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  1. I normally have a very short hair style, the sides and back are always shaved right down and I've had varying lengths on top. With the Covid-19 stuff going on, hairdressers are all closed for the foreseeable future, and my hair, while still short by many people's standards, is getting very long for me (the bangs especially, I hate hair around my ears and on my forehead, and it's driving me nuts. More importantly, it's causing me to touch my face more than usual, trying to get it off my forehead). If I knew for sure it would only be another week or so, I'd hold out for a proper haircut, but it's not looking like things will be opening up until at least May, and I can't hold out that long. So shaving it off it is. It's nothing radical for me, I shaved my head regularly for a year or two when I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with my hair. It grows ridiculously fast, so it won't be long before it's back to normal. Who knows, maybe I'll use this as an opportunity to try something new. Week 2 ~ Wednesday I slept poorly last night, and as a result, I was tired and cranky all day. Work was shit. I had no desire to run when I got home. I fell asleep on the couch, had a snack when I woke up, and ran on the treadmill anyway. It was unpleasant, my legs were tired and heavy, and I was feeling bloated and blah, but I got it done, Food was all good today, though I wasn't super hungry. I wasn't overly communicative with anyone other than my parents (other than asking my sister about taxes), but I wasn't in the mood. Bedtime should be good, though I just turned on an old episode of Star Trek:TNG on Netflix, so hopefully I can avoid going down that rabbit hole when it's over...
  2. Week 1 Not great. I didn't meet any goal. The worst was the bedtime goal, which is not unusual. I will never know why that one is so hard to do... I did get a couple body weight workouts in, and a couple runs (so technically I met my run goal). It was a mix of laziness and circumstance and poor planning. Only place to go from here is up! Week 2 ~ Monday and Tuesday Monday was good-ish. I didn't quite meet my macro numbers, but I did track everything ate and made a decent attempt. I did my body wight workout, minus a set or two of core stuff because my parents needed me to show them how to do an e-transfer RIGHT NOW, and then I had to get ready for work. Still not much in the way of stretching going on, but I'm going to give that some thought/planning at the end of the week. I did not make my bedtime goal, but I wasn't ridiculously late either. I didn't do much checking in beyond my parents, who I live with, and my coworkers, who I work with, but that doesn't need to be an every day thing, and, after working 6 days straight, I didn't really want to check in with anyone... Today I thought about going for a run, but it very quickly turned into a No Pants day. I slept in (not idea, but I needed it), lingered over coffee, frowned at the 1000 piece puzzle we have on the dining room table with my dad for most of the afternoon, then played video games for the evening. I think I kinda needed that kind of day, so, even though a run would have been a good thing, not doing anything was certainly not a bad thing. Food wasn't great, I just wasn't hungry, but that is what it is, I'm not overly interested in stuffing myself when I'm not really hungry, no matter what the plan says. I'm currently missing my bedtime, but it won't be by a lot, and I'm sleepy, so hopefully I'll get to sleep easily. I reached out to a friend today, and texted a bit with my sister, so that counts as good checking in. Gonna try to get on here more often. Last week was one hell of a week, and I didn't have much energy for extras, mostly just for Facebook and TikTok (which is dangerous, and played a major role in me not making my bedtimes...) On the plus side, I work Wednesday and Thursday, then have 5 days off in a row over easter (Friday-Tuesday). I want to use that time to really set my workout with added stretches, keep up with my workout plans, change my tires, and shave my head. I'll need to do some groceries and cooking in there as well, so it'll be a busy few days, but it won't involve me politely asking people to stand back while I bag their stuff for the 1000th time that day or having people ask for hand sanitizer from 1.5ft away, so it'll be a good kind of busy. Tomorrow will be the run I didn't do today, and I'm going to try to pre-plan my food before bed, so there's less guesswork on trying to stick to the plan.
