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  1. What about one of those foldable indoor clothing racks? If you have the space (I do not, at least not to have it up most of the time). I agree that they should be spread out a bit or hung. I'm kinda just coming to the conclusion that a chair might actually be the ideal object for this, I just have to work on not piling it up too much, and keeping it to only limbo laundry and not actual clean laundry that I'm too lazy to put away (this is a perpetual struggle for me, I mostly just use a floordrobe...) Maybe I'll invent a 'chair' with a tall back on 2 sides instead of 1 that's specifically intended for limbo laundry and not for sitting
  2. Today I remembered I had food in the fridge! Lunch was a sandwich, made by me in a non-spilly fashion, and 1 apple cut in 4, and green grapes of some undetermined number, but like, more than a handful, less than the whole bunch. I also made some chicken soup when I got home for dinner for a couple nights. No gym, by design. Going Wednesday and either Thursday or Friday depending on how I feel (probably Friday since I have an appointment Thursday and it'll be a bit tight). I did indeed not wright last night. I'm more tired today than I was then, but I'm going to try to have a look at it and see, I've got the time even though it's pitch dark out at 5:30 which makes it feel like bedtime... I'm not sure how realistic actual writing/revising is on weeknights, I'd like to be able to but I'm often so tired it's hard to give it the proper focus. That's partly what this goal is about, however. I'll keep trying, but I might just have to accept that it's a weekend only activity and make sure I always make time for it on weekends.
  3. Sounds like it was a pretty good week, even if it was a nega-week, good food and good times with good friends is never the wrong choice. Happy Belated!!
  4. If you manage to figure out a system for the limbo laundry, let me know. In 41 years of life I've yet to figure out something that doesn't involve a chair and/or the floor... Also, what is this beer cheese you speak of??
  5. This is what I keep telling myself... Glad you asked! Weekend Got the rest of my writing time done, I did a full 5.5hr on Sunday, which put me well over my goal. It was a lot of revising and a bit of new writing, but I got to the end of the section I've been slogging through for months, so I felt accomplished by the end of it. Was otherwise pretty chill, I slept a bunch (but still not enough. It's never enough...) and watched Andor all day Saturday (and loved it SO MUCH!) Today Made it to the gym. Worked a bit late so I changed to the later class, which gave me a bit of extra time after work. Ate a giant plate of pasta instead of a wee PB sandwich, and, well, let's just say I was well fueled. Maxes this week, I equaled my last max, which was my goal, since I've been so inconsistent lately. It was a bit of a struggle but I got it, and I was pleased. Got groceries over the weekend, then completely forgot they existed when I was getting out the door this morning (I shoved them in the basement fridge and out of sight, out of mind. I shall be moving them upstairs forthwith). Made less bad choices during the day (I did indulge a little with a candy cane doughnut at Tim Hortons, they're only around this time of year and I have to have at least 1, they're my favourite), and the aforementioned pasta was technically not takeout, so yay? I mean, it was a lot of carbs, hence the well-fueled-ness, but there was a fair amount of cheese involved as well. Still better than McDonalds, I think? Probably no writing tonight, it's a tad late to really get into it and I still need to shower (I've recently discovered there's such a thing as a bath bomb for showers, so it's gonna smell so good in there!) I may have a look-see at some of what I wrote on Sunday, see if I have any notes for myself, which I can't decide if that counts or not, it's more than just minor editing but not quite writing? I counted it last week, but I think going forward I'll only count revising and new writing, I can make all the notes I want but if I never act on them I won't make progress, and the point is progress.
  6. Friday's Update! No gym, and I slept in hard. Poor food choices were made, it was another last-minute pivot for work, and I made less bad choices this time 'round. And then I got pizza for dinner... This weekend I'm going to force myself to grocery shop, this week wasn't great because I didn't make the time to get what I needed to succeed. Probably no writing today, it's already 9pm and I just got home with dinner. I might have a read-through, but I also might just turn on Netflix and call it good...
