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  1. I've never heard of the Nordic Diet but I'm thinking I might join you sometime. That would probably work MUCH better for me than paleo. Good luck!
  2. Ready to re-commit to this after healing from a surgery gone awry :-/

  3. Totally exercised today. Big deal for me! Booyah!

  4. Remember, remember the 6th of November...cuz it's my birthday! :)

    1. Jimbo


      And my 20th Anniversary! Happy Birthday!

    2. Dirty Deads
    3. Tolsimir


      Haaappy birthday!

  5. So frustrated. We were supposed to close on our house 2 weeks ago. And we're still not in it. Argh.

  6. I think you should go for it. Even if you don't get 100% there, what have you got to lose? Weight! I don't think you can go wrong with just trying. And I think you should be able to cosplay no matter what your size. I know that's easier said than done, but I'm planning on cosplaying for Salt Lake Comic Con next August and I don't care what size I'm at. I'm doing SOMETHING! Hang in there, and maybe try and keep an image of yourself rocking at costume in your head when you're working out. It might help.
  7. I didn't read all the replies but I wanted to say that DH and I have a cheat day. Every Saturday. He eats Paleo 98% of the time and I know that for DH having the cheat day is what makes that possible. Otherwise, he would feel sad that he could never have a Dr. Pepper again. It's a mental thing for us, more than it is a physical thing. And we do go all out and eat whatever we want, because it's just a day for relaxing the strict rules we impose on ourselves for the rest of the week. Or he imposes, anyway. I suck at eating Paleo
  8. Pretty much a fail. I've been sick for the last 2 weeks so I dropped off both eating and exercising. I lost 5 lbs total and for me, that's just sad. It's not even progress because it was the same 5 lbs over and over. I did start school so I am waking up consistently every day. That is a plus. I also want to start hitting it hard again with eating good food instead of eating all the bagels ever. Mmm, bagels. Next challenge should be better. I hope.
  9. Yep. Totally got a C-. Lose weight: I lost 3 lbs. D. Exercise 3x a week. I did okay in the beginning, but was sick for two weeks and slacked off. I give myself a C on that one. Lift weights: Nope. Half hearted kettlebell once in a while, but nope. D. Wake up in the mornings: This I did do. I get a B. Not my most triumphant moment ever. But I am going to hit it again next time for sure.
  10. I met Nicholas Brendan, John de Lancie and ...um, Reginald Barclay... today!

