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  1. Week One Finale Fast5 M-F: [-] [-] [W] [T] [F] Log Sa-Su: Research: [_] WorkOut: [requires research] Meditate: [Th] [_] So I fell short of my meditation goal. As well the researching the difference exercises that would be safe to do with my injury. Grr. Onward and upward! Gonna make this happen this week! WEEKEND FOOD LOG: Saturday: didn't have breakfast. Had 1cup (per the measuring cup) of homemade mac 'n cheese for lunch with the kids cause I was jonesin' for it. Dinner happened at the in-laws and we ironically had more mac 'n cheese (yup, the kids argued fiercely over this fact. Ha. NOT!) and kielbasa. I had a small scoop of pasta and probably 4 3" pieces of sausage. NOT the best day by far, but we normally don't have pasta for lunch. Sunday: didn't have breakfast again. Lunch was leftover sausage from Saturday (2 3" pieces). Dinner was a frozen beef stew type meal thing that needed to get eaten up. Ate maybe 2 of the little potato pieces in there before pawning them off on the 7yr old. Had almost half of a family-sized bag of frozen okra along with the veggies from the stew (carrots and green beans) along with a couple small chunks of beef. Teased the hubby that I should have had him make up the rest of the okra. I LOVE that stuff. Ermahgersh. :3 Liquid Calories. I don't drink soda. Don't drink much if any milk (it makes me break out and get all mucus-y). If I do coffee, it's gotta be doctored, so I generally don't drink coffee often. Fortunately for me, I like water and tea. So just wanted to get that out there. IF I drink something other than water or unsweetened tea, I will report it. Cause it becomes a food at that point.
  2. Thursday recap: So Thursday nights are my game nights. I drive 90 minutes to "the Compound" and we play Vampire (new WoD). Just getting into a new game, so last night was all about vetting. I scored full bonus XP for my vet scene -- SO HAPPEH! That really speaks to my progress as a role player. Yay progress! ;P Anyway, rocked my Fast5 goal. Someone already had gotten me dinner from Culver's (based on previous orders) so I had a mushroom swiss burger and onion rings waiting for me when I got there. Mowed through the o-rings (won't touch fries but onion rings get me almost every time) and threw out the buns on my burger (so it was just 2 beef patties, mushrooms and cheese - no other condiments). Gave my drink away and stuck to water. One of the other players even brought cheese cake and I resisted the urge all night! WOOT! Kept telling myself it wasn't going to taste as good as I was imagining it and I would feel sick afterwards, which is a very real possibility. Ignored the chip bag that got passed around, too. Lots of snacks there tonight. Not normal... but oh well. Easy enough to ignore when you're on a natural high from passing the vet! Got done with other human interactions around 1:45am but was still a little wired (no caffeine was consumed the entire evening) so seeing as I crash on the couch (as opposed to driving 2 hours when I'm dog tired) I decided to try meditating. Set my phone timer for 11 minutes (1 minute to get situated and 10 to get it done) Took me probably about 3 minutes to relax so I actually guess I meditated for about 6-7 minutes. Purposefully ended it because I didn't want it just to be a "hey, go to sleep now" but more like a "you need to relax before you sleep" thing. And I needed to brush my teeth yet. ;P So yeah! Winning day yesterday. Winning so far this morning. Enjoyed a nice cuppa tea and already polished off 1 liter of water. Ah the sweet sweet taste of success. ^__^ Week One Fast5 M-F: [-] [-] [W] [T] [_] Log Sa-Su: [_] [_] Research: [_] WorkOut: [requires research] Meditate: [Th] [_]
  3. Yesterday was pretty winning on the Fast5 thing. Had a naked chili chicken wrap from McD's for dinner (put down the torch and pitchfork! Crazy run-around night from the moment I got home last night and needed to feed the kids something on the run on less than $20 and knew if I didn't get something for me too I was going to binge. I opened the tortilla and ate the innards. Grilled chicken, of course. Was freakin' delicious. Going to have to make chili chicken salads for dinner some night). Seeing as it was non-stop till 9:15p, I didn't get in any meditation, chainmail or research last night. Could have done some meditation, but honestly I didn't think about it. Week One Fast5 M-F: [-] [-] [W] [_] [_] Log Sa-Su: [_] [_] Research: [_] WorkOut: [requires research] Meditate: [_] [_]
