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  1. I think that's a normal and natural part of life. It doesn't diminish the good times that were had in the past, nor any good times to come, but no one can be everything to everyone, and no one can be everything to one person. It can certainly be sad if it's a case of growing and moving on, but it's not a bad thing if this happens, I'd rather look back on fond memories than try to force something that's just not there any more. Adding circles in which you mingle can only add richness to your life and adding a circle doesn't necessarily mean you have to eliminate another. You get different things from different people and that's not a bad thing, variety is the spice of life, after all. Even if one circle doesn't overlap with another, the joy you get from one can certainly be passed on to the other through you and your engagement in life. It makes me happy to see my friends happy, even if the things that make them happy are incomprehensible to me, and vice versa, they don't always get me or my interests but they accept and support my pursuit of them because they can see what it means to me, and by adding circles I'm spreading the joy, for lack of a better term, beyond just me
  2. It probably is going to be hard, and it's natural to be scared in that kind of situation, but hard paths can lead to some really good places. As Tank says, you're not facing it alone
  3. ^^^ This. I have a group of friends who I've known forever and I love them like family but we don't actually have all that many interests in common. I've recently gone outside of my comfort zone to try to meet people with whom I share interests, which is a slow process and hard as an adult, so to happen upon them like that is a great and rare thing
  4. obax

    Rookies KISS

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, and that you could still make the lesson. What sort of riding are you learning? I feel like you've mentioned it before but I can't remember...
  5. Weekends can do that to you, my weekend routine (such as it is) is so much different than my weekday routine and it's easy for things to go awry. What matters is you're yanking yourself back on the rails come Monday, onward and upward from there!
  6. Today No gym, as per the plan. Going on Thursday and Friday for the rest of the week. Cooked some fish and potatoes for dinner, I bought green beans to go with them but was too lazy to make 3 things. I used my favourite rub on the fish, I bought salmon instead of trout because it was on sale and I could get bigger pieces, but it's so much better with trout. Also had a sandwich, made by me, and an apple for lunch. Contemplating writing. It's not super late, so I have time to get into it. I'll probably give it a go and see what happens, this is the habit I'm trying to change, that after work nights are for lazing and lazing only, but I'm only sort of feeling it. And I started 1899 last night and am thoroughly intrigued. And the new episode of Critical Role should be up by now, so there's lots of things competing for my attention... Update: I did get some writing done. Nothing new, but I dealt with some of the copious notes I made myself. In the end it was only a couple of paragraphs but I'm much happier with it. I completely forgot to time myself, however. I think it was about 1.5hr so that's what I'm marking down. Side note: 1.5hr for a couple of paragraphs boggles my mind when I think about it. No wonder this is taking so long.............
  7. Today Gym: done. Deadlifts today, 4x10@55%, though I miscalculated and it was more like 50%, I realized half way through but couldn't be bothered to change it. The WOD was very cardio focused, I did the fitness version and it was plenty. In the office all day, so I took an actual lunch break and cooked pasta, then had a PB sandwich before the gym. Haven't had dinner yet, I will probably eat something at some point but I'm not really hungry (I'm probably actually hungry but I don't feel it), but I don't have the energy to prep and cook real food. I did get groceries after the gym, enough for lunches for the next few days and some dinner stuff, I won't be going to the gym tomorrow so I will cook then. No writing yet. I'm finishing Wednesday at the moment, and by the time that's done it'll probably be too late. I'm very tired, but I'm antsy to get writing. I guess we'll see, but tonight might not be the night, it might be the better choice to go to bed on time/early (who am I kidding with 'might be', it's definitely the right choice, but we'll see if I actually do it...)
  8. There's a big chest freezer in the garage, usually there's plenty of room in there unless my parents really stock up on meat when it's on sale, and even then I can usually squeeze in a container or two The Weekend No writing done, so that was 0/5hr last week. I thought I might get a little done after work on Sunday but I was exhausted by the time I got home and just had a shower and started Wednesday on Netflix. This sort of 'feast or famine' is what I'm trying to avoid with this goal, and this was an unusual weekend in that my normal 'writing' day was taken up by an extra day of work. I'll keep plugging away regardless, and give some thought how to rethink the goal to try and find some better consistency. No exercise, per the plan. Food was a bit all over the place, I was lazy Saturday about groceries and cooking, then worked Sunday. Again, not a usual weekend, but I probably could have planned better if I'd really wanted to...