  7. At home will not happen, I've tried so hard in the past to make it work and it simply does not. I think it'll help now that I know I can make up lifts on the accessory day, then I don't feel as much like I need to go on this one specific day and if I can't/don't then I can't do it at all. And if I can get back to a regular routine where I go 3x/week most of the time, I'm ok if now and again it's not 3. It's less about it being 3 specifically and more about it not being zero a majority of the time. I only have the time because I literally do nothing else.... Being a hermit has its upsides
  8. Definitely not in the weeds. Thinking thinky thoughts is the first step in change. Lots of good can come from introspection and examination of habits, but it can be a real slog too. Worth it, in my opinion, but sometimes a journey of a thousand steps. Sounds like pushing off running was the right choice, cold and rainy without proper gear is miserable. That said, with proper gear I actually enjoy running in the cold and wet better. Well, 'enjoy' is a strong word, I don't enjoy running at all, but I hate it less in the cold and wet.
  9. Today's Update! Gym was had. Died a little. Confirmed that I can use the 'accessory' day as a day to make up missed lifts any time I want, which I think will help, 3 days in a row is a lot sometimes (they change the schedule around all the time so it's not set lifts on set days) and that might help on a day when cancelling is actually the right choice, I can just make up a lift instead of skipping all together. And that's 3 for the week! Tim Horton's for lunch, and this was pure laziness. My mood has been low all day and I just couldn't even, so I chose the easy route. Less unhealthy than McDonald's, at least, and they didn't have the crispy chicken so I had to take the slow roasted, which is healthier still. Messy though, I definitely got mayo on my duty notebook... No writing yet, but I'll probably look at it after this. The timing is not good on my afternoon shifts, which is part of why I dislike them so much, but I don't mind staying up a bit later tonight since I'm not going to the gym tomorrow and can sleep in, so I can potentially do a few hours tonight if I want. We'll see how it goes, I also don't want to force it then come to resent myself. Writing is a lot of work, but if it's too much like work I'm definitely going to lose interest, and I love my characters so much I really don't want to lose interest... Update: I gave myself a half hour of writing. I spent about an hour with it, but mostly made notes and re-read some stuff. I did a bit of actual writing at the end and split the difference. If I take a chunk of time on the weekend to do some proper work I'll have to set the timer on my app, be a little more accurate, though I suppose the doing is more important than the exact timing, and the last thing I need is some new metric to fixate on...
  10. It's actually less about the bad decision and more about the 'not drippy' aspect. I'm a spiller, and I wouldn't take me seriously if I had mustard all over my uniform, so I don't expect anyone else would either. McDonald's and Tim Hortons have the least spilly options I can find. I don't particularly want to choose either, I just have yet to discover an alternative that is both healthier and not spilly and able to be eaten while driving (that's takeout, I can do this with my own food fairly easily). When I have the option to sit and eat, even when I'm out on the road, I do choose healthier options, but the healthy hand-held and not spilly all together is a white whale I have yet to conquer... It's days when I either haven't eaten all day or end up doing overtime. The former is a problem because I don't want to stuff a giant meal into myself right before the gym but a snack won't cut it, and also hangry=low mood=low motivation=giving up and trying again tomorrow. The latter is a problem because if I have to do overtime it's usually for something complex and/or disgusting and it inevitably makes me cranky and/or exhausted mentally, so I just say f-it and go home to the couch even if I still make it home in time for the later class. The solution to the former is goal #2. I'm not sure there is a solution to the latter other than willpower/better habits, even if my stuff is already in my car I still have to come home and take off my uniform (I wear a kevlar vest and duty belt, I don't even fit in my personal car wearing it all, and I'm not supposed to use my work vehicle for personal stuff outside of work hours). Add to that general, all around sleep deprivation during the week, and my willpower isn't at a peak at the best of times... That said, the occasional cancelling due to an especially hard day is fine with me, life happens and I don't always have enough spoons, but when it's both, multiple times a week, I need to make a change. I've thought of this, and have tried it in the past, but I find grazing through the day just makes me low-key hungry all the time, and even if it's calorie dense stuff like nuts and jerky, if I'm properly hungry and eat a meal's worth of calories with that stuff I'm still hungry after