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  1. Been awhile since my last post and I apologize. Things seem to be going well with meeting my caloric goals day by day and I've already increased my weight to 156 lbs. As for being a productivity ninja well...my productivity has gone down ever since I got back from vacation, I got too comfortable and instead of making a list I've just told myself I'll do 3 things when I get home. Without the list I feel less compelled to do these things or sometimes even forget. As for my workouts I'm pretty on point with the exception of Tuesday and Thursday ab ripper days. There are just some days I like
  2. After a week of absence...I am back! Just came back from Texas (watched my brother graduate from basic training in the AF) and am ready to get back into it. During my vacation I kind of pushed the whole 3 things a day to the side since I was stuck in a motel most of the time. I did continue to count my calories which worked for the majority of the time spent there. As for working out....I lugged around suitcases to and from the airport...that's about it . Well now that I'm back I'll be jumping right back in, can't let this small setback bring me down.
  3. I'm liking where you're heading with this, arranging your workouts to seem enjoyable is probably the best route to go down. I'll be waiting to see how this turns out.
  4. 1,000 calories for breakfast!? Mother of god.... Those breakfast Oatmeal bars look friggin delicious, if I can just get off my procrastinating butt to get those ingrediants and actually make it, I'll be good. I feel procrastination has to be the worst of all since it effects everything else. Just yesterday I had abunch of errands to take care of and I couldn't help but think....I could just do these another day. Luckily I just bit the bullet, went out, got things done and even came home to do my ab workout (which is the one major workout I've been skipping before this challenge).
  5. Hey guys, I'm new (not only to the group but to this site as well) and am hoping to learn a lot out here
  6. So I'm looking for a fellow nerd that I can journey with, one that can keep me in check during the current challenge whilst I do the same for them. It would be nice to have some common interests with this fellow nerd, which shouldn't be hard since I'm interested in many things (games, movies, books, etc.) and am always looking to learn something new.
  7. Thanks for the welcome and the heads up on the challenge! I just joined and posted my thread so we'll see how things go from there Thanks! The rangers seem like a good place for me to start, looking forward to you stopping by.
  8. Ah a fellow newbie ranger, welcome to the forums! Love the profile pic by the way, Adventure Time ftw!
  9. I'm really liking what I'm seeing here in terms of dietary preparation. Taking a day to plan out your meals for the week and keeping a record of it all along with your measurements....genius! I just started on this path and I feel like you've got tons of experience on it already, I'm looking forward to your progress.
  10. Yesterday actually went pretty smooth. For the first time in a LONG time I went home, put on some music...and just did what I had to do without getting side tracked. Oh wow yeah we definitely have some similiar goals. I think the hardest thing for me so far has been trying to reach that 3000 cal/day without giving into fast food. Just yesterday I hit that mark for the first time since I've been on MFP so things are looking pretty good right now.
  11. Thanks Ittappenn! I'm hoping to take my life one goal at a time and find my way to success! Hah I'm glad I was able to help out already. I'm with you man, lets knock this out!
  12. Cooking up some Pot Roast :D

  13. How goes it Rangers, I just joined the ranks quite recently and am proud to say I'm a ranger. I'll be taking part in this 6 week challenge and will do my best to meet my goals and expectations. Speaking of which.... Dietary: I'm currently trying to gain some mass that I can later turn into muscle. This has been extremely hard for me to do in the past due to my metabolism. So for this I'm setting a calorie goal for each day, I'll be shooting for 3,000 calories a day while avoiding unhealthy shortcuts for the most part. I'll be recording my results daily via http://www.myfitnesspal.com
  14. Greetings fellow Rebels, I was browsing the web one day and stumbled upon an article titled "How to Level Up in the Game of Life". This article by Steve hit home and led me to read article after article until I was convinced....this is where I belonged! I'm a huge gamer/otaku, been gaming since my first NES. Some of my favourite genre's are RPGs, shooters, action, adventure, RTS, etc. Pretty much every genre other than sports or racing, nooooot to say I don't like Mario Kart or Diddy Kong racing...love those games! My gaming addiction has currently brought me to LoL (League o
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