  4. Haha, thanks Dame! I agree, having this injury is a major bummer, especially since I eventually want to parkour, but I need to make sure it heals up right so I can continue to follow my dream. Totally on board with you following my thread! Always helpful to know someone's watching; helps keep me out of trouble. ^_~
  5. Where's Chapter 1? Chapter 1 documents ALL of the failures of the past (past challenges included). Been there. Done that. Learned from it. Moving on now. This is my story. I can write it how I want. The Bigger Picture (or, why am I doing this?!) Y'know what's funny. I'm scared. I have never been fit. I've been overweight my entire life. And yes, I mean the whole dang thing. I don't know what I'm going to look like without this suit of living jelly-armor that I have created for myself... and I'm scared of it. I don't know if I'm going to like what I see. But I need to stop being a daeva, stop focusing on what I LOOK like (or what I am going to look like) and start caring for my HEALTH. You only get one pass at this life thing. I need to stop living in fear of "what if" and "what now" and just get to the living part! Focus... on what I want instead of what I don't want (to do). Keep it positive. (e.g., instead of "I will not eat out at work today" I will rather tell myself "I will aim to enjoy 3 different kinds of tea instead of 2 today!" or some other such silly thing) - this is less of a goal (since it's not really measurable) and more of an aspiration. I'm listing it in here to keep it top of mind during my challenge. --- Fuel... the body I want, not the body I have. I will stop feeding my cravings. Period. Goal #1: Follow the Fast5 intermittent fasting guidelines (essentially fasting from 9pm thru 5pm the next day) for the work week. I have a desk job and don't have many physical demands throughout my day, so this, I feel, is reasonable. I've already been doing it after a fashion, so this is really just tightening the belt and doing away with the coffee additives and temptation to get lunch from the plethora of fast food places around. *During my eating window I will focus on veggies and protein w/ a fruit of some sort incorporated into the meal instead of keeping this "dessert" mentality that is literally killing me and harming the health-outlook of my kids. ... For the weekend: at this point it's damage control. My "shoot for the moon" is Paleo-style eating. My "land among the stars" range is undefined and somewhat vague because it all depends on the situation. Fail. (lol) Goal #2: I will log what and how much I eat on the weekends. Let's start there. --- Research & Recover I tore my right Achilles tendon, so I'm currently nursing that back to health. I'm really hesitant to do much of any workouts and can't effectively walk for fitness so I'm going to be using this time to really buckle down and focus on getting my diet in line with my long term goals. I will be researching this week what exercises/movements I can do without putting strain on my tendon. Revised goal to come. --- Meditate My good friend helped walk me through how to meditate once (and he's got a soft, calming voice to boot) and it was the most ridiculously relaxed I think I have ever felt in my life. I must do this again! And again. And again. Goal: start meditating for 5 minutes twice a week (allotting 10 minutes of time since I don't know how to just get into the zone right away) and ramp up to meditating for 10 minutes 3 times a week. --- (re)Create... my sister's chainmail bra and dance belt. I've started working on it and I forgot how FUN it was to engage in my hobby. Goal: to have my sister's belt adjusted and her bra finished & fitted (project completed) by Memorial Day (slightly past the challenge window, but I have to work around both of our schedules for times to get together since she lives 2 hours away). Will post pictures. ^_~ --- That's what I got. Let the good times roll.
  6. AAAAHHHH!!!! I'm back from the abyss!!! So sorry I fell off the face of the world there... but thankfully I climbed my way back finally!! Will be catching everything up in the next couple days here. Thank you everyone who stalked and kept posting on my thread when I didn't!!!! I lovis you all!!!! TO BE CONTINUED!!!
