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  1. hey L, don't give up, you can do it - I saw you doing it before and I'm sure you can do it again cheers P
  2. hey guys, thanks for your warm words... I'm sorry to inform everyone that my dad has passed away 2 weeks ago ... after 3 months of fears, hopes and almost living in hospitals our family is slowly building normal life patterns once more ... without my dad though .... I hope you are all doing fine !!! I'm not ready yet to get back to nerdfitnessing full time but I didn't forget this community and who knows I just might get back here one day... hopefully you will still be here !!!
  3. hey guys, thx you all for great comments... I just wanted to let you know that I'm not gonna be around here to often for next couple days/weeks/months - my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it's pretty nasty. Schedule of our whole family and our small family business went upside down for now and we are just trying to hold on together... So my challenge is officially aborted, but I will do my best to not forget and not lose completely what I have built in so far... I believe it can actually help me get through this bad times ... wish you all the best guys and I hope I will rejoin with you one day in the rebellion !!! keep having fun and keep fighting
  4. Oh my you are definetely even more active than you were before I mean rock climbing on the real mountain? === AWESOME !! The dentist sounds like a douchebag - just sayin
  5. IMHO it was a great challenge for you !!! congratulations and see you on next one?
  6. I read it and even write a response amazing achievement !!!! ============================== anyways great challenge idea. I will have to steal it from ya one day
  7. hey Bekah, great to see you back with another challenge wish you all the best !!!
  8. Hey Bekah, sending you some warm thoughts * * * * * take your time to get healthier and stronger
  9. Panczo

    Eve says yes

    congratulations on the WEDDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. hey Sam, it's been quite here, I hope everything is alright?
  11. To start properly my challenge update I would say: I was there, really close to the scene and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLNbdtFlGpA As far as my goals go: keep the good stuff going Workout 3x – so far only once and one will be today. Plus I did lots of walking during Prague trip Plan each day x4 – done J Limit alcohol – well that is tough this week. I drank 3 days already while being in Prague. And still we have Saturday night and friends are coming by so I guess I will fail this goal with full awareness and lack of guilt J Limit coffee – zero coffee this week so far Limit movies at home to x2 – haven’t seen any this week Get up before 06.05am – this week x2 – I did good Monday and Tuesday – later it was prague trip so no early getting up on vacation J Pursuit of happiness – I started reading. - I didn’t do much about it, just mentioned it but without any specifics. Still work in progress Relax everyday: so far DONE J which was easy thanks to Prague trip J but also Friday and Monday I did it, so YaY next week will be difficult cause my dad is goin to hospital with my mom and sis taking care of him there so I will be alone at work (doing the job of 2 people) don't know for how long and also will have to take care of grandma cause she normally lives with my parents... so goals 1 and 4 will be top priority to stay positive!!! goals 2 and 3 might fall short a little but we will see about that yet gotta go to the gym ... lifting time !!!
  12. Hey lady L, and where is your new challenge ? EXACTLY
  13. great goals directed to specific time in your life !!! sounds like they will help you for sure in finding balance in difficult days ahead !!!
  14. how about some motivational video mixed with dragon ball
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