  9. Friday + Saturday Got the the gym on Friday. Didn't quite make my previous 1RM for deadlifts, which was disappointing. The WOD wasn't pleasant either, but I got it done. Takeout for lunch on Friday, but it was healthy-ish, I actually had the time for a proper lunch (sort of, but enough time to sit and eat with a fork rather than cramming into my mouth while driving). Chips for dinner, though, so... So far today I haven't been all that hungry, but I had some falafel and hummus, which isn't terrible. No writing on Friday, my brain was done and I watched the end of the M9 Reunited Pt 2, then the most recent 4 Sided Dive. I don't think I'll get much, if any, writing done this weekend. When I do a long session on the weekend it's usually on a Sunday, since Saturdays tend to be blah days from lack of sleep all week, but I'm working an extra day this Sunday so I won't have the time then. I might try to get a bit done today but I'm definitely feeling blah from oversleeping, and am going out for dinner with friends tonight, so it probably won't be the full 5hr.
  10. Today, So Far Took my own food for lunch, I'm now out of deli meat and cheese so I'll have to make myself go to the grocery store for tomorrow. Still have some soup left for dinner. I think I might make some beef stew this weekend, and maybe a bigger pot so I have some to freeze. I've got a big roast in the freezer that I could turn into a whole lot of stew if I wanted... No gym, by design. Physio appointment tonight, I could technically make both the gym and the appointment but it'd be tight, and I just don't wanna. Have tomorrow already booked, deadlifts tomorrow (well, technically today but I'll be making them up tomorrow), which are my favourite so I'm very unlikely to miss, barring a work fiasco (fingers crossed there's no work fiasco, but if it's going to happen, it's going to happen on a Friday at 3:15pm, so...) Had a look at my writing last night and made myself a few more notes. I'm pretty sleepy today and have some running around to do, so I dunno if I'll get to it today either. I'm having a feeling this'll be a 'cram it in on the weekend' kind of week, which is fine, it's just what I'm trying to get away from. I'm sure some of it is the habits I'm trying to adjust asserting themselves, but maybe I just need to accept this is the way. I'm not against it, this is an experiment as much as anything, a regular routine involving line edits and brainstorming through the week and actual work on the weekends is not a terrible thing. It's making it regular that's the hard part... In general life news, I've got some time off over christmas, I took 2 lieu days at work right before the holiday, which results in 6 days off in a row, and I'm so looking forward to it.
  11. Yeah, EMOMs can be the devil, but too much rest can also be the devil. I'm not a huge fan of lunges either, even when my hip is behaving itself, though I do like Bulgarian split squats, which is basically a lunge with your back leg up on a bench, which is weird. I think I made the right choice at the gym even if it made the workout overall a bit easy, though, my hip feels ok today, and it seems to be slowly getting less painful over time. Probably better in the long run this way, I can push myself when fewer things hurt.
  12. That does sound like a potentially large can of worms to open, and it's understandable if you don't have the bandwidth to take it on, it sounds like it could be a lot. That's another thing only you can decide for you, but should you decide to head down that path, now or at any time in the future, you've got the NF folks behind you. Sending virtual hugs you way (or whatever virtual equivalent you're comfortable with, not everyone is a hugger, virtual or otherwise), and reiterating that you're worthy of time spent on you, even if you're struggling to see that right now, I assure you it's true.
  13. When you say say can't get on a regular workout routine right now, is it a shorter term thing because work/life is especially busy right now but there's calmer waters on the horizon? Or is it a 'for the foreseeable future' kind of thing? If the former, could you find a way to be satisfied with a future plan? Like, 'right now things are a lot, but at this time in the future they'll be less and I commit to starting this program at that time'? It might kinda suck for the right now, but it gives you something look forward to and plan for. If the latter, well, I agree with Tank, you're definitely worthy of time spent on you. Which sounds simple, but I know it's not that easy. Family and work and personal stuff is a lot to juggle, and you're the only one who can really know what will or won't work for you and yours. But if a way can be found, it's just as valid a priority as anyone and anything else. Either way, I've got my fingers crossed you find your way to calmer waters sooner rather than later and you find a way to make a routine work!