  7. Heya Blue! Hope you're feeling better. I'm actually quite floored that our fam of 3 grade-school boys hasn't come home with anything yet! Especially with the swinging weather here in the northern Midwest, too! Any word back on the job? That would be really cool if they were flexible with your schedule and let you work part time! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
  8. Welcome to the club Evenstar!! Glad to have you! Ooooh water, my old friend! Today's (Tuesday) water consumption kinda sucked while I was at work cause I didn't ever take a break from the dang computer to get up and refill my bottle, so I didn't have as much as I normally do at work today. HOWEVER, my body is "smrt" like that and I've been drinking like it's going out of style at home tonight. Will keep updating this as the week goes on. GREAT idea Rachy! <hi-5>
  9. Tuesday Recap: And now we finally get to today!!! Diet's been spot on so far. Skipped breakfast. Skipped lunch (due to a product presentation at my work. Coooooool program. I hope it meets our needs cause I really want to get my fingers on it and figure it out!). Dinner was "spaghetti" for the kids. So I had bought a bag of whole wheat egg noodles. Decided what the heck and cooked 'em up tonight for the boys to eat. I tried one to test the done-ness. Don't miss noodles really... so that was cool. Not going to take a single noodle as a failure. The sauce... now that was a stroke of genius. I took the last can of spinach from the cupboard, grabbed a can of beets and proceeded to dump their perspective liquids out and blend them in the blender. Enter a nasty-looking brownish-blackish sludge that smelled and tasted just delicious (to me). Mixed that with a large can of crushed tomatoes & a partial can of tomato paste. Threw some Italian spices in there with some garlic and viola. I basically made a tomato veggie soup out of it. The younger two loved it. The oldest doesn't like tomato-based dishes, so just made him try the sauce and then he had leftover pancakes. I just "drank" the sauce/soup. So tasty. YAY FOR LEFTOVERS!!! Workout: haven't worked out YET. It's 9:41pm. Had to rake up the remainder of last week's lawn clippings, mow the lawn again and rake up THIS week's clippings when I got home. Follow that up with making dinner and an intensive homework night and I just finally had time to myself when I started this posting business at 8:30... cause updating my thread was actually equally important. Don't want to lose the momentum. Granted it's been a broken 90 minutes. If I go to bed now (and avoid interacting with the bad-mood hubby whom I just got off the phone with) I should be able to get up earlier and get in a workout tomorrow morning before work. Then I can do workouts on Friday and Sunday and have my 3 ABWs in for this week! Woot! 5am Here I Come!
  10. OH MY GOSH!!! So much to catch up on!! Thursday Recap: Dinner was steak and mashed (white) potatoes. Not 100% ideal, but I'll take it seeing as my hubby made the family dinner. Wootliness!!! Didn't work out seeing as I got a text from my friend: my presence was requested 4 hours north to help set up for our mutual friend's wedding. Opportunity allowed, so I drove up Thursday night. Got there around 1am. Crashed out shortly thereafter. ... Why didn't I just go up Friday morning? lol Friday Recap: I did amazeballs on my food goal - especially for NOT being at home!! Brunch was eggs & sausage. Next meal was dinner at like 6pm so I went to the grocery store in town and picked up some noms. For dinner I had an avocado, half a tub of alfalfa sprouts and about 1/2 of a small bag of "end pieces" soft white cheese of some sort (I would estimate about 2oz). Yes, I could have lived w/out the cheese, but it went beautifully with the sprouts and helped curb the urge to get something naughty. Oh, and water to drink all day. ROCK ON! WORKOUT!! So I Thursday night I stayed in a room with another gal I knew from my Thursday-night gaming sessions. Would have stayed with her Friday night too except that her hubby decided to come up Friday night instead of Saturday morning, so I got shooed out. Fair enough, I'm cool with that. So I got my own room!! And guess what I did?! :3 ERNGRY BURDZ WERKOUT!! ERMAHGERD!! Squats: 31/26/14 really pushed myself. Did 1 better on the first and second rounds and that's what I was really aiming for. Counter push-ups: 10/5/failure -- one better on the second round. Man am I out of shape on these! C'mon chicken arms... get pushing!! One-Arm Rows w/ 1 gallon water: 20/13/4 pfft. My upper back was kinda spent from all the extended-arm decorating stuff from the beginning of the day. Planks: I forgot to set the time, but I did 3 circuits to failure. I feel like I did good, but I know my form was all over the place on my second circuit. Tried setting myself up differently for "take-off" and it messed me up. WOOT WOOT!! Saturday Recap: Lyndsey's Wedding daaaaay!! Skipped Breakfast. Skipped Lunch. Was doing little bits of last minute prep for the wedding; running