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  1. Week 2 ~ Tuesday ~ Thursday Guys, 7 days in a row is such a long time to work....... I really don't like my long weeks........ Eating has been better, though I'm not always making the best choices, I am eating more and more regularly. It's been hit or miss with the 'made by me' aspect, I keep forgetting/choosing not to go get more lunch meat. Got 1 walk in but I'm being lazy and also a wimp about the cold. Bedtimes haven't been the best, mostly because of Critical Role, in one episode a thing happened and I HAD to start the next episode to find out how that went, and then I just started one later than usual and HAD to watch until the end...
  2. I am, and it has. I'm a winter person, but seem to have become somewhat more of a wimp in the last little while, I'm normally quite happy to get out in the frigid wastes of a Canadian winter, but not so much this time 'round. That said, if I'd bundled up and gotten out there I probably would have enjoyed it, I love a good cold sunny day. I'm pretty sure that's how it works......? Not eating isn't normally a problem for me either, or at least not to this extent. I've always eaten at weird times because I'm not hungry in the mornings and often wait until 11 or later to have 'breakfast', but would always eat 3 meals through the day. I have forgotten to eat on occasion in the past, usually when I'm really into a video game or something, but rarely made it past 2 when my stomach would force me to take a break from whatever I was doing, but never this regularly, nor this purposefully (meaning I've been making conscious decisions to stay on the couch or drive by the Timmys instead of making the effort or taking the time to procure food). Lots of ideas on my book (it feels a bit pretentious to refer to it as a book, like 'I'm writing a book!', but in theory it'd be a novel-length idea, so I guess it is a book?) but it's going to take some time to get the next part organized in my head, it's getting much more complicated. I might actually have to *gasp* plan things out ahead of time! Normally I just wing it and it more or less works out, but I'm getting to the point where it's a lot of details to keep in my head all at once.
  3. whoops, I apparent forgot how to forum and posted twice
  4. I only know the first 2. I know all the words to I'se the By thanks to Great Big Sea, and have been singing Land of the Silver Birch since I was a kid (I might actually know all the words to that too, if I think hard enough, it was one of my favourites). That's it, though, but I've never been all that great at being a Canadian (I don't especially like maple syrup and I rarely apologize...) Edit: Lies! I know the Paddle song too, or at least I've heard it before, but didn't remember until I actually listened to it. I feel like we sang songs like that in elementary school at some point, I'm going to assume when we were learning Canadian history type stuff in Grade 3 where we learned about Indigenous peoples and pioneers. Is it weird that I have a very distinct memory from then of making log cabins out of popcicle sticks and mini milk cartons? Mine was a chocolate milk carton that I drank myself during pizza day then rinsed out for the cabin. I do not remember what the end result looked like, but I'm going to assume it probably looked like an 8 year old's version of a model log cabin. Edit 2: this got me thinking about my childhood and I remembered where I knew the Silver Birch and Paddle songs from! It didn't make sense that it was just from grade 3, and I don't remember my mom singing either in particular, but Fred Penner has a version where he combines the two and I'm certain I listened to it on the vinyl version of repeat when I was little. https://open.spotify.com/track/4K2CXvDR5hHKkVxpxdp83m?si=j-xaUk4zTiePxWLwCbvp0Q&utm_source=copy-link
  5. Week 2 ~ Monday Ate 3 meals. 2 were takeout, 1 was made by me. I have soup prepared for my dinners, which I didn't really want, but I did want Indian food, so I got some. No moving, I'm heckin' tired and it's heckin' cold and I wimped out. Been thinking that I need an indoor alternative for when it's heckin' cold and I'm feeling wimpy, and that's easy enough to put something together, but my history of actually doing at home workout is so poor I hesitate to commit because it feels like I'm just setting myself up for failure. That said, not going out for a walk is also failure, so................ *shrug* Imma pull my barbell out of the corner and set it on the floor in front of my TV, that's one less hurdle for indoor workouts. Not holding my breath, but at least it's there and ready to be picked up. Bedtime was not good at all last night, I stayed up way too late reading. I knew I was making a poor choice while I was making it, and made it anyway.
