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  1. I'm in! Got my challenge post up today too. Whew. Jesus, be my strength.
  2. Haha thanks! They're pretty prevalent in Texas, too. When I finally get around to starting a blog, that's what it'll be called. How to make sense of a blog that'll be half fitness and half faith-ness is proving to be difficult, lol.
  3. Seconded. I feel you on the "OMG what's wrong with me???" anxieties (esp. online where people are a little more open about being agressive against conservatism). But seriously, if a guy can't put his faith before sexual desires, I can't really trust him, you know? Is he going to put his sexual "needs" ahead of *me*, too? (Basically, cheating.) If it weren't for the group of friends that I've aquired since I've been a practicing Catholic, I'm certain I would have compromised by now. The young adult group at my church encompasses 20-39 year olds, so you'd be right in the middle of that one,
  4. Catholic nerd here. It's acutally my faith that motivates me to seek fitness. It's a constant struggle but I have faith in him who gives me rest.
  5. I think I want this for dinner *tonight*! Everything sounds good. Or maybe I'm just hungry...
  6. So my wisdom teeth are coming out soon, and everyone's suggestions for soft foods while I recover (suprisingly) aren't that paleo. (At all.) While I would love an excuse to eat all the mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, and ice cream I want, I'd rather not deal with the guilt, food comas, and achiness that come with it. What's your favorite mushy paleo food? I could really use your ideas. Mashed sweet potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and tuna is all I have on my list so far.
  7. This is an awesome idea. We should all send something. Strength in numbers?
  8. Congrats Fyre! What's your ultimate goal? I've lost 5lbs in 4 weeks, which isn't so bad considering how easily I'm influenced into cheating, lol. I'm looking forward to really sticking to it this month so I can get more dramatic results.
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