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  1. Thursday & Friday I did not post. Thursday I forgot and Friday I felt sick so I did not even get on the computer. I biked 30 minutes both days! Went to the dr. Thursday & have medicine for an ear infection.
  2. 1. rode stationary bike for 30 minutes. 2. I drank 20 oz of water 3. no box steps, but I did do some more garden work today 4.Food, I did not eat good today but.. I am glad I did still do the 30 minutes of exercising. After exercising I always feel like I am starving.. and very thirsty. Grilled chicken sandwich, fries, with some hot sauce. 28 oz sweet tea Rice, tomato slices, fried okra, fried eggplant, with the 20 oz water 16 oz 2% milk 3 scoops Mayfield chocolate ice-cream peanut butter, jelly, banana sandwich
  3. Today I weighed 193 lbs and I also measured my waist which is 48 inches around. I am not sure if riding on the stationary bike will put any muscle on my legs eventually. 1. I biked on the stationary bike for 30 minutes, hopefully as the days go by it gets easier. 2. I drank 20 oz of water before my bike ride. 3. I did 40 total box steps. 4. Food: I probably ate a bit much today but that was due to my mood, felt bad...but I did not let my feeling bad prevent me from exercising. 20 oz water Grilled chicken fingers with grilled peppers, onions, & tomatoes with one slice of bread. A small bowl of rice and eggplant with plain yogurt 20 oz 2% milk two chocolate chips ahoy cookies. 2 scoops chocolate ice cream a banana with peanut butter
  4. I biked today for 30 minutes. I am going to start listening to youtube while I bike so it wont be so boring I drank 20 oz of water Today I did house work as well as work in the garden, so I did not do box steps. After today I will include my food and drink intake.
  5. I have struggled for years with depression, lack of self esteem, and lack of motivation but I am ready! I actually have exercised 3 days already! I have to exercise & focus even on days I feel really down..etc. Male Age: 34 Height: 5'1 Weight: 192 My main goal for this 5 weeks is to lose 10 lbs My ultimate goal is to be healthy, but also there is a walking track near me..I would like to be able to run around it without losing my breath. I am a little bummed that on Saturday and Sunday I exercised (30 min each on the bike) but today I weigh 192 lbs, I weight 189 yesterday morning. Though I did eat an hour before I weighed. 1. Exercise bicycle - 30 minutes per day. I have a stationary bicycle, I have always intended to "walk" for exercise but I always got sidetracked by either the weather (way too hot or way too cold), motivation, and how bad I feel. When I walk, my lower back hurts. The stationary bike is much better! 2. Box steps. I have a box which is 5 inches high, I plan to do steps. 20 steps per starting leg. Meaning I will start my ascension with my right foot 100 times, then start on the left 100. 3. Drink 20 oz of water a day. Since I am short, I want to first see how my body reacts to 20 oz a day. If I feel I need more I'll add later. I plan to try and cut out cokes during the week and have 2-3 on the weekends. My other favorite drinks are 2% milk and sweet tea. 4. Food log
  6. Food toasted cheese with 16 oz water rice, dannon yogurt, baked chicken, with 16 oz 2% milk 16 oz water Workout (2 - 5 lb dumbbells) Side Raises 3 x 15 (2 - 10 lb) Shoulder Press 3 x 10 ( 2 - 10 lb) Shoulder Shrug 3 x 12 ( 2 - 5 lb) Front Raises 3 x 12
  7. Turkey sandwich with 16 oz 2% milk Rice, yogurt, roast beef, potatoes, carrots. 16 oz water roast beef with 2 slices bread, 16 oz 2% milk
  8. I have been wearing my cpap for several nights! Now back to logging
  9. Today I am going to clean my cpap machine & start to use it again. I have not used it in a couple of months.
  10. Lunch Grilled Chicken Sandwich with fries, 20 oz water Dinner Rice o Roni with green beans & 20 oz 2% milk No exercise today, thats for week days
  11. Thanks! I had a rv vacation(camped out but stayed safe away from others), been a few days lol
  12. Sorry I have been mia 😕 will post more. I may even do the next challenge
  13. I am doing good. Better than last week. Here is my food so far this week. Monday Food Turkey sandwich with mac & cheese/broccoli 20 oz 2% milk 20 oz water I fasted till 7 pm so this is all I ate that day Tue Food Grilled chicken sandwich with fries, 16 oz milk leftover mac and cheese/broccoli Fried fish with rice/yogurt, and 16 oz sweet tea Wed Food Cheeseburger & fries, with 20 oz milk Rice o roni, 16 oz water
  14. Tuesday I had surgery which did fine except I was in a lot of pain in my throat & tongue(i think due to the breathing tube). so I didn't do anything too strenuous this week, mostly rested and took ear drop medicine.
  15. Been getting ready for surgery Tuesday. Had to go get a routine covid test for the surgery. Just to have ear tubes put in. I will be out of town Sat, Sun and Mon.
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