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  1. Thanks for the hint on the images, Chanda. I was looking all over for instructions and couldn't find them. Evenewbie, I took a look at your pic - way to go. I figured with all the skiing you do you must have some long and lean muscles. If I were doing your challenge I would also be taking pics of my butt - looking for some lift. You are definitely rocking this challenge!
  2. Week 5 update (Friday morning) I have been waylaid this week with a cold or flu. Not bad enough to stop everything, but I pretty much slept for 2 days straight. I was able to get outside to walk the dogs, and my meditation practice was not interrupted. So I was able to contribute to our challenge. And I did make soup on Monday, so my eating plan has pretty much been on track with the soup and not eating very much. So I guess I'm not as bad as I think I am, as long as I can catch up today and this weekend. Overall I am pretty happy with what I've done during this challenge. I have s
  3. Ha ha ha ha I actually do have a daily meditation practice, so that will help us. I might up it to a night time meditation as well. Silly Romans should be running from us.
  4. I am hijacking a bit to say I am really impressed with your spreadsheet! It does make it more fun.
  5. Wow - that sounds like great football snacks. I love smoked salmon.
  6. Beginning of Week 5 check in: Previous week's report: (week 4) Goal 1 (cardio): 240 minutes, - did 255 - goal accomplished A Goal 2 (strength): 40 min total, - did 25, goal not quite accomplished, but I am still on track for my overall challenge numbers Goal 3 (eating plan): 17 meals on track (out of 21) - did 15 of the 17. I am giving myself a green check because I did so much better this week than last week. Goal 4 (dissertation): I did mostly reading this week, very little writing. Still working on the next draft of my proposal. This goal will be my major focus for week 5. Week 5
  7. How about a sun salutation with a cat on your back? http://youtu.be/s5KByD7Ri_0
  8. My week 4 mid-week update. Wow, almost to the end of week 4, this challenge is flying by. I am happy to report that I got my act together and got back on my eating plan. I was at 100% through Thursday afternoon, took a slight detour with some fresh bread - but I'm back on track and it's ok because my goal is 80%. I have my meals figured out for the rest of the weekend, and I don't see any problems with continuing towards a A for the week. I am also ahead of schedule for cardio goal, on track for the strength goal, but behind on my writing goal. Today is my day off, but I think I'll do so
  9. Way to go on the eating goal! I was off track on mine and just got back on track this week. I think for my next 6 week challenge I will start out with a cleanse.
  10. Good to hear you are happy with your doctor and the way things are going. I have very strange food allergies, I have learned to live with it. The positive aspect of this is that I have a good reason to put my health first. I used to have a problem with saying no to people. I don't know why I am telling you this , maybe to let you know that there might be a silver lining in the dark clouds of illness.
  11. I was just looking back through your goals for this challenge. There is a lot of research that supports the idea that getting enough sleep keeps us from overeating. I find that is completely true for me - I'm just curious - do you notice a difference in your hunger and cravings on the days you don't get enough sleep?
  12. Way to go!!! I let my fitness slide quite a bit in my early 40s. It is so much easier to start off in a healthy place than try to get it back. Congratulations to you and I'm sure the next decade will be your best ever!
  13. Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! Way to go, this is something to be very proud of.
  14. I have used the count backwards by 3 method to quiet my mind when going to sleep. If I get down to 1 then I get up out of bed and do something else. It sounds like it will help you to do something physical while meditating. The knitting is a great idea. So is petting an animal who loves being petted. I also have a chocolate issue. I take magnesium supplements when it gets out of control, I think an accupuncturist recommended that to me. I buy very dark chocolate with low sugar content (because I don't really like it and I won't binge on it).
  15. Ok, third time is a charm. I know I can edit my posts, but this seems easier at the moment. Those tiny little green checks at the bottom are the healthy meals. Three per day - 100%
  16. Am I missing where we are to post our recipes? I won't do it until Thursday, and it might be Friday.
  17. Oops, I am trying to remember how to add an image to my post. I'll have to try this again in the morning.
  18. I am doing much better on my eating plan this week. What is working for me is to keep the crappy food out of the house. this means better planning on my part when I go to the grocery store - don't shop when I'm hungry or stressed. The other thing that helps me is having healthy foods that are easy to prepare. A big pot of veggie soup works for a few days, we have been making big salads for dinner so I can have the leftovers for lunch. I have a box of arugula/spinach greens that can be added to my soup, salad, or whatever I'm eating. Planning my meals for the entire day in the morning is a
  19. I am in - I think. I assume the time is just a start time, not a have-to-be-there time? Thanks for getting us going DT.
  20. Beginning of Week 4 check in: Previous week's report: (week 3) Goal 1 (cardio): 225 minutes, - did 290 - more than an hour over, goal accomplished A+ Goal 2 (strength): 40 min total, - did 40, goal accomplished Goal 3 (eating plan): I would give myself a C- grade this past week. But... I definitely ended the week in a better place than the first half of the week. Goal 4 (dissertation): excellent work on this goal this week again.. I am actually three pages ahead of my total goal at the end of this week. Week 4 Goals Goal 1 (cardio): 240 minutes = 4 hrs Goal 2 (strength): 4
  21. Thanks for the non-food reward ideas. I do like going outside and sitting in our hot tub. Chewing gum also helps when I'm feeling a bit stressed. Drinking ginger tea with apple-cider vinegar sounds disgusting, but it's a great way to curb sugar cravings. I know I have other ideas, I just have to remember them.
  22. I loved reading your update KB. I also realized last week that I need to watch the timing of my meals as well. I envy your hot weather right now. We still have about a foot of icy snow on the ground.
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