  3. This challenge isn't going to be anything fancy. My big focus will be maintaining a healthy routine, since I work in a place classified by my province as an essential service (not surprisingly), so I have no choice but to keep working with the public until This Thing is over or until I get sick, whichever comes first. Work is exhausting at the moment, so a regular routine (or as regular as possible considering the variety of shifts I get) will be key to staying sane and healthy. Goal #1 ~ Regular bedtimes For the foreseeable future, there will be no more midnight shifts, so there's no excuse for me to not be in bed at a regular/decent time. However, this is one of the first things to go out the window when my stress levels increase, so this is my #1 priority. In bed by 11pm/midnight, depending on work schedule (it will 11pm most nights), and get up at a reasonable hour/early enough to get things done (again, depends on work schedule). This is going to be tough and/or frustrating for the first little while, since my brain has happily shifted to it's preferred night person sleep/wake cycle after starting regular midnight shifts at the beginning of the year, and I know from personal experience that I'll have to drag my brain kicking and screaming back into a cycle that's more conducive to getting shit done. My brain can be a real dick sometimes.... Goal #2 ~ Regular exercise I've made a little at-home workout routine. It'll probably get tweaked a bit as I go, but the idea of it exists. I can also run both outdoors and indoors with no problem (my mom has a treadmill in the basement), so I have no excuse not to keep up with that. I want to do the home workout 3x/week, and run 2-3x/week, depending on whether I have the weekend off or not (I measure my weeks Monday-Sunday, so the weekend occurs at the end of my week, and when I have a weekend off I want to run 3x within that week). For the record, this is my home workout: Bulgarian split squats 3x12 Pushups 3x12 Nordic curls 3x12 Ring rows 3x12 Core exercise #1 3x20, or accumulate 5min hold (see more on this below) Supermans 3x20 I've done this once and Core exercise #1 was dead bugs. I like them well enough, but they really aggravate an ongoing back issue I've been having, so I need to replace it. I've done various planks in the past with no problem, so I'll probably put a plank variation in there instead, but I haven't yet decided what I want to do. I hate holding planks for time, as I get bored and irritated, but some sort of moving plank that I can count reps for could work. I'm also not a huge fan of the Nordic curls just as a movement, so I'll be trying out a few other hamstring options over the next while to see if there's anything I both can do and like. Finally, I really don't like knee pushups, but can't do real ones, so I'm going to try out some incline ones. I find I'm able to keep better form when doing a full range of motion on my toes rather than my knees, so I'm hoping I can find an elevation that is both challenging and doable. I want to figure out a good stretching routine as well, but haven't given it thought yet. I was in a good habit of stretching almost every time I went to the gym, so I think if I can get in the routine of doing the home workout 3x/week, I can also get in the routine of doing stretches then too. Every day would be better for stretching, but right now this is probably a good goal to reach for. Historically, I'm terrible at sticking to a regular home workout plan, so this will probably be a work in progress for a while. Goal #3 ~ Regular meals When I get stressed and tired, healthy eating is the second thing to go out the window. I want to try to stick to as healthy a plan as I can, and, while I do have daily macro goals, I'm more concerned with eating well than meeting those macros exactly. I'm not throwing the macro plan out entirely, but I'm not going to stress about getting exactly 145g of protein every day, for example. If I'm tired when I get home from work and just want to eat the pasta and sauce my parents are making for dinner, even though it'll mess up my macros, that's ok, because I didn't have chips for dinner. I'm also ok with 1 takeout meal per week, in part because it's a tasty change from the same ol', same ol', and in part because I'd like to support local businesses as much as I'm able to. I don't make a lot of money, but once per week is an affordable way to do my bit. Again, it's not a hard and fast rule, if I get home craving a shawarma wrap from that place, and I've already had 1 takeout meal that week, that's ok, because it's still not chips for dinner. But for financial and health reasons, this needs to be limited somewhat, regardless of what my cravings are. Goal #4 ~ Regular check-ins This is simply to reach out via text or Facebook or whatever to friends and family. It's very easy for me to stay cocooned in my room for days on end (work notwithstanding) and not communicate with anyone. I also get a fair amount of social interaction at work, so I generally don't feel like I'm lacking that. But my friends and family can't all say the same, so I need to make a conscious effort to reach out a bit more. This could be challenging, being the hardcore introvert that I am, work satisfies my small social needs and sometimes exceeds it, so I don't always have energy for more communication, but there's no reason I can't have a text conversation with a friend while watching the Food Network before bed. Related to this, I'll try to post here often, but I honestly have no idea what I'll have the mental energy for, so we'll see how that goes... This isn't exactly a SMART goal, I know, but it's one I'm going to try to be mindful of, at least.