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  1. Had my workout yesterday and man i'm sore today..but not as bad as I had in the past. We did full body today but focused mainly on core. So a little of everything maily core exercises. During a few of the weights he had me doing, he traded them out for heavier weights because the ones i had been using are getting to easy to use. I find that encouraging. I even did a 30 sec plank and so we switched from bench planks to regular planks and I held that for 20 seconds before giving up. Cody was enouraging saying that if I keep this up, not only will i lose the stomach and gain muscles in my arms and legs, but that I will be dong some more "fun" exercises as we do more with weights and more challenging core. I cant remember everything I did, but my core is a little sore and my shoulders, but they usually are when i work them out. Chris turned me in cause I had a taco yesterday. I know not the most healthiest choice, but was what i had to work with after a busy day and a tiring one at that. My daughter, Reyna asked to sleep over a friends house and after much debating it and talking it over with hubby. I let her do it. She is 6 years old and the girl is 12 but lives 2 doors down and they are very good friends.The girl is very sweet to my daughter and is always welcomed to my house and knowing her parents helped me to decided to let her do it. Though I'm still a nervous momma and until she gets home today and I see her (which will probably be after work since i work a half day today) i will probably still be a little nervous for my girl. What is the age you started letting your kids spend the night at friends? or when you started to do it when you were little? She has spent the night with grandma and grandpa on occasion and my MIL said that she is always good and respectful and fun to be with. She said she thought she was matrure enough to try this time and it being two doors down was a plus. I'm still nervous. Didnt get the call or the knock on my door at early hours of the night/morning saying she wanted to come home so i am expecting she is having fun.
  2. I try to do once choice at a time.. i may have messed up on one choice but that doesnt mean i have to continue to make the same bad choices all day.. i just make a better choice next time. I feel that if i do that then I can succeed. I am going to try to pick 52 different things i want to change and what to replace it with and then change one thing a week replacing a new thing in its stead and by the end of the year i shall have 52 new good habits and 52 less bad habits.
  3. Thanks!! And yes the headache is not good.. but thanks for the encouragement! I feel so much better knowing that there are people on here that are wanting me to suceed and also are not going to beat me up over my mistakes and sometimes poor choices. I already beat myself up over that as is.
  4. I went Friday to have a session with Cody. My sister went with me using a free 30 day trial pass and Cody was so kewl that he let her train with me. We did lunges with weighted balls.. i had a 15 pound ball and She had a 10 pound ball. We went down the aisle of shame and switched balls and came back down. Then she started on the other side and we did lunges towards eachother, me carrying a 15 pound ball and her without weights, then halfway she got the ball and I finished without. we did the same thing coming back. After that, he had us doing planks push up style.She held it for 15 sec and I did it for 20. We did three sets of that. Then he had us doing mountain climbers and planks off the bench. We did that and then we did bicycle and v-ups. We did 3 sets of that 20 secs each.After that we went for a last round of Lunges with the 15 pound ball and called it a day. I really enjoyed working out with my sister and having her there for support and made me feel like i knew what i was doing. Yesterday I went and had a session with Cody alone. I did some arm and core work outs. We started with the Ropes and I had to pound them into the ground and lift them and slap them again on the ground, this was for about 20 seconds, we did three sets of this in between me doing bench planks. So ropes, planks, ropes, plank,ropes and then plank and ended with ropes. My arms were starting to get sore. I then was instructed to put a 10 pound weight on some resistant bands and then stand on the weight and do curls with the bands. Boy my arms got really sore doing that. Next he had me doing step up with 2 5pound weights on my hands. I had to step up on the step on one foot, lift the other foot up bringing my knee up, and while doing that i had to curl and press the weights on the way up. so when my knees were up, so was the weights up above my head and then i could bring the weights down and then step down and switch legs. I did this for 12 reps, then went and did the resistant band again, and he had me holding the weight while it was tight so i had to tire my muscles out. We did the steps again and then the bands again and then the steps and then the bands. We went to the lat machine and I did 60 pounds and did three sets of front/back on the machine. The last set I did 65 pounds and I barely could finish. My arms were burning as was my shoulder muscles. We ended with bicycle and v-ups. but the v-ups he wanted me to just hold the position without my hands helping to hold myself up. I did this three times and then he said to do the v-up as long as I could. So i did and i finally crashed around 33 seconds and i was tired. Then we changed out and My husband had his session while i took my kiddos to get my sister from work. So today my shoulders are very sore and my core is little tender and it hurts to lift anything up. My sister took my car today and I am without a vehicle which I really didn't think through the whole letting my sister have the car on my day off thing. I regret it very much right now, as I have a migraine headache and its only getting worse. I have not had caffeine since a small sip on Sunday and my body is giving me a painful reminder that i need something caffeine. Nothing is helping it and I'm here with my screaming 2 year old that just doesn't want to play quietly and my daughter who decided that today was a perfect day to throw tantrums my way. I want a pop so bad, if for nothing else than to get rid of this headache.. and the funny thing is, that the pop itself holds no desire for me.. i just want this headache gone.. its not like i want to have a soda. but I cant let this headache get worse.. i know what worse is and I wont be able to get rid of it if it gets much worse.. will take longer to get rid of and I'll probably have it when i got work tomorrow. Don't want to work with a migraine. I deal with stupid all day and i don't need pain with stupid.