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  1. Day 3 (yesterday) of Stronglifts done. The soreness in my legs is starting to recover quicker and lessen, which is great. In addition, the weight is just starting to pass a point where I can actually feel that it is there. It's still incredibly easy to do each set, I don't even need the 90 seconds of rest time suggested. I am starting to get more comfortable with the equipment, and I've figured out how the rack in our YMCA gym works quite well and have figured out adjusting the safeties for squats and bench press so that I can continue to workout while the weights get heavier without needing t
  2. Day two of strong lifts done! Thankfully the weight is so light still that things are pretty easy. My legs are definitely feeling the squats though! I am in stair climb/descend hell and I am sure that will last quite some time Diet is holding fairly steady. I've been eating considerably more rice than my typically paleoish diet, and I've consumed half a bottle of delicious local root beer, but still eating well 80%ish of the time. Next shopping trip I need to load up on frozen veggies, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes.
  3. Just got started today with a Stronglifts 5x5 program. I haven't been in a gym in a few years so this a bit of a reboot. The plan is an m/w/f Stronglifts program with the possible addition of some lap swimming/sprinting. Last time around I got some really great (for me) results from following the beginner bodyweight training -> intermediate bodyweight work. The food plan is what I call PDP™ or pretty damn paleo/primal. I started paleo about 4 years ago, dropped 40lbs of fat, but I've put back on about 20 over the last 4 years, none of the good muscle kind. The short version of t
  4. You can usually get away with fresh stuff chopped and bagged for the week. For anything I cook I go frozen anyway for the most part. Its not the same, but its good enough. A fresh pepper brought straight home from the produce section and chopped and eaten right then and there is hard to beat though
  5. It's actually pretty fast to pan fry two eggs, salt and pepper, then top with fresh salsa. This is my new fave Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk 2
  6. The quality of the coffee makes a huge difference, buy some decent beans, grind them at the coffee shop and get a cheap Bodum french press. Using lighter roast helps cut bulitterness too when you start drinking black. Gimme coffee is delicious if you can get it. Green Mountain makes the most palatable widely available coffee imo. Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk 2
  7. I am about a week shy of a month. I have lost about 10 lbs (235ish to 225ish) and have noticed changes in my sleep. I am not getting as tired in the afternoon as others have noted, my energy level is not perfect but it is certainly more gradual and even throughout the day. I have managed a few days with no caffeine, I think that Caffeine was a big counter action to insulin variance? Not sure but that just seems logical to me. I still lose concentration and focus sometimes in the afternoon but it seems that when i have sufficient sleep I just need a walking break to reset myself a bit. It hasn'
  8. Hey all, Update: Paleo is still going strong. I have now completely eliminated fruit juice from my diet. It had hung in there the first few weeks but now its water, black coffee, and black or green tea (prefer green but not always available at work). I have been eating a lot of meat and still not getting enough veggies so this weeks shopping trip I am packing that freezer full of frozen veggies. It is insane how fast you go through them! On a positive note, I think my teeth are starting to heal a bit from the years of sugar assault. IT is sort of an added bonus. I have had a large buid up
  9. This morning was back at the body weight circuit with renewed energy and focus. It went great today. I can totally see my progress in the amount of stamina I have while doing the workout. I didn't really start sweating much until my second circuit this morning. Mini-goal is to be up the 3 circuits by next week! I need to find a heavier weight for my dumbell though, this 10lb weight is not giving me enough work at 10 reps so Im packing 20 each side for the time being. That is just barely starting to burn though and I want to do more weight in stead of more reps. My legs are getting a lot strong
  10. Today I did one set mid-day, couldnt get two done because I was experiencing some excess muscle pain in my chest, didn't realize I worked out yesterday the same muscle groups (thought yesterday was my day off). Will take tomorrow off, will be going in to church early and will resume workout on Monday. Food I have eaten today: I ate half a baked sweet potato with bacon and cheese at lunch, one cup off coffee, half a banana, an orange and a about 2-3 glasses of water. Dinner tonight will be steak stir-fried with broccolli and cauliflower and probably a green salad. I literally had my first
  11. Hey all, To keep my butt on top of things I am going to start posting my workout and schedule along with any dietary things of note; here are the basics Diet: I have been doing Paleo more or less (still consuming cheese) since the new year (no not a resolution, timing just happened to work that way). Plan to keep it up this way but looking to add more veggies, been sort of meat loading too much I think. Work out routine: I have taken up Steve's beginner body weight routine. I am not doing 3 sets yet, just doing two and that is enough still to wear me out. I eventually would like to repla
  12. Thanks for the welcome. Been doing Paleo about two weeks, starting weight was about 235 fully clothed and loaded. As of today I am at 228 fully clothed and loaded. Here we are at the start, looking forward to seeing some muscles on that frame! So far I am doing Steve's beginners bodyweight workout about every other day at like 5:30am and eating paleo. Let's see where this goes! My goal is to be under 200lbs and under 20% body fat before the end of the year. That and to be able to do pull ups. I have set other goals incrementally and will post some up as I tweak them
  13. Hey jack, great job man. I am about 17lbs behind you. I with the strength training maybe you might start to plateau a bit in weight but I bet your going to be leaner and meaner in every pound! Love your consistent posts
  14. Hey everyone! My name is Dustin, I am 27 and joining the rebellion! I've been overweight pretty much as long as I can remember and my goal is to turn my flabby out of shapeness into a pull up machine that could pull my entire family to safety from a Mass Effect like end of the world sequence with just my bare hands and all 4 of them clinging to my back! Too much? Well some kind of epic goal is needed right and it sums up one of the biggest reasons I want to finally be one of those healthy people. I have spent all my life with some good best friends, soda (root beer is especially kryptonite-l
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