and just eat more. I really do best when I can eat discrete meals of whole-ish foods. That said, it might be worth another try, especially if I can add in more fresh fruit and such. It's not really a new habit, I've been working on this for around a year now. I'm more just trying to find better consistency and, like so many things in my life, not give into the excuses so easily. I naturally have an all-or-nothing mindset, so if I can't sit down and do my best work and be totally dialed in and produce a significant amount of progress, I feel like it's not worth it. This is a mindset I struggle with in a lot of things, this is just one more added to the list. An hour a day might be a better goal, but I also know myself well enough to know that some days are just not writing days, so I'm trying a cumulative amount in a week to give myself more flexibility but still a target. And really, 5 hours is nothing when I'm writing. The comment about the 10hr before coming up for air is true, I sat down and turned on my 10hr Skyrim music loop and the next time I even broke my focus was when the loop ended and I was wondering why a different song was playing. I had no idea so much time had passed, and it wasn't until I looked up that I even realized I was hungry or had to pee so badly. Even when I'm only sort of into it, an hour goes by and it feels like half, I can easily go until 3am if I'm not careful and then wonder why I'm so tired...
  11. The alarm and putting it where you'll be was my suggestion. The medication I take at night is just in a jar, so I can make as many little jars to spread around as needed if I'm going to be in different places, but I'm assuming the BC is in a blister pack and that won't work. One thing I could add is, if I'm, say, out for drinks or something and forgot to bring any pills along with me, I'll schedule a text to myself for a later time when I think I'll be home. Even if I'm not quite home when the text comes, I'll see the notification and get reminded that way. I do this to remind myself of all sorts of things and it works great, but I'm not sure if all phones have that function. The other method I use is to associate it with something I do every day at approximately the same time. For my birth control in particular I keep it on top of the coffee container so I have no choice but to take the box out when I make coffee, and take the pill while the kettle boils. The exact time varies a bit, I'm up quite a bit earlier on workdays than weekends, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for me, but YYMV. Regardless, good luck! Habit forming can be a tough one, especially when you're trying to change an existing habit!
  12. Think of your 15lb KB workout as one data point in the ongoing experiment that is life. 15 was easy, now you know. It wasn't a waste of time, it was information gathering. Now you have better information and can make changes as needed. Sometimes I get ambitious with my weights at the gym, but I always like to have an emergency dumbbell or kettlebell near by if I get overly ambitious. Start heavy and if it's too much, take a step down part way through. Eventually what's too heavy won't be any more and you'll have to find something heavier to swing around.
  13. Made it to the gym again today. More deloading, and honestly I think that's where I need to be right now. I'm not a fan of push press, I prefer strict press, but that's what we're working on. I don't really have numbers for push press so I just made it feel right and did that. The WOD kicked my ass, I did the fitness version this time, and even then still had to scale down a bit. It was almost all movements I'm very slow at so I was not surprised, but as the coach says, fitness was had and that's what matters, so it's all good. I just died a little, is all... Workday lunch was McDonalds. I planned for an office day and was just starting to think what I wanted to make for lunch (I work from home) when a priority call came in and I had to leave the house. It had the potential to be a long one so I got food on the way, then got 3 more priority calls and ended up being out all night, so getting food was the right choice, I just didn't choose the best food. I'm not even sure having stuff in my fridge would have mitigated this, I had to get out the door fairly quickly and I don't know if I would've taken the time to throw together a lunch. I don't mind the occasional McDonalds in these sorts of situations as long as I'm otherwise eating stuff from home, it was just bad timing. I ended up doing a bit of writing last night after all. I counted 20 minutes towards my goal. I read over what I wrote the other day and it was actually better than I thought it was at the time. I didn't do any major revision but I made myself a whole tonne of notes in the margin (I'm so happy I discovered that function!) for when I do sit down to revise, and wrote a bit more past where I stopped. Might have another look at it tonight but I'm not feeling all that focused, so I might just continue where I left off with the most recent Critical Role episode and do a little brainstorming/daydreaming once I'm in bed instead.