between the bride's room and the reception room fetching things and being useful. I got to do the bride's hair. ^_____^ Was fun. This is the second wedding I've helped set up where I'm not actually IN the wedding party. Funny how that works. Wedding was great. After the ceremony I tooled around with the wedding party as they were doing their pictures and helped basically cart things around (cell phones, cigarettes [blegh], keys, etc) so got in some nice light hiking. Thank goodness for wearing my sneakers. Dinner was buffet style. Had a nice salad with a tiny drizzle of Italian dressing. Also had 2 palm-sized pieces of roast beef (hold the bread), 2 palm-sized pieces of turkey (again, hold the bread - cause they were serving them up as sandwiches! lol), skipped the mashed potatoes (you could tell they weren't from a box, but I didn't want 'em), skipped the corn... loaded up literally half my plate with green beans (omg so good... a bit salty, but they were amazing) and that was it! I did have a small bite of something they called "fry bread"... it looked like a donut, so I didn't grab one, but I got it shoved in my face by one of the bridesmaids and ordered to eat it or she would have shoved it in my nostril. Tasted like a dense bite of homemade bread. I could see where it would be really good if you were into bread. Glad I didn't grab one either way. Danced a couple dances after dinner but mainly just joked around with one of the groomsmen. Keep in mind: the ppl in the wedding party were all my friends from my pen & paper role play gaming group... so geeks everyone. Anyway, Jeff and I made a trebuchet out of a straw, some plastic cocktail swords and a couple disassembled wedding bell trinkets that were on the table melted (in some cases) and tied (in others) with burlap string from the table cloth. We proceeded to wage war on Alex, hubby of Alicia (Alex = that hubby that came up Friday night) who had a catapult made from his dessert plate and fork. He was launching a paper ball at us, trying to get it into my water cup. Jeff & I were launching a handled "mace" and trying to get it into Alicia's water cup. Neither of us succeeded in our task, but we kept ourselves entertained for a good 90+ minutes. I haven't giggled that much in I don't know how long. It was a blast. Ended the night around 1am after a couple games of cards. Had to drive back Sunday morning! Short night. Sunday Recap: Sunday was a tough one. I was uber tired from not getting a lot of sleep the night before. I had a roast beef 'n swiss sammy (sans bread and most of the swiss with it) and a gas station cappuccino which I hoped would wake me up some for the drive home. It just gave me gut rumblies and made me have to stop a couple extra times to get it out. Bleh. Got home and spent some time w/ the boys. Snuggled up to Toby on the couch and passed out. 3 hours later, I'm waking up goin' "huh, I'm hungry". The kids were demanding pancakes for dinner ("demanding" meaning "hey mom, let's do PANCAKES!" <insert happy faces here>). Fine. Made 'em pancakes. I fried up an egg and had a carrot and the last roma tomato with it. Still tired, so after the hubby got home I crashed out again. Mmmm sleep. Week 1 in Summary: Food goals: [insert grade here] Primary Workout Goal: 2 out of 3 achieved. Secondary Workout Goal: n/a till week 2 Life Goal: nada Monday Recap: YAY WORK!! Schedules and normality!!!!! Monday was beautiful! Didn't have anything to eat till lunch, of which I went out w/ my marketing buddy to Uno's. Wow... they don't have a lot of good choices at Uno's. Ended up with a salad w/ grilled chicken and arugula and tomatoes and other green leafy things... and skipped the dressing for some fresh squeezed lemon. Also had a grilled eggplant-tomato-spinach wrap sans wrap. Yum. Water to drink. Dinner was rice 'n pork w/ chicken gravy for the kids (the younger two go gaga for this meal) while I had leftover roasted chicken and a yellow zucchini. I did sneak a couple small swipes of the chicken gravy from Steve's bowl, however the intent was in jest because he was guarding his bowl like I was going to steal it from him. It was fun playing around with the boys, although I'm sure the hubby would not have approved of playing at dinner time. Pfff... whatev. ;P Hmm... how to ween the kids off their obsession with gravy. Thanks, Grandma, for gettin' them hooked. LOL! Any ideas would be welcomed. Didn't work out as I woke up Monday morning with another serious crink in my left shoulder that ran up to my neck again. It's gotta be how I was sleeping. Man oh man was I in pain all day Monday though. I must have not have stretched it out as good as I did the other day, though, cause it persisted through till I went to bed again Monday night. Ugh.
  11. True that. I didn't completely bomb the meal, but I could have done MUCH better. For me and the kids. Just gotta learn from my mistakes and resolve to do better next time the situation comes up again. Cause I know it will eventually. Thanks for the encouragement Maigrey. I appreciate it.
