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  1. An update working 12 to 14 hours a day so I haven't had much time, but I still have had no soda....... Now I have to cut down on the coffee.
  2. Hey little victories. Right? It is Saturday and I am thinking about doing some rock climbing at the Rock Gym in Tallahassee. Almost 2 weeks soda free.
  3. So I woke up this morning all full of BWAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (BWAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Def. The point where Galvatron goes crazy, generally resulting in accelerated movement and crazy) and not in a bad way. How is everyone else doing today? Keeping on track and rocking it out? Beat those vices to the ground. HOORAH!!!
  4. Currently I am still Soda free nearing the end of week two. Other than some Gluten Free Pizza last Friday and a little popcorn on Saturday I have stayed Paleo. I am getting my fat percentage done Monday and I will keep you all posted.
  5. Voss is sparkling water from Norway.
  6. Where have all the Vice Fighters gone??? Hopefully everyone is doing great fighting their vices. Avoiding Soda, beer, ect can be tough. Stick with it. HOpefully everyone is having outstanding success. Currently I am still soda free. Pretty exceited about it.
  7. How is everyone doing today? Staying on track? GO VICE FIGHTERS!! HOORAH!
  8. Almonds, Macademian Nuts and 3 paleo kits are in my desk drawer. They haven't been broken into yet, but knowind there are there lets me know that I have something to munch on just in case. I also have a tub of Whey protien in there. I think part of my hitting the machines was feeling like I had no food around...... Now that I have plenty, the food is just sitting there. For me I just keep a blender bottle with me that I keep refilling as soon as it's empty. That way there is always something to drink on my desk near by with a liquid in it, and I am drinking a lot more water. At home I have t
  9. *The Ork looks over the paper a few times.* Onlee pinkiez iz manage ta loze der place. A propah Ork ain let der be no one dat takez der stuffz. Guezz it am up ta me Thramack to find deez pinkiez a place, or am at lezz elp dem out a bit. Zides me am tink deez need one if da Deff Skullz show dem ow to get a new place. Don mattah if dem datz dere like it ur not. (For those not fluent in War Hammer Orkney I am so game for this.)
  10. Yes they do. I think it is the free time..... Sad because I really did not have a huge amount of free time. We had running around to do. Work weeks are more structured though, I think structure is better for a new routine.
  11. Here is where I am sitting at the end of week 1. I have still had no Soda which is pretty awesome considering I was rocking about 4 to 6 bottles a day easy. I would e-mail fortitude if I could, but........ I had two slip ups on eatting. Friday I had some Gluten free pizza at a business meeting, and Saturday while watching D'Jango I had a few handfuls of popcorn. Side note D'Jango was great. So I don't think you want my fortitude anyway. I've got this though. I just need to come up with a plan for Movie theaters. Sadly there isn't much I can do about lunch meetings other than try and
  12. Okay Update for the Week. I have had no soda in 7 days. That is the good part. The bad part.... I have had 2 slip ups with staying 100% Paleo. On Friday we had a business meeting at the bistro in town and they ordered pizza. I asked to get a gluten free pizza, and I had a 3 slices and some water. Saturday we went to the Theater and without thinking about it during the movie I had a couple of handfills of popcorn. Cutting out all that stuff was harder than I thought it would be, but I am going to keep at it. I have been moving and working out. I plan on getting my body fat checked next
  13. Read any of the following and you will get sucked in. Song of Fire and Ice saga, Fight Club, 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, Eragon series, Hunger Games Trilligy, World War Z
  14. Good job on staying away from the beer, and gratz on looking thinner. Looking healthier is the goal.
  15. So far 3 days no Soda, and 100% Paleo. Oddly I went home last night and just wasn't hungry at all, so I didn't eat anything. Woke up this morning, not hungry at all, but I munches on an orange just to get some Vitamin C in me. Is the no hunger thing common?
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