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  1. True dat. Once you start realizing that what you put in your body actually affects you, it can help make eating right mean something.
  2. I've seen a couple of recipes for pulled pork, and can't wait to try one! Garlic is also, like, a magic ingredient. I use it when I make quasadillas, and it seems to bring out the flavor of everything else. I've never used a whole chicken before. I'd want to be very sure I enjoyed the recipe before committing to that. That makes sense. I ended up flattening the breasts and rolling them up with turkey inside them. Toothpicks held them together. Almost like chicken cordon bleu. Without the cheese. I was trying to get my recipe done in about three hours, so I used a high temperature for the breasts. They turned out well, but the veggies I used could have done with more time to get nice and soft.
  3. If I really get into this Power Kick class my gym is starting, the Monk workout philosophy might come a' calling.
  4. Nice work with the handstands! Did you start learning against a wall, or have you been freestanding from the start? I'd love to work on handstands too.
  5. It's true. If you think about how little attention you give to any one person at the gym, that's how little people are judging you. Have fun with the meditating! I've only done a tiny bit, but really should try and get into it more.
  6. Day 3 - Feb 26th Tried my first Paleo meal last night. Pounded some chicken breasts flat, layered on some turkey, then rolled them up and plopped them in a crock pot. Added some veggies and let them stew for a while. Next time I'll add more spices for flavor, but the overall taste wasn't bad! Did 1.5 hours at the gym yesterday. Was on the elliptical for an hour, then did some free weights and punching bag punches/kicks for the rest of the time. I've been able to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night as well, so so far so good on that front! Still haven't decided about whether to stay around here or move away, but I just got a job designing a website for a local business, so upkeep on that might keep me around here for the time being.
  7. Thanks! This site has actually been even more helpful then I thought it might. Being able to keep an update of my progress really works.
  8. Anyone know any exceptional Paleo recipes for a crock pot? Specifically, anything involving chicken breasts. This is my first foray into both crock pots and Paleo!
  9. Day 1, Feb 24th Already finished my first workout of the week. Did 1.5 hours at the gym before work. 1 hour dedicated to the elliptical, the other half hour on free weights and a punching bag. I found out my gym is offering a Power Kick class starting March 2nd focusing on punches and kicks. I did American Freestyle Karate when I was younger, and it would be great to start up martial arts again. I'm going to try it out! Monks, here I come. Also got an easy 8 hours of sleep. Starting out strong.
  10. I'm right there with you. I'm just getting started in the work world, so I'm just not sure if this is the best time or worse time to keep moving around.
  11. So far I've focused on cardio over strength training, so I use the elliptical or treadmill most workouts. I've done limited upper/lower strength training on the exercise machines. Recently I read Steve's article about how machines set you up for injury, so since then I've shifted to free weights. I'm super inexperienced with weights, so I'm going to rely on the gym trainers, friends, and you guys here at NF to get me started into those. In NF language, I'll build myself into either a Ranger or Assassin, though there are parts of Monk and Druid that appeal to me.
  12. I joined Nerd Fitness quite a while ago, started a challenge, and promptly forgot about it. I recently re-discovered the website, and decided I'm going to actually get into it! Here goes my actual first challenge, starting tomorrow. Main Quest Integrate fitness back into my lifestyle. I've always been active, but haven't ever made it a priority in my life. Since graduating college, I've flirted with fitness, but haven't begun a long term relationship yet. Missions 1. Get 8 hours of quality sleep a night. I've always had a problem getting enough sleep, so sleeping 8 hours a night will boost all other future goals. Got to start with the level 1 skills first. 2. Get to the gym 3 days a week. I've only been working out sporadically, so attending the gym regularly will be a positive lifestyle change. No specific fitness goals yet, just creating a habit. 3. Cook 1 Paleo meal a week. I love the idea of the Paleo diet, but don't want to jump into it 100%, so I'll start out slowly with 1 fully Paleo meal a week. It'll help me learn what all is included in the Paleo diet. Send me good recipes! Life Quest Decide whether to rent an apartment or travel. I either need to stay at my current job and rent an apartment with friends for another year, or go travel and try something new. I know traveling sounds cooler, but I've already done it some, and kinda like the money/job combo right now. Beginning Stats Height: 70.5 in Weight: 200.5 lbs Body Fat % (approx): 31.32 Chest: 42.3 Biceps l/r: 13.5/13.5 Waist: 43 Hips: 40.5 Thighs l/r: 24/24 Calves l/r: 16.25/16.5
  13. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! The strong community focus is one aspect of this website that really drew me in. Space_Elf - It's interesting how the different martial arts all have different levels of physicallity/spirituality. I've never tried Kung Fu, but I've tried out American Freestyle Karate (mostly physical), Aikido (a balance of physical and spiritual), and Qigong (yoga-ish katas with a heavy spiritual side). I'd love to get back to martial arts training. tanktimus - I'm going back and forth between putting myself straight into Assassins or starting as an Adventurer and working up to that point. I guess the idealogy would be the same for me either way. Thanks for the point about free weights. I took a fitness and conditioning course in college, but never could bring myself to start with the free weights. I have a few basic weights right now, but at least short term I'm focusing on body weight exercises, both for the convenience and cost benefits. obax - I definitely hear you about the weights. I'm hoping the idea of "statting out" myself will give me an incentive to push myself to the place I've wanted to be. Hoping playing Ultimate Frisbee will work out for me, it's a great team sport, as well as a stamina/dexterity/weight loss booster. Lydieboo - I've heard the saying when getting in shape; "In one month you'll feel better, in two months you'll see changes, in three months others will see changes." That's fine to say, but it's hard for an ADD person like me to use that alone as an incentive. I'm trying to decide which version of diet to try first. I'll probably cut out certain foods over time in my challenges, since going cold turkey on most things wouldn't go so hot. Laureleye - Staying in the moment and not dwelling on past failures is very important. Something I need to work on, but definitely important. Looking forward to cutting caffeine out completely.
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