  6. Bit late to the game, but I'm following along for the rest, of course.
  7. Update ~ Sunday I ate 3 meals today, guys! And 2 were made by me! Not actually that hungry through most of the day but I made myself eat anyway. No movement, it was a grey and blah day out and I'm tired AF. Forgot to text my sister about what days to walk with her. To bed on time last night, and started to fall asleep fairly readily then popped awake just as I was drifting off (this has been happening frequently of late and it's very frustrating), then lay wide awake for some time. Not too many dreams, so once I did get to sleep it was ok-ish in quality.
  8. Update ~ Friday and Saturday Welp. Not great. I did not eat properly (just plain forgot on Friday, when I was off, and had neither the time nor the patience for drive-through today and was in too much of a rush to get out the door to throw some stuff together). No moving. It's cold! And I'm being a wuss, I do like the cold, it's actually the dark that's the problem (it feels like hibernation time, not walking time). Will text my sister this weekend to try to pick some days next week we're both able to go directly after work when the sun's still up. Bedtime was not good Thursday night, I was very not tired. Was technically in bed on time Friday night but I continued to text with my friend until much later. I'm a bit on the sleepy side at the moment, so we'll see how it goes tonight.
  9. In reference to story structure. I'm using the term a tad loosely, but it's a natural break in the story, and the next part will take place a few years after, potentially. And when I say I've 'completed' Act 1, that really means I'm already thinking of some ideas in the same timeframe that could/should be added, and also the document has reams of notes in the margins, and one chapter is straight up incomplete. So 'completed' is also being used loosely. But I got it to where I wanted to get it and now I'm taking a bit of a break for Mass Effect, but it's very much top of mind regardless.
  10. Somehow I thought I was only a day late, but turns out time continues to have no meaning and I am several days late. It tracks, actually... Not much fancy going on. I've been in somewhat of a funk, not sure exactly what's going on but I feel like it's probably a combination of things including the roller coaster that is Covid combined with winter blues combined with some less than ideal habits. So this is gonna be real simple. 1 ~ Eat I have developed a habit of eating poorly of late, and by' eating poorly' I mean 'not eating at all'. On my days off I often forget to eat, and on work days I can't be bothered. I haven't been grocery shopping in I don't know how long and have maybe cooked 2 things in the last month. So, the goal is to eat at least 2 meals per day (plus a protein shake), and for a majority of my meals to be made by me (simple stuff like throwing some cheese and deli meat in bread counts as made by me, it doesn't all have to be from scratch). 2 ~ Sleep I've actually been not too bad at bedtimes lately, or at least less bad than usual (this post notwithstanding). It has been a bit up and down with the holidays and time off and such, but I need to keep this on my radar because it's easy for me to slip into bad habits. So, the goal is, bedtime of 10:30 on work nights and 11:30 on non-work nights. 3 ~ Move This is just to go for at least 3 walks/week. It will help if I make dates to go with my sister, who is also trying to walk more, because, if left to my own devices I probably won't, but if I've set a time/date, I will. And that is all, goal-wise. Some things I'm working on on the side: continuing to write (I've completed Act 1 and have grand ideas for Acts 2 & 3. Now we'll just see if I can pull it off). Mass Effect Legendary (I've finished 1 and have started 2). Build a pell (I got my hands on a mitre box so I can do it now, it's just a question of will I do it?)
  11. In good Ranger fashion, my to-do list is long and my time is short, and 'learning to make more than just screeching sounds with an instrument of choice' is, sadly, rather far down it at the moment. I shall follow along and play my radio in solidarity, though!
  12. Week 5 ~ Tuesday ~ Thursday Went for a walk Tuesday and will go for another on Friday. Probably should be doing more than this but the weather has be utter crap. Macros have not been bad but have not been great. I haven't be exactly tracking and the bathroom scale went missing for a while there. I probably should weigh myself to make sure I haven't done too much damage, but I'm a little afraid. I've been ok through the day and eating my prepared foods for dinner but then I get peckish and don't have a mindful snack. Bedtimes haven't been bad. I think there was an early, a late, and an on time in there for the past 3 days. Probably leaning towards the Wants the last little while but there haven't been too many Shoulds I've been avoiding, other than I should probably be finding a way to do more indoor movement, even if it's just some stretching and such.
