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  1. Hello there. After a many years break in which I conquered many epic quests including getting married, competing in powerlifting, bodybuilding and half marathons, buying a home in the country and starting to homestead, and of course adding 2 more to our brood (which brings the total to 4!) I am back looking to reignite the lost spark I once had for that fitness life. I 'retired' from group fitness two years ago and I havent competed or been 'on track' since. Granted, half of that was us trying for baby #4 and then dealing with miscarriage and finally a sticky pregnancy, but one f
  2. In the dark underbelly of a quiet forest, a warrior has slumbered for many moons. Undergoing a magnificent transformation, the half - orc woman has slept in a glass box, hidden from the eyes of the man who would see her in ruins. The last time our heroine was seen in this world, she was bloodied and beaten, a shell of a person and barely alive. After having expended nearly all of her life force running from the cruel master she had served, the woman escaped to this magical woods where she drank the potion that held her captive in her dreams now, and would continue to do so until she was rea
  3. Last month I started at the respawn point. It's been a long year, but the end is in sight and I'm ready to return to the land of the rangers....within reason. I have a big ole belly that is preventing me from doing all the things, but I am still working on leveling up! My biggest issue is I am being split 5 billion ways. I need to turn my focus onto one or two things, not seven. Since my hopes of house hunting this month and next have been put aside for the moment, I can focus on my career for the time being. My main focus needs to be my coaching business since adding more classes and workin
  4. Just wanted to check in reeeeeaaal quick. I'm still alive. I'm hoping next month I have more time to interact and be a part of the challenge. But we'll see how that goes. I have a million things on my brain. Really, that section of my to-do list has a lot filled in it lol! And hey, big dreams never sleep....or slack off!! But anyway. As of the 1st I will be an instructor at a gym that I have wanted to teach at FOREVER. Like 4 years, at least. It's a format I've never taught before, so waaaay out of my comfort zone. But at this point, I kind of feel like my entire life is outside of my comfor
  5. It's been a fantastic month so far!! I will go into detail when I am on a computer and have the chance to sit for 10 minutes and catch up! Things are going really well though, Even if I havent stopped moving since Jan 1st!
  6. Thanks guys!! It's good to know I didn't completely slip through the cracks in the internet It has been a very bullshitty year, but I'm grateful for it. I've grown so much as a person and I know more now about who I am, the strength I possess and what my purpose in life is. Now after these two weeks of subbing a billion classes are up and I can breathe again, I'll be good to conquer the shit out of this year lol!
  7. I think most people wont remember me from these boards It's been almost a year since I was on here and even longer than that since I last was super active and present on here. 2015 was a ROUGH year for me. Like really. A quick recap. This time last year I was hanging on by a thread to my marriage. My husband was abusive towards me, physically, emotionally, and intimately. We were 'poly' which basically meant he wanted to go out and be with other people but wanted me to stay commited comlpletely to him. We had met someone in late summer 2014 and the three of us hit it off. He moved
  8. I did this! I applied to be a group instructor at another gym, one I already work at just as a childcare worker. It's a bigger gym than where I teach, so a scary leap for sure. Fingers crossed!
  9. I am so. Tired. Week 1 was great! Until Saturday I followed 21 day fix well. Then I ate fair food for the whole of Saturday. Got back to it yesterday though. Had a 5k on Saturday as well, placed 3rd OA female. *self five* First time placing in an OA category! Also haven't missed a Strongman workout yet. I've been applying for jobs, including as a group instructor in one of the gyms I work at. I'm also going to apply for an admin position there later today. Plus I've been slowly working on building up my BB business. So that's something too, right?
  10. Hey FIVE week challenge buddy!! I have Celiac's too. I was diagnosed....4 years ago? 5? Most days it's NBD and I'm actually a bit happy about. But some days I want to rip my hair out and eat a batch of fried cheese. Following you're post now, looking forward to doing the rest of the challenge together
  11. I am just starting today too! This isn't my first challenge but I am a terrible guild jumper and havent had much luck making friends :-( sooo...Hi! Be my friend :-P
  12. Hahahaha!!! I know a few Kevins. Now I will call them Alpha- Kevin hahaha
  13. So I'm starting 21 day fix tomorrow....I've totally binged on all the things this week in preperation. Ice cream, bacon and cheese covered potato ole's, pancakes....all the pancakes. You're not alone!! Lol!
  14. I'd say drop the weight by 5%-10% for a couple of weeks. And then gradually going back up. It's helped me break plateus in the past!
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