  14. Today Gym today. Push press, not my favourtie but maxed out at 105lb and probably could have done more, just ran out of time. Did the easier version of the WOD and it was maybe too easy? It was an E3MOM and I was done the round in about 1.5min so had a bit too much time to rest. I did switch to a heavier weight for the DB cleans/overhead stuff after the first round, but it still only slowed me down a bit. I also lost count of my rounds so I may have missed one... I probably could've done the full WOD, I was just wary of all the lunges, as they really bother my hip, but maybe I erred too much on the side of caution. Office day today, so I had soup for lunch, then just a PB sandwich before the gym, then ordered shawarma for dinner. I haven't had shawarma in a while and I was mad hungry after the gym. It also saves me the last of my cold meat and cheese for lunch tomorrow, which means I don't have to roll off the couch to go to the grocery store 'til tomorrow. No writing yet. Had a look at things last night and I need quite a bit of revision at the end of my last section, and have determined I need a whole 'nother section in between the last and the next to make it make sense. Which is fine but it's a minor major project. I'm a bit more awake today, I could try to get a start on it, but it's late and part of me doesn't want to get into it now. I've been trying to be reasonable-ish about my bedtimes, which means I'm actively avoiding getting into things too late at night, but this means less time for writing. There really needs to be more hours in a day, or something. Or I need to have one of those sleep cycles where I only need, like, 4hr a night, instead of 9.5-10, which is what my body seems to require of me currently....
  15. I know it's true, but I'm not sure I 100% believe it's true
  16. What about one of those foldable indoor clothing racks? If you have the space (I do not, at least not to have it up most of the time). I agree that they should be spread out a bit or hung. I'm kinda just coming to the conclusion that a chair might actually be the ideal object for this, I just have to work on not piling it up too much, and keeping it to only limbo laundry and not actual clean laundry that I'm too lazy to put away (this is a perpetual struggle for me, I mostly just use a floordrobe...) Maybe I'll invent a 'chair' with a tall back on 2 sides instead of 1 that's specifically intended for limbo laundry and not for sitting
  17. Today I remembered I had food in the fridge! Lunch was a sandwich, made by me in a non-spilly fashion, and 1 apple cut in 4, and green grapes of some undetermined number, but like, more than a handful, less than the whole bunch. I also made some chicken soup when I got home for dinner for a couple nights. No gym, by design. Going Wednesday and either Thursday or Friday depending on how I feel (probably Friday since I have an appointment Thursday and it'll be a bit tight). I did indeed not wright last night. I'm more tired today than I was then, but I'm going to try to have a look at it and see, I've got the time even though it's pitch dark out at 5:30 which makes it feel like bedtime... I'm not sure how realistic actual writing/revising is on weeknights, I'd like to be able to but I'm often so tired it's hard to give it the proper focus. That's partly what this goal is about, however. I'll keep trying, but I might just have to accept that it's a weekend only activity and make sure I always make time for it on weekends.
  18. There you are! Happy Challenge indeed!
  19. Sounds like it was a pretty good week, even if it was a nega-week, good food and good times with good friends is never the wrong choice. Happy Belated!!
  20. If you manage to figure out a system for the limbo laundry, let me know. In 41 years of life I've yet to figure out something that doesn't involve a chair and/or the floor... Also, what is this beer cheese you speak of??