  12. Thanks JD! We just gotta remember, they are individuals with thoughts and desires of their own. They're not always going to be on the same page as us. Love 'em anyway. Day 2 recap: Didn't eat till 11am. Had a naked veggie omelet wrap from Java. Yes, had food to prep in the fridge but didn't want to take the time to prepare it, honestly. :/ not the greatest reason, but it's the truth. Got home, walked to the auto parts store with the boys, got a spark plug for the lawn mower, walked home and changed it out, monkeyed around with a couple other things trying to get the dang thing to start. Horked and heaved and FINALLY got it to start! YESS!!!! Woman: 1 - mechanical beast: 0 So I proceeded to mow the lawn. Twice. Yes, the grass was THAT long. Had the boys help me out with some interim raking to try and not re-mow all the cuttings all over again. Finally put the mower away, then got to pulling all the stupid-long plant-things along the house... so lawn-mower-starting, pushing, pulling, walking, squats, one-arm rows pulling the stubborn half-trees... it was a GREAT time. I love working in the dirt. Almost makes me want to change professions. Almost. I'm pretty sore this morning though. I think it's part from Tuesday's workout, part from last night's activity and the fact that I slept like crud. So anyway, back to food. Cut my timing too close with the yard work so had to hurry the kids into the car and ended up at McD's for dinner. Yes, I know, horrible choice. I had 2 onion cheddar burgers w/out the bun. So yay, franken-meat with chemicals dressed up as "cheese" and onions that were killed and saturated in Lord only knows what kind of oil. Feel free to flame away. And I fed that garbage to my kids too. Yay. Way to go, Mom. *sigh* So yeah, Got the kids to their AWANAs, got to my Bible study a little late, but it all evened out in the end. This morning was a single, solitary overcooked egg. LOL! I like my eggs overcooked, though... so it wasn't too bad. ;P Activity: read above. I'm going to have dig deep to workout today... cause even just sitting at my desk typing hurts. My left shoulder is super tight and my inner thighs remind me they're there every time I move my legs... lol! Oh well... push on, hey? Will post later w/ workout stats. Go Go Gadget Day 3!
  13. Yeah I'm kinda curious, too... Update from last night: I got a hankering for something sweet, so I marched to the kitchen and proceeded to invent(?) something I'm going to call pumpkin pie applesauce. Apples are ridiculously cheap right now cause it's harvest time! So I've got a decent amount of apples sitting around home. And I LURVs me some homemade sauce. This turned out pretty darn good. Made it with 1.5c home prepped pumpkin, 4 apples, 1.5 tsp cinnamon, a pinch of cloves & ended up adding 2 packets of Stevia in the Raw to the finished pot once it was all said and done for that extra boost in sweetness that was missing cause my pumpkin stole all the sugar out of the apples. LOL! Needed some nutmeg and maybe a splash of vanilla, but didn't have either. I ate about a cup of it last night and still had a cup left to put in the fridge after an indiscriminate amount was eaten by the hubs when he got home. YAY! Also of note this morning: I'm deliciously sore. Not "omg I can't walk" but rather "hurts so good!" - lol! So glad I didn't push it harder cause I would have been crippled today... and that's not the point. I'm still able to function, which is good cause I'll be doing this again on Thursday. ;P
  14. Heya Blue! I like your goals - especially the sleep one and the cooking one. I'm guilty of not doing both - just kinda scraping by one meal at a time and having to scrounge around the house every day after work in search of "what are we going to have for dinner?" Since you're focused on Paleo, maybe we can trade some meal planning ideas!! That would be really cool (imo). Rock on with your response to the hubby! *hi-5* That was pretty epic. 'subbed ... cause I want to see you tear this thing up!!
  15. YEAH for DDR related questies!!! I was just getting into 5-foot difficulties when I stopped (as a teenager). SO miss it. I can still shred quite a few 4-foot difficulty songs. Aaaah... the flashy arrows. *daydreams* ... *5 minutes later* ... Oh, erm, sry 'bout that... SO! Looking forward to hearing what you consider a "regular exercise routine". C'mon, you can be more specific than that! Let us know your plan so we know what to hold you accountable to. Also, just out of curiosity, what classes are you taking? Makes me wonder with the + to DEX. Subbed for sure - can't wait to see you tear this thing up!! GO ARROWS GO!! *dons the pom-poms*
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