  14. Are you open to suggestions for methods that might help with the timing? I take birth control and haven't missed a pill in a very long time, and also take a sleep related medication at the same time every evening. I'm terrible at forming new habits but I've found some things that have worked for me, if you're interested.
  15. Oh. That makes perfect sense, and is probably what I would've guessed if I'd thought about it. Just never seen a shaved horse before, but first time for everything!
  16. Question, because I know nothing about horses and am curious: why shave your horse like that? I've never seen it before, though I'm hardly widely experienced in the world of horses so maybe it's common and I just know nothing. Also, love the painting!
  17. I'm excited for the dark christmas carols. (This is the first time in a very long time I've used the words 'excited for' and 'christmas' in the same sentence (without the word 'not'). Are minor keys the secret to christmas cheer??)
  18. The other thing to remember about a C25K program, or any program, really, is, unless you're on a time crunch, it's ok to repeat a week. Not sure how that'd work with your app, but there's nothing wrong with redoing a week, or even a couple workouts, if the next week/workout seems too much. As a former runner and current couch potato, 5 min walk + 5 min run sounds like a lot to begin with. I'm not sure I could run for 5 min without a break right now...
  19. Update on other goals: I did get takeout for lunch, but I chose something healthy-ish and brought it home with me to eat as I did paperwork. Not really an improvement, habit-wise, since I spent most of my day hungry (and hangry), but an improvement nutrition-wise. Unlikely any writing will get done today, but I did get some good brainstorming/daydreaming done while driving around today.
  20. Is it zero week? I don't even know what the dates of this challenge are... Gym today was accomplished. I'm in a crappy mood and it did not improve it, but at least I went. It's deload week so it wasn't overly taxing, which is probably a good thing since I've been so inconsistent lately. It did feel good while I was there and I decided last minute to go for the full WOD instead of the easier fitness version, and was able to complete it before the timecap, so yay? Not sure about the other two goals. I don't really have much in the way of portable lunch food at the moment. I'm working afternoons this week, which throws my whole routine (such as it is) off, and I chose laziness instead of the grocery store after the gym this morning. I can always have another PB sandwich and an apple, I guess... Writing may or may not happen today. I'm pretty tired and mopey and that's not always the best mindset for sitting down and getting some work done. But it's per week, not per day, this just might end up being a week where I cram it in on the weekend...
  21. Nice and simple. I've been on again-off again (mostly off) with these challenges for a while but have been thinking through some things and something's gotta change. So I thought I'd give it another go, for accountability if nothing else, see if it (re)sticks this time. 1. Healthy Body Go to the gym 3x/week. That's it. Just attend and do the class (I go to a crossfit gym). I've done crossfit before and really enjoyed it, but the cost became prohibitive, so I had to give it up. New(ish) job = new paycheque, and I re-signed up earlier in the year, and was doing really well for a few months. Lately, life + job stress has led to me sliding off the rails a bit by either not scheduling classes at all, or scheduling and cancelling when my day was hard. I'd like this to not become a habit (or more of one than it's already become), partly because 3x/week is what I'm paying for, partly because it's not really that big a time commitment and I legitimately enjoy it, and partly because I feel better when I'm moving/lifting more regularly. 2. Healthy Eating This is a bit more nebulous, but I've gotten very off track w/ my eating habits. Some days I forget to eat. Some days I remember but can't be bothered. Some days I choose unhealthy fast food/takeout while on the go for work. Most days I get takeout of various healthiness for dinner, or don't eat dinner at all. I've mostly identified the problem as a lack of will to shop for groceries/meal prep mid-week, which has slowly expanded to a lack of will for the same on weekends. If I have healthy food I will eat it, the hard part is procuring/making (with an added wrench that I eat on the go when I'm on work so food needs to be hand-held and not drippy). Right now I'm starting small, focusing only on my workday lunches: Monday-Friday I need to take my lunch with me and prepare it at home from food purchased from the grocery store, not from Tim Hortons or McDonalds. I've been doing better with homemade dinners lately, so I'm less concerned right now about this, but as a bonus goal I'd like to prepare 2 separate soup/stew options for freezing. 