(Not everyone that comes to my work is stupid but I have my fair share of it daily). Good news though is that my micro manager got fired last Monday so i have one less thing adding to my daily stress.. it was a large weight of stress off my shoulders. I did go up on Sunday and worked out with my sister on some arm machines and weights with her. I have my next session tomorrow, so today I am gong to get rid of this headache and be prepared for awesome work outs. So on an awesome note. When i went on Aug 8th for my session, he weighed me and measured me. I lost 3 inches total, 1 inch in my waist, 1 inch in my hips and 1 inch combined with neck and arm. my chest, thigh and calf all stayed the same but he said that it was normal cause I'm losing where i need it most and where i have the most to lose... and he said the more weights i do that it will start to tone up and lose in those other areas too. He was excited to see i lost inches.. cause the scale only said i lost 4 pounds.. but he did say that i have been gaining a lot more muscle which could counter the weight loss and so he will try me again in a month to see where i am. I am excited about the inches. He was encouraging saying that the inches tells more then the scale. I need to keep losing and keep this up. I am exited! I actually like working out.. most days.NEVER EVER though i would like it.
  5. i drink water just fine. I bring at least 4 bottles of water to work and drink them while working, but i have found that every 3-4 days I start getting my migraine from not drinking pop. I have tried taking caffeine pills (a coworkers has these for her addictions) but they don't really help much. I think that i am going to try to get them and take them whenever i start to get the headache instead of when its full blown. Maybe this will help me get away from pop for good. I need to do some more research on the subject though because i don't want to become addicted to pills. I am so glad that you guys found something to help! I know how hard it is cause I'm doing it right now.
  6. So I am joining this Challenge. I know a few people who will be happy. I really struggle with keeping up to date on things on line and that is going to be the biggest part of the challenge for me. However I shall try. Here is my goal for this challenge. I want to work out at least twice a week (with or without a trainer) for at least 30 minutes of weights and 15 min of cardio. will try to do more then that but its my starting point. I want to read my bible more regularly and for me that is a great goal and so i will during this 6 weeks challenge, try to read the bible at least 15 minutes a day 6 days a week. Also I am trying to kick the habit of drinking pop/soda/soda pop/coke, whatever you call it. I have been weaning myself off it for years.. i started drinking 4-5 2 liters a day.. and i am down to 20 oz every 3-4 days. I would like to try to make it a 20 oz every 4-5 days during this 6 weeks challenge. It gives me migraines to cold turkey cut it out and after 2 1/2 weeks of the migraine not leaving I had to give in and so I am going to try to keep weaning myself so the migraines done take hold. I also am trying to do better with my diet so I am going to try to actually cook at least 2 meals a week that is healthy and good for me and my husband and family. This is my goal. Sorry they are not fancy or awesome like running a 5k or something but baby steps right?!. I want to do this and succeed and I want to make sure its not easy either. I have a caffeine headache right now and I am about to get ready to go to the gym to meet my trainer Cody, and i have done almost everything to get rid of this stupid thing> i may have to stop and get a soda.. i really don't want to but its day 4 right now without and I don't want this turning into a migraine. Dinner tonight is already being made.. egg salad sandwiches. I am excited cause i made it for the first time yesterday and my kids are begging for it again.So i did something right.
  7. I do my own sort of challenges but I just dont post it.. and I do it in my way.. i am just not so good at keeping up on posting every day and such cause I work alot and work wierd hours. Makes a full on challenge, very challanging for me. I am also trying to get on the night shift so i can go back to school for a nursing degree. which will take most my time besides work.
  8. *i should do a challenge* but i'm not. not this time.
  9. buts its easier to do a challenge through you.. so i let you do the challenge and i cheer!
  10. sure, i am going to help my husband succeed in his challenge.
  11. yes.. i'm BC's wifey. I was going to be just all stealthy but i had to comment cause your all awesome DR Who all over your page.. and I had to comment. ;D
  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your post.. but I love Dr Who. I also like your goals!
  13. I am thinking about joining the next challenge.. I may keep a few of the same goals but tweek them a little to make them a little mroe hard and long lasting. I want to keep with the soda one for sure.. cause I want it to be a life style change and not jsut a change for one challenge.So if I keep with it.. maybe I can conquer it once and for all!
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