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  1. Week One Finale Fast5 M-F: [-] [-] [W] [T] [F] Log Sa-Su: Research: [_] WorkOut: [requires research] Meditate: [Th] [_] So I fell short of my meditation goal. As well the researching the difference exercises that would be safe to do with my injury. Grr. Onward and upward! Gonna make this happen this week! WEEKEND FOOD LOG: Saturday: didn't have breakfast. Had 1cup (per the measuring cup) of homemade mac 'n cheese for lunch with the kids cause I was jonesin' for it. Dinner happened at the in-laws and we ironically had more mac 'n cheese (yup, the kids argued fiercely over this fact. Ha.
  2. Thursday recap: So Thursday nights are my game nights. I drive 90 minutes to "the Compound" and we play Vampire (new WoD). Just getting into a new game, so last night was all about vetting. I scored full bonus XP for my vet scene -- SO HAPPEH! That really speaks to my progress as a role player. Yay progress! ;P Anyway, rocked my Fast5 goal. Someone already had gotten me dinner from Culver's (based on previous orders) so I had a mushroom swiss burger and onion rings waiting for me when I got there. Mowed through the o-rings (won't touch fries but onion rings get me almost every time) and th
  3. Yesterday was pretty winning on the Fast5 thing. Had a naked chili chicken wrap from McD's for dinner (put down the torch and pitchfork! Crazy run-around night from the moment I got home last night and needed to feed the kids something on the run on less than $20 and knew if I didn't get something for me too I was going to binge. I opened the tortilla and ate the innards. Grilled chicken, of course. Was freakin' delicious. Going to have to make chili chicken salads for dinner some night). Seeing as it was non-stop till 9:15p, I didn't get in any meditation, chainmail or research last night.
  4. Haha, thanks Dame! I agree, having this injury is a major bummer, especially since I eventually want to parkour, but I need to make sure it heals up right so I can continue to follow my dream. Totally on board with you following my thread! Always helpful to know someone's watching; helps keep me out of trouble. ^_~
  5. Where's Chapter 1? Chapter 1 documents ALL of the failures of the past (past challenges included). Been there. Done that. Learned from it. Moving on now. This is my story. I can write it how I want. The Bigger Picture (or, why am I doing this?!) Y'know what's funny. I'm scared. I have never been fit. I've been overweight my entire life. And yes, I mean the whole dang thing. I don't know what I'm going to look like without this suit of living jelly-armor that I have created for myself... and I'm scared of it. I don't know if I'm going to like what I see. But I need to stop being a daeva, s
  6. AAAAHHHH!!!! I'm back from the abyss!!! So sorry I fell off the face of the world there... but thankfully I climbed my way back finally!! Will be catching everything up in the next couple days here. Thank you everyone who stalked and kept posting on my thread when I didn't!!!! I lovis you all!!!! TO BE CONTINUED!!!
  7. Heya Blue! Hope you're feeling better. I'm actually quite floored that our fam of 3 grade-school boys hasn't come home with anything yet! Especially with the swinging weather here in the northern Midwest, too! Any word back on the job? That would be really cool if they were flexible with your schedule and let you work part time! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
  8. Welcome to the club Evenstar!! Glad to have you! Ooooh water, my old friend! Today's (Tuesday) water consumption kinda sucked while I was at work cause I didn't ever take a break from the dang computer to get up and refill my bottle, so I didn't have as much as I normally do at work today. HOWEVER, my body is "smrt" like that and I've been drinking like it's going out of style at home tonight. Will keep updating this as the week goes on. GREAT idea Rachy! <hi-5>
  9. Tuesday Recap: And now we finally get to today!!! Diet's been spot on so far. Skipped breakfast. Skipped lunch (due to a product presentation at my work. Coooooool program. I hope it meets our needs cause I really want to get my fingers on it and figure it out!). Dinner was "spaghetti" for the kids. So I had bought a bag of whole wheat egg noodles. Decided what the heck and cooked 'em up tonight for the boys to eat. I tried one to test the done-ness. Don't miss noodles really... so that was cool. Not going to take a single noodle as a failure. The sauce... now that was a stroke of genius. I
  10. OH MY GOSH!!! So much to catch up on!! Thursday Recap: Dinner was steak and mashed (white) potatoes. Not 100% ideal, but I'll take it seeing as my hubby made the family dinner. Wootliness!!! Didn't work out seeing as I got a text from my friend: my presence was requested 4 hours north to help set up for our mutual friend's wedding. Opportunity allowed, so I drove up Thursday night. Got there around 1am. Crashed out shortly thereafter. ... Why didn't I just go up Friday morning? lol Friday Recap: I did amazeballs on my food goal - especially for NOT being at home!! Brunch was eggs & sa
  11. True that. I didn't completely bomb the meal, but I could have done MUCH better. For me and the kids. Just gotta learn from my mistakes and resolve to do better next time the situation comes up again. Cause I know it will eventually. Thanks for the encouragement Maigrey. I appreciate it.
  12. Thanks JD! We just gotta remember, they are individuals with thoughts and desires of their own. They're not always going to be on the same page as us. Love 'em anyway. Day 2 recap: Didn't eat till 11am. Had a naked veggie omelet wrap from Java. Yes, had food to prep in the fridge but didn't want to take the time to prepare it, honestly. :/ not the greatest reason, but it's the truth. Got home, walked to the auto parts store with the boys, got a spark plug for the lawn mower, walked home and changed it out, monkeyed around with a couple other things trying to get the dang thing to start. Hor
  13. Yeah I'm kinda curious, too... Update from last night: I got a hankering for something sweet, so I marched to the kitchen and proceeded to invent(?) something I'm going to call pumpkin pie applesauce. Apples are ridiculously cheap right now cause it's harvest time! So I've got a decent amount of apples sitting around home. And I LURVs me some homemade sauce. This turned out pretty darn good. Made it with 1.5c home prepped pumpkin, 4 apples, 1.5 tsp cinnamon, a pinch of cloves & ended up adding 2 packets of Stevia in the Raw to the finished pot once it was all said and done for that ext
  14. Heya Blue! I like your goals - especially the sleep one and the cooking one. I'm guilty of not doing both - just kinda scraping by one meal at a time and having to scrounge around the house every day after work in search of "what are we going to have for dinner?" Since you're focused on Paleo, maybe we can trade some meal planning ideas!! That would be really cool (imo). Rock on with your response to the hubby! *hi-5* That was pretty epic. 'subbed ... cause I want to see you tear this thing up!!
  15. YEAH for DDR related questies!!! I was just getting into 5-foot difficulties when I stopped (as a teenager). SO miss it. I can still shred quite a few 4-foot difficulty songs. Aaaah... the flashy arrows. *daydreams* ... *5 minutes later* ... Oh, erm, sry 'bout that... SO! Looking forward to hearing what you consider a "regular exercise routine". C'mon, you can be more specific than that! Let us know your plan so we know what to hold you accountable to. Also, just out of curiosity, what classes are you taking? Makes me wonder with the + to DEX. Subbed for sure - can't wait to see you te
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