  13. The Weekend I'm including last Friday in this also, it was forever ago and I do not remember, and today, because I can. There was no movement, I had a no bones weekend and I actually think I kind of needed it. It made my Monday night busy, which is never ideal, but it is what it is. Bedtime was good until Sunday where I stayed up too late playing Mass Effect (or, as my brain insists on calling it, Space Dragon Age). I got all the side quests done, though, so now I can just finish off the main quest, though admittedly I don't know how long what I've got left actually is, so that might not happen soon. Macros were not even remotely managed over the weekend, I ate a lot of takeout, though mostly made decent choices. If I added it all up it probably wasn't terrible, but I gave very little thought to what I ate and didn't even try to track it. Today wasn't great either, but oppositely so. My only nutrition until 6:30pm was the sugar and cream I put in my coffee and a protein shake. This was due to the no bones weekend, I put off grocery shopping until today, and couldn't be bothered to stop for a sandwich while I was out on the road today. I had more takeout for dinner, though I made a good choice, and cooked two (2!!) things for my dinners for the week, so I'll be good from now on for a bit, though I still need to find containers to freeze my soup, I've got a thing about leftovers that are more than 3 or 4 days old, I just can't do it even though it's probably fine, and I made 7 days worth of meals... After a weekend of Wants, I made myself do the Shoulds tonight, though I sure didn't want to. Groceries and cooking, mainly. I was then left with an awkward amount of time, not really enough to get into something like a video game or writing, but too much time to just go to bed a early. I read a bit, but I have to return the book soon and probably won't get it done, so it was hard to stay interested even though it's finally piqued my interest. Now I'm just in bed way earlier than normal feeling slightly out of sorts. This is why I like to spread my Adulting out rather than doing it all at once... Lesson learned? Enh, probably not.
  14. Week 4 ~ Wednesday Is Week 4 even the right week? Despite the fact that I worked all through the pandemic, still it caused time to no longer have meaning, so I dunno... No movement, was pretty tired after work and I just couched. Macros no managed, I ate the crackers on my coffee table for dinner instead of getting up and eating my soup. I do not recall my bedtime from Tuesday night, but if it was bad it wasn't terrible, I might actually be getting slightly better at this... Week 4 ~ Thursday Walked with my sister. We picked the shorter route, I'm never very enthusiastic about it and she was cranky, so it seemed the right choice. While I have not technically entered any of what I ate today into MFP I will say macros managed because I didn't eat anything weird or different and the normal stuff always fits, that's why it's normal. I'm probably a bit under, TBH. Though I'm feeling a bit peckish and may have a snack before bed, but as long as I'm mindful about it and don't eat the entire thing of hummus it'll be fine. I was actually in bed early last night, but I dicked around on my phone for a bit (not ideal, but not actually forbidden, it was before my bedtime, I just try not to actually use my phone in bed if possible). I did, however, put it away by the appointed time, which is progress. I don't recall being particularly restless, but I know I did lay awake for a while at least, but not as bad as it has been. Helped my sister decorate cookies for her work, I actually kind of enjoy it because it's fiddly, but my mom gets impatient with my meticulousness. She knows me, though, and all I get is a mom look, which, after 40 years and thousands (tens of thousands?) of mom looks, I'm impervious to. For the record, the trees turned out quite well, well worth the wait.
  15. This sounds like every mini horse I've ever met Hopefully your throat is just a result of a day of desert-like conditions followed by an evening of early winter-in-Ontario-like conditions, I find a big switch like that can mess with my respiratory tract without me actually being sick.
  16. That update is just full of awesome, great job!
  17. Week 4 ~ Monday Day off work, so plenty of time to get shit done, but did I still cram it all into the end of the day? You bet I did! Went for a walk while it was still mostly sunny and actually, like, enjoyed it? Or something? Maybe I was just confused... Macros more or less managed, but I didn't eat the best overall due to lack of meal prep. I did get some meal prep done later so I should be good for the next few days. I can't remember what my bedtime was like on Sunday. I think it was not terrible. Week 4 ~ Tuesday Gonna report on things that aren't technically done, but I will for sure do them. Going for a walk before my physio with my sister. She made me make a bunch of dates for walking 2x/week so I only have to find solo motivation 1x/week for the next little while. We're both hoping setting times will result in us doing stuff after dark rather than cocooning on the couch. I'm very much not feeling it, but, while I will always let myself down when it comes to things like this, I will never let another person down, so it'll get done. Macros on track. If anything I'll be under. Bedtime was good last night but it was another case of being tired but not sleepy, so I lay awake for quite some time. Was also battling a case of the nuclear reactors, I kept waking up so hot after just drifting off, then having to get up to adjust covers or layers or pee or let the GD dog out even though he's perfectly capable of opening a partially closed door himself, and struggled to drift off again each time. Needless to say, sleep quality was very poor and I'm not in the mood just in general today... Hopefully I'll get some Critical Role in tonight, it feels like the current story is in the process of wrapping up and I want to know how it turns out. Much more RP and less battles right now, so I'm not feeling so urgent about it.