  11. My school does have a gym, but I don't have time to use it (I have to get home to pick up Toby from school right after my last class ends.) I am going to sign up for water aerobics someday though! I've always wanted to try it. I just ordered a recumbent bicycle that should help a little with getting in exercise now that classes are about to start. I told my husband he could either let me buy this bike or let me buy a gym membership that I may or may not use (I need a gym with a babysitting place in it, but it's hard for me to get my butt off the couch once I get home from class, so having something here to use will be much nicer. Actually, this bike thing has a place to put your laptop so I can write papers (okay fine, surf Pinterest) while I'm bicycling! That will be nice. It's not like it's going to burn thousands of calories at a time, but it'll be extra, and that's okay for now. Last week sucked. I didn't stick to paleo at all and I didn't exercise either. I was sick last week. Booger. Tonight I made a bunch of salads in mason jars so when it's time for lunch this week I can just pull one out and chow down. I think that will really help. I also got a bunch of Lunchables and chicken nuggets for Toby so I'm not tempted to take him to Wendy's or something. The only thing he will consistently eat is chicken and fries, and the medication situation is desperate enough that I am willing to take him to get fast food every day if he'll just gain weight. Toby's doctor told him this week that he HAD to eat more or he was going to be in trouble... so that was helpful (really.) Toby has done much better just because we remind him of what the doctor said. Fingers crossed he gains something this month! And fingers crossed I lose this week. I maintained all last week which is pretty great for me. But this week I'd like to drop SOMETHING. I'm worried about the chair situation tomorrow. Ugh. Nothing I can do about it though. Waah. I'M SO EXCITED TO START SCHOOL!!! So not excited to start waking up at 6 a.m. every day again. BUT SCHOOL!! IT'S SO WORTH IT!!!! And I'm BACK on the paleo wagon, by jove!
  12. Bad week. My doctor said she doesn't think my knee is going to get better any time soon, and that I just have to keep taking Naproxen and doing physical therapy, but that I'll always have a bad knee. So that sucks. I know if I lose weight that will help immensely, but it's getting to that point that seems impossible. Still, at least the scale FINALLY moved. This morning I was at 270! Started the week off at 275 and haven't been at 270 since April so I'm relieved that the scale is moving in the right direction. Still, I hope I can kick some serious butt in the next week because school starts on September 3 and I would really like to not have to worry about fitting into the desks. Stupid skinny college desks. I really need to learn how to make a delicious salad to have on hand every day for lunch rather than taking Toby to Wendy's and ordering a half size baja chili salad. Even though it's technically "on plan" as far as eating goes, it's money down the drain. Bah, humbug. Gotta start waking up at 7 a.m. starting on Monday. I want to be awake to send Toby off to school every day with a hug and a kiss and a little devotional, if you will. A pep talk. And I want to be making him a nice breakfast rather than throwing a Costco muffin at him. Lest you think my kid eats crap all the time, he does. We're desperately trying to keep his weight up, which thus far has translated to letting him eat all the carbs, chicken and fries he wants. And he's still lost 3 lbs this month. Bad, bad news. I wish I had his metabolism! since I finally FINALLY hit 270, I get a mini-reward. My mini-reward for this 10 lbs is a new set of Fitbit wristbands. When I hit 260, I will get to have a hair cut. I try to alternate every 10 pounds with non-food rewards that are cheap, and some that are mid-range. The farther off a goal is, the bigger the reward is for it. For example, my reward for hitting 150 is a trip to Europe. I have pleeeenty of time to plan and save up for that in the meantime but it's a fun thing to work toward.
  13. I cannot go without a scale. My husband does - he weighs himself on Saturday morning. Every time I try to go without a scale, I gain. And I gain HUGE. It's baaad news. I wish I wasn't so dependent on it and I think that as I get better at maintaining my weight (you know, at the end of my losing journey) I will be able to lose it. Just not now. Anyway, last week was an experiment. DH wanted to see how he did without paleo and I am a literal fail if my family doesn't eat the same as me, so I went off too. We both kept our calories on strict counts and I exercised 3 times for an hour a time. And he gained 2 lbs and I gained 5 lbs. SO! This week we are back on Paleo! Yay!!! I've been doing much better about waking up at 8 a.m. and now for this week will start moving it to 7:30, and then 7 a.m. By the end of next week I need to be getting up daily at 6:15. My new alarm clock is really helping with this (I got a different one called CARROT. It's like GlaDos and it's hilarious.) Luckily, after two days of Paleo I'm already back to my starting weight from the challenge, so that's good. I was too lazy to hit the gym today but am definitely going to go for it tomorrow. And! Instead of eating out tonight like I wanted to, I made an incredible salmon dinner instead. Woo hoo!!
  14. I just beat all current 395 levels of Candy Crush. My life is complete.

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    2. Krisis


      Well, it's just a short little puzzle game. Each level is kinda tiny. I've been playing it since January though (on my iPhone when I get bored) so I was pretty excited to get to the end. They'll add more levels in the next few weeks, I'm sure!

    3. Nazy_Ak


      Wow!! Wait till I tell my hubi, he will be soooo jealous! He's on level 160ish i think.. Personally I didnt play after Level 130 (I'm stuck) but that is seriously awesome! Do you also play bubble witch saga?

    4. Krisis


      Sweet Hannibal Lecter no. I can't get involved in any more games! I'll get in trouble :-) I got stuck for about 6 weeks on one of the levels and it made me so mad but finally I killed it. Mwahahha!

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