  21. This is what I keep telling myself... Glad you asked! Weekend Got the rest of my writing time done, I did a full 5.5hr on Sunday, which put me well over my goal. It was a lot of revising and a bit of new writing, but I got to the end of the section I've been slogging through for months, so I felt accomplished by the end of it. Was otherwise pretty chill, I slept a bunch (but still not enough. It's never enough...) and watched Andor all day Saturday (and loved it SO MUCH!) Today Made it to the gym. Worked a bit late so I changed to the later class, which gave me a bit of extra time after work. Ate a giant plate of pasta instead of a wee PB sandwich, and, well, let's just say I was well fueled. Maxes this week, I equaled my last max, which was my goal, since I've been so inconsistent lately. It was a bit of a struggle but I got it, and I was pleased. Got groceries over the weekend, then completely forgot they existed when I was getting out the door this morning (I shoved them in the basement fridge and out of sight, out of mind. I shall be moving them upstairs forthwith). Made less bad choices during the day (I did indulge a little with a candy cane doughnut at Tim Hortons, they're only around this time of year and I have to have at least 1, they're my favourite), and the aforementioned pasta was technically not takeout, so yay? I mean, it was a lot of carbs, hence the well-fueled-ness, but there was a fair amount of cheese involved as well. Still better than McDonalds, I think? Probably no writing tonight, it's a tad late to really get into it and I still need to shower (I've recently discovered there's such a thing as a bath bomb for showers, so it's gonna smell so good in there!) I may have a look-see at some of what I wrote on Sunday, see if I have any notes for myself, which I can't decide if that counts or not, it's more than just minor editing but not quite writing? I counted it last week, but I think going forward I'll only count revising and new writing, I can make all the notes I want but if I never act on them I won't make progress, and the point is progress.
  22. Friday's Update! No gym, and I slept in hard. Poor food choices were made, it was another last-minute pivot for work, and I made less bad choices this time 'round. And then I got pizza for dinner... This weekend I'm going to force myself to grocery shop, this week wasn't great because I didn't make the time to get what I needed to succeed. Probably no writing today, it's already 9pm and I just got home with dinner. I might have a read-through, but I also might just turn on Netflix and call it good...
  23. At home will not happen, I've tried so hard in the past to make it work and it simply does not. I think it'll help now that I know I can make up lifts on the accessory day, then I don't feel as much like I need to go on this one specific day and if I can't/don't then I can't do it at all. And if I can get back to a regular routine where I go 3x/week most of the time, I'm ok if now and again it's not 3. It's less about it being 3 specifically and more about it not being zero a majority of the time. I only have the time because I literally do nothing else.... Being a hermit has its upsides
  24. Definitely not in the weeds. Thinking thinky thoughts is the first step in change. Lots of good can come from introspection and examination of habits, but it can be a real slog too. Worth it, in my opinion, but sometimes a journey of a thousand steps. Sounds like pushing off running was the right choice, cold and rainy without proper gear is miserable. That said, with proper gear I actually enjoy running in the cold and wet better. Well, 'enjoy' is a strong word, I don't enjoy running at all, but I hate it less in the cold and wet.
  25. Today's Update! Gym was had. Died a little. Confirmed that I can use the 'accessory' day as a day to make up missed lifts any time I want, which I think will help, 3 days in a row is a lot sometimes (they change the schedule around all the time so it's not set lifts on set days) and that might help on a day when cancelling is actually the right choice, I can just make up a lift instead of skipping all together. And that's 3 for the week! Tim Horton's for lunch, and this was pure laziness. My mood has been low all day and I just couldn't even, so I chose the easy route. Less unhealthy than McDonald's, at least, and they didn't have the crispy chicken so I had to take the slow roasted, which is healthier still. Messy though, I definitely got mayo on my duty notebook... No writing yet, but I'll probably look at it after this. The timing is not good on my afternoon shifts, which is part of why I dislike them so much, but I don't mind staying up a bit later tonight since I'm not going to the gym tomorrow and can sleep in, so I can potentially do a few hours tonight if I want. We'll see how it goes, I also don't want to force it then come to resent myself. Writing is a lot of work, but if it's too much like work I'm definitely going to lose interest, and I love my characters so much I really don't want to lose interest... Update: I gave myself a half hour of writing. I spent about an hour with it, but mostly made notes and re-read some stuff. I did a bit of actual writing at the end and split the difference. If I take a chunk of time on the weekend to do some proper work I'll have to set the timer on my app, be a little more accurate, though I suppose the doing is more important than the exact timing, and the last thing I need is some new metric to fixate on...
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