  18. Your time will come, don't worry And ya, 2C and still hot in a t-shirt *sigh*
  19. I don't think I have memory foam, though there is a mattress topper thing that might be foamy, but I'm not sure it even comes off. I should also mentioned I sleep directly below my window, which is open, which, at this time of year, should mitigate any foam-induced hot flashes, in theory. I honestly think it's just my aging hormones doing their thing, I'm of an age where they might start having an effect on things I'd rather they just leave alone...
  20. Week 4 ~ Sunday No movement. Lots of driving (this is my weekend to work). I got SOOOOOO cold by the end of the day, even with the heat cranked in my van I was still cold when I got home. Time to break out the winter boots and put the insert in my jacket, methinks. Needless to say, I just put sweats over my longjohns and curled up on the couch. Macros not not managed. I stuck to the previously mentioned plan of eating 'normal' stuff during the day and enjoying ribs for dinner. I'm off work tomorrow so I can get some meal prep done, which will help with getting back to tracking. I actually went to bed on time last night, guys! I lay awake for a bit but not too long, but my sleep quality was terrible again. I actually woke up cold in the wee hours, which is very unusual, normally I'm nigh on a nuclear reactor in bed (but not on the couch, which is in the exact same room, where I'm nigh on an iceberg. I do not understand my thermoregulatory system). Gonna break out a warmer cover tonight and/or add a layer, or probably both so I have options if I go nuclear at 2am. Sister was over for dinner so I didn't have time for a Critical Role, which is what I wanted to do tonight. It's now 1.5hr before bedtime and I have no idea what to do with myself. Maybe I might *gasp* go to bed early
  21. Week 3 ~ Friday Went for a walk. Did not track. Had a healthy lunch and takeout for dinner, I wasn't actually feeling great and was a strange mix of hungry but bloated and not desiring food. Don't really remember much else, but I'm sure I stayed up too late Thursday night. Week 3 ~ Saturday No movement. Hoo boy I'm tired today, and I immediately couched when I got home from work... Macros are probably ok-ish. I've been avoiding weighing myself because I'm afraid I might have undone some/all the good I did, but I need to get over myself on this one. Tomorrow my sister is coming over and we're making ribs for dinner, but if I eat the usual stuff during the day it's should work out more or less ok, and then back to tracking and weighing on Monday. I think, after my week or so of small indulgences, I'll stick to the amount I was doing on the program I did and see how it goes, and just judge things by how my weight trends. I was watching a very long and very exciting episode of Critical Role Friday night. It was over 5hr long, which I did not realize when I started it, but I started it early enough that I only went to bed 30min late, which isn't bad. But then it was so exciting that I was all amped up when I tried to go to bed and lay awake for a while. I did get some decent brainstorming done on my story, but that's not what bed is supposed to be for.... Also, the sleep I did get was restless, lots of weird-ass dreams and waking up, so........
  22. If you feel like you'd like to try some self-massage on your feet, I find a golf ball is a good size, if you can get your hands on one, and it's pretty easy to adjust the level of pressure if you do it sitting down (I often roll my feet on my golf ball while I'm sitting at my desk doing paperwork or listening to meetings). Regardless, hopefully your foot starts to feel better soon, as someone with on again off again foot pain, it's definitely no fun
  23. For @Starpuck, and anyone else who wants to have a look, the complete backstory for my D&D character (I put the whole thing in there so there's no scrolling necessary. Spoilered for length):
  24. I had the leaf blower, but there were a lot of leaves and I did a lot of walking back and forth, which is why it's only movement-ish. The leaf blower was heavy and my forearms got a bit of a workout, at least...
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