3. Healthy Mind My current main creative outlet is writing (it feels pretentious to put it this way, but I'm writing a book!) When I started I was very hyper-focused on it, to the detriment of much of the rest of my life (and if I'm honest, this was probably a major contributing factor to some of my healthy eating derailing). I've gotten myself in a much more sustainable mindset with regards to time spent on this, but am feeling like the trade off for sustainability is lack of progress. I often tell myself that I don't have the time or energy because I can't commit to sitting down and writing for 10hr straight without coming up for air (yes, that happened, and it was glorious, but not at all doable on the daily), and then don't touch a keyboard for days/weeks. It might be true to a certain extent but writing is a practice like anything else and not everything I produce at all times needs to be capable of winning a Pulitzer. So I'd like to commit to at least 5 hours/week to spend writing something. I've got my main WIP, a side project, ongoing revisions of both (I revise as I go, which is less than efficient but I don't care), and several sources for writing prompts. As long as I'm spending this time focused on one of these things, it counts. Actual writing is fine, worldbuilding is fine, brainstorming is fine, revising is fine, noodling is fine. Minor edits and staring into space daydreaming is not fine (or rather, they're both fine but don't count towards the 5hr). 5x 1h or 1x5hr, it doesn't matter, and if I have the time and the energy for a marathon session on a day off, 5 is just the minimum. And that's it!
  22. Just a regular 2-day weekend, which is not enough. It's not enough for a regular 5 day week, for that matter... There's some talk of a 4 on-4 off schedule coming into being, but I think its some way off. I know a lot of people would be very happy with such a thing, but I also think they need to hire a bunch more people to make it work.
  23. Week ?? Update Well, it didn't take me long to drift away from the challenge... Overall, my eating's been better, though still not great. I do ok when I have food in the fridge but I'm having trouble finding motivation for the mid-week grocery shop to keep it stocked all week long. I've been making a point of at least getting something to eat while I'm on the road, though, and not going through the whole day with no food. It might just be a bagel at 10am and nothing 'til dinner, but that's still better than nothing at all. Bedtimes have actually been not bad, more or less. Not perfect by any means, but better than they have been in the past. And it does seem to make a bit if a difference to my energy levels, I'm still tired all the time and just want to lay on the couch, but I'm less tired all the time and can sometimes get myself off the couch. Exercise isn't going great, I'm continuing to wimp out about the cold. If my sister asks if I want to go for a walk I've been saying yes but she doesn't like the cold either so that's not happening often, and I'm not taking the initiative to ask her. The barbell is still out but has not moved. Some of this is habit, I've gotten in the habit of coming home from work and settling in on the couch and that's it for the night, and I'm terrible at making new habits, especially ones I'm not overly enthusiastic about (some of my all-or-nothing mindset coming through, it'd be a half-assed workout with an empty barbell so it seems not worth doing). Some of it is just sheer laziness, I'll notice the barbell sitting there, or have the thought that I should get dressed and do something active, and then just snuggle in even more to my blankets. A long ongoing problem for me, I'm not holding my breath that I'll suddenly find a solution to it, and that's probably part of the problem too... Been picking away at my writing, I've felt a bit unfocused with it and am not producing the quality I'd like to be, but that's part of the process, and there are nuggets within the crap that will eventually result in something good, I think. I'd love to have more time/energy for this, but it really is a weekend only type thing, I'll for sure get carried away if I try to get bits done during the week, not to mention the only time I feel semi-well rested is Sundays. Is what it is, such is the life of a adult human being...
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