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  1. I was paying like 6.00 bucks a pound for the nitrate/preservative free bacon from the supermarket. It was ok but it was thin like most store bacons are. Then I discovered slab bacon sold by the butcher at a local fish market. It changed my life and my food budget.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys! It's been a week today and the rash is almost completely gone, just a couple red spots. I went back to super strict after it happened and it got better day by day. I am going to test in again in a few weeks and see if it happens again, if so it's gotta be the gluten. It sucks if that is what caused it but I can live with it if so, ever since I went paleo I feel fantastic. My concentration and motivation is unreal. Thanks again for the replies!
  3. I had a "I'm going to eat whatever and not think about it" day on Sunday. I had a gyro and woke up yesterday with a red rash all over my legs. I have no idea what it could have been other than eating something that I hadn't in so long that my body said, umm no thank you! Premaking / having healthy meals available is key! Whenever I have stuff ahead of time I step back and say, look at you go ha. I know exactly how you are feeling, keep up the good work. PS Bulletproof coffee is an acquired taste if you are used to those, deliciously bad for you, flavored creamers but if you play around with some stuff you'll be able to figure out exactly what you like.
  4. It really all depends on how your diet was before you started. If you were getting your fill of sugar and grains and all that jazz before day one it's going to take a little bit to get your body used to the switch. Just drink more water and maybe add more fats to your meals. It's hard to say without knowing how much and of what you've been eating. I didn't get sassy till about day 8 myself and the tiredness hit me for a day or so. There will come a point where your will, will take over and even if you think about eating something bad, you wont want to.
  5. I have been incredibly strict paleo the past couple weeks, when I say stricts I mean going as far as making my own creamer, mayo, dressings, etc... Well last night I caved and had a gyro. I felt incredibly drained after and had to drag myself to bed at 10:00, incredibly lethargic, you name it. I went back to the normal rutine this morning and my head feels clearer again but there seems to be a large bright red rash developing on my theighs. Could this possibly be from the gluten?? It doens't really itch except for in one spot and it's not painful, just super red. Any suggestions?
  6. So I have been pretty strictly paleo for almost two weeks. I had a couple beers during a birthday party last weekend but have not wavered in the food department. Thankfully I didn't go through the carb flu that is talked about and have overall been feeling great, I even managed to drop 5 pounds so far. Upon my research over the internet I came across recipe for paleo chicken nuggets, which is basically just ground chicken with egg and spices, and zucchini fries. Some recipes say to use almond flour and some omit it, I imagine it's for the breading effect. Question is, has anyone had any experience frying in coconut oil? I wanted to use it for the zucchini chips but have never used it to fry anything. Also, would you go with or without the almond flour for the nuggets. I am in the mood for an "indulgent" night but I don't want to wreck the work I've been doing. Side note - I was having a major sugar moment last week and decided to slice up a banana and saute it in coconut oil and finished it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Divine! The natural sugars in the banana gave it a fantastic crunch. Perfect replacement for processed snacks. Throw them in the freezer for a few minutes and you've got yourself a few slices of heaven.
  7. I am coming up on a week of my 30 day challenge. I a following the diet strictly but have refused to give up my daily cup of coffee. The only things I can think of that have happened to me is during days 2 and 3 I would get really tired around 9am, as in I almost had to scape my face off my keyboard at work, but it would only last about 10 minutes then suddenly I felt like I needed to take a few laps around the office to calm down my energy. I get little spurts of intense energy throughout the day. I haven't experienced the "carb flu" or anything but I was eating quasi healthy before I started the challenge. I did have a emotional breakdown yesterday. I have a terroristic neighbor child who steals the vegetables off my plants on my porch, when I got home yesterday I noticed that not only were my veggies gone but she had literally "chopped down" a large cactus I have had forever and stole some of my succulents. So my enraged breakdown could have been genuine anger or partially due to my body adapting to the diet ha. My advice, just make sure your family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse knows you don't mean what you say just in case you get a little cray. Today though, I sprung out of bed like toddler beauty queen hopped up on mt. dew and pixie sticks and feel great so far. Whatever you go through just know it'll pass and the results will be worth it. Good luck!
  8. Good, I'd rather not take anything. It seems to only happen in the morning. I eat eggs and bacon in the morning and it fills me up fine but I find as soon as I get to work I get super tired for about ten minutes then my energy rockets back up again. The human body is strange.
  9. So for the past few months I have been cleaning up my diet and trying to get regularly active again. During that time, I have been constantly researching articles and blogs about the Paleo lifestyle, first introduced by Steve, thanks for that! Since I wasn't really seeing great results with what I was doing I decided to get real with myself. I knew running a mile then having a beer and a sandwich was counteractive ha so I sat myself down and said "self, you are going to do the 30 day paleo challenge". I am currently on day 4 and am feeling pretty confident. I have been on a regular workout routine of body weight exercises and cardio and the scale is already going down. I am not experiencing the "carb flu" or "intense sugar cravings" described in some of the, what to expect during the challenge, articles but I am experiencing the energy crashes after meals. I guess the reason I am posting is, I want to know if anyone else is doing or has done this challenge and if there are any vitamin supplements you take to help even things out. I would also love to hear any advice or experiences you've had.
  10. Hey guys thanks for the welcome! I am going to check out that challenge, might be just what I need to get started. I did a biggest loser type challenge with my friends before and I smoked them every week. It feels good to be excited about getting healthy again.
  11. Hi everybody, Typical story here, I got into the mood of making resolutions with the new year and started thinking, resolutions are dumb. There are so many things that I want to change and I know trying to commit to them all was only going to end up in failure. I started searching habit change and how to things, I am trying to prepare myself for quitting smoking. I have tried a couple times before and right when I was starting to feel proud of myself I just fell off, for no good reason either. Same thing has gone for being fit and healthy. I have dropped weight in the past and once I got close to my goal something causes me to relaps into old behavior. So I stumbled upon this site and found myself reading everything and finding it made total sense. I wasn't going to jump into fourm at all but I thought, If i'm gonna do this I need to fully commit. Having people to talk to and share goals and progress might just be what I need to keep myself on track. My goal this month, to get into the habit of eating better and stretching daily. Monday I will move onto my first actual workouts and by the end of the month I hope to be in a routine so I can prepare myself a plan for cutting out the smoking. For me I think baby steps are key, really focusing on one thing at a time. In conclusion, I just want to say I am happy I am here and I look forward to making some friends on this journey.
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