome job LW! Take a minute and think of all the improvements you've made over this short amount of time! PS - Are you planning on joining any Muay Thai competitions down the road?
  10. Love the goals and the kick-assery LIR! That's a good idea to continue the goals you started last challenge, it gets a lot easier and more routine if you do that I have found. PS - I had to stop and stare at that gif for a minute or two. It looks familiar and is hard to stop watching...very cool indeed
  11. Porkchop and run shouldn't be used in the same sentence haha. I heard of that donut dash and they always have some 5K going on. I went to the SAM a long time ago on a field trip but not in recent memory, the Chahulie (I cant spell that) glass museum was the last art exhibit I went to, veru cool btw. Hey check this out Not sure how many times they meet up, but definatly worth a look. Best of luck to you too!
  12. Holy eff effity eff is right! That sounds kinda brutal, but in a good way. Don't hurt your sparring partner too much Stay awesome LW - Youre doing great!
  13. Hi 5's for Ireland! I hope you 2 have a great and crazy time there! Random question...Do you have to drive in the right or left side of the road in Ireland? Good going on everything! You're off and running
  14. Some of those fitness apps are kinda kooky sometimes. It looks like you're off and running with everything, its always good to get that stuff done in the morning. It gives us less time to talk ourselves out of it I like your goal #4, I'm going to check that out more when I'm done here - Ride on!
  15. Good luck on the packing, that can really be a procrastination waiting to happen. If you start to feel overwhelmed in your recovery, just concentrate on what you have to do in the immediate future. Like one day at a time (or one minute at a time if need be). That anxiety will dissipate more and more as you go on. Rant aside, it looks like you're doing just fine Kudos on the flossing too
  16. I like the goals you picked out. I'm in WA also and the summers around here can be deceptive as you know. 75 degrees is not that hot unless you have 99% humidity and you're used to a lot cooler weather. Are you going to be running indoors or out? Either way, I wish you luck - Go out and crush it! Good to meet you BTW PS - being overly critical of your work is the trait of true artists, as they say. Keep sketching
  17. Your title made me think of that Pink Floyd song. Great title for a great challenge. Whether or not you can get online at the place you're going to, taking that step to get healthy is really important and took more courage than most people have. If you do end up being able to get onto these boards from there, I'll make sure to pop in and yell at you every so often (well, yell as in...encourage and support). Make sure you get better and definatly don't be afraid/shy to lean on people on here if you need to. I hope they have innernets there, NF would less awesome without you Get better soon!
  18. ***CONGRATS*** Having the most awesome time on your honeymoon should be an extra goal on here. I really like the daily calm time, I think that will do wonders for you if you're feeling stressed out. Everyone needs to unplug and relax, otherwise we'd go crazy. So Dr. Porkchop gives his seal of approval on that idea. Other than that, enjoy the next 6 weeks of preparing and getting everything squared away. Steady as she goes
  19. Great goals Arkham! May awesome-ness be left in your wake
  20. Love the "no Cs" approach on goal # 3 Its great to see you on the boards again. The best of luck!
  21. I like the goal of taking care of yourself. We cant really do a lot if we don't, but its hard to remember that fact when everything is "in the soup". That workload sounds pretty hefty, make sure you take some Laureleye-time and keep as sane as you can. As for goal #4 - Creativity is intelligence having fun! Good luck!
  22. Hell yeah LW - CRUSH IT! I say this just about sums you up right now PS - If your friends see the results from your paleo/healthy lifestyle, you might inspire them to hop on the LW bandwagon.
  23. Great job on crushing it this time around Pookie! Paz is right, the weekend monster's fate is already sealed and he's on his way out (assuming he is a he). I'm totally in agreement with the others in thinking your goals (if you have the energy to do them) should center around your wedding. Exercise will relieve a lot of the stress and let you free up your mind for a while', and the life goal is kind of obvious I guess, haha. Thanks for your contagious positivity and make sure to enjoy those around you in the coming weeks.
  24. ***REPORT CARD TIME*** Great challenge everybody. Thanks for all the encouragement! Everybody did great and I'm proud of all of us! Goal #1 - Going to the gym and doing a split routine worked out really well at first. Once I started missing visits, it was hard to get back on track again. Old thought patterns started to creep their way back into my head and luckily I recognized them quickly. PROS - I liked the split routine and getting done with my workout really fast and without much hassle. The extra recovery time made it so I could do more volume and not get hurt doing so. CONS - If you miss a workout, its extra hard to get back on track because of the split. If you miss a Friday workout, that means that you'll have to go in and strength train on a weekend and it can trip up your routine. The next week is also kinda screwed too unless you get creative. I'll award 2 STR points and 1 STA point (started off great...ended not so much). Goal #2 - Stayed away from fast food a lot better than I thought I would have. Making it a 2-challenge-long goal really helped drill it into my head that food like that is not ok to over indulge on. I'll award the 3 CON points because that's just whats going to happen Goal #3 - Passed this one with flying colours. This was my one bright spot for this challenge, haha. I start my first shift on my own this Friday, the adventure continues. WIS 5 Goal #4 - F minus. No points
  25. I really like your positive attitude, its very contagious! Thanks for spreading it around and always having something nice to say to everybody! You did really great on this challenge Leonine! I think everybody on here loses steam toward the end of the challenge, kudos to you for sticking with it. Great first time out and better than most! If I may add my 2 cents, I have found that bringing a friend with me to the gym helps out a lot with any kind of jitters. Even if all they do is spot you, just having someone there you know can be a huge psychological boost (how 'bout that, I spelled it right the first time). Either way, starting is the hardest part and you got that out of the way now. Wishing you many more successes and random moments of kick-assery!!! BTW - The food in that pic makes